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Thread: Aftermath (NC-17)

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    Aftermath (NC-17)

    Note: Pending the crap episode that I watched like a crazy person this week I want to write this. I won’t make the mistake again of thinking I was missing something and watch the show again. This is and add on I know the show won't do taking place after the episode Void The chapters well be very short.

    Title: Aftermath ( NC-17)
    Rating: NC-17 for Sexual Content and Adult Language
    Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Own by DC and Warner Brothers
    Summary: Lex and Chloe have to deal with the past few weeks. Murder, death, and chaos seem to follow them where ever they go.

    Part 1 I come to see you…

    “Late again” Chloe grumbled to her self packing her bag in the dorm room. Luck for her Lana was in the library and gave the room to her this morning. Once again she had to save Lana’s ass and she was tried of doing it.

    Lana was hurting and decided it was a good idea to dabble with drugs and death. It wasn’t making any sense to Chloe why she was taking the break up so hard since all her focus was on Lex Luthor these days.

    Chloe couldn’t be in the room with her five minutes without her mentioning Lex to her. She didn’t trust Lex after what happened in the cave all those months ago and she could never forgive him for what he did to her during the meteor shower.

    It appeared now that their friendship was extinct. All Lex wanted was Clark’s secret and she wasn’t going to give it to him. She thought he would be following her around or having someone do it but it appeared Lex was to involved in his purist for the senate seat and now Lana Lang’s affections.

    Lana working with Lex to get her into Belle Reve was the last straw for her and any hope that Lex and her could repair their friendship. Belle Reve knew how to do two things; lock you in a padded cell and treat patients with electric shock thepary. Chloe couldn’t believe Lex wanted her there after what happened to him but lucky for her Clark was still trying to be there for her.

    Chloe tried not to let things get her down but the past few weeks she'd seen enough of her share of dead bodies. Her years at Samllville high she saw things she never thought she would see and anyone would assume she would just get use to death after seeing so much of it.

    Chloe was having a harder time then ever dealing with death. A few weeks ago someone shot Simone. Whether it was her or Lex they both had their hands on the gun and she killed someone again.

    Shooting Gabriel kept her up night after night and now she was adding another person to the list. The girl dying in her arms after taking to much of the flat-lined drug was all over campus haunting her.

    Now that she was visiting her mother off and on she was starting to worry if she would end up just like her if she kept living this chaotic life.

    She was running late for class and pushed back the thoughts of the past few weeks but one thing she could never avoid and that was Lex Luthor.

    Lex was standing outside of Chloe and Lana’s dorm door and he wanted to knock but he was debating not to.

    He looked at his watch and assumed Chloe would be in there since she was always late for this class at this time. He knew this because he was having her followed since their talk in the caves about what really happened during the meteor shower.

    Things where getting more complicated in his life and he wasn’t paying enough attention to the surveillance placed on Chloe. He was no closer to understanding what happened that day and it frustrated him to no end.

    He was working on Lana and it seemed like any day she would be throwing her self at him ready to tell him everything he could never get out of Chloe about Clark Kent.

    The past few weeks Chloe had saved his life twice and he couldn’t just ignore it. He had to say thank you even though he knew their friendship was dead and it was his fault.

    Chloe severed her purpose and helped get his father in to the jail. Even though he wanted to keep his friendship with her there where more important things to him or so he thought. He was fighting his mind, body, and soul's desire for her and it was becoming apparent he couldn't keep up the strong front much longer.

    Lex took in a deep breath and was about to knock when Chloe opened the door.


    Chloe opened the door to rush out and Lex Luthor was standing in the way. She didn’t have time for him and told him what he wanted to hear. “Lana is in the library.” She brushed pass him and started to walk off.

    Lex knew this wouldn’t be easy but he had to try anyway. “Chloe wait I came here to see you.” Lex took a few quick steps to catch up to her.

    Chloe glared at him walking next to her and just wanted him gone. “A Luthor coming to see me is never good.” She started to walk faster and he jumped in front of her.

    “I know your late for class just let me say one thing” Lex blocked her path down the hall. He got a flash of the last time they where standing in the hall like this and he got a jolt from a stun gun he would never forget.

    “What do you want?” Chloe said to him feeling her self getting flush as she remember how good it felt when Gretchen hit him with the stun gun. He dissevered more for totally forgetting she even existed in his world but she had no control over her body.

    “You saved my life and I wanted to say thank you.” Lex let the words come out in rush for fear of not saying them at all.

    “If your keeping count I have saved you twice in the past month.” Chloe tried to push pass him put her stopped her stepping in her way.

    Lex let out an aggravated sigh and just wanted this to go smoothly. “You could just say your welcome and leave it at that.”

    “Wow this is the shitties thank you I have ever gotten.” Chloe spit back.

    “I’m doing my best here but you don’t seem very receptive to my efforts.” Lex shot back at her.

    Chloe's glare turned into an evil stare and she couldn't take much more of him. She jerked passed him sending him back out of her way.

    Lex turned to stop her grabbing her arm. She wasn’t going to just walk away again they needed to have this talk. “Chloe wait I want to talk about Lana.”

    “I told you she’s in the library now let me go.” Chloe tried to jerk her arm away and she dropped her bag on the ground.

    “That’s not what I meant Chloe.” Lex tighten his grip on her and she struggled to get way. Someone peeked out of their dorm room and saw them fighting then went back in.

    Lex felt like he was making a fool of himself and now that someone could go and tell everyone Lex Luthor was harassing a co-ed.

    Lex let go of her arm and didn’t know why she always brought out this aggression in him. He picked up her bag and handed it over to her. “I guess it was a mistake for me to come here.”

    She snatched the bag from him. “It was.” Chloe turned and walked away from him. Then her mind focused on one thing he said.

    “I know your late for class…”

    She thought about it the rest of the day how he knew she was late for class.


    Part 2 …You come to see me.
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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    Alright, this was a great beginning.

    Lex and Chloe really do need to have a conversation about her saving his life--I mean she brought him back from the dead in Void, for god sakes!

    Please continue--SOON

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    youhouuuu! I'm definitely intrigued! Lex is an asshole, that we know, with all the miserable writing of the scenarists, so reading a good plot that somehow will put Lex into a better view is an ok thing in my book!
    please more!

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    I wonder what he was going to say? hope you update soon so we can find out.

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    Must they always fight it would be better if they .

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    I loved the beggining, Loved Chloe ignoring Lex, just make it more interesting. Please post more soon.

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    Quote Originally Posted by hfce
    Must they always fight it would be better if they .

    I couldn't have put it in better words (or graphics).

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    Re: Aftermath Part 1 4/8/06 (NC-17)

    Great beginning letia. They so need to have a converstion about Chloe saving Lex's life. Can't wait for more.

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    Aftermath Part 2 4/9/06 (NC-17)

    Notes: hfce and Augustine86 it is noted that you are looking for some action and it well come later I promise. Thank you guys for the nice feedback and Chloe Luthor I did my best to make this part more interesting.

    Part 2 …You come to see me.

    Chloe didn’t know why she was doing it but she was in her car minutes away from the Luthor Mansion. She hadn’t come to this place under the pretense to just talk to Lex in ages.

    The last time she was there a dead body was in front of her and she didn’t know if she would keep it together if she saw that space on the floor where Simone's dead body was.

    She pulled up in the drive way and took a second to think about her plan in coming here tonight. A three hour drive wasn’t going to be wasted because she let her emotions take over. She need answers and had to be ready to weasel them out of Lex in anyway possible.

    He came to see her to talk about Lana and she wanted to know why. It didn't seem like he wanted to defended his annoying attraction to her and why he would for that matter made little sense. Who Lex Luthor chose to be with was so far from being her business.

    Chloe stepped out of her red beetle dressed in her latest suit for work at the Daily Planet. She should be sitting in the office trying to work her way up the journalist tree but Lex’s comment was still ringing in her ears. He didn’t say it matter-of-factly as if it were an off hand comment but he said it as if he knew it with certainty.

    If he did know then he was having her followed and Chloe had to know the truth then put a stop to it if it was true.

    Security greeted her and it appeared their numbers had increased the last time she was there. It made perfect sense to add more barriers since Lex has had more break-ins this year including Lana somehow getting pass. They checked her out and waved her in.

    Chloe was at the door to the study and she could hear Lex playing the piano. She took in a few deep breaths and turned the door knob.

    Lex tried to keep the thoughts of his mother out of his mind but there she was floating around him resting in the keys of the piano he was playing. Her disappointment and disgust with him couldn’t be ignored. He was beginning to settle into the fact that maybe he was becoming the monster she always feared.

    He tried to dull his mind with a quick sip of scotch sitting on the piano then he started to play a different piece pushing his mother’s words back into the folds of his mind. He let himself think about his talk with Chloe today or his failed attempt to talk to her today.

    She just couldn’t take his gratitude and it bothered him more then liked. She saved his life and it meant something to him and it had to mean something to her. Chloe could have given up and let him die if she really despised him shown by her actions today.

    He let the scene replay in his mind and couldn’t stand the glare she gave him or the cold shoulder she used to push pass him. He tried to remember what he said to her and if it warranted such a greeting but after everything that happened between them he deserved worse.

    Lex replayed what he said to her then he felt like he slipped. He made it known that she was running late for class and he knew he didn’t say it as if it was and assumption. He only hoped the slip was missed by Chloe and she wasn't suspicions of his surveillance on her.

    Again he tried to push back bad thoughts taking a sip of his drink then going back to his mother’s song from his brush with death. He heard the door close and assumed it was Lana coming in but to his surprise it was someone he never expected to see but knew exactly why she was there.

    Chloe opened the door to the study and saw Lex sitting at the piano stroking the keys and he turned to look at her once he heard the door closed.

    Lex stopped playing once he glanced up and saw Chloe. “I wasn’t expecting you to ever come here again.”

    “Well I guess we are both doing things we never expected today.” Chloe walked into the study and her eyes drifted to the spot where Simone's body was. Just as she feared she let her mind replay the scene and she could feel the gun going off in her hands.

    Lex saw her go off into a trace staring at the polished hard wood floor and he assumed she was remembering the hyno slut that double crossed him.

    “I took care of it if you’re worried about the police.” Lex got up from the paino with his drink in hand.

    Chloe saw his chest in front of her and it brought her back from her memories of that night. “I’m sure you did take care of it. She was just another dead body to add to the Luthor list.”

    Lex shook his head and didn’t expect the retort but it was well dissevered. “I don’t see you running to the police confessing your involvement.”

    “I don’t know who shot her it could have been you or me but you’re right maybe I should….” Chloe stop short and didn’t know what was happening but what he said was true she didn’t give it a second thought. Whoever the girl was she was dead potentially because of something she did.

    She felt her chest heave and a few tears started to drift down her cheeks. It was another person that died because of her and her mind was reeling over the fact that she brushed it off as if it meant nothing.

    Lex saw her going through the motions in her mind and after she started in so strong he wasn’t expecting to see her cry. He didn’t know what to do about it and didn’t really seem to understand where the tears came from.

    Lex waited a few moments to let her get under control thinking she would just stop but her few tears turned into harsh sobs and Chloe flung her self into his chest. He almost dropped his glass she jerked at him so hard but he let her rest her small frame into his larger one.

    “I kept killing people. Why does death follow me where ever I go? I know why it’s because of me there is something wrong with me. I must be a horrible person.” Chloe mumbled muffled in Lex's shirt. She needed to feel some kind of comfort at that moment and Lex's warm chest was the closet thing to her.

    Lex let his hand drift to her head stoking the back of her soft blonde hair. She was really breaking down in front of him and he felt helpless. He decided to go back to his original plan and say what he wanted to say when he went to see her today.

    “Chloe you saved my life twice this month and I wanted to tell you thank you. You’re a good person and even people you’re not on the best of terms with you don’t wish harm to them. You proved that by helping me. You’re not a bad person and death won’t always follow you because there is something deficient about who you are.”

    Chloe listening to him closely let her self chock out a few more sobs before raising her head from his chest to look up at him. His body was tense and he appeared to be very uncomfortable with her being so close to him. She tried to back away from him but Lex moved to hold her in place by her back.

    Lex looked at her rumpled face and he couldn’t let her move away from him yet. There was something in her eyes that told him not to let go. He let all his memories of Chloe rush through his mind and they almost knocked the wind out of him.

    Lex took in a deep breath and let him self do what never allowed in all his time knowing her. His actions where quick and it didn’t give Chloe time to stop him.

    Lex dropping the glass he was holding to put both his hands around her body pulling her closer to him getting her lips to meet his and he pressed his mouth into hers.

    He kissed her hard and urgently and Chloe didn’t pull away but she was kissing him back. Her wet cheeks were brushing against his face then the glass shattered on the floor. As soon as it did Chloe jerked back away from him stumbling back from his grasp on her.

    “What the fuck just happened.” She said her voice shrill and her eyes staring at Lex in disbelief.


    Part 3 I tell you...

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    Re: Aftermath Part 2 4/9/06 (NC-17)

    I'm sure it was more whishfull thinking than really believing that Chloe wouldn't remember or catch something he said. Or prehaps it was a Freudian slip and Lex really wanted Chloe to know that he has her followed, because this way she would have to talk to him [ if for no other reason than to yell at him]. I loved the whole kissing scene. the contrast between her emotional breakdown and Lex letting his emotions to get the better of him and do what he wanted to do, with her shocked question at the end was just perfect. More, please.

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