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Thread: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    Holy fucking A!!!!!!!

    I'm in shock!!! The ending has to be one of the most depressing and heart breaking that I have ever read.

    I think most of my shock comes from the hope that Lex was still alive and waiting to terrorize Kale. And there would be a happy chlexy ending. But like Somethingeasy said you did foreshadow that things weren't going to end good. But I blindly didn't want to see them.

    I want to laugh at how Mercy schooled Oliver and crew into realizing that they weren't the best shot at rescuing Chloe but that she was. I want to rage that Serena got what she wanted and took the cowards way out and using Chloe to do it. Also rage that Kale got a happy fucking ending with not only his wife but a child as well. But I still feel like I can't pick up my jaw of the ground.

    Great, amazing work!!!!!

    And before I forget thanks Skauble for helping Ava so we could get our greedy hands on this masterpiece!!!

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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    I just wanted to say how great it is to see a real portrayal of an animal transformation in a fic. Usually there's a lot of romanticized vagueness in how a person becomes a wolf, and the implications to their psyche. You managed to make that clear, defined, somehow peaceful and simple but also very nuanced. The overall plot was very accomplished as well, but the change from Chloe to wolf was a singular pleasure. I suppose I'd never realized that until my fine companion, Squirrely P. Delish, returned to my life. Thanks for the wondeful story, Tex!
    Her soul is senstive like a finely made tuning fork. It vibrates and resonates with every little hint of trauma, evil and monstrosity that might be humming in the air, and channels it into expressions of fiction... or recomended websites - somethingeasy

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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    This is a crazy mix. I like it!

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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    That was so lovely, so well written. Thank you.

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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    Thanks for the reviews! I really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the story!
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    Re: Dreaming the Wolf, R, 10-23-09, Chapter 23 and Epilogue

    I loved this story but the end was sad and depressing! I was hoping for a happy ending but... still a great story!
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