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Thread: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 16 Jun 2006

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now)

    A.N.: Okay okay! Here's some more! I have a whole game plan now, so who knows how long this will go for! Yay! More distractions from classwork....

    Lex grumbled deep in his chest as they prepared to lower his body into the liquid memory vat. It was strangely warm and thick, coating his body like a gelatinous second skin. Unfortunately, a necessary annoyance. Chloe’s taunting had all but pushed Lex over the edge, reaffirming the importance of regaining the memories lost to him from those few weeks. It’s amazing what unlimited resources and funding can do for scientific memory development on last minute notice. His breath caught as he was completely submerged, and he counted to ten in his head to clear his thoughts before the memories came flooding back.

    “So my father arranged a green card marriage.” So far this was fairly typical. He was in his office, a place where he spent a fair deal of his time. But wait, his vision spanned out from the file in front of him up to a girl. Chloe was leaning forward onto his desk, blonde hair flipped out at the ends, the look in her eyes making her seem even younger than she already was, full of a strange mix of fear and the excitement of a new story.

    “Yeah. Now, I tracked down the groom so I could ask him what he knew.”

    “What'd the lucky guy have to say?”

    She rolled her eyes up to the ceiling as if she were determining how to word her response. “It wasn't really what he had to say. It was more where he said it.” She spoke carefully. “He plays watch dog for the old Metron Pharmaceuticals building.”

    “That's been shut down for seven years.” Metron had been a sub-section under LuthorCorp, and after years of watching its failure slip past his father’s radar, he had seen to it that the department be closed. He had signed the pink slips and locked the gates himself.

    “Yeah, that's what I thought. But while he was in the process of telling me to get lost, I swear I saw what I think was a delivery truck pulling around back.” She watched him anxiously, checking in to see if he believed her and clearly anticipating further argument. Instead, he nodded solemnly.

    “My father's been strangely stubborn about liquidating that property. Every market indicator says to sell, but he insists the neighborhood's about to be revitalized.” He liked the smile that spread across her face at the immediate acceptance of her theory.

    “The only thing being revitalized in that neighborhood is the graffiti.” She said with a hint of humor. “Now, I think I can make some headway if you'll just come along with me...”

    “Chloe, I think I should take it from here.” His voice came out sharper than he had intended it to, and he winced inwardly at the reaction it was sure to provoke. Chloe forced a smile over a look of obvious annoyance. ‘Oh great, here comes the female empowerment diatribe...’

    “Lex, I'm perfectly capable-”

    Lex jumped in to stop her. “This has nothing to do with your capability.” He reassured her. “I'm worried about your safety.” Chloe’s smile faded and she looked at Lex with some kind of emotion displayed on her face, something he couldn’t put his finger on. It made him feel uncomfortable, so he pushed it out of his mind and continued speaking. “When my father's involved with covert research, people tend to get hurt.”

    Lex looked back at Chloe, relieved to see whatever feeling she had been experiencing before had erased its presence from her face. She looked professional and businesslike as she nodded in silent agreement. When she left his office, without another word, he suddenly placed the expression. Gratitude.

    Lex shot up, his back arching painfully as he gasped for breath. Once he had moved through the shaking, panic-driven post-treatment phase, he was released from the glass testing area and given a towel to dry off with. He replayed the memory in his head, then filed it away for later use. Even though this certainly couldn’t be the big secret he was looking for, he somehow knew inherently that keeping track of Chloe and her involvement with himself and his father could only be helpful in the end.

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/12/06

    A.N.: Hello? Please comment, folks, I need it for inspiration!!! LOL.

    The dark room smelled strongly of embalming fluids and a hint of ammonia made his eyes burn. In front of him was a man who had only been under Lex’s employment for a few hours before he had found himself dead on a table in a mortuary. Chloe stood beside him, nearly as still as the corpse and just about as pale. She had already gone through shock, in the car on the way over here, as they passed the sign in front of the building. Her jaw had dropped open and she had exhaled audibly as they had pulled into the parking lot. Now, she appeared to have quickly come to terms with the man’s death, and Lex was almost impressed with the cold, business-like attitude she had taken on at the sight of her intruder’s body.

    “How did he die?” She asked him quietly. He watched her face for an inkling of emotional expression, but failed to find anything of any use to him.

    “Natural causes. Apparently his heart just gave out.”

    “And you believe that?” No snort of disbelief. No skeptically raised eyebrow. Just Chloe, looking directly into his eyes.

    Lex shook his head slightly and met her gaze. “Given what he was looking into, I doubt there was anything natural about his death.”

    Somehow, the energy around them changed palpably, for no apparent reason he could see. Their eye contact had mutated, developed into some connection with far more on the line than their occasional conversations had previously held. They had forged some strange relationship based on this new common bond. They both needed to get Lionel Luthor out of the proverbial driver’s seat, and they needed each other to do it.

    The moment passed and neither one of them moved. He stood, frozen in place, refusing to be the first to pull away from the connection. He was vaguely reminded of the childhood games of staring contests, and how they never seemed to be as driven as this one was. Her eyes burned into him, and right before he felt himself weakening, as if looking at her for another minute would somehow cause him to break in pieces, she went in for the kill. “How do I know you're not just playing me here?” She asked, her voice devoid of spite or wit. She asked him honestly, as if she already knew the answer. As if she had every right to believe he would stab her in the back, and was really only asking when.

    “You're right, Chloe.” He drawled, annoyed by how difficult getting what he wanted from her was turning out to be. Maybe he was also a little irritated by her lack of response to what he had felt was a significant moment...well, that was to consider at another time. “I could be. I often bring high school girls to the morgue to show them what happens when trained professionals cross my father.”

    The side of her mouth twitched slightly at his sarcasm, and she immediately shut off. He could see it in her face, she was done talking to him. Chloe stood stiffly for a moment before glancing at Lex with a shrug. “Well, there's nothing in my files worth killing for.” She turned on her heels to leave.

    “We've got a corpse here that says you're wrong.” Lex called out behind her, a cheap attempt at regaining control of the situation, and he would be the first to admit it. But as he watched her stop before she reached the door and turn around to face him, he knew it had been worth it. He stepped closed to her and reached out a hand to her, debating what to do with it. Physical touch could be a good incentive towards a false sense of security. He decided on simply placing his hand on her shoulder, but was surprised when, instead of relaxing into his ‘comforting’ touch, her muscles immediately tensed up. “Chloe, you're involved in a very dangerous game,” he said silkily, just above a whisper. “I can protect you.”

    “Yeah...” She looked down pensively at her shoes and Lex smiled inwardly. She was just a kid. A stupid kid, who had gotten herself in over her head, and somehow managed to come across something Lex could use to his advantage. He rubbed her shoulder gently with his thumb. Everything related back to seduction, and he was sure this particular seduction had been a success. She raised her head and met his eyes again, and he noticed how the green sparked light in the dimly lit room. Her mouth parted slightly, and he felt his eyelids lower on instinct as he tightened his grip on her arm.

    “Like you protected him?”

    Her voice cut through him and his eyes snapped open. He straightened his arm to push her away, but kept his grip on her shoulder. She had manipulated him. Since when did he leave himself open to attacks from little girls? Girls that were obviously too clever for their own good, which had probably gotten them in this situation in the first place. “Mason knew the risks of tangling with my father.” He growled. “You clearly don't. I'm the only choice you've got.”

    She looked down as his hand on his shoulder, her features establishing her disgust. He felt the sting of her heated gaze and pulled his hand away sharply. Chloe spared him one last angry glare before leaving Lex and the late Mr. Mason behind in the mortuary. He had driven her there. How the hell was she going to get home, walk? Well, fine. Let her walk home and think about her hasty refusal of his help. Maybe it would put her in the proper frame of mind.

    Lex woke up, his sheets damp with perspiration. He took in a few deep breaths to calm himself and let his weight fall into the familiar softness of his mattress. A few traces of guilt nagged at him for the way he had treated Chloe. She hadn't deserved any of punishments his father had been so eager to deal out to her, and yet that hadn't stopped him from following suit. His father. It had to do something with his father. His memory recall had been occurring more and more often, it would only be a matter of time before he figured out what Clark and Chloe were hiding from him, and when he did, he would make his father pay.

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/13/06

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That is so so so so good!!! Finally someone decides to write a fanfic where LEx regains his memory of his deal with Chloe. The next memory he will have will be when she tells him about her deal with Lionel concerning Clark and her finds on Morgan Edge rigth? Oh no matter, this is so good that whatever you put will be great. I've wanted a fic where Lex remembers and confronts Chloe about the fact that they had an arrangement together and that she's keeping stuff from him. Well looks like I found a pot of gold!!! I like the last sentence of the last chapter about how Lex will make Lionel pay. That is so cool!!! Please keep on writing!!!!

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/13/06

    I love when Lex thinks he is getting an upper hand over Chloe but she just proves him wrong. I also like the way you are writting the story in his perspective, makes me feel like I'm in his head. I can't wait to see how the story will unfold.

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 4/13/06

    Glad to see your continuing this story. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/13/06

    Chloe sat in the Talon, scanning over rough drafts of articles. Well, she supposed they were really supposed to be final drafts, but until her fellow students learned the difference between “there”, “their” and “they’re”, nothing was approved until it had undergone the Sullivan red pen treatment. She glanced up as her coffee was set on the table next to her and mumbled a thanks to the young waitress. Taking the opportunity to recheck her surroundings, she was mildly surprised to see Lex sitting on the other side of the room. Not necessarily surprised to see him there, per se, but more surprised to see him with his head dropped onto the table in a full-on approximation of sleep. No one else seemed to be noticing anything out of the ordinary, but Chloe could hardly resist the opportunity to get a little closer to the conked out Lex Luthor.

    When she got up to his table, she actually worried for a moment that something might be wrong. His breathing was labored and shallow, and his eyes fluttered open, with the pupils rolling back towards his head. “Lex?” She asked hesitantly. “Are you asleep?” A silly question, but legitimate enough considering the circumstances. He hummed softly and his breathing steadied, and that was good enough for her.

    A chuckle resonated thickly in her throat. “Rest up, Lex.” She said gently, extending her hand to rest it on his back but stopping inches before it reached him.

    He was in the barn, sitting on...sitting on the ground. In the dirt and the hay.
    Chloe was there again, leaning nervously against the opposite wall. She was watching him anxiously, her eyes never straying from their intense focus.

    “Thanks for staying here with me.” He said to her softly.

    “Oh, it’s- it’s no problem, Lex.” She grinned and it was large and artificial, not quite erasing the obvious worry etched out on her face.

    “I know you don’t want to be here.”

    Her eyes widened in horror. “No! No, Lex, that’s not it at all! I’m just-”

    “Scared of me?” He interrupted dully. “Scared I’ll hurt you?”

    “No.” She insisted, crouching onto her knees and crawling over to him. “I don’t think you’ll hurt me.”

    He looked at her, an edge of resentment flickering in his eyes. “But you’re not quite sure, are you?”

    She looked at him for a second before sinking into the ground beside him. “No, I guess I’m not. Do you plan on hurting me?”

    He thought this over seriously. “No.” He conceded. “I don’t.”

    “Well, then I’ll have to take your word.” His mind started to drift off into fogginess. Wait, was he in the barn? It kind of looked like his house. He- “I don’t like seeing you like this.” Her voice pulled him out of wherever it was he had gone. His neck hurt. “Not yourself.” He watched as she struggled to come up with things to say to fill the empty space.

    “You don’t speak to me like I’m crazy.” He tilted his head to her. “I appreciate that.”

    “I...well, I...” Chloe blushed and gestured awkwardly with her hands. “You’re an intelligent person. You don’t need people talking to you like you’re six years old or something.” She reached out and rested her hand on his knee.

    Lex warmed at her touch. Felt happier than he had in awhile. Warmer. Safer. “Here.”

    Chloe looked at him quizzically. “Here what?”

    “You can hold him. But you have to be careful to support the head.” He folded her arms and gently placed a rolled up blanket in the cradle they created. “See? Like that.”

    Chloe’s eyes filled with tears and they began to trail down her flushed cheeks. “Oh Lex...” She murmured in-between shaky breaths.

    Lex frowned. “Why are you crying?” She didn’t answer, just continued to cry, clutching the blanket tightly to her chest. “Stop crying, you’re upsetting Julian!”

    “I’m- I’m sorry, Lex!” Chloe hiccuped, tears still falling down her face.

    “Stop it, you’re not doing it right! You’re scaring him!” He reached over to pry the blanket from her hands. “Give him back!” He shouted furiously. Wrenching it away from her, he cradled the blanket lovingly in his arms. “Shh. It’s okay. We’re going to leave now. It’s okay.” He glared at Chloe and shoved her out of the way. “You scared him!”

    “Lex!” She gasped desperately, wrapping her arms around him tightly to prevent him from leaving. “Clark will be here soon.” She struggled with him, still sobbing, rolling around on the ground and trying to keep her grip on him. “Just sit still! Take some deep breaths and stay for a few more minutes. Please, Lex! Please just stay still!” Lex shoved her off of him and shot to his feet, blanket in his arms.

    "Don't touch him!" Lex shouted at the top of his lungs. "Stop! You scared him! Stop!"

    Chloe gasped and jumped back from him. "Lex?"

    Lex lept to his feet and stumbled into the table. "What? Chloe?" He questioned breathlessly, looking around in a daze. Chloe had backed herself up until she stood trembling against the wall. "Chloe..." He echoed, taking a wobbly step toward her, but before his foot hit the ground she had raced out of the Talon.

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/14/06

    Man that was good. Sorry I missed so many updates. I want more please...
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/14/06

    Weird, I wonder why she's so upset about it?

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/14/06

    Dear God, how did I miss three updates?!

    This is a very intriguing story, because Julian and Lillian's deaths were the reason, along with having Lionel for a father, why Lex had such a horrible childhood.

    I hope Chloe is able to help Lex, but I can understand why she was freaked out by his delusions.

    Great work

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    Re: Truth ala Rockadaisy! (PG- for now) upd. 3/14/06

    Awww, the good old days. When Lex and Chloe actually had more to do than fawn over pink princesses and find information for overgrown farmboys.

    Very good story! I'm looking forward to more. Soon, right?

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