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Thread: More than Meets the Eye (R) Update: 5/1/08 (Alternate S7)

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    I don`t think you should move the post, to me the fics really are missing scenes which will help me to get through the new season. Ok, they make us rethink the episode but just because they`re missing scenes. Well, I didn`t actually see the episodes but I`m reading the fic like they`re missing scenes that explain whatever I`ll watch this season.
    Did I make any sense??? I hope so.
    I loved Chloe`s thoughts about Lana`s bullshit and I loved Lex`s thought about love and Chloe.

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    Where was this need to repair the damage of Level 33.1 when Chloe had tried to convince Lana that it existed over a year ago? At that time Lana had insisted that she knew Lex better and knew he would never create something like this. Chloe actually knew Lex better than Lana ever could, and even with all the good she saw in Lex, she still deemed the project possible. Believing people were either all good or all bad was just being ignorant to human nature.
    Thank you for pointing this out. Lana was all about how Lex was good. Can Chloe get to say "I told you so" please. Chloe knows how to treat the Luthors better then Lana ever will.

    Lex would prove himself to be better than his father because he knew love had to be given to the people who were worthy of it.
    I wonder who he could be talking about. Its me right. Lex is in love wit me. Okay fine not me its Chloe.

    I'm ready for some Lex and Chloe interaction. I can't wait to see Lex plans all falling into to place.

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    Quote Originally Posted by hfce View Post
    First of all she needs to talk to you before even the thought of kids come into the picture. I just love how arrogant and confident he is in thinking that it will be that easy.
    LOL! I was also thinking about how incredibly smug and arrogant Lex is in his understanding of the situation and how it's 'sure' to turn out. He hasn't learned his lesson about never underestimating Chloe Sullivan. Never believe yourself to be prepared for her moves, always imagine that she's going to find out the truth about everything and blow all carefully orchestrated plans out of the water... and even then, prepare to be surprised by her.

    I can't wait to see Chloe find out about how he has been carefully manipulating her life into a downward spiral into the toilet, just so that he can end up being the most important thing in her life... above family, friends and career.

    I have no doubt that she's eventually going to forgive him, but I really hope she makes him really sweat about it first. All that arrogance deserves some ego-puncturing. Otherwise Lex is only going to believe that he was perfectly right and justified in manipulating, corralling and controlling Chloe like this... and, on a simple principle, that simply cannot be allowed

    I look forward to the upcoming chapter. Good luck, www.

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    Wait, you guys mean you don't like the idea of Chloe being completely manipulated in Lana-like fashion?!

    Well, this calls for a complete overhaul of my plans...

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    I cant' believe I just discovered your version of series 7. I'm thinking about not watching the actual series on TV at all (in Germany they will start series 6 in December) and read your version instead. This has to be so much better. Fantastic!!!

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    AN: So someone at Smallville doesn't really get mythology and makes Chloe look like an idiot which I had to fix, hopefully it works. Also, explaining their crap away is getting more difficult so expect an actual missing scene soon. I know you might have some questions but stay with me. Finally, I'm not a technology person, I know more than Lana, but I'm not that good with it so keep that in mind when I start BSing about the technilogical aspects of security systems.

    The Date
    Episode: Wrath

    Lana liked to think she understood the ideal of necessary evil. She knew nothing. If she did, then that fear of evil would not have scared her. When Chloe had boiled down the myth of Isis to make it appeal to the lowest common denominator, she separated black and white once again in order to get her point across to Lana. It confirmed her suspicions that Lana knew nothing of Isis’ importance. Chloe told Lana about Isis being the goddess of the underworld knowing that Lana would equate it to the devil. The hope was that Lana’s simple mind would then be threatened enough not to carry on with this vengeance and risk hurting Clark. Lana’s mind could never comprehend the notion that the underworld was the place where people were judged before deciding how they would spend the eternity in the afterlife. Tree, pretty. Fire, bad. This was the extent of Lana’s thought process.

    The willingness to fight by any means necessary for the people you love is a noble quality. However, it only means something if you really are out to help others and not for your own revenge. Chloe knew that Lana was putting herself before Clark. Even after Clark had told her to stop, she refused. Her pain was the only thing that mattered. Another factor is in the risk that people will think wrong of you. Chloe had teamed with Lionel thinking that she could undercut his obsession with Clark. She knew the risk that Clark would end up hating her but she went through it anyway. And she would do it again. Lana, no matter what she claimed, was scared by the idea that Clark would think wrong of her. Lana could scream that she had multiple facets of a personality, but ultimately the truth was that she wanted everyone to love her and she had to maintain her perfection in everyone’s eyes.

    The only question that Chloe had about Lana’s operation was how easily she had accomplished everything. She knew that Lana had the money, but that didn’t explain her sudden expertise in computer technology. This was the same girl who could only type ten words per minute, if that.

    The answer had come in the technology itself. To someone who thought in terms of ‘bigger is better,’ the system looked advanced. But when Chloe had shut the operation down, she quickly realized that the set up was fairly easy, a simple connection from the computer hub into Lex’s security system. In fact, the set up was linked directly into the security feed as if it was just another monitor station. There was absolutely no evidence of hacking. That explained why Lana had gotten into the system easily but it didn’t explain how Lex would have never caught on to the fact that someone was watching him.

    Unless he knew and didn’t care.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    As necessary evils go, kissing Lana topped the list. He believed in any means necessary to make both Clark and Lana think that he was still after her, but sometimes he still felt that he had gone a step too far. He hoped Chloe would understand. Better yet he hoped that she would for the most part ignore it except to suggest that she help replace each horrible memory with a hundred more passionate ones.

    When he spoke to Clark about passion, every word was an encoded gloat that Chloe had more passion for Lex than she had in admiration for Clark. He had seen the fire in her eyes each time she spoke to him whether in their early banter or in latter hatred. After all, hate is not the opposite love, indifference is. And no matter how many months the two of them spent not speaking, Chloe always looked at him as if the last time they spoke had stayed with her. Just the same as it was for him.

    He was ashamed that the speech he had meant for Chloe had to be wasted on Lana. Chloe was the one who was just like him. She was the one who truly understood what it meant to be willing to do what had to be done for the ones that she loved. If she didn’t, then why would he be trying everything in his power to make her see what horrible people Clark, Lana, and Lois are. Chloe would see that everything he’d done was for her. To restore her to her rightful place. And to open up that chance for their love that at one time had to be abandoned. He had to get that back for them. This was the only way. Chloe would understand that this was about regaining their love. Lana would think he was unworthy of her perfection, and never admit that she found a possessive love to be exciting because it wasn’t the hearts and flowers type that fairytales were made of.

    But Lana needed to be told that she was intelligent and willing to embrace a dark nature because she thought that was the only way to get what she wanted. She was out for revenge and once she had it, all darkness would evaporate and she would be restored to the pedestal she owned. Never once thinking of the consequences of such actions because she never had to deal with them before.

    When he had placed that meteor rock on Clark’s farm, he had just wanted to toy with him. Cause him a little pain for the pure fun of it. He had never considered the thought of power transference. But it was a nice tidbit to keep in mind for a later date.

    Lana’s breaking in to steal his hard drive for project Scion had been planned, which was why nothing important was on the drive anyway. But it did its job and offered Lane another goose to chase. It also kept Grant uncertain of the actual role he was playing in Lex’s plans.

    Lana’s pretend surveillance of him was over. Chloe had destroyed it. By now she had figured his part in it which meant she would be coming to speak to him soon. He was ready. It was time to start the phase in his plan in which she would begin to trust him.

    5-18-05. His password. The date of the last meteor shower. The day he had to be his most hateful towards her. He had to push her completely away in order to assure that she would come back to just him. Over that year, he had come to the conclusion that Chloe wouldn’t be able to have a relationship with him and maintain a friendship with Clark. Clark would never accept it, and honestly Lex wouldn’t accept their friendship either. Not for his own sake, but for Chloe’s. He saw how Chloe was beginning to lose her true self then and knew she would continue to over the years. All because of Clark, unless he put a stop to it. The day of the latest meteor shower became the all or nothing point. Once he pushed her with that anger, he knew the risk that she might not come back from siding with Clark. But he had to take that risk. For her. For their love. That date had been his reminder that no matter how hopeless things got, he couldn’t go back.

    Only now, he was able to let Lana know the password because he didn’t need it anymore. All of his plans were working to his goal and soon Chloe would be aware of what he had done. Up to this point, she had not been much of a player in the game. But she was going to get control. He wouldn’t make the final decision for her. She had to be the one to make it. And all of his hopes were on the belief he had made the right choice that day.


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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/9/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) R-ish

    That was so good, soooo really good. I love this story, every chapter I fall more in love.*g*

    I really like your Lex, he so manipulitaive and obsessive in his love and complete belief that what he is doing to Chloe is what's best for Chloe. Maybe it's wrong, but Lex like this is completely hot!{IMO}

    I also love how Chloe completely sees through Lana's bullshit and figures out that Lex knows about Lana not-so-secret spying.

    Can't wait for Chloe to finally go see Lex...Please update again soon!!!

    Exellent chapter to an awesome story!

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/9/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) R-ish

    Great chapter. I love the twist you put in what Shitville should be doing. Lex cracks me up about what he thinks Chloe will do. He thinks he knows all about her. But Chloe will let him know differently. Just by this passage tells me he has yet to experience full Chloe:

    He was ashamed that the speech he had meant for Chloe had to be wasted on Lana. Chloe was the one who was just like him. She was the one who truly understood what it meant to be willing to do what had to be done for the ones that she loved. If she didn’t, then why would he be trying everything in his power to make her see what horrible people Clark, Lana, and Lois are. Chloe would see that everything he’d done was for her. To restore her to her rightful place. And to open up that chance for their love that at one time had to be abandoned. He had to get that back for them. This was the only way. Chloe would understand that this was about regaining their love. Lana would think he was unworthy of her perfection, and never admit that she found a possessive love to be exciting because it wasn’t the hearts and flowers type that fairytales were made of.
    He presumes a lot and thinks he can predict unpredictable Chloe. Well Lex buddy you will see yes she will do what you are saying up to the point. But I predict miss spit fire will show you where you can go. I can't wait to see his plan blow up in his face.
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/3/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) PG-13 to R

    Quote Originally Posted by westwingwolf View Post
    Chloe always looked at him as if the last time they spoke had stayed with her. Just the same as it was for him.
    i absolutely loved this part! it is so spot on. i'm really liking this fic, because Lex is acting evil, but he's doing it with a clear motivation of what he wanted. he's manipulative, he's conniving but at the same time he still has his heart. and the fact that despite his manipulations he still acknnwledges the fact that in the end it is chloe's choice, well, i love it!!! more soon please!!!

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    Re: More than Meets the Eye Update: 11/9/07 (S7 Missing Scenes) R-ish

    AN: Okay so there is a reason why my screenname is westwingwolf and not westwinghorse. Before anyone comes at me with claims about the wonders of horses, I think they are beautiful creatures as well but for the purposes of this fic go with what Lex is saying. The documentary he talks about is called In the Valley of the Wolves and was very interesting imho. This is a missing scene because unfortunately we saw no Chlex interaction in this episode. Also, I think anybody reading this knows I'm spoiling season 7 so no blaming me if you don't like certain things you learn about. I don't write SV's crap, I just try to rewrite it.

    The Strategy
    Episode: Blue

    Lex slowly pulled the pool stick back and pushed forward in a smooth, quick motion to hit the cue ball. He watched as the orange striped thirteen ball rolled then dropped into the corner pocket. He was an excellent player and didn’t need to practice for the anticipated game with Grant this afternoon, but pool always kept his body relaxed and his mind thinking. His preferred method of strategy planning was done while playing billiards.

    It was at this table that he had planned everything to make Chloe see her true self. Ironically, it was also here that he said one of the most hateful statements he ever made to her. But it was true. At that time she hadn’t really had a boyfriend. If she had made any acknowledgement that she was hoping he could have been the lucky guy, he would have stopped his plan and switched gears. He would have reached for her, picked her up, spread her down on the green felt, and not left the room for several hours. He often imagined that scenario when he believed certain strategies didn’t need his full attention.

    He didn’t have much to say when he would meet with Grant later. He just needed to keep the idiot on track. The bulk of Grant’s part in the plan was done. Grant Gabriel was a John Doe suffering from amnesia, an easy pawn for Lex’s scheme. Lex did feel guilty for using Julian’s identity in his plan, but if his brother had lived the kind of life Lex had endured, he would probably understand.

    Together Clark and Lionel had given Chloe a place in Lex’s life. They had also managed to keep her away from him. Grant was going to help get her back, and torturing Lionel with the thought that his prized son was back from the dead was a bonus to all that Lex had suffered.

    Amnesiac John Doe was reborn Grant Gabriel. ‘Grant’ for the life he had been given and ‘Gabriel’ as a tie to the importance this plan had for Chloe. After which he had been placed at the Daily Planet. It was only a few weeks ago that Lex had gone to him and told him that when he ‘found’ Grant, he knew the boy was his brother. He kept the secret from him in order to protect him from Lionel, but now was the time to let him in on everything. The poor sap believed every word about Lionel giving him up for adoption and would kill him if word had gotten out that he was alive. In a way Lex was melding Julian’s story with Lucas’. He made a mental note to give his half-brother a call and make sure he hadn’t blown another month’s allowance in a poker game.

    Since the strategy for this meeting didn’t have his full attention, Lex let his mind wonder to him and Chloe on the pool table. The feel of her wasn’t quite as strong in his imagination but her voicing his name was loud…and frustrated.

    He opened his eyes to find Chloe standing in front of him with a mixed looked in her eyes. There was curiosity but also a sense that she knew exactly what he had been thinking. Still wrapped up in the emotions from his vision, he made a move to reach out for her. Thankfully his mind picked up that he was back in the real world, and he saved it by offering his hand out for her to shake in welcome. She refused.

    He turned back towards the pool table and walked around to the other side to keep it between them. He didn’t want distance himself from her; he just needed to at that moment. “I wasn’t aware that LuthorCorp had done anything horrible this week to warrant an interview Chloe.”

    Intrigued that Lex would take the inferior stance and back away, Chloe moved to stand on the other side of the table and faced Lex. “I’m not here for an interview, Lex, but you have done something that caught my attention. However, no need to worry. I’m not writing about anything concerning you…yet.”

    “I’m surprised. I would have figured that no matter the circumstances, you would have jumped at the chance. After all, lately I’ve seen a lot more bylines with Lois’ name than yours.” He pretended that he needed to be behind the table to make a shot.

    “You can’t goad me into feeling bad for Lois’ success. And I’m not going to forget what I have to say to you.”

    Still leaning over the table, Lex looked up at her with a smile. “I have no attention in stopping you. Frankly, I’m appalled by what the Planet considers reporting these days. I’ve had much fonder times reading from the Torch.” He completed his shot of the nine ball into the pocket right in front where Chloe was standing.

    “Is that your idea of a compliment and do you expect my thanks?”

    “No, to both questions. I think you had much more… life in your days at the Torch. You were definitely fighting for something in those days. Fighting for the answers. But now…now it feels like you are just trying to explain things that don’t have any plausible reasons. At least no human reasoning. When did that change?”

    “I’m the same type of reporter I’ve always been.”

    “I don’t believe that. I think you’re trying to make yourself believe it, but it’s just not true. Torch Chloe had drive and passion. Nothing could stop her from getting the story. Planet Chloe will sit back and let some third rate hack take what’s rightfully hers.”

    “Lois is not a hack. She has…” She answered immediately. Knowing her cousin didn’t possess many positive reporting skills, but needing to finish her argument she finished with Lois’ only honest quality “tenacity.”

    Lex couldn’t stop his laughter at Chloe’s obvious inability to find praise in Lois’ journalism. “Interesting, I never actually named Lois as the reason for the Planet’s problems.”

    Chloe was annoyed with Lex’s stalling tactics and she wanted nothing more than to slap that smirk off his face. “Like I said, I’m not here to talk about Lois. I’m here…”

    “Are you sure? Because I think it would be quite interesting news that the Planet’s newest reporter was both hired by and is currently dating the new editor.”

    “How did you…” If Lex knew then it was only a matter of when Lois’ was ruined.

    “Chloe, you know me better than that to even ask that question.”

    “I guess this means you won’t be saying anything until it works best for you.” Lois had better not go against Chloe’s advice. Stopping the relationship now was the only way to ensure that when Lex revealed all, the damage wouldn’t be as bad as it could be.

    “I’m nothing if not an opportunist.”

    “Well, it doesn’t matter because I’ve all ready spoken to Lois and she’s ending it. She’s not going to risk her career.”

    “You have that much faith in your cousin.” Just a little bit of doubt in her mind is all he needed to make this work.

    “Yes, Lex. I realize it’s a foreign concept to you, but some people can still trust others as long as they’ve earned it.”

    “Actually, there are a few people who for the most part I still believe when they tell me something.” He eyes didn’t stray from her as he went back to the billiards.

    His eyes seemed so sincere when he looked to her that she had trouble making her next comment. “Good. I’m glad not all hope is lost for you.”

    “For your sake, I hope Lois does adhere to your advice. She has easily been given a lot of opportunities that you deserved and never got. I’d hate to think she wasted your life on some unworthy guy.” Just something to make Chloe put more thought into what must have all ready been there.

    “Lois has earned…”

    “Of course she has. Let’s get to the point of why you made this rare visit.”

    “When I disconnected Lana's surveillance operation, I noticed something interesting about the installation.”

    “Thank you for doing that by the way. Saved me a lot of trouble.”

    “I bet.”

    “I’m serious. Made me feel good to know you cared enough about my privacy.”

    “I didn’t do it for you. I didn’t want it to fuel Lana’s need for revenge anymore than it all ready has.” She wasn’t quite able to look in him in the eye because she had partially done it for him. For his privacy. But she could almost make herself believe it was for Lana. That spying on Lex gave him just as much right to spy on them.

    “For the sake of expediency, I won’t voice my repudiation to your claims.”

    “Believe what you want Lex. It doesn’t change the fact that you knew all along Lana was watching you.”

    “I won’t deny that.”

    She wondered why he didn’t even try at least. “But you didn’t do anything to stop her?”

    “I figured let Lana think she was prying into my life. She won’t find anything. And if she’s busy thinking that she all ready knows what I know, then she won’t go out on her own and put herself in anymore danger. Like supervising a child as she builds a camp fire. I thought she couldn’t really harm me anyway.”

    “That didn’t work out too well last week.”

    “No, I didn’t expect that Lana would get a temporary meteor infection. I was quite lucky Clark showed when he did and was able to stop her. Is she experiencing any ill effects? If so, my scientists can help her.” He hoped that was subtle enough for Chloe to not call him out on trying to push her, but still remember him when she needed help.

    She let out a short burst of soft laughter. “You expect me to believe that you still care for her. After all this time, I still know that Lana was only an excuse to hurt Clark.”

    “You’re right. I won’t deny it anymore. I never cared for Lana. Surprised that I’m willing to admit it?” It was very freeing to tell Chloe the truth. Not because it was the right thing to do, but because that lie was going to kill him if had to let her think for one more second that he loved the small town princess.

    “Yes actually.”

    “Not like it matters anyway. Clark will still think I’m out to steal his precious Lana from him. He’ll do whatever he can to protect her from me.” That’s why he wasn’t worried revealing what he needed to Chloe. No matter what he said, Clark wouldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t think that Chloe made everything up, but he would claim everything said today was a lie to confuse him. To make him think that Lex was using Chloe to get Clark away from Lana. Lex would be grateful when this whole convoluted mess was done. He and Chloe would celebrate by not leaving the bedroom for a week. He might even persuade her to go a month.

    “What are you after? Do you still want to hurt Clark? He’s never going to let what you’ve done affect him. He’s stronger than that.”

    “Why does everything have to be about Clark? Or Lana? Or hell even Lois? Do you honestly think I still give a damn about those people? About what they think of me?” What had this town done to her to make her think that she couldn’t be first in someone’s mind?

    “Then tell me what it is you want.”

    “So you can be prepared to stop me? I don’t think you’d even believe me.” She wouldn’t yet, but he’d make her.

    “Try me.” She thought she’d seen enough of the damage Lex had done not to be surprised anymore.

    “You remember those nature shows we used to watch together?”

    Well that through her for a loop. She couldn’t believe Lex still thought about their time. “Yes,” she answered unsure of where this was leading.

    “My favorite was the one about the wolves in Yellowstone. They had ruled in the valley for years and of course were careful of who could join. There was that one black wolf that tried to mate with the alpha pair’s daughter, but he kept being pushed away no matter how much the young female wanted him. Do you remember what happened?”

    “That was years ago Lex. You can’t expect me to remember every detail about everything we watched.” She did remember. She remembered how he felt as they huddled together on her small sofa.

    “The alpha pair eventually died off, the pack fought and lost their land and several members to another pack. That black wolf was needed to reinvigorate the ruined pack. He became the leader, claimed his mate and eventually brought them back to their homeland.”

    “What do you expect me to get from this tale? You don’t care about Lana so she obviously can’t be this female wolf in your scenario.”

    “No. Lana has nothing to do with this. Lana could never be compared to a wolf. She’s more like a horse. Universally considered to be beautiful, but lacking any real sense of self. Can be trained to do whatever trick the owner would want. And willing to let just about any steed mount her.”

    Chloe stared him down. “I don’t want to listen to you speak of her this way.”

    “But you can’t deny that what I said wasn’t spot on.” He challenged her with his eyes.

    Chloe back away from the table. “And you are one to talk? With the many women you’ve bedded over the years?”

    “The difference is I’ve never imagined myself to be in love with any of those women. Never fooled them into thinking they had my love.”

    “Not even Helen or Lana?” She didn’t buy it.

    “I never slept with either of them.” His tone was simple and to the point.

    “You expect me to believe that? You got Lana pregnant!” There was no way he could get away with that lie.

    “I won’t deny that Lana was indeed pregnant last year.”

    She couldn’t believe that he expected her to think he hadn’t been half the cause of that pregnancy. “I still don’t believe you.”

    “Ask Lana about the pregnancy.” He knew Lana hadn’t told anyone about what she believed to be a false pregnancy. Maybe she got more sympathy out of people thinking she had lost a child. Maybe she just didn’t want people to think she was stupid enough to fall for synthetic hormones. Maybe she even knew she really was pregnant and didn’t want to think about the fact that she was going to have a mutant child.

    “This is stupid. I’m not going to hurt Lana by bringing up painful memories just to play in one of your twisted games.”

    “Think about it Chloe. Does Lana really seem all that hurt to you? Does she act like a grieving mother?” Just a little bit of suspicion is all he needed to give her.

    “People grieve in different ways.” Her tone didn’t convey that she believed what she was saying. Lana didn’t seem to be affected by the ordeal in ways most mothers were. There didn’t seem to be any lingering sadness.

    “Then what about me. Knowing what you know about me. I told you how much I wanted a family. Do you believe that I would be able to easily get over the loss of my child? Doesn’t it make more sense that I knew all along the child wasn’t mine? Wouldn’t I know that for sure if I never had sex with Lana?”

    She did know that Lex wanted a family, and had he lost a child he would have been more upset. It was the reason she wondered why he never seemed torn up about the loss. But this couldn’t make sense. “You are just trying to screw with me. Make me doubt Lana.”

    “Why would I do that?” His question was leading. He wanted her to know exactly what he was doing.

    “To make me question Lana. To separate me from her.” Why? ...Why would he volunteer all of this information? It made no sense. Lex kept his plans to himself. He did his best to keep Chloe out of them.

    “And if I separated you from her would it make any difference to what happens to Lana?” Come on Chloe; just make the connection he thought.

    “Of course not! She would…would…still have Clark.” His questions were frustrating her. She couldn’t figure out his purpose. Of course Lana would have Clark. She’d always have Clark.

    “And what would happen to you?” Deep down she knew the answer, he just needed her to admit it to herself.

    “What are you getting at?”

    “What would happen to you if Lana and you fought and she turned to Clark?”

    “I would be fine. Clark would understand.” She hoped Clark would understand. Though she wouldn’t bet her life on it.

    The thought must have played out across her face because Lex was snide when he answered, “Since you are certain, then I guess there is nothing more we have to say to each other now.”

    She took a few moments to pull herself together. So many thoughts were trying to make it to the forefront of her mind. She didn’t trust herself to walk and not falter. When she was ready, she made for the exit. Lex’s hand stopped her just as she opened the door.

    He stood in between her and the door and placed a hand on her shoulder. His eyes were the most honest she had ever seen them. More than when he admitted that what he wanted most from Lionel was his love. “Chloe, the point of my story was that the woman I’m interested in has all of the best qualities of a wolf. Her intelligence allows her to think of the perfect strategy for catching prey. She shows extreme loyalty to her pack. She’s careful with her love but when she finds the right mate, she loves him passionately. And like that black wolf, I hope all of my waiting will pay off. I hope she’ll be willing to let me into her life.”

    For the first time in all of their encounters, Chloe didn’t have a comeback. She just stood there staring into his eyes, looking for any signs of a trick, finding none she walked out the door. She couldn’t stay there anymore. She had to think. Had to get everything straight in her head. Know her facts, and then she would take the best course of action.

    As much as Lex would have wanted her to fall into his arms, he knew it wouldn’t happen. He wasn’t entirely disappointed when Chloe left. For a moment, he thought he saw some acceptance in her eyes. He knew she would have to think about everything he said. Would investigate first before coming to Clark with any thought about Lex’s plans. And when that time came, Lex hoped Clark wouldn’t disappoint.


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