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Thread: Disappearing Acts (NC-17)

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    Disappearing Acts (NC-17)

    Disappearing Acts
    Pairing: Chloe/Lex
    Category: AU, Angst, Smut, Romance, Future Fic, oh and more angst
    Spoilers: season six episode promise.
    Summary: Everything Changes…

    A/N: Lana is not pregnant


    Well after working on two new stories and careful deliberation, I’ve decided to post this one first. I hope you all enjoy!

    Chapter 1

    They met every other Monday and Wednesday night at one of his penthouses on Metropolis’s lower east side.

    Chloe always knew when she decided to dab in a little self destructive behavior, It wasn’t the normal kind like obsessively drinking, dabbling in designer drugs, or even being extremely promiscuous. No, when she fell deep into self destructive behavior, she always went big. Whether it was involving herself with Lionel Luthor to sleeping with her supposed best friend’s fiancé.

    Yes, that’s right. She was fucking Lex Luthor. She doesn’t know if she would exactly call it self destructive behavior, considering that she’d been sleeping with Lex on and off since her senior year in high school . But, for the past year its been more on than off. Also, considering what Lex has been involved in and his recent actions, one would conclude the involving herself with him was just…destructive. She didn’t, of course. Because, although she did raise an eyebrow at his behavior and projects that he’s been involved in as of late, she really honestly didn’t care. She knew she had to not care in order to carry on the way she wanted.

    “What’s got you thinking so hard?” The soft firm voice murmurs into her ear, as long rough fingers caressed her bare bottom.

    She was betraying Clark, her family, everyone who she valued. But that didn’t matter because they had made rules. There was no Clark or her family or Smallville and the problems that came with it. It was just the two of them.

    She felt the exploring fingers make its way between her thighs and she sighed heavily at the wetness she felt seep from her.

    “Chloe?” He said, in the same soft tone. “I asked you a question.”

    She spread her thighs slightly as his fingers brushed against her clit. She bit her lip as a piteous vision of Lana floated through her mind. A surge of familiar jealousy went through her, and she wondered why. Why the hell did she care so much?

    “You proposed to her.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. She felt him pause then tense, and she opened her eyes as the fingers between her legs suddenly disappeared.

    She slowly turned her head to see Lex looking at her, his expression blank.


    “I said,” she muttered. “You proposed to her.”

    “I did.” He murmured, reaching for her again.

    She blinked at him. “Why?” She asked flatly.

    He raised an eyebrow. “Because.” He answered. He searched her face for a long moment. “Do you care that I did?”

    “No.” She answered quickly. “I just-I know you claim to love her-” She trailed off at his look. She cleared her throat. “I-just don’t you think it’s a little odd? A little too soon for you-”

    “I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about our lives.” He cut in softly, but the annoyance was clearly there. He tried to reach for her again, but she pulled away.

    “We did agree didn’t we?” She glanced over at him and casually asked. “So, did you two set a date?”

    He smiled slightly. “Does that bother you Chloe? That I proposed? To your best friend no doubt.”

    Now he was teasing, or being cruel. Probably both. She could never tell after and afternoon filled with sex. “Lana and I aren’t friends.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “She seems to think so.” He said very softly. “She speaks very highly of you at times. She even called you her sister once.”

    Chloe couldn’t stop the heavy eye roll. “Lana wants to be friends when its suitable for her. When she needs to talk to someone about her life, and realizes she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. If its not that then she either doesn‘t trust me or hates me because I‘m close to Clark.” She glared at his knowing smirk. “I thought we agreed not to speak about our lives.”

    He shrugged. “You brought it up.” His fingers caressed her breast, gently pinching her nipple. “Does that bother you?” he asked. “That I proposed?”

    She stared at his sincere expression. It does bother her. It bothered the hell out of her, and she wondered why? Why did it bother her? She and Lex weren’t friends. She and Lex didn’t have a relationship. They just fucked, and it was good. Really extremely good. There were no feelings involved. “No,” She lied, surely not wanting to give him the satisfaction. She could tell by the expression on his face that he was trying to see if she was lying or not. “We’re wasting valuable fuck time.” She murmured climbing up to straddle his waist.

    He stared up at her face hungrily. “Its quite enjoyable when you speak with such vulgarity Chloe.”

    There was that feeling again. That thrill that ran through her stomach at the knowledge that she was fucking Lex. That no one knew. That he was hers to do with what she wanted and vice versa. She was already rubbing against him like some horny animal, she could feel the line of wetness she left, could smell it.

    His eyes darkened as he reached for her hips. “Sit on my face Chloe.”

    He must be in a really dirty mood now, considering he vowed to never do this again. The last time they did this she nearly smothered him. She crawled up his body, her cunt hovering over his hungry mouth, she slowly sank down with a loud groan as his tongue slid inside of her.

    She didn’t bothered holding in her cries of ecstasy, let herself gently bounce against his mouth, his tongue exploring her hotness as his mouth sucked the wetness she offered him. His hands squeezed the cheeks of her butt and he groaned, the sound sending shockwaves of vibrations through her cunt.

    “Oh fuck, Lex!” She cried out loudly as his lips closed around her clit and sucked hard. “Mmm. Ohh shit!” She moaned as his teeth gently tugged onto her clit once, then twice. Her hands gripped the brass headboard, and her thighs clamped shut on his head as her spasms wracked her body.

    She could feel his hands trying to pry her thighs apart, and she glanced down, her thighs releasing his head when she realized what she was doing. Gathering the rest of her energy, she slid back off of his face, and onto his chest, smiling down at him sheepishly.

    His chin, lips, and cheek were glistening with her release, and he slowly raised an eyebrow. “That’s the third time you’ve almost killed me Chloe.”

    She shrugged. “You know the dangers of letting me sit on your face Lex. Yet you continue to allow-” She trailed off with a yelp as he suddenly rolled over.

    His hungry eyes stared down at her as he settled himself between her legs. “I can’t help it if your cunt tastes so delectable.” he rubbed his cock up against her slit, smiling at her small intake of breath.

    Better than Lana’s? She wanted to ask, and was horrified to realize that she did ask that out loud by the frozen smile on his face.

    “Our sex life doesn’t venture very far.” He admitted with the same smile.

    Chloe absently wondered why her brain wasn’t connected to her mouth today. “Missionary default position then?” She asked, and to her surprise he laughed. He bent his head to kiss her hard on the mouth, and she should feel disgusted that he didn’t bother to wipe herself from him, but all she felt was turned on.

    She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth harder against her own.

    He thrust all the way inside of her, his ball slapping against her ass at the force of it. He caught her moan inside his mouth, his hips thrusting against her own with bruising force. Chloe knew they weren’t going to last long. That was alright with her. She was still unbelievably wet, and he was so hard and hot and fucking her so hard, that she could do nothing but hold on and wait for it to come.

    Lex pulled away from her, and sat up on his knees still keeping them connected. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her hips, thrusting his cock even deeper. “Fuck!” He groaned at the angle change.

    She placed her feet flat onto the mattress and lifted her hips against his thrusts. She cried out, her hands grasping the bedding, his hands, her hair. Anything she can hold onto as she falls apart. “Oh shit!” She cried as his fingers brushed against her clit and she shuddered as she came.

    He continued thrusting, his body stilling with a long groan as he followed her into climax.

    He collapsed next to her, and she turned on her side, watching as he slowly slipped the condom off and tossed it into the waste basket next to the bed. Her eyes slid away from him when he glanced at her.

    They were both silent for a long moment.


    “Yes?” She sighed.

    His hands slid onto her stomach. “How about a shower?”

    Her eyes slid toward the clock on the night stand and she sat up. “I can’t.” She said sliding out of bed. “I have to get back to the office and pick up a few files then get back home before Lois does.”

    “You’re going to go into work smelling like sex?” He asked, and she could hear the amusement in his tone.

    She rolled her eyes. “Why not?” She asked, knowing he had some perverse pleasure out of knowing she was willing to do it. “It’s not like you were going to let me wash in the first place.”

    “I would.” He said innocently, and she gave an unladylike snort.

    “After fucking my brains out and making me late for Lois’s family time day.”

    She shivered as his hand slid up her back. “You never had a problem with that before.”

    She moved away from him. “Well I do now.” she spat, wondering why she was annoyed all of a sudden. She yanked her blouse over her head, and bent to pick up her underwear, frowning when she noticed they were no where to be seen. “Where are my-” She trailed off and glanced at Lex, glaring when he held her underwear on his finger. She went to grab them, and frowned when he held them out of her reach.

    “A kiss first.” He said, and she glared harder, snatching her underwear away from him. “What’s the sudden attitude for Chloe?”

    “I don’t have an attitude.” She muttered turning to face him. She leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “See?” She reached for her skirt and slid that on. “I just don’t want to be late.”

    Lex stayed silent as she finished dressing, not bothering to cover himself up. He sat up. “I’ll see you next week then.” It wasn’t a question. They both knew whatever was bothering her would be thrown under the rug and she’d be back here.

    She was that addicted to him.

    “Goodnight Lex.” She called over her shoulder, feeling sick from anxiety for reasons unknown.


    “Is it true Chlo? Are they really getting married?”

    Chloe held in her heavy sigh.

    The way Clark was staring down at her as if someone close to him had died. It wasn’t all that serious. He chose not to be with Lana. Lana chose Lex, which was such a slap in the face. It was so disloyal. So Lana. She stared up at her best friend, wanting to tell him to move on. Wanting to tell him that Lana made her own fucking bed and now she had to lie in it.

    Of course she couldn’t. Because that wasn’t the way the story goes.

    “Yes Clark. Its true. Lex proposed to her two weeks ago and she said yes.”

    He shook his head as if he didn’t understand. “But why?”

    Because she’s co-dependent. Because she needed someone to take care of her? Because she’s weak. Chloe shrugged. “My guess is as good as yours Clark. Who knows why people do the things that they do.”

    She could see the wheels in Clark’s head turning as he came up with a decision. “I’m going to talk to her.” He said. “Try and convince her that she’s making a mistake. That Lex is only using her, and that he’s not right for her.”

    Chloe nodded. “Okay.” She said offering no advice on how that was a bad idea. She knew how that conversation was going to turn out. Lana was going to defend Lex. Stating that she knows him. That she can change him. That he tells her the truth.

    It was funny how Lana truly believed she could change Lex. What was even more funny was the fact that she had absolutely no what she was getting herself into.


    Chapter 2

    “What are you working on?”

    Chloe spared Lex a glance before she continued. “My Governor Luciacono story.”

    Lex frowned as he took a sip of his wine. “I thought you were done with that story.”

    “I was.” she said tying quickly on her laptop. “This is a new story.”

    “About what exactly? Bribery? Black mail? Affair with his assistant?”

    Chloe frowned down at her screen. “Affair with his assistant Lex? You’re getting me confused with your rag the inquisitor.”

    He held up his glass of wine. “Touché. So what is it about?”

    “You think I’ll really divulge?” she asked. “Lex, political intrigue is my obsession.”

    He sighed. “And here I thought it was corrupt CEOs.”

    She shook her head. “No that’s my second obsession.” She glanced up at him with a small smile. “To change the subject, I have to ask you just why in the world would you want to run for senator?”

    Lex smiled fondly. “Pure boredom.”

    She nodded. “Ahh yes. I remember now.” She knew he wasn’t bored now though. Being Mr. Project 33.1. She knew Lex was scientist at heart. She knew he would rather spend hours, if not days, in a lab testing out life’s mysteries than sitting behind a desk at Luthorcorp. She knew what most of his projects consist of, already having done her own investigation herself. She knew in his own mind he truly believed he was trying to protect the world. She also knew he probably had no idea what it was he was getting himself involved in, and it was probably going to end bad somewhere down the line.

    “You’re doing that odd thinking thing again Chloe.”

    She glanced up to see him watching her curiously. She closed her laptop with a sigh. “Right,” she said. “Sorry I have a brain. I can’t help it sometimes.”

    He smiled. “That brain of yours is my favorite part-” He trailed off at her snort. “And of course other more striking body parts.” He watched as she placed her laptop back into her bag. “You don’t have to stop working on my account Chloe. I enjoy watching you.”

    She shook her head. “I’ve run out of words.” She admitted with a shrug. “Besides what’s the point of working on it so hard? They’ll probably have me cut it down a whole page and to one thousands words.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “They can do that to you?” He asked surprised.

    She shrugged with a small smile. “It’s the life of a Basement Minion at the Planet.”

    “Hmm,” He said taking a sip of his wine. “I can get you a job at the Inquisitor Chloe. You’ll have your own desk-”

    “I have my own desk,” She cut in her smile now gone. “And my very own desk plate.”

    He smiled. “Your own office,” he offered. “With a large window.”

    Chloe paused in thought for a long moment. “My own coffee maker?”

    He smirked. “Of course. An endless supply of your favorite.”

    She shook her head. “Mmm, no.” She plucked the glass of wine from his fingers and downed the rest of it. “As much as it appeals to me, I won’t take a job working at some news rag knowing I only got it because I’m fucking the owner.”

    He smirked at her. “Chloe-”

    “Secondly, I don’t enjoy investigating why the Mayor’s wife enjoys having sex with cows.” She shuddered. “That’s Lois’s gig.”

    “You’re right.” He said, pouring her another glass of wine. “I had no right to offer you such a job. I apologize.”

    “Good.” She said. “I do like to work hard and feel accomplished you know.”

    He nodded. “Which is what I enjoy most about you Chloe.”

    She looked up from her glass at his strange tone. She stared at him, watching as he played with the bottle in his hands. “I hope I don’t go into work and find that I have my own office and coffee pot.”

    He smiled. “I wouldn’t dare do such a thing.” He murmured. “Besides no one at the Planet likes me.”

    She shrugged. “Mindy does.”

    “That’s because she works the gossip column.”

    “I like you,” she amended. “Sometimes.”

    He smirked at her and plucked back the glass. “Enough talk about work.”

    Her eyes slid down his bare chest to the silk boxers he wore. She was surprised to see that he was hard already.

    “I can’t help it.” He murmured, reading her mind. “You’re sitting there naked. What do you expect?”

    She glanced down at her body with a small smile. “That would be a reason wouldn’t it?” She glanced back up at him, unsurprised to see that look on his face. “What?”

    “Do you trust me Chloe?”

    She licked her lips. “Sometimes.” She answered honestly. She watched as he placed the glass and bottle on the beside table. She watched as he reached behind his pillow and held up a pair of handcuffs. She could feel herself becoming wet already.

    “Is now one of those times?” He asked softly.


    “Oh my god!” He was killing her. Not literally of course, but figuratively. When she agreed to using the handcuffs, she didn’t know he’d make her come so many times just from his tongue alone.

    Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as he sucked her sensitive clit into his mouth again. She didn’t think she could come again. Her body felt so sensitive, so weak, but- She trailed off and cried out with a shudder as her body once again succumbed to his tongue.

    She lay there panting, staring up at the ceiling and listening as he moved off of the bed. “Where are you-”

    “Shh.” He whispered, shifting back onto the bed.

    She felt something very cold hit her thigh, and she looked down to see a bowl of ice resting next to her. “Lex?”

    “You’ll like this.” He reassured, popping an ice into his mouth and chewing slowly.

    “What-” She trailed off and her eyes widened as he placed his cold mouth onto her cunt. “Oh god!” She breathed.


    “Are we still on for tonight baby doll?”

    She hated when he called her that. Hated when he called her sweetie or his girl. It was…wrong.

    She always felt like she was leading a double life.

    She smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry Jimmy, but I can’t make it tonight.”

    He looked crestfallen. “Oh,” He said.

    She nodded. “Yeah I have to go into the field tonight and-”

    He perked up at that. “I can come with you.”

    “I don’t need pictures Jimmy.” she said, hating the hurt expression on his face. “Its just-its nothing really. Just a boring cover story. You know, for the last page before the classifieds.”

    His shoulders slumped. “Right.” He said. “How about tomorrow night then?”

    She shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe. I have to see first.”

    “Oh,” he said. “Alright.”

    She knew he knew she was avoiding him. She felt terrible about it. Jimmy was a sweet guy, but she couldn’t be unfaithful to him. She wouldn’t do that. He deserved someone better. Her phone rang, and she was glad for the save.

    “Chloe Sullivan.”

    “What are you wearing?”

    She sighed, and placed her hand over the phone. “Jimmy, I have to take this.” she said, indicating that he leave.

    “Right.” He said, standing up. He looked as though he wanted to say something, but he changed his mind.

    She watched him walk away for a few moments before turning her attention back to the phone call. “Clothes.”

    “Come now Chloe,” He said. “You can be more descriptive than that.”

    “What do you want Lex?”

    “I’m spectacularly bored.”

    She sighed. “Well I’m sorry to hear that but I’m working.”

    “Are you wearing underwear right now?”

    She smiled despite herself. “I’m hanging up on you.”

    “Meet me tonight.”

    She frowned as she glanced over at her calendar. It was Friday. “Its Friday.”

    She could hear his smile over the phone. “I’m quite aware of what the date is Chloe.”

    Meeting on a Friday wasn’t part of their rules, and he was breaking them. “I have my period.”

    He chuckled. “You’re lying.”

    She sighed. “I have a date.” She lied again, already feeling sorry for herself from knowing she had nothing planned.

    He was quiet for a long moment. “If you mind me asking with who?”

    She frowned. “Does it matter?”

    “Not particularly.” He sighed. “Just curious is all.”

    She rolled her eyes. “I thought you’d be spending your Fridays with Lana.”

    “I’m usually working.” He admitted.

    She snorted. “You’re always working.”

    “It’s a way of life for me.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Goodbye Lex.”

    “Bye Chloe. Have fun on your date with Mr. Olsen.” He hung up before she could respond, and she stared at the phone with an angry scowl. He always has to have the last word.


    She woke up Wednesday morning with a chip on her shoulder and a frown on her lips.

    It was her birthday.

    She knew Lois had planned a small dinner with a few close friends, but honestly she didn’t want it. She didn’t want anything. One would assume that turning twenty one should be the happiest time for someone like her.

    She wasn’t happy at all. Her birthdays always sucked.

    She had ignored the balloons Lois left by her bed, happily greeting her with a happy birthday, and instead got dressed for an early coffee and muffin at the Talon.

    Of course, that had been a mistake. She had spotted them before they did her. They were sitting at the back, in her favorite spot, and she had stood on the top level frozen. She watched as Lex leaned in close to Lana and reach for her hand. For one who wasn’t carefully watching, it looked as though the were a young couple in love. But, Chloe was a keen observer. They looked so fake. The smile on Lex’s face was so forced, and Lana, she was barely aware of anything around her. It was pathetically Sad.

    But why did the picture in front of her bother her so damn much?

    She turned away, and hurried back up the stairs before either of them saw her. She hurried out of the back door, wondering why her birthdays always turned to shit.


    She hadn’t expected to see a vase of orchids and tiger lilies waiting for her on her desk when she walked into work. She had thought they were from Jimmy, but apparently she was wrong when he waltzed up to her desk with a bouquet of roses.

    She hated roses.

    He looked embarrassed as he handed her the flowers, glancing over at the large very expensive vase. “Are those from Clark?”

    She frowned, and shook her head. “No, why would they be?” She asked.

    He shrugged, a small blush coming onto his cheeks. “So, who’re they from?” He asked, and she realized she hadn’t even bothered to look at the card.

    She plucked the car from its holder, and paused-her eyes widening in surprise as she read it.

    I hope you enjoy the flowers Chloe. Happy Birthday. P.S.- see you tonight.

    She clutched the card in her hand, a small smile coming to her face. She glanced up at Jimmy to see him watching her with a curious expression. The smile slowly slid from her face and she shook her head. “They’re from my dad.” she said with a wave of her hand.

    “Oh.” He said perking up. “So I’ll see you tonight?” He asked, and she nodded distractedly.

    “Uh huh.” She glanced at the card again, surprised he would do something like this. The image of this morning popped into her mind and she frowned, throwing the card down with a sigh. What the fuck was wrong with her?


    Chloe was surprised to see Lex’s keys on top of the coffee table as she entered the apartment. He was never the first one to arrive when they were meeting.

    “Lex?” She called, walking into the bedroom. She paused in surprise as she surveyed in the room. The romantic setting was obvious. The lights were dimmed, candles were lit on every surface of the bedroom, pink peony petals littered the floor and bed.

    She smiled holding in her laugh that was beginning to force its way from her chest. He was toying with her. It was all so cheesy and clichéd. “Did you run me a bath as well?” She asked, sensing him behind her.

    “Well,” He sighed. “I didn’t want to go too far.”

    She turned to face him. Unsurprised to see him leaning against the doorway. Her eyes surveyed him from top to bottom and back up again. He looked good as usual, decked out in his usual all black. “You’re funny.”

    He glanced about the room with an innocent look. “What?” He asked. “You don’t like it?”

    She raised an eyebrow. “The cheesy ambiance? I think you’re confusing me with someone else.”

    He nodded and slowly walked toward her. “You’re right,” He murmured. “This is the last time I try and do something romantic for you.”

    “Romance isn’t in the rules.” She said, wondering what he was hiding behind his back.

    He seemed to pause, taking in what she said. “Rules,” He said. “Right.” He showed her the hand he hid behind his back to reveal a neatly wrapped gift. “Happy birthday.”

    She stared at the wrapped gift as if he were handing her a bomb. She glanced back up at him to see him watching her with an amused expression.

    Glaring at him, she took the gift and slowly unwrapped it to reveal a black box. She opened the box and paused. It was a manuscript. She slowly opened it and her eyes widened. “Lex-” She breathed. “Its-”

    “Margaret Fuller’s original manuscript on the history of the Roman Republic. Its quite a read. She was a remarkable Journalist.”

    Her hands shook as she gently and carefully turned the pages of the manuscript, her eyes scanning the perfect writing. She shook her head. “They said her writings were lost when she died. How did you get this?”

    He shook his head. “Don’t ask.” He murmured. “When they said her writings were lost, they lied. Her views were quite controversial to America. She was ahead of her time.”

    She couldn’t believe he’d gotten this for her. “This had to cost a fortune.” she said glancing up at him.

    He only shrugged. “I’ve got money to spare. Besides,” He added. “I say its kind of worth it.”

    The smile he gave her made that strange feeling resurface again, so much so that she had to look away. “Thank you.” she said softly.


    The third time Lex made her come; his hips thrusting slowly against her own, his sweat slicked chest rubbing against his own his lips kissing down her chest, she began to realize something.

    That strange feeling she had been feeling for the past few weeks every time he smiled at her, or she heard his voice. That hateful pang of jealousy she felt at the thought of him and Lana together. The honest fear she felt in not being able to see him again. She knew it was happening to her all over again.

    She was falling in love.

    She gently pushed at his shoulders so she could turn onto her side. She hid her face in her pillow so he wouldn’t see the tears fall from her eyes. She knew already knew what she had to do.

    She has to end this.

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    WOW!!!!!! What an excellent start. I love it & hate both @ the same time. I hope they can be together before it's too late. Too destructive. Need more!!!!!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    DAMN! that was amazing!!!! need more!!!! she's falling in love! damn! need more!!! that was...it feels like my brain has melted and i am incapable of thinking at all. did i say damn already? beautiful, i love their interaction...more soon please!!!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    wow.... very very wow...

    i hope you dont take any offense, but it was a little
    like you channeled a zannie fic!! (whose work i HIGHLY
    adore)..the angst, the smut the DRAMA>>>!!!!

    im mind-boggled at all those emotions these first few chappies made me feel... which i nearly havent felt since
    the zannie fics ended!

    its just *so* much, yes 'self-destructiveness'
    about it, and it was so beautifully written!

    chloe and her actions, and choices (oh we've all been
    there before with the self-destructiveness)

    PLEASE update soon!!! its a really really good fic..
    i do so like green eggs and ham
    i do so like them...sam i am
    –Dr Seuss “Green Eggs And Ham”--

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    This is a very compelling beginning to what I'm sure will turn into a very ugly situation soon. The smut was sexy, but damaged, and the rules with Lex are breaking down. He never seems to follow those and she seems to need them.

    We got a little bit of a sample of how their meetings go, and other than the sneaking around it's not that far off from a relationship. The limited time together amps up the intensity but Lex is content to watch Chloe work on her laptop and to spend time on gifts for her birthday. It's not all sexual. It would be less dangerous that way, thus less appealing. He doesn't seem to be using her as far as I can tell. There's reciprocity.

    I was intrigued by the insistence Lex has on conversation. When he was talking about Lana he was venting and it seemed to give relief, when he was giving her the gift and she accepted it he was happy, and he was even self-deprecating when she called him on the flowers and candles scenario being more to someone else's tastes. When he was fishing for information about her story and she shut him down he didn't seem surprised that she wouldn't tell or upset by it. That says Chloe herself is the main objective even when he hides behind other aspects of who he is.

    Then he broke the schedule with the ridiculous excuse of being bored. He's a busy man - Lex only has time to get bored if he's scheduled it. He wanted to see Chloe and he couldn't wait. I suspect he was trying to prevent her from having another date on a Friday night. Makes me wonder if he has some surveillance on her personal life to warn him when she might be getting close to (what I'm sure Lex sees as) infidelity.

    Nice work with Jimmy being a good guy for someone, just not for Chloe. I like that she has an admirer, close friends and family. Unfortunately most people pale in comparison to Lex. She thinks she's addicted to him. Has she ever thought he might feel the same about her?

    There are (to me at least) two ways to handle this kind of plot: Exposing the affair or making it more intense while still secret. Either way it's going to hurt a lot of people. I have my fingers crossed for some Lex POV so we get an idea of where his behaviour is heading.

    And on behalf of Trauma Chloe, congrats on your Chloe for not going to work for Lex. Having her own office wouldn't be worth it.

    If I may, I predict that little bit of conversation where Chloe gets acerbic over his engagement to you-know-who has reinforced his confidence in being able to make the relationship with Chloe work as more than an affair. He seemed to be wanting her to be angry and snarky with him, maybe to ask him (beg him?) to break it off with the Peep.

    I'm not sure though. Lex's personality is hard to read and as yet you haven't shown any of his inner thoughts. So I'm hoping for that in the next update.
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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    Great start but sad. I feel so bad for Chloe.
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    It struck me what Chloe said about Lana being her "friend" only when is suited her. I guess you can say the same thing about Clark being her friend and now Lex is seemingly doing the same thing. He follows the rules only when it suits him. All of this makes me feel bad for Chloe. It looks like everyone only uses her when they feel like it.
    Plus I don't think it will be as easy to endy it with Lex as she believes. Since he knows about Jimmy's interest in her he probably has her followed. I do hope he's getting cought in his own net as well and they end up together. But I'm sure it will get ugly before it turns into their version of happy. Great chapter and I can't wait for more.

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    Wow, this is...wow!! I love how this all began as just sex and is turning into so much more. I'm also getting the feeling that Lex feels more for Chloe, and knew before she realized it, and only got with Lana to make her jealous. Still, that last line broke my heart and I can't wait to see more.

    Btw, you totally gave me a heartattack and had me SQUEE like crazy!!! Spuffy scene!!!!! From 'Dead Things'!!! OMG, the moment that Lex asked Chloe if she trusted him and she said 'sometimes,' I almost keeled over cause I pictured Spike and Buffy. You wrote my two most fave couples in one scene together---literally and figuratively---and I'm just bursting with giddiness. <g> Sorry, just finished reading some Spuffy fanfic, so I'm just all over the place.

    Great story and can't wait for more!!!

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    This is just excellent Kimbo!

    I can understand Chloe's need to end her affair with Lex--she has no desire to love a man in love with someone else. Except Lex isn't in love with Lana. And after Chloe stops sleeping with him, will he realize his true feelings and dump Lana?

    But we don't actually know Lex's true feelings do we? It doesn't seem to be just about sex for him either. He has conversations with Chloe about her work, he teases her, and then he sent her those flowers for her birthday--plus his gift to her was very thoughtful. Will we get Lex's POV in this fic?

    I can't wait for more

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    Re: Disappearing Acts (NC-17) *New Fic*

    Interesting take on the relationship. I love the fact that Lex is cleary made out- his actions are wery much the same as they would be on the show...and Chloe...well the fact that she is falling in love made her realise that there are many people involved in this relationship. How this is going to work out is something I cannot wait to happen.
    Great start

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