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Thread: How Can We Improve Naughty Seduction?

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    Both Jules and I feel that Naughty Seduction is missing something. We want to make NS bigger and better, and we would appreciate some suggestions.

    What should be removed from the site? What should we add? And how about the forum? Something we should change?

    Now is the time to speak up!


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    hmm, well something i've been wondering for a while, and since i'm computerly challanged :biggrin: i can't do it myself, is what about some Chlex buddy icons for instant messaging?
    I thought i saw some some somewhere, but now i can't find them again.
    Ok, that's all i know that you guys need, because this site is FABULOUS as it is!! :yay:

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    The site is great already...

    What should we add?
    Maybe more pics of AM and MR in their galleries

    -A section with Chlex screencaps (and keep the clips of their scenes&#33, and transcripts of their scenes.

    -A Place where Chlex fans can write in some phrases or paragraphs why they like the idea of Chlex.

    -A little place with the Chlex quotes from the actor's interviews...

    -Maybe a place with Chlex outside the show (books, comics, official websites).Scans of their scenes in the comics (like the one about Chloe's sumer vacation) and scan or transcript of their scenes in the books along with Chloe's second interview with Lex.

    Sorry, there's was a talk of campaign in another board and I had all these thoughts in my head and saw this topic :lol:

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    Thanks a lot Nat. I think all your ideas were great and we'll be sure to discuss it.

    ~Deidre~, Chlex buddy icons is coming up.

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    I'm impressed with this site's willingness to explore alternative ideas, options. NS could use some new blood. Maybe... hm... a column to express our unique point of view? From a chlex fan's perspective of course.

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    Originally posted by Gemini@Jul 27 2003, 07:39 PM
    I'm impressed with this site's willingness to explore alternative ideas, options. NS could use some new blood. Maybe... hm... a column to express our unique point of view? From a chlex fan's perspective of course.
    If anyone's interested in writing that coloumn, mail us with their ideas and such!
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    Hi *waves* I don't venture here very often just cuz I feel a little beneath the superiority of the mods and such.

    So I am here as a waif, just offering a little something...

    I noticed ns now has new forums, in the completed sections of certain categories.

    I have just one small teeny tiny suggestion. When someone's completed a fic, can you keep it in that forum its designated to for maybe something like 3 or 4 days? Once it switched over, it tends to get looked over and people don't realize it's gone. A few people imed me and asked me where my Cliff's Edge story went and I told them I had finished it and then they had to go look for it in the finished section. So just for the future, so I can actually get some feedback on a last chapter, can you keep a fic in the allotted forum for a little while? pretty please.


    *bows before the two webmasters*


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    Blaire, of course that can be arranged!

    We'll (as in mods and both admins) move the story after a couple of days after it has been completed..

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    BTW, guys. Love the new categories. I think it has really allowed people to discover and re-discover some of the older stuff. Great idea!

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    For the site,

    + Maybe fix the broken links to the chlex clips as well as other things?
    + More update? maybe like create a poll and check which section has the most hits and improve on it? Personally, I visit the site for Epi guide, Chlex screencaps and clips, links only.

    For the board,

    + I feel that the no. of forums are adequate but somehow, there are not much ..erm, life/new posts. I think that most users went for the fanfiction section only. Hmm, create a poll again? to see where most users lurk?
    + Maybe a contest forum? for banner/manip/clip/fic challenge?

    All in all, I <3 Chlex board/site Thanks :chlexsign2:

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