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Thread: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R) - Complete

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    Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R) - Complete

    Vessel Alternate Ending

    Pairing: Zex/Chloe (Mya)

    Rating: R

    Summary: Chloe has not been who she seems

    Author’s note: this is rather short. I’m bored and this is Just a silly thought of the way Vessel should have ended.


    Screams filled the air.

    Zod stared out over the city of Metropolis with a look of satisfaction. He felt amusement at how weak these humans were. How easily they turned into animals on the pretense that their world was ending. A world they had destroyed on their own. Far sooner before he had arrived. These humans didn’t deserve this world. His world. This was his world now. He will rule this world. He will create a new Krypton, and all will bow before him.

    Suddenly, the rooftop doors flew open, and Zod turned, his head tilting to the side as he observed the young woman in front of him. His vessel’s memories told him that this girl’s name was Chloe Sullivan. Former lover. Best friend of Kal El. His eyes narrowed when she began to walk toward him.

    “You’ve finally done it my love.”

    He frowned in confusion. ‘Love?’ He thought to himself. He studied her closely, his eyes looking her up and down, and from his vessel’s memories, he found no difference in her physical form, his vessel being very familiar with Chloe Sullivan’s physical form. His eyes paused on her smiling face when he noticed her eyes. They were not recognizable to his vessel’s memories. They were however, very familiar to him.

    “Mya?” he whispered.

    “Yes, my love.” She whispered as he pulled her onto the ledge with him. “I knew you would recognize me.”

    Zod stared at his lost love in awe as his hands caressed her face, making sure this was not an illusion. She felt different, but her eyes, her essence; he knew this was her. “How?”

    Mya laid her hands against his own. “She let me inside of her body because I offered her power. Because she wanted to be with this vessel any way she could, ” she explained, “I’ve been in this vessel for quite some time now. Dormant, and when you were freed I took over.”

    Zod shook his head in amazement. “You always promised we would be together again, but I always thought it was impossible.”

    Her eyes grew dark as she spoke her next words. “Jor-el might have destroyed my body, but my energy has always, and will always live.” She caressed his face lovingly. “Our love is too strong to be destroyed.”

    His hands moved down her shoulders, and he squeezed gently. “Yes, it is. You are my queen.”

    “And you are my king.” She finished, Her head turned to look out over the city. “Look at them. Pathetic, scared, and weak.” She whispered with a smile. “We will rule this world together. Make them so afraid, they will have no choice but to turn to us.” She turned to face him again. “We will start with their leaders.”

    Passion flared in Zod’s eyes. “Yes.”

    Mya gripped his shirt in her hands, and pulled Zod’s mouth down onto hers so hard it hurt. They both moaned at the first taste of each others lips. Its been far too long. Years with which felt like an eternity. Their tongues dueled against one another, fighting for control.

    Mya was the first to pull away from the kiss with a gasp. Her hands caressed his chest as she panted, staring deeply into Zod’s eyes. “I only wish this were our real bodies.”

    Zod ran his hand through her hair as he smiled. “Yes. But these bodies are very familiar with each other. They were lovers once.”

    Mya smile as her fingers traced Zod’s lips. “No wonder I’m so familiar with every trace and curve of these lips.”

    Fire literally lit up Zod’s eyes, and he pulled Mya’s lips toward his own once again.

    “Lex? Chloe? What’s going on here?”

    The reunited lovers pulled away slowly, and their heads slowly turned to see a young woman walking towards them, an angry scowl on her face.

    “Chloe, why were you making out with Lex?” Her doe eyed watery gaze turned to Lex. “I risk my life for you, and this is how you repay me?”

    Mya and Zod both exchanged an amused glance. She gently ran her hand across his cheek.

    “Shall I?”

    He smirked, indicating with his hand that she step down. “Of course.”

    Mya hopped down off of the ledge, and slowly walked toward Lana who glared at her. “Lana is it?” She asked circling the girl as she spoke. She lifted her hand and lifted a piece of Lana’s silky strands. “You’re very pretty.”

    Lana’s eyes followed Chloe’s steps warily. She swallowed nervously as she looked back at Lex who was watching her with an unreadable expression on his face. “I thought you were testing me. I wanted you to know that I won’t be one of those people who’s abandoned you.”

    Mya giggled loudly. “Pretty human girl. With big brown eyes. Isn’t she pretty Zod, my love?”

    Zod nodded. “This one belongs to Kal-el.”

    Mya nodded. “Ah, yes. I see.”

    Lana looked at her friend with a look of concern. “Chloe, are you all right?”

    Mya’s head tilted to the side as she answered. “I’m fine. Continue, please.”

    Lana’s eyed Chloe for a long moment before turning back to Lex. “I’d like to take our relationship to the next level. Would you like that Lex?”

    Zod only stared at her.

    Lana’s smile faded a abit as she stepped forward. “Lex? Did you hear what I-” She was cut off by a very strong hand around her throat. Her eyes went wide as she turned to face Chloe, who’s eyes were red with fire. “Chloe,” She choked. “Your eyes.”

    Mya smiled evilly at her. “My name is Mya.” She easily blocked Lana’s pathetic attempts at trying to break free.

    Lana’s eyes widened in fear as she turned her eyes toward Lex. “Lex,” She gasped. “Help me, please.”

    Mya’s eyes narrowed, and she tightened her hand around Lana’s throat, lifting her feet off of the ground. “His name is Zod.” She growled, and she effortlessly tossed Lana from her grip, and over the side of the building, smiling in satisfaction as she listened to the girl’s sickening scream.

    She sighed as she turned back to her lover. “This vessel has been wanting to do that for quite some time now.”

    Zod chuckled as he pulled her back up onto the ledge with him. “Its very odd with all of this chaos going on around her, and the only thing she can think about is revealing her heart to someone.”

    Mya ran her finger down his chest with a small glint in her eyes. “Quite romantic. In a amusing sort of way.” She reached for his hand, and squeezed. “Let us fly around this doomed world and see the destruction you have caused my king.”

    They were already floating up high into the sky. “Of course my queen.”

    Yes its probably silly, but I wanted to be that way. Just a small humorous take on what I think would be a good plot twist.

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    awesome fic!!! You know I love Lana getting what she has coming!

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    If only that happened for real. That was great.

    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    She growled, and she effortlessly tossed Lana from her grip, and over the side of the building, smiling in satisfaction as she listened to the girl’s sickening scream.
    This would have been a wonderful site to see. Thanks for writing this.

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo
    Lana’s eyed Chloe for a long moment before turning back to Lex. “I’d like to take our relationship to the next level. Would you like that Lex?”
    In a way I find it comforting that Lana always manages to make everything aout herself. This story is way better than the actual thing. Good job.

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    Freaking awesome man. I don't watch the show anymore but I would if this had happened.
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    Benedick: And do it, with all thy heart.
    Beatrice: I love you with so much of my heart, that none is left to protest.

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    At least with your ending it makes sense why Chloe was trying to get to the Luthorcorp building. Throwing Lana off a building I'm sure that was fun.

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    That was great. You gotta love a story where Lana dies. I agree with everyone else that's what should have really happened and not the evil Lexana (the horror the horror).

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    From everything I have heard this far...this should have been the real ending
    Well done

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    Re: Vessel *Alternate Ending* (R)

    you know, it's talking about the utlimate end of Anal and all i could think about was 'DIE BITCH DIE!'...how peculiar...not!

    good one!

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