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Thread: Disappearing Acts (NC-17)

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Please oh please let them discuss their feelings. it was really interesting to see things from Lex's pov. He has such strong feelings for Chloe i just wish he would share them with her.

    more please!!!


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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    owh! I love it, I love it!
    Wonder 'how far Lex is willing to go for her...
    Update soon!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    It’s her birthday today.

    He smirked as he thought of the flowers he sent her, knowing she would enjoy them. He smirked even larger as he lit the last candle and glanced around the candle lit bedroom.

    She would surely find the humor in this little romantic gesture of his. She always understands his humor.

    Lex remembers his mother tell him you can never help who you love. Which would explain why she married a man like his father.
    Yay! Lex's perspective on the Chlex, thank you!

    So, Lex knows he loves Chloe, knows he prefers her to Lana and is still marrying Lana? I hope somewhere you can work in Chloe kneeing him in the groin because he's such a waste of masculinity.

    It's sweet that he's prepared for her birthday and that he seemed to have been looking forward to it. He is able to show Chloe he values her more than just sexually. We saw that earlier when he was content to watch her work during their short weekly appointment. It's a shame the sweetness often is mistaken for manipulation in Chloe's perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    He remembers a time before his mother became I’ll with depression and heart disease. Before his accident in Smallville, his parents were very much in love. He could remember the way they looked at each other, with such passion and love. Lex was sure his father was at his happiest when around his mother.

    Of course, like everything Luthor, it didn’t last. Nothing lasts. Life has shoved that lesson down his throat a great fucking deal.

    But still, Lex could still remember staring in wonder at the look on his father’s face every time his mother would enter a room. He remembered hoping to have someone to make him feel the way he was sure his father felt.

    Of course, that delusion and childhood wish was quickly dismissed as he grew older and suffered through his share of homicidal gold digging wives, he was sure he was far off of the mark of being in a relationship with anyone who would make him feel the way he was sure his father had felt about his mother.

    Of course he had been wrong.

    This new, strangely positive relationship between Lionel and Lillian seems right, though it's not one that I can imagine lasting. Father and son both find ways to turn people against them almost unintentionally, then they aren't able to open themselves up in order to make amends and forgive. I can imagine this example of marriage would contribute to Lex's problems with women. He saw his parents really together, Lionel besotted with his wife until the rift started and widened and they hated each other.

    You make it very clear how certain he is of his feelings, but if he's this certain I'm frustrated by his inability to take a tiny emotional leap to trying a real relationship with Chloe. It's very believable but it's another thing that makes me want Lex to have a punch in the balls. He must know that every marriage is not the same, nor will it face the same issues. Or maybe he doesn't? His life and his father's have a lot of similarities, I'll admit, but they're different people at the core.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    He hadn’t thought he would be able to touch her again after everything that’s happened between the two of them two years ago. Of course, sometimes problems like those doesn’t matter when it comes to sex.

    Really good sex. undoubtedly the best sex he’s ever had.

    Of course, for him, it was more than that. More than just fucking until your muscles ached. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but he knew it was more. He found himself feeling anxious to see her until their next meeting. Found himself thinking about her when they weren’t together. When they were together, he was honestly at his most relaxed and dare he say content. He enjoyed her presence, which was saying a lot considering she could annoy him with just one sentence. That’s what he enjoyed so much about her. She was also passionate about everything she did. Whether it was talking, working or fucking. He felt a slither of pleasure curl inside his stomach at the thought of her. The passion and intensity he felt between the two of them when they were together made him feel something he couldn’t rightly describe.

    It made him feel uneasy. It bothered him. Made him want to rethink their whole arrangement.
    Again, Lex seems to get 90% to the obvious solution and stop dead, insisting he just can't think any farther. He should know that he's attracted to the forbidden and Chloe's history with him makes her taboo. He should be able to recognize how to keep himself happy and content if her presence does that, especially seeing that he isn't deluding himself about the depth of his feelings.
    GAH! Your Lex is a fool! Excellent POV to make him seem himself and also so dumb.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    Chloe was a very complex woman whom he knew that some issues meant more to her than others, and some issues meant nothing at all.
    He's such a chicken, as if he's not a complicated man. Well, complicated at least. He's displaying more little boy traits than anything unless they're having desperately passionate sex. Imagine the tension if they weren't at least able to vent that way! *daydreams* Very hot . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    Of course the issue of Lana never really became an issue until he proposed. It was her reaction that perked his interest. It threw him when she mentioned Lana. She never mentioned Lana when they were alone. It was one of their rules. It threw him even more when she asked why he proposed to her.

    He couldn’t answer the question. He hadn’t bothered to think about why he proposed to Lana. It was the next step wasn’t it? He knew Lana still loved Clark. He also knew that, given the chance, she’d leave him. He also knew she wanted to leave him. Of course, she never would. She was too afraid to be alone and dependent on herself. Somewhere deep inside of himself, he was getting extreme satisfaction in knowing that.

    Perhaps it was easier to be with her than anyone else. She was dealing him a different kind of betrayal. He gave a sardonic grin. He honestly doesn’t believe they’ll even make it to the altar.

    That should bother him more than it really does.
    Blind, blind, stupid Lex! He might tell himself he was surprised by Chloe's reaction but he knows her too well not to have expected it. If he knows Lana's motives, and Clark's response, he should be able to figure out his girlfriend's. A fine example of the Luthor stupidity they've honed to justify and support their actions. I'm glad he doesn't really think he'll be marrying Lana - it explains why he's not on valium.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    But still, he was beginning to wonder if it bothered her. If she was even jealous. He felt his stomach clench at the possibilities. Even though they’ve been sleeping with each other for the past year, he still couldn’t quite figure out if she even liked him. She seemed to enjoy his company, but there was a fine line with Chloe.

    He poured himself a drink as he sat down and reached for her birthday gift. He hoped she liked it. At least accepted it. She had a problem accepting things from him. After lots of string pulling and undermining of government officials, plus up to half a million dollars in payoffs, she’d better accept it, because if she didn’t- He frowned deeply at the odd urge he felt at wanting to please her.
    This amount of trouble for a birthday gift she might not want: Lex, you're a moron deeply in love and trying to win Chloe over. Simple if you let yourself examine the situation clearly.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post

    He placed his drink down as her soft voice echoed throughout the penthouse. He smiled as he stood up, placing her gift behind his back as he followed hr voice into the bedroom.

    He stood in the doorway, silently watching as she surveyed the bedroom. Jesus, his pulse was already racing with excitement of seeing her for the first time in seven days. He was quite pathetic.

    “Did you run me a bath as well?” She asked and he smiled, unsurprised that she knew he was standing there watching her.

    “Well,” He sighed. “I didn’t want to go too far.” He smirked as she turned to face him. His eyes slid from bottom to top, stopping on her eyes. He frowning to himself at how tired she looked.

    “You’re funny.” she said, and he smiled.

    “What?” He asked, glancing around. “You don’t like it?”

    “The cheesy ambiance? I think you’re confusing me with someone else.”

    He paused, the smile freezing on his face as those words tumbled through his mind. He fought the urge to ask who she was referring to. “You’re right,” He agreed. “This is the last time I do something romantic for you.”
    I could imagine every bit of this, and every facial expression ranging from the puzzled one Chloe was wearing, his apprehension, her insult and his frozen smile as his feelings are hurt. Unfortunately, he might be reaching the end of his efforts to please her and will avoid being romantic.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    Lex couldn’t stop the groan from escaping his lips as his cock slid inside of her for the third time.

    Nothing should ever feel this good to him. His hand gripped her waist as his mouth found her own, kissing her hard as his cock slid in even deeper.

    He was sure he was addicted. He was almost positive it was not normal . Almost sure it wasn’t natural to want anyone this bad.

    Then again, he’s never really been normal. He’d always been an over indulger of sorts whenever he procured something he thoroughly enjoyed.

    Chloe was no exception. She seemed to know what he liked. What he enjoyed most. She was into his kind of kinks as well. He meant it when he said he and lana’s sex life didn’t venture very far. In fact, it ventured no where. He’d only slept with Lana once, and even then it was subpar. He hadn’t been surprised. He hadn’t taken Lana to bed since, and she didn’t seem to-

    His invading thoughts stuttered to a halt as Chloe’s nails scored down his back.

    “Fuck!” he groaned, thrusting harder. His tongue thrust against her own, matching the movement of his cock. She was so wet. So hot, the sounds emanating from her throat urged him on.
    This very good smut, though I have a complaint. It was all hot and sexy and Lex was being secretly adoring of Chloe, then he thinks of Lana? Worse, he seems to be on a train of thought with it that might be taking him near the solution to his heartbreaking problem, then you throw us and him back into the smut and it's very hot again? It was different and kind of frustrating. No complaints about the hotness as long as you-know-whose-pink-name is left out.

    I wasn't happy about the smut interruption, but interrupting the interruption when Lex was almost thinking clearly was mean too. Ignore me, I'm always this conflicted about Lex.

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    “Spread your legs wider.”
    *lusty sigh*

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo View Post
    He collapsed on top of her, rolling off of her when she gently pushed at his shoulders. He glanced in her direction, frowning when she turned onto her side, turning her back to him.

    He lay back and slipped the condom off. He tied it, and leaned over to toss it into the garbage. He glanced over at her, lifting his hand to touch her shoulder, he paused and changed his mind.

    He watched her back, his thoughts turning. He knew she wouldn’t be with him if he asked. He could demand it, but he knew that wouldn’t turn out so great. Chloe wasn’t one to be pushed around. He knew she wouldn’t turn her back on her friends or family. There were too many factors in their lives for anything to ever work between them.

    As similar as they were, they were still on two different worlds. Things were only going to get much worse, that he knew.

    He wasn’t letting her go though. He was selfish that way.
    It was sad how the sex ends and there's an immediate effort to be separate and aloof from each other. I know Chloe's talking herself out of the affair and Lex is trying to negotiate around losing her, but they could cuddle! If you're having sex and moaning each other's names and giving gifts and making fun of the other woman, can't you cuddle?!

    I'm sorry, but really . . . Angst is good, but Lex wanted a cuddle and he needs it. Medicinal cuddling so he can get to the point of all his Chloe vs. Lana thoughts. Sorry I quoted everything. At least you know I'm interested, right?
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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Great story So Lex will not take the news of Chloe ending their little deal to well then. I wonder what he will do to make/convince her to carryon?? I can't wait for the next part.

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Gosh! loved the lex POV! they want each other so badly it's...beautifully angsty. i'm glad to know that lex is pretty much feeling the same thing for chloe. and the last part was awesome, just when chloe decided to end everything, lex decided not to let her go. go lex!!!! man i love this fic! more soon please!!!!!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    So will this be continuously unrequited tragic angst? Or torturous but eventually rewarding angst? Or is that undecided? It'll be interesting to see how these two actually find out about their feeling for each other. Also, Lana sucks. That is all.

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    WoW! Exellent update, so finally when Lex decides that he does care for Chloe and will not let her go even when he gets married, is when Chloe finally decides that she needs to get out of their afffair.Stupid people why don't talk to each other about their feelings? I can't wait to read how Lex reacts to Chloe decision to leave, bring on the angst.

    please update again soon

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Quote Originally Posted by SVfan1286 View Post
    WoW! Exellent update, so finally when Lex decides that he does care for Chloe and will not let her go even when he gets married, is when Chloe finally decides that she needs to get out of their afffair.Stupid people why don't talk to each other about their feelings? I can't wait to read how Lex reacts to Chloe decision to leave, bring on the angst.

    please update again soon
    People really ARE unable to discuss their feelings. It's so stupid. It'd be much easier to be happy if we were all just honest about our feelings...


    Sorry, real life reflected in fandom = depressed reviewer...

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *Chapter 3 updated 6/19/07*

    Quote Originally Posted by SVfan1286 View Post
    I can't wait to read how Lex reacts to Chloe decision to leave, bring on the angst.
    ooooh, I second that! Of course, the most OBVIOUS thing for him to do would be for him to confess his own feelings, drop the act with Lana, and start dedicating his personal time to wooing and winning over Chloe.

    heh, but where's the fun in that? I ALSO cannot wait to see what kind of desperate measures he resorts to once he realizes that he's about to lose the only person that he actually cares about (heh, actually he LOVES her, but it seems like he's not ready to admit it yet, so we'll let it go for now).

    Would he launch a incredibly ruthless seduction campaign to bring her back to him? Or would he skip the obsessive stalking and gift-giving and go immediately to blackmail? Perhaps kidnapping? ooooh, kidnapping... perhaps THAT'S what the 'Disappearing Act' title refers to... Chloe disappears because Lex kidnaps her.

    heh, or (more likely) Chloe decides to disappear on her own and go into hiding somewhere. Which leaves Lex madly obsessed with the activity of finding her and Bringing. Her. Back!

    *shiver* and *shudder* I can't wait to find out how it turns out. Please update soon.

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