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Thread: The divorce of the century (PG-13) Complete

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    Re: The divorce of the century (PG-13) -2/17-


    Gazelle had this coming for a very long time. Lex was sick and tired of his and Chloe's every move being in her little magazine. He wanted out and he was going to take any means necessary.

    Gazelle found a rather nasty note on her desk from a stranger, or a "source" as she liked to call them.

    "If you want to keep your job, stop printing gossip about Lex and Chloe."

    It was in red ink, but it wasn't the hand writing that she recognized. Unless he used his left hand. She thought. She tossed the letter in the garbage and continued on her day for the story of the life time. She has been getting a lot of hits since this story, on her website. There was no way she was going to falter now. Gazelle doesn't give up with a fight. Was her motto. She was a gossip columnist, and that's what she did for a living. She storde out of the office with pride. The letter was pushed far back in her mind as possible, but she was struck with a little fear. She wondered what would happen if she printed another article. She hoped her sources would contact her for more stories.

    It was a beautiful day as Chloe took a walk in the park, and found herself at the grave yard. She saw Lex kneeling by a tomb stone. She rolled her eyes. Why was he visiting her grave site? She wondered. She pushed the idea out of her mind, but she wanted answers. Being the reporter that she is, she found herself asking him just that.

    "Lex!" She called out as she jogged over.
    "Chloe! What're you doing here?" He was startled. He had no idea she'd be out and about, or even following him.
    "I thought you were over the whole Lana Lang thing." She huffed. Lex could see a hint of jealousy in her eye, even tho her friend was dead.
    "She was my wife Chloe."
    "Wife." She repeated in the past tense.
    "Yes. I'm not aloud to visit her?" Chloe didn't want to answer that so she stayed silent.
    "Look I'm sorry if you don't trust me, but.."
    "You have your ring on. I can't believe you Lex Luthor. You actually had an attachment to this girl?" Chloe was on a rampage. She couldn't believe that he had the nerve to wear his ring, let a lone keep it.

    "Today I asked her to marry me.. it's our anniversary. If you want me to get over it, I.."
    "You can never let go of anything can you Lex?" She walked away leaving a confused Lex Luthor. He sighed. She's right. He thought. He took his ring off and put it on the tomb stone.
    "We're over Lana." He said as he chased after Chloe.

    He grabed her as she tried to push him away. He quickly showed her his ring finger.

    "It's empty. I don't want to make you angry." Chloe couldn't believe what he'd just done. He was so vulnerable about this subject.
    "I'm sorry too. Our first fight." She sighed. They made up with a kiss and continued on there way.

    "Are my eyes deceiving me?" A voice said. Chloe looked up and found Lois Lane with Extra! Magazine. A picture of Lex and Chloe were on the cover.
    "My little cousin is the star of a gossip columnist." Lois giggled as she flopped the magazine down.
    "Oh God. Yesterdays news.." Chloe rolled her eyes. She opened the mag and read the story.

    "Lex and Chloe's first argument. Looks like Lex Luthor is breaking hearts." She rolled her eyes. Another statement made her skin boil.
    "Lex Luthor has stated that his relationship with her was over. Said a source." Chloe fell silent. She was so angry she couldn't speak.
    "Lies! All lies! If she's going to print something, she might as well print the truth!" She yelled. The people in the coffee shop turned and looked at her, then went back to their coffees.

    "Lois! You have a customer." Said a strong male voice. Chloe knew that voice right away. She pounced on him like a cat.
    "Lex! Tell me you did not say this!" She shoved the magazine at his chest. He read the part where her finger pointed at.
    "No Chloe. I told you we made up remember?" Chloe didn't know what to believe anymore, but she knew that Lex was right.
    "I'm going to have a word with Ms. T." Lex grumbled.
    "Lex be nice. She could twist your words." She warned.

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    Re: The divorce of the century (PG-13) -3/3-

    That night as Gazelle got ready for bed, she heard a garbage can roll outside. She was startled and turned towards the noise. "It's probably nothing." She said easing herself. She continued to brush her hair, and got to bed. The next morning she found a note on her door. She took it and looked around for the culprit. All it said was "Stop. Or else." She smiled evilly to herself. "Looks like I'm hitting a nerve." She liked it when she was getting her point across. It means she was touching base with them, getting to "close" to their personal level. That's the difference between her and Chloe Sullivan. Chloe wasn't like that. At least she hadn't thought she was.

    Gazelle strode out of her appartment like nothing happen. She would continue to post news on the Chloe, Lex love, no matter what come her way. That was how hard core she was. She was in much danger then this. Little threats didn't bother her.

    "We're gonna have to move." Chloe complained after reading what seemed like the thousandth article on them. Lex sighed a sigh of defeat. He was worn out with fighting with Gazelle. "Let's do something about it." He said. Chloe looked at him like he had an idea. "I mean, how long have we been dating now?" Chloe forgot about the time, but it felt like forever. "To be honest, I don't remember." She felt guilty about that, because remembering how long you've dated is something special. "Well, there's always the next step." Chloe choked on her air. "Marriage?" She wasn't ready for a marriage. Her father wouldn't like it anyway. He would say "Your too young." Lex wanted to end Gazelle's madness.

    "What do you say Chloe? Will you marry me?" He said. "I don't have a ring yet, but I can get you one." He smiled. Chloe was all butterflies. She was not prepared for this, but she dreamed about it. "Sure Lex. I'll marry you." She smiled.

    That afternoon they were looking at wedding rings. It took about a few hours before she found the right one. "This one!" She pointed to a beautiful solid gold ring. It was plain but she liked it. "Sure." He asked the jeweler to get her size, and she tried it on. It was beautiful. He bought the ring, and they left. Chloe forgot her purse, so she went back in to get it. She over heard the jeweler on the phone. "Yeah. They're getting married." He hung up and looked at her. "Um, by any chance were you calling Gazelle?" She asked. He froze. She knew she was right by his expression. "You mean to tell me that everyone has been calling her?" He nodded his head in shame. "You two are the talk of the town. You might as well get used to it." He said and went back to his work.

    Chloe left the shop and linked arms with Lex. She felt sad that their story would be in the magazine forever. Then realized if they wanna talk about them, she'd eventually get used to it. "Lex, I think we might as well get used to that magazine." Lex looked at her with an eye brow raised. "Why? Aren't you annoyed?" He asked. "Well, the shop keeper called Gazelle, and then he told me that everyone was calling. You can't help who you are Lex Luthor. We're just going to have to accept who we are, and live the best of it." She smiled. She was so right. He smiled and accepted.

    "Lex Luthor and Chloe Sullivan tie the knot! What's next for the couple? Stay tuned!"

    The End

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    Re: The divorce of the century (PG-13) Complete

    Great fic

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    Re: The divorce of the century (PG-13) Complete

    Lol cute fic
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