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Thread: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

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    Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Title: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)
    Author: Letia84
    Rating: NC-17 for Sexual Content, and Adult Language
    Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Own by DC and Warner Brothers
    Summary: This is a one shot scene takes place during season five. I guess this would be a missing scene so I put it in this section. It’s just an idea that had nothing to do with a specific episode. It mentions a lot of stuff from past episodes till the present and hits on a lot of themes about Chlex that I think a lot of people have touched on.

    Chloe walked to Lex’s study on a Saturday morning. She wasn’t expecting him to be there but he was sitting at his desk on the phone. He was looking away from the study door and didn’t notice her walk in. She assumed he thought she was someone from his staff and paid no mind to the person walking into the room.

    It wasn’t until she was standing in front of his desk holding the phone cord in her hand then yanking it out of the socket did he see her.

    “What the hell it wrong with you Chloe.” Lex turned in his chair once the call was disconnect to look at her.

    Chloe knew her face was red and her jaw was clinched. She had enough of Lex Luthor pushing her away. Chloe came to the mansion that day to take back what was hers.

    “I should be asking you that. I have had it Lex. Lana told me you kissed her after you lost the election.” Chloe didn’t mean to start there but the kiss had been on her mind ever since Lana told her about it.

    Lana said he was drunk and he kissed her after she went to see him when he lost the election. Chloe tried to hide her feelings from Lana but it was obvious she was up set by it. This wasn’t the first kiss Lex gave Lana but it was going to be the last.

    “Get the hell out of here Chloe. You just hung up on multi million dollar deal and now you want talk about who I kiss. Who I kiss or better yet who I fuck is so far from your business anymore.”

    There right there in his words it was no longer her business but it would always be her business. Chloe tried to keep her self together and get to her point but the drive from Metropolis to Smallville got her so worked up she felt like she was on the verge of tears the minute she walked into the study.

    “Don’t you dare tell me what is and isn’t my business. I know you Lex and you want something from Lana. There is no other reason why you would kiss her.”

    “Chloe I said get the hell out of here. I have business to conduct I don’t need a nosey reporter here telling me what to do.” Lex got up from his desk he was reaching for the cord to phone.

    Chloe took hasten steps to him grabbed his arm turning him to her. “I won’t leave. I have had enough of you telling me to just leave you alone. I know you don’t want me to go. I know you need me.”

    Chloe tried to get him to look at her. She wanted him to see her eyes see and see how lost without him she was but Lex turned away from her.

    “Chloe don’t make a fool of your self. You don’t know what I want you don’t know what I need. Whatever happened with us is over. It has been over for going on a year and half. Now get out of my house.” Lex dropped the phone cord and sat as his desk. He placed two fingers at the bridge of his nose closing his eyes.

    Chloe tried to keep the tears down but after he said that there was no stopping it. She needed him to see her. Her life wasn’t right since he did what he did that night in the safe house.

    It was late and Lex had come by earlier that day to check on her. He came by every few day to check on. Chloe didn’t want him to leave but he had to and every time she would hug him good bye.

    Each hug she would cling to him a little longer then she should have, take in his scent, carcass the muscles on his back, and press her self so close to him that she had to be making him uncomfortable because his body was always tensed up. She knew she had to stop but couldn’t help her self.

    On that night he didn’t let her go. He held her against him and she could feel his heart racing, feel him realizing his body with her nestled in him, and at some point he inched her back enough to look into her eyes.

    It made her melt into a puddle on the floor the way he was looking at her. Then with out warning or preparation he kissed her. Lex kissed her and didn’t stop kissing her. He lifted her off her feet and took her to her bed. He undressed her and let his hands move all over her body. Chloe didn’t stop they didn’t speak because everything was being said in silence.

    Every time she went to see him it was unsaid what they were feeling at that moment. She wanted to say more then just give him information and go but she never did. The long looks he would give and the friendly embraces when he placed his hands on her body always made her shiver afterwards just thinking about it.

    The fact that he trusted her enough to help him take down Lionel always made her feel like it she meant something to him. She wanted to ask him how he really felt about her when she was able to get the truth out everyone after her break in to Luthor Corp but that’s not the way she wanted it. She wanted him to let go long enough to tell her how he really felt.

    He let him self go finally to feel what was happening between them that night in the safe. He let her undress him and then he took her into his arms and made love to her. She gave her body to him and before she knew it he took her heart as well that night.

    When she woke in the morning he was there. He was starting at her sleeping smoothing back her hair. What he said that morning always stuck with her; always ringed in her ears. “Chloe I have fallen in love you. I tried to stop but I can’t but we can’t be together I’ll only hurt you. I won’t let this happen again.”

    He said never again but it happened again and it kept happening all summer. It happened a few more times when she went to see him after she returned to Smallville. After she almost died he wouldn’t let her leave his sight but suddenly it all stopped. The end of it was clearly marked by seeing him kiss the woman in the elevator that later tried to kill him and she knew he took her to a hotel room to have sex her.

    Chloe tried to talk him, understand why he would do it and he said because he would only he hurt her and now he had. She knew he just wanted to push her away to make her think he didn’t love her or need her but she knew better. Lex really thought he would destroy Chloe but she didn’t care she wanted him. Now he was pushing her away even further with Lana.

    Chloe walked over to him sitting at the desk. She knelt down in front of him to put his face in her hands making him look at her getting him to focus on her eyes.

    She wasn’t sobbing but tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Look at me Lex. Tell me you don’t miss me. Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me that your body isn’t aching for me night after night. That your dreams aren’t filled with me. I know how it feels. I feel this way all the time. I know every time I touch myself I think about you. I scream your name whenever I come. Look at me and tell me you don’t feel that way tell me you’re not dying to be inside me again. I won’t come back and I won’t look back if you can tell me that you never think about me..”

    Lex was focused on her she could see the shift in his expression and the sadness in his eyes. She knew he wanted her and needed her just as much as she needed him. He didn’t say anything he stood her up and Chloe didn’t know what was going one. He took her hand and hauled her to the near by sofa. “Lay down.”

    Chloe did as she was told and didn’t know what was going to happen but she hoped it was going to involve Lex giving into his desires for her again. He rested himself on top of her slowly. Placing his hands at the hem of her skirt pushing it up. He laid down on top of her and put all his weight on her. He let his hand trail up her leg to her center looking down at her waiting for her reaction.

    As soon as his hand met her over her panties Chloe leaned her head back letting out a sigh.

    “I can’t do this Chloe.” Lex jerked up off her and stood up. Chloe sat up on sofa looking up at him pulling her skirt down.

    “I want you to. It’s ok Lex.” She took his hand pulling him down to sit next to her but he yanked his hand away from her.

    “I want you to get out Chloe.” Lex motioned back to his desk. She could see he was slightly flushed. That a bulge had suddenly formed at his groin being in contact with her body again.

    “No! Stop doing this to your self, to us. Don’t you remember when we were together in the safe house? How you would come and see me then leave and come back because you knew you left without getting what you came for. You left without letting her self be satisfied and you’re doing it to her self now.” She made it to him at his desk standing there looking at her. His body completely tensed and his jaw clinched. She moved to him and put his face back into her hands getting him focus on her.

    “Why do you do everything the hard way Lex. I have had enough of the hard way. You want me stop denying you self what you want.”

    Lex closed his eyes and looked like he was getting himself under control; struggling with what to do. “Lex look at me. My body is yours. It will always be yours since the first night you took me to bed. Do what you want to me just don’t push me away anymore.”

    Lex took hold of her arms his eyes still closed then he opened them slowly looking at her like he did that first night they were together melting her to the floor again. This time he wasn’t sweet or gentle with her. This time he didn’t undress her slowly. This time he was rough and needy like he was carving it for so long he couldn’t take it anymore.

    Lex flipped her around so her back was facing him. He pushed her down over on the desk hiking her skirt up. She heard him fumbling about behind her and looked back to see what he was doing. Lex was freeing his cock from his pant rolling on a condom.

    She looked back at him and he was completely silent like the first time. He pushed her panties to the side and bent her over lifting her entrance to him. The tip of his cock was at her entrance and she could feel it twitching in anticipation.

    He was about to plunge into he but he stopped short. Grabbing her hair yanking her head back to him then guiding him self into her. He used her hair for leverage and pounded her channel.

    Chloe couldn’t do anything but try and brace herself on the desk and hold on for the ride. She was screaming his name as he drove into her. She wasn’t very wet when he started and it was painful to have him inside her again after not having sex for so long. This position wasn’t the easiest either but she let him have his way she let him do what he wanted to her.

    He was still fully dressed expect his pants draped around his ankles. He pulled her hair far back into an uncomfortable position at every thrust. “Is this what you want!” He said through gritted teeth. “Your body his mine?”

    “Yes, yes…” Chloe wailed out to him.

    “Then I want you like this Chloe. I want to fuck you like this. I want you to submit to everything I want.” She heard him growl before he continued. Chloe tried to slam back into his thrust. “I want to fucking pound you until your unconsciousness you want that? You want me that badly?”

    “Yes, yes…” Chloe wailed out to him again. She jerked back against him feeling herself about to come, needing to do it. “Whatever you want…” She screamed back to him as he gripped her hip increasing his pace thrusting at her wildly.

    Then he stopped and pulled out of her and turned her to him. He threw her over his shoulder. “Then let’s go do whatever I want.” He said and took her up stairs.

    Chloe didn’t fight with him she didn’t kick and scream she let Lex take her. She let him do whatever he wanted.
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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Caveman Lex taking what he wants I loved it! I think we would all like to believe something happened between them in the safe house don't we.

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    WoW! Whatever Lex Wants sounds like a lot of fun. You did a great job .

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    DAMN!! I need a cigarette.
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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Dam that was HOT!!!!!

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Wow that was really HOT!!!! LOVE IT!! Update soon!!

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    wow, that was intense.. I wonder if she'll find out what he wanted from Lana.
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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Your story is so good !! Please come back with an update !

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Quote Originally Posted by hfce
    DAMN!! I need a cigarette.
    I agree with Hope...only I don't smoke. Damn! *drool* Oh too bad it's only a one shot...but Tracy you can't end it there! What's he going to do to her? Naughty Lexy...heheh..

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    Re: Whatever He Wanted (NC-17)

    Goodness....I've really got to watch S3 of SV. Great fic!

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