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Thread: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 6 08/29/2019

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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 1 06/15/08

    interesting start..i feel i am going to get hooked when i read more!

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    Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    Knock, knock… Anyone out there?

    Chapter 5 Chloe Sullivan’s Return Part 2

    If Chloe’s mother never took her on a trip to Smallville she would never be where she was now. Losing one’s memories might seem like a bad thing, but getting rid of the baggage allowed Chloe to understand herself.

    “Are you ready?” Lex questioned Chloe while slipping his hand across her stomach to pull her against him. She was watching the monitor as the crowd seated themselves waiting patiently for someone to show.

    One of the biggest pieces of Chloe’s new life was trying to tease her before she went out to announce him. “I’ll do just fine but no funny business before I have to go out there.” Tilting her head back to look up at Lex, she could see he was not going to listen.

    When his lips hit Chloe turned in his arms feeling his hands move to brace around her neck as he savored each passionate press of her lips against his. “Your right, no funny business right now.” He whispered softly when they parted.

    They both shared a smile and knew that now was not the time for this type of exchange.

    With a nod, Chloe backed away from him to leave the surveillance area for meeting room. Entering into the room, she was greeted with silence. The crowd was a mix of twenty men and women ready for answers. Taking her place at the podium Chloe cleared her throat to speak.

    “I know you are nervous, unsure, and scared of what you’re about to undertake. I was just where you are and it’s the reason I started the foundation.” Pausing for moment Chloe savored the words. She was not timid about her ability anymore. “You all came to the Phoenix Foundation looking for help and today is the start of that help.”

    Silently hidden Clark tuned his ears to Chloe’s voice. She was sounding like a 33.1 advertisement. He knew the room was full of meteor infected people. None that had caused any trouble yet, but they had all gathered here after visiting Chloe’s foundation. It was becoming clear to Clark how Lex was going to taint Chloe’s charity.

    “The person that’s going to lead all of us into our new lives is just like us. His powers may not be as volatile, but he was changed just like you. I would like you to welcome the man bringing us into the future, Lex Luthor.” Chloe finished her speech clapping and tuning to watch Lex enter the room. There were a few gasps as he did but it was to be expected. No one knew what happen to Lex during the first meteor shower thanks to Lionel.

    “Thank you Ms. Mercy for the kind words.” Lex nodded to Chloe as she stepped aside. Her alias was very fitting considering what she could do. “I’m sure some of you are wondering how the world could not know what the meteor shower did to me? The answer is easy.”

    Lex paused before making his point. “Money. As you, all know my family has a great deal of it and has used its influence to keep my secret. It’s something I want to extend to you all as a bond of trust. I don’t plan on telling anyone your secrets and you can give me the same courtesy.” Pausing for a moment Lex let his words sink into them.

    “The future Ms. Mercy spoke of is right in front of us. You have all been looking for a reason why you were changed.” Taking the remote from his pocket, Lex clicked on a projector displaying a slide presentation on the wall behind him. “This ship is nothing the Earth has ever seen.” The black ship that once held all the answers was gone now, but if there was one, there had to be others.

    Clark’s eyes widen as images of the spacecraft flickered across the screen. It had been a year since he had seen it. The intake of breath from the crowd rang in his ears. There was no telling Lex’s reason for showing anyone this, but spreading panic to a room full of people with untold abilities terrified Clark.

    Chloe had already heard Lex’s speech and she was watching the crowd silently making sure everything was in control. Training at 33.1 did not stop at learning how to use her powers. As Lex was explaining how meteor powers were a gift to protect them from the unexplained, a man in the third row was stirring.

    “Your abilities are a weapon against the things that game during the meteor shower…”

    If Chloe was not mistaken the eyes of the man in the third row were burning bright red. He was changing before them and fire was coming right at Lex. Before he could move out of the way Chloe’s shield was up absorbing the blast. Later that night Lex would finally thank Chloe for testing her powers with a flamethrower.

    “Are you okay?” Chloe spoke to Lex grasping his hand to place him inside her inside shield.

    “Yes, take care of him.” He replied then went through the mental list in his head of who had this power and what motive they had for this attack

    “He’ll lock you up.” The man ranted sending another fireball at the woman he met a few days before. He didn’t want to hurt her but she was in his way. “Luthor did it to my brother and he’ll do it to you.”

    Everyone had scattered out of the way making it safe for Chloe to send the energy back at him. It was not as strong as it could have been, but it put him down on his back. She stepped off the stage to approach him leaving Lex unshielded once the man was down.

    Chloe focused the light to her right hand and touched the man before speaking. “If you think we locked your brother away. What do you think we are going to do to you?” Draining him slowly she had to make sure not to take too much.

    “Mercy.” Lex called to Chloe and he watched her release him. The light surrounding her faded away as he moved towards them. “Are you alright?” He wanted to make sure she was okay before addressing the rest of them.

    “I’m fine.” Chloe nodded then looked around them. “I guess the cats out of the bag.” Moving her gaze to the crowd around the room, everyone was staring at her in state of shock. “You all know why you’re here now. You’re all as powerful as me if not more.”

    “She’s right.” Lex cut in. “Your gifts can be something that helps people or like our friend here it can hurt them. Decide where you stand.” Lex was disappointed that he didn’t get to go over the finer points of a possible alien invasion, but saying more now wouldn’t change their minds if they were scared.

    The staff had already made their way into the meeting room to retrieve the man now unconscious. Chloe knew he would be that way until she woke him up with her powers. Who he was or who is brother was she would have to find out. The Luthor the man spoke of could not be Lex. Dealing with the crowd would be harder than finding out who the fire thrower was.

    “When you’re ready come back to the foundation.” Chloe looked to Lex for reassurance that this was a good plan. He nodded in agreement. “Whatever you decide remember there has to a balance.”


    There were no words for a long while. The day hadn’t gone as planned and now back at the penthouse in Metropolis Lex was waiting to figure out why.

    “I got him.” Chloe walked into the study with a quickened pace. It appeared Lex had been drinking and thinking since she left him to research their attacker. The man nearly ruined the introduction, but six out of the twenty already agreed to come into 33.1 for testing.

    “Who is he?” Lex spoke placing his glass down on the table at his side.

    Chloe handed him the file she was carrying detailing the fire thrower’s true identity. “Well he has the same story as everyone, but I failed to link him to his brother because he’s dead.”

    “What do you mean?” Lex flipped through the files. “He died when my father was in charge.”

    “Yes, his files were pretty well hidden. It looks like your father had him terminated for trying to escape. He never did anything wrong that I can find, but Lionel captured him anyway.” Chloe watched him think the information over.

    Closing the file and handing it back Lex knew his father had done things like this. “I don’t want 33.1 to be like that anymore.”

    “I know.” Chloe sat with him placing her hand on his leg. “We are going to change it.”

    He smiled at her. It had been a long time since they did something together. The time was long over do for them to work together again. It made her fall in love with him once and it would bring them together again. Lex placed his hand over hers leaning in to press his lips to hers.

    Chloe kissed him again parting her lips to feel his tongue slip into her mouth. The kiss was getting good but she had more to tell him. Reluctantly pulling away, Chloe had more bad news. “Something else happened today.” Chloe handed the file back to him. “Look at the last few pages.”

    Lex did not want to but he did as she suggested. The pictures of Clark just outside the building today only added to how poor things had gone. “How did he know?”

    “I don’t know what he knows but he must still be following me.” Chloe tried to think of the worst thing that could happen. Clark had lied for the last time and using her powers on him didn’t make him get that he should stay away. “I am going to talk to him again.”

    “What will that do?” Sighing harshly, Lex knew that words went into one of Clark’s ear and out the other.

    “He’s worried that I told you something.” Apparently, Clark was determined to find out if Lex knew is secret. Even after everything, she was not going to tell him. It was not her secret to tell, but after all his entanglements Lex should already know.

    Lex didn’t like to talk about this. “You haven’t told me anything.” When he learned Lana had no clue what Clark’s secret was Chloe was the next logical choice for the truth. Pushing her for the information was the wrong thing to do if he wanted to keep her in his life.

    They had a long talk after their last run in with Clark. Chloe went over with him the evidence he had. All the bits and pieces of information added up to more questions. For some reason Lex just didn’t see it and Chloe didn’t understood why he didn’t.

    “You already know what it is but you don’t want to see it.” Chloe replied. “You’re looking for a logical answer but the truth isn’t logical. It’s beyond reason and you have to look deeper.”

    Lex had been thinking about everything within reason, but the things Clark could do did not connect to any answers. “I’ll look again.”

    Chloe could see talking about Clark was making them both uneasy. “Can I change the subject?”

    “Of course.” Lex welcomed thinking of something other than Clark Kent.

    “I know things have been rather busy and we haven’t talked but I have been staying here without talking about it with you.”

    Lex didn’t let go of her hand and gripped at it gently. “What is there to talk about?”

    Chloe braced herself to reply. “I have been so focused on getting a handle on my powers and training to be your bodyguard that we haven’t talked about living together.”

    Swiping his free hand over his smooth head Lex didn’t want to ask what Chloe was getting at. “Do you want to move back in with Lois?”

    It wasn’t the most appealing thought. She and Lois were horrid roommates. It could have been because there place was so small, but Chloe was not looking to find out. “No, I want to be here in Metropolis and I want to be here with you.”

    He didn’t say anything and Chloe waited as he over thought the situation. If he wasn’t going to say something Chloe had to. “It may be sudden considering how long it’s been since we haven’t spoken, but I have missed so much time with you that I don’t think we should miss anymore. However, I want make the right choices for me. Losing my memories, then getting them back...”

    “Chloe why are you second guessing yourself?” Lex had to interrupt her before she talked her way out of his apartment. “You said you want to be here with me.”

    “I am not exactly the same person.” There was something they would need to address. Not telling Lex the truth before kept them apart. “Did I scare you today?”

    “Scare me how?” Raising an eyebrow Lex wasn’t sure where she was going with this. If anyone should be afraid, it should Chloe being afraid of him. He dragged her through the city when fiery rocks were cashing down around them. Keeping control would always be a struggle for him.

    “I could have killed that man. He attacked you and I just jumped on him. The only thing I could feel was the energy.” Chloe pulled her hand away from him trying to admit the truth to herself. “I scared myself today.”

    Lex reached for her pressing his lip to hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth, and kissing her the way he had missed for far too long. When he pulled away, her eyes were still closed.

    “You could never scare me.” Lex waited until he could see her green orbs staring at him. “I know you can control yourself. I was not worried for a second that you would have killed that man. I was worried about the group seeing too much too soon.”

    Chloe wanted to believe him and for now, she would have to take him at his word. There was no way she would allow herself to be turned into one of the crazy meteor freaks. “I will move the rest of my things in.”

    “Good.” Lex ready himself for another kiss but Chloe was getting up to leave. “Where are you going?”

    “I told you I was going to talk to Clark.” Clark would just keep spying until she did something about it.

    “Now?” After everything that had happened Lex wanted nothing more than to enjoy an evening with Chloe.

    “The sooner I do this the better.” Chloe made the long drive back to Smallville to face her friend for what could be the last time.


    Clark wanted to be sure of what he would say when Chloe arrived. There talk on the phone minutes ago was not pleasant. “Clark.” Chloe’s voice sounded in his ears as she rounded the stairs in the barn loft.

    “Chloe?” Clark’s questioning tone just told Chloe of his guilt. He was still spying on her and today he saw something that scared him.

    She found Clark sitting on the old sofa in the barn loft and he was trying to play dumb. “We don’t have to pretend here Clark.” Tossing the photos of him down Chloe watched him look them over.

    There was no denying it. She had actual pictures of him. Clark groaned knowing he needed to get better at sneaking around. “I can explain.”

    “I don’t want explanations. I want you to stop following me.” Trying to stand her ground Chloe hated this. At one time, she thought she loved Clark but there she was so far from him with no sign of coming back.

    “I’m trying to make sure you are OK.” Clark placed the images down looking at his longtime friend for any sign that she still trusted him.

    “If you haven’t noticed I’m fine.” Chloe waved her arms down the length of body. She was still dressed in her suit from the foundation meeting.

    She did look fine to him. It may have been the strongest Clark had seen her, yet he knew that it wouldn’t last. “You will never be fine being with Lex.”

    Tossing her hands into the air Chloe breathed out nearly shouting. “Stop it Clark. I won’t talk about this again.”

    “But we have never talked about it.” Clark shot up from his seat not understanding why this conversation was so difficult to have. Lex was a tyrant pushing 33.1 to the same place Lionel had.

    “What is there to say?” Shaking her head at her next thought Chloe replied. “Is it so hard for you to allow someone to love me?”

    Clark’s eyes widen in disbelief. “Of course I want someone to love you, but it should be someone that is worthy of you. He’s changing you into someone I don’t recognize.”

    “I changed my self. It had nothing to do with Lex.” Chloe looked him in the eye trying to find her friend. “But at the core I am the same person.”

    It seemed like they were both trying to find something that was not there anymore. “You’re not the same person.”

    Looking away, Chloe didn’t want to be back to this place. “So we are back to you not trusting me.”

    “Its Lex I don’t trust.” Part of him wanted to say it wasn’t the truth but Clark couldn’t bring himself to tell her.

    “I haven’t told him.” There was no reason to tell him. Lex had the answer on his own he just didn’t want to believe it. “I think we both know it’s me you don’t trust. It’s the reason you lied to me.” Clark looked away yet Chloe wasn’t going to let him take this away from her. She was going to stand up for herself and he was going to deal with it.

    “Look at me.”

    “I was trying to protect you.” The list of people hurt by his secret was becoming too long and number one on the list was his father forfeiting his life. “Keeping this secret hurts people and I don’t want it to hurt you too.”

    “I can protect myself.” Clark had to remember getting pushed by Chloe’s powers. “I think you would know by now I can protect myself.”

    The pain had gone away but Clark would never forget Chloe’s powers. “The Luthors don’t let you see things clearly. Lex will twist what you’re trying to do at the foundation.”

    “The foundation is the start of something. I am trying to help people and give them a purpose. It’s the same thing Lex wants.” There was only one way they would survive this change and Clark would have to accept it. “You could do this with me. Its time you start using your powers instead of hiding out on this farm.”

    “I know your intentions are well meaning, but Lex just wants those people’s powers for himself.”

    “Look at me Clark.” She wanted and until he was really looking at before going on. “Think about how many times I could have betrayed you and I didn’t. Why would I start now?”

    “I just want to make sure that you…” He looked away. Clark could only see her draining that poor man today. It wasn’t the Chloe he knew. “You are changing and if it’s not Lex then it’s your powers changing you.”

    “You think I’m a meteor freak.” Chloe wanted to explode the room but she kept in.

    “No, I don’t think that.” Clark shook his head firmly reaching for his friend. “I don’t want you to turn into one. I promised you that I would protect you from that.”

    Before he could reach her, Chloe backed away. “Thank you for your concern Clark, but I am in control of my powers.” As she turned to leave, Chloe wasn’t planning on ever coming back. “Stay away from me Clark.”

    “Wait, Chloe.” Clark called to her but she kept going.

    Clark tried to remember his friend crying on his shoulder begging for her powers to go away. That person was walking away from him had embraced being kryptonite-infected. The Chloe Sullivan he knew didn’t even exist anymore. Lex referred to as Mercy and he had no idea why.


    One more part to this. Thanks for hanging in there.

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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    Thanks for taking this great fic out of the graveyard once again, Letia! Glad Chloe told Clark what's what.

    Looking forward to the following chapter.
    Thxs to beeej for the avi



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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    Wow, can't believe you updated. Can't wait to read more.

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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    Wow that was a great update. It is too bad Clark can't see that Chloe is in control and not Lex. More please.
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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    Awesome update!! Yay for Chloe standing up to Clark and not apologizing for doing so!
    Can't wait to read more!

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    Re: Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 5 Part 2 04/24/2011

    loved the chapter.clark does not want to see she is in control and not lex.also that she does not need clark and he does not want to see that and since she has changed a part of clark does not trust her.

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    Remembering Chloe Sullivan (R) Chapter 6 Final 08/29/2019

    Chapter 7 Chloe Sullivan is Tess Mercy

    Running around Star City wasn’t Chloe’s idea of good evening. Yet now it was an occupational norm. Chasing down dangerous meteor infected criminals was just as satisfying as seeing her name in print. Catching them felt even better.

    The current person eluding her turned the corner down an ally. He stopped suddenly and put up his hands in defense. “Wait!” Chloe called out to him. If he thought he was going to use his powers on her he was wrong. “How many times are you going to do the same thing without success?”

    “Until it works.” Louis Lindsay wanted to let her have everything he had but he wasn’t feeling very strong. It was hard to keep up with the woman chasing him. Whoever this woman was she wasn’t giving up easily.

    Before he could move his hands to direct the electric current a white light came crashing into him. Before she had knocked him down and he could still get up but this time his body gave in as he collapsed to the ground.

    Chloe reached for the phone in her pocket to alert the waiting troops she had her man. When the call was complete she needed some insurance that Louis was down so she approached him ready to drain him just enough to put him to sleep.

    Doing her work she was suddenly stopped by the sight of two arrows landing at her feet. She wasn’t in any danger in getting hit by them, but she put her shield up anyway to scan the area.

    “No need for that.” Green Arrow made his way down. If Clark Kent was right he’d have to keep an eye on the blonde before him. “That was pretty amazing.”

    “Who are you?” Chloe didn’t take down her shield. The man in green had shot arrows at her then wanted to compliment her.

    “People call me Green Arrow and I’m here to make you an offer.”

    “I don’t want any offer.” Whoever he was Chloe wanted to know how he knew she was there.

    “But you haven’t heard the offer.” Ollie smiled warmly at her and it didn’t have the effect it normally did on women. Then again he was in his costume and it was hard to see his winning good looks.

    Chloe paused preparing the blast she was going to send his way. “I don’t need to hear it.” The light flashed towards the masked man.

    Chloe didn’t see him dodge out of the way but Oliver thanked his trainer silently for all the extra dive rolls that week. During the process he grabbed a special arrow to stun her if he could get a good shot off. When he was standing again the white light from before was surrounding her. Whatever power she had over energy was going to come at him again if he didn’t get to the point.

    “Before you take my head off just hear me out.”

    Chloe saw the arrow. Her shield was up and even though she went a few rounds with Louis, she could still fire if she had to. “You shot arrows at me. Seems like you came here to fight.”

    “I just wanted to get your attention.” Ollie placed his hands up with the bow in his right hand while dropping the arrow he was holding in his left to his side. He would have to take a different approach. “Let’s face it; my arrows don’t stand a chance against you so why don’t we just talk.”

    “Talk.” Chloe waited for him to speak with her shield still intact.

    “I want to make you an offer to join my team.” Ollie started to lower his hands now that she was willing to listen.

    Raising and eyebrow Chloe didn’t see Lex or herself joining with this guy. “What team would I want to join in which the leader is dressed like a green Batman?”

    “First off I’m nothing like the caped psycho in Gotham.” He took offense to the comparison. There were similar methods, but that was the end of it. “Second I’m not really the leader. We all have a say in what we do.”

    “You still haven’t told me who this we is.” Lifting her fingers in quotes Chloe was starting to reach her limit. She’d have to get rid of this guy.

    “We are the Justice League.” He watched her eyes roll. “Don’t knock the name. It’s something I think you want to be a part of or at least that’s what our mutual friend tells me. Everyone in the League has special gifts and we seek justice for those that can’t find it for themselves.”

    “Let’s drop the pretense and just say his name.” Chloe let down her shield. She needed to reserve it while she heard him out. Special gifts could mean danger. A friend could only be one person. Clark was sending people after her now.

    “Alright then.” Oliver paused and waited. She didn’t say anything. It seemed as if she was going to hear him out then he would have to show some of his hand first. “Clark Kent sent me.”

    Chloe wanted to explode this green arrow person with the energy she had taken from Louis but she would focus her anger at Clark. He just couldn’t leave her alone no matter how many times she asked. “Clark told you about me and now you want me to join your group?”

    “Yes Clark thinks you would be better off with us then your current employer.” Oliver could see she wanted to drop the façade but he wasn’t ready to bring Luthor into this. He hadn’t dealt with him since they were children.

    Chloe shook her head. Clark was trying to ploy her away from Lex with the promise of superhero friends. “I’m happy with my employer.”

    “You may be now, but things could change.” He replied.

    Not seeing his eyes made it impossible for Chloe to read this guy in dark glasses and a green hood. Whatever Clark had told him it wasn’t good where Lex was concerned. She’d have to use other means to figure out who the Justice League was.

    “I have heard your offer and my answer is no, thank you.” Turning on her heels Chloe didn’t think twice about turning her back on him because it was clear he was no real threat.

    “What’s going to happen to Lindsay?”

    Chloe stopped to think if she had been followed while in Star City. Her team assured her their work was secure but someone had seen what they were doing. “He will be taken care of.”

    “So you’re taking him to Level 33.1.” Oliver had to keep her there and mentioning the project Clark spoke of did the trick.

    Turning her head to look at him Chloe answered. “Whatever you think you know about 33.1 you don’t know. I wouldn’t try finding out if you enjoy shooting arrows and fighting for justice.” The words sounded clear for him to stay away. Chloe needed to get back and warn Lex.

    He not only knew who she was thanks to Clark, but Clark had told him about Level 33.1. If anyone could mess up their operations it would be Clark Kent and apparently now he had a whole League to help him do it.


    Metropolis could be a lonely place but Lex wasn’t going to be alone in the penthouse for long. He was informed of Chloe’s success and she was flying back. At that moment he was waiting for her arrival with a nightcap in hand. Checking his watch Lex didn’t see the doors open to the living room. When Chloe appeared she was dressed in black head to toe.

    She moved into the room making her way to him. “Very good work Ms. Mercy.” He was smirking a little thinking how much fun he was going to have getting her out of all that black.

    “It's just us. You can call me Chloe.” She pulled him into an embrace whispering in his ear. “I can make you beg for mercy later.”

    He squeezed her a little tighter. The motion was out of relief that she was alright. “Why wait?” His reply was going to be followed with a kiss, but Chloe was pulling away from him.

    It was cruel to start something, but Chloe knew they had much more pressing matters. “We have a serious problem.”

    Lex wanted to frown. There was always something. For once he wanted his only problem to be having too much alone time with Chloe. Yet this was what he signed up for. Working with Chloe on Project Phoenix would have interruptions.

    “What is it? I received the call that things went smoothly.” Mr. Lindsay was being processed to the Phoenix sight as they spoke. He had short circuited his last bank vault.

    Chloe took her seat in the penthouse study waiting for Lex to join her. “Well we have another player or maybe players.” She went on with the night's events explaining to Lex what happened after she captured Lindsay.

    They had no intel of a hooded man in green but how he knew about them had Lex puzzled. “Who sent this person after you?”

    “You know the answer to that already.” Chloe didn’t want to do this. She had made a promise to Clark. For some reason Clark just keep pushing. It was like he wanted Lex to know his secret.

    The list of people that knew about 33.1 and the Phoenix Foundation was short. The people coming in to get help controlling their abilities were not speaking to anyone. Anyone working for them knew better than to talk to anyone after seeing what Chloe could do. Those that were locked away weren’t going to speak to anyone anytime soon.

    The one person in the middle of all the strange things Lex had experienced since moving back to Smallville had to be at the center of this. “Clark fucking Kent.” He said harshly downing the scotch he was enjoying.

    “Ding-ding we have a winner.” She answered him moving to look out the oversized windows overlooking the city.

    “Why is he always at the center of everything?” The question was something Lex had pushed aside when dealing with Chloe. Losing her memories meant he had a second chance with her. Talking about Clark couldn’t be the focus. All this time Chloe had been loyal to Clark. She never budged an inch that she knew something more.

    When she told him to take a second look he had. His theories had reached the same conclusion. Maybe this time she would confirm what he thought he knew.

    She heard the frustration in his voice. Lex had waited so long for the truth. Chloe had felt that feeling herself for a long time. Clark should have trusted her. Things with Lex and the meteor infected wasn’t an evil plot.

    “I told you to look deeper at your research.” It was sound advice Chloe gave him. She was so busy it wasn’t mentioned again.

    “I did as you asked.” Lex looked out the window as well. Metropolis was a city of endless possibility. It was the first time he was looking with someone to share those possibilities with. What they were about share could ruin that, but it was time for the truth. “He isn’t human is he?”

    The question made Chloe turn to look at him. She knew he would figure it out. “What do you think?” All this time and Chloe was still protecting Clark. Lex just needed to say a bit more before she finally stopped.

    “The legend on the cave walls is about him. He’s the reason for all of this. The reason we are infected.” Lex didn’t look away from the city. His response was measured, yet he wanted to scream the answer from the rooftops. “Clark Kent is Naman the hero.” He paused to look at her. “But he’s no hero.”

    Chloe shook her head yes in response. “He thinks he is.” She told Lex, Clark wasn’t the reason for everything that had happened since the meteor shower. None of it was really Clark’s fault. He was just along for the ride. Clark’s gifts however should have made him an active member in what they were doing

    “Why doesn’t he help us? The meteors changed people, doesn’t he care about that?” Lex had his confirmation and it made him furious. “We are trying to help people.”

    “Clark doesn’t think he needs help.” Chloe didn’t want to tell Lex that the last time she spoke to Clark he really said he specifically didn’t want Lex’s help.

    “Then why has he joined up with this Justice League.” The name didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. How many of them were out there Lex wished he knew.

    “I don’t know why, but Green Arrow knows about 33.1. We have to be ready for them.” Chloe let Lex think over everything. The secret was out, but there was no time to go over the minor details. “I should go into my bubble do some research.”

    She started to get up to leave and Lex had to grab her. “You have to go right now?”

    “Sooner is better. We don’t know what they are planning. I already started the servers remotely at the Foundation before I boarded the plane in Star City.”

    He didn’t want to fight with her. If Clark was an alien and he had a league of people joining him any number of powers could be coming their way. “I suppose you're right. I should head to 33.1 and check on security measures and make sure things are going smoothly. The new site already has our aggressive subjects but the labs are still being closed out.”

    “Then I’ll meet you in Smallville at the manor in let’s say twenty-four hours. The trail will go cold by then.” Before she left Chloe reached her arms around him for another embrace.

    “Are you sure you're alright?” Lex spoke leaning into her.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Clark.” The secret wasn’t something Chloe wanted between them. Now it was finally free.

    Lex looked into her eyes trying to find a reason to be upset with her. Things were different now. They both had stopped lying and he wasn’t going to be upset with her when his anger should be directed at Clark.

    He pulled her chin to him and brushed his lips against hers. Chloe deepen the kiss pressing herself to him as much as she could.

    “I would never blame you.” Lex spoke against her mouth then he watched her walk away.


    Chloe couldn’t get out of the Phoenix Foundation fast enough. The 33.1 signals were going off on her phone. Behind the wheel wasn’t the best time to make a call, but working with Luthor Corp had its perks.

    “Call Lex’s cell.” She spoke to the automated voice in the dashboard and the phone in the car was ringing. After three rings it was clear something was wrong. Lex would never let a call from her go for that long.

    “End call.” Chloe swerved the car speaking again. “Call three on three.” The secret line to 33.1 was the deafening sound of a disconnected phone. It was no matter because Chloe was pulling into the Luthor corp parking garage turning off the engine to sprint towards the roof.

    Her access card passed her to the highest point of the building. “I need to get to Smallville now.” Chloe spoke to the pilot of the helicopter. He nodded knowing who she was and where she wanted to go.

    The helicopter ride felt like and it took forever, but it was better than taking the three hour drive. As they approached the hidden site in the woods she could see smoke rising.

    The pilot said he could only get so close to site. There was no fighting with the man. He landed as close as possible and once the all clear was given Chloe went running.

    She was surprised at how fast this had happened. The computers were trying to match the shape of Green Arrows face to any of those publicly posted in Star City. The data was going to take a while to make a match, but Chloe was looking through news reports for anything out of the ordinary. She had a few already tagged linking to what she thought were meteor infected people. It could be the Justice League.

    They could be the reason she was running in the woods now. It would be hard to find if not for the smoke pointing her in the right direction.

    The remaining science staff and guards were at a safe distance from the building waiting for backup to put out the blaze. Chloe was amazed by the chaos. She didn’t notice the head of security until he was speaking to her.

    “Ms. Mercy.”

    She turned to look at him and he looked scared. With the mess that was before them he should be afraid of her. “What happened?”

    “We got an evacuation signal and everyone moved out then the explosion happened. Everyone is accounted for, but...”

    “But who?” Chloe wanted to drain the answer out of him, but she kept her powers at bay for now.

    “Ms. Mercy there was someone in the building.” The guard looked down at his feet. He knew what Chloe could do. He’d seen it himself during some of her test.

    “Who?” She spoke almost at a whisper.

    “Doc Toran and…”

    She already knew the answer but grabbed his arm anyway starting to pull his life from him. “Speak already!”

    “Mr. Luthor went in to get him.” He was kneeling at her feet unable to get away.

    “Why didn’t you go with him?” All her anger was being pointed at this man. It was misplaced. The person she was really mad at must have been long gone by now.

    “The place is on fire.” The man replied with a yelp.

    Letting him go Chloe spoke as she walked away. “You better hope Mr. Luthor is still alive.”

    She turned and started to make her way for the building. She could handle fire. Getting Lex and Dr. Toran out of the building would be easy once the fire was gone. She started to take in the flames making a white light bigger than she ever had. Everyone was watching, but she didn’t notice. Her focus was getting Lex out of there.

    Before Chloe could go through the smoky entrance there they were. Lex and Dr. Toran were being carried by Clark. “I didn’t intend for this.” He started.

    There were so many things Chloe wanted to say but she just looked at Lex. He was lifeless. The thought that he was gone was only fueling her anger.

    “Chloe please.” Clark spoke again. And placed the men down on the ground. He could see she was upset. The plan was to release anyone trapped inside then destroy the place. When they found that there wasn’t anyone there the second part of the plan went into motion. No one was to get hurt like this.

    Dr. Toran was wearing a mask for oxygen. She knew Lex had given it to him. There were so many questions and Dr. Toran had so many answers. It made perfect sense that Lex would save him.

    The useless staff approached pulling the mask away from Toran. The good doctor started coughing showing signs of life.

    There were things to be done. Chloe was in charge at the moment and she pushed her anger down. “Make sure Toran is okay.” A quick reply followed from a guard who went to work.

    Someone else was checking Lex’s pulse and the answer was clear. “Just take Mr. Luthor to the manor. I’ll take care of him there.” Another nod from the man in front of her followed then he sprang into action.

    “Are you going to heal him? “ Clark spoke up just standing there useless.

    “What do you think?” Chloe moved passed him into the building. She needed to put the rest of the fire out. As easy as breathing she took the flames in little by little until the fire was out.

    When she exited the burnt remains of 33.1 the second team made its way in. Clark was long gone. After giving everyone their marching orders Chloe wanted a car to get her to manor.

    When she arrived she was directed to where Lex was being kept. Entering his bedroom Chloe knew they wouldn’t be alone. Clark was standing there. Hovering over his crime.

    “I can explain everything.” Clark started again. The last time she saw him Clark’s shirt was badly burned. Yet there he was all clean now. “We thought everyone was out of the building.”

    Chloe didn’t pay attention to Clark and moved to the side of the bed next Lex. She brushed her hand over his cheek and found it lifeless. Of all the things that had happened since getting her memories back this was something she wanted to forget.

    “He wouldn’t let our best doctor die.” Chloe spoke letting a finger trail around the shape of Lex’s lips. “He sacrificed himself because he knew I could fix it.”

    “But your memories Chloe. The last time you healed someone...” The thought trailed off with Clark’s voice. If she would forget this time Clark vowed to just tell her the truth. Not telling had led her to where they were now.

    Chloe remembered very well what happened and the only person willing to tell her the truth about herself was dead now. “I wouldn’t worry about that Clark.” Turning to look at him he was so close to her now.

    “Then what are you going to do?” His big eyes were pleading for an answer.

    Breathing out softly Chloe turned to Lex. Leaning in close she whispered in his ear. “I love you.”

    Without warning she turned as quickly as she could. Clark was so fast she would have to be faster in that moment. The fire she took in earlier was simmer inside her and she knew just where to put it. Her hand pressed into his chest and the flames moved in to him.

    Clark wasn’t expecting it. It almost seemed like her shock at recent events was going to make Chloe hug him. Clark could only feel Chloe’s powers now. His body took in the flames but the force made his knees buckle. When she stopped he was trying to catch his breath. It was something that never happened.

    Once he was slowed down Chloe took Clark’s hand. She would need his strength to heal Lex and to keep herself in intact. There were no words to describe the power she was feeling now. Clark’s energy was the purest high she ever had since she gained control over her powers.

    When he was down and fast asleep Chloe stopped. She had no intention of killing Clark. There was so much good he could do in this world, but he needed some fine tuning in order to do it.

    The good doctor would need a live specimen to work with.

    Chloe took Lex’s lifeless hand and let Clark’s energy flow to him.

    “Agh…” Lex gasped for air as he came back to life. Looking around him he wasn't in the last place he had been. The doctor wanted to stay behind and make sure some files were transferred. They were trapped in the explosion. In the thick smoke Lex could only find one mask. Dr. Toran would be safe. Lex knew Chloe would take care of him.

    “Go slow.” Chloe tried to make Lex lay back down but he was springing to his feet.

    “What happened?” He flexed his fingers. Something was inside of him. He had felt Chloe’s power before, but this feeling was something new.

    “He happened.” She answered looking in Clark’s direction.

    Chloe watched Lex processing his feelings. It was like he wasn’t comfortable in his own skin. The rush she felt taking Clark’s powers must now be inside him. Chloe started to wonder if he had some of Clark’s abilities.

    “Pick up the bed.” She pointed towards the deluxe king bed.

    “What do you mean pick it up?” Lex was feeling strong, but not that strong. “Are you alright. Your memories?”

    “I’m fine. Why do you think he’s on the floor and I remember everything?” Chloe moved closer to him taking his hand. “You feel different?” She watched him nod yes. “You know Clark ripped the roof off your car.”

    Watching him closely Lex was figuring it all out. His gaze went to Clark and he remembered all the times the impossible happened when Clark was there. “He ripped the roof of my car.” He repeated after her and turned to the bed letting go of Chloe’s hand.

    He braced the strong wood and started lift until the entire thing was over his head. “I knew it.” Lex spoke feeling no pain at lifting then lowering the bed to the ground I again. “How long will this last?” He questioned Chloe looking at him with wide eyes.

    “I don’t know? The doctor should look at you.” This moment was amazing, but there was more to think about. “Also, what do you want to do with him?”

    “Study him of course.” Lex answered wondering if he could keep someone with this strength.

    “If we are going to keep him we need green meteor rock.” Chloe had not taken the time to explain this part to Lex.

    “I have some in the vault.” Lex wanted to go fast and he did. Clark’s home world must had affected him and Chloe. It made sense it would affect Clark too. Lex returned as quickly as he went with what Chloe asked for.

    The green rock being in the same room as Clark made him wince in pain.

    “Not too close. We want him alive.” She answered as he moved in on Clark watching the effects.

    Lex took a step back letting up on his new experiment. “Chloe your right. This is amazing.”

    “No more Chloe.” She answered.

    Lex was so busy gauging Clark’s reaction he didn’t notice the shift in Chloe. “But you said when we are alone.” Earlier he called her Mercy and she said not to. The look in her eyes now was something he had never seen before.

    From healing Lois until now Chloe had been through so much. The person she was didn’t seem to be who she was now. Clark had made his choice. It was time to make hers.

    She looked at Lex full of life and knew they had so much work to do. Rushing at him she linked her arms around his neck pressing her lips to his. Lex wasn’t sure what she was saying, but her mouth was welcomed.

    Her tiny frame pressed into his and he took care not squeeze her waist to tight.

    Leaning away from him Chloe spoke. “This Justice League thinks Chloe Sullivan is a joke. They blew up our place. They killed you.” Chloe paused to look at him alive thanks to her powers. She couldn’t deny anymore who she had become.

    “It’s just Mercy now.” She finished.

    Chloe had fallen in love with Lex, Tess Mercy had embraced him for who he truly was. “As I was saying your right Ms. Mercy.” He kissed her again for good measure making sure she was the same person that ran away from scared of him. She didn’t seem scared now pressing her body against him while letting her fingernails dragging down his skulls bring him closer to her. His new found strength would have to be trained to handle Chloe without hurting her.

    Before they could go on to more Lex leaned away from her to speak. “We have work to do.”

    Smiling at him Chloe went in for one quick kiss then stepped away from him. “I’ll get the team here to transport him. You kept an eye on him.” Chloe started to make her way out.

    “Tell them to hurry. I need to thank your properly.” Lex winked in her direction to make sure she understood.

    As she moved out the door Chloe didn’t notice Clark curling up in pain thanks to the meteor rock in the room. Her focus was the man she loved.

    “Right away Mr. Luthor.” Tess Mercy replied.

    The End

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    Love the ending! Great story! Thank you!
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