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Thread: Startling Revelation (NC-17) *Epilogue part 2 updated 5/21/07*

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    That was great. Go Chloe I love how she left him speechless.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    See? Now Chloe knows how to get a guy's attention, none of that silly eyelash fluttering for her Actually it was a really good idea on her part, now I can't wait to see what Lex will have to say about lunch. Great update!


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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    These were two excellent updates

    And yet again you've captured why Lexana will never work: Lana is too simple for Lex, and too self-righteous. Why he would want to involve himself with someone who can only see black and white, I will never understand.

    I did like how Chloe didn't take any crap from Clark, either. I wish she'd do that on the show.

    As for Lex, Chloe's got him right where she needs him to be--he's confused but also intrigued. Good for her

    And your Lois is absolutely awesome--excellent work!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    Wow, two great updates. Loved the way chapter 3 ended, leave Lex wanting more. Can't wait for the rest of chapter 3.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    I love this story. No really I love this story. I'm especially looking forward to the "NC-17" part of it. Soon?
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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    LOL! Poor Lex just doesn't know what to say. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-13-06 Part 2 of chapter 3 * (NC-17)

    Here's part 2 of Chapter 3


    Chapter 3 (Part 2)

    Chloe was having an exhausting week.

    As a reward for such an outstanding article, Harrower had promoted her from intern to part-time reporter. She had been ecstatic with the fact that she’d have more responsibilities. She had been even more excited with the prospect of being paid double than what they paid her as an intern. But, she knew with more responsibility meant more work. She was having trouble balancing being a full-time college student and her job all at once. Just this past week she’d been investigating two stories, she’s had three papers to type for three of her classes-Top that off with midterm week, and having to study for all five of her classes, she certainly had the busiest week of her life.

    Now it was Friday afternoon, and she had just finished her last class for the week-She also didn’t have to go into work today.

    ‘I cannot wait to rest.’ She thought, as she made her way toward her dorm room. She was going to have a snack, crawl under the covers, and- she came to a halt in the hallway, standing in shock at the sight in front of her.

    It had been three weeks since she had last seen him. She had been so busy she had to put a pause on being able to continue with her plan to pursuit Lex. She barely had enough time to even think about him. That didn’t stop her though. She thought about him everyday since he had confronted her at the Talon. To say she was shocked he was standing in front of her dorm room door, looking good as always- hand poised in mid-air ready to knock, was an understatement.

    He looked sleek and sophisticated, and completely out of place in Stevenson Hall of Metropolis University.


    He turned, looking a bit startled. She had never saw that look on his face before.


    “Lana isn’t here.” She knew he couldn’t be here for her.

    He must of found his cool composed defenses again because he shrugged. “I’m actually not here to see Lana.”

    “Oh,” She said surprised. “Then what-” She trailed off as two girls passed them by, staring at Lex the whole way. “What are you doing here?”

    He placed his hands in his pockets looking completely composed. “I’ve taken you up on your favor.”


    Chloe hadn’t expected this. She certainly hadn’t expected him to take her up on her suggestion to take her to lunch, but he had, and she was currently stunned into silence.

    Café Metropol was one of the most exclusive and expensive eateries located in arts district of Metropolis. It composed of brick walls, wood floors, and vaulted ceilings which had beautiful artwork hanging from them. They had been seated outside on the deck. Chloe had never seen a place quite as beautiful as this was.

    “You look like the proverbial cat got your tongue.”

    She looked up from her chicken salad ,surprised to see Lex observing her from across the table. “This place is nice, but I would’ve settled for a hotdog.”

    Lex smirked at her obvious quip. “I’m not quite the hot dog type. I hope you understand.”

    She shrugged . “I figured as much.”

    There had never been this much silence between them in the past. They always had something to say to each other. Chloe really missed that. She looked up at him, and caught a confused look in his eyes before his face fell back into its mask of indifference.

    “I take it Clark didn’t think too highly of your article.” He stated smoothly.

    Chloe laughed. “Of course he didn’t. He’s kid black and white. I’d be surprise if he even knows what the color gray is.”

    Lex’s expression showed surprise. “A bit harsh for someone who’s your friend don’t you think?”

    “Oh please,” she said with a wry expression. “Like you haven’t thought or said it yourself.”

    Lex shrugged. “Clark and I aren’t friends anymore.”

    “Yes, but you were once friends. So, you had thought it once or twice.”

    “Once,” Lex agreed. “Or twice.”

    “See?” She said with a small smile as she took a sip of her wine.

    “Why did you write that article Chloe?”

    The abrupt change of subject didn’t rattle her at all. “Because it was the truth. It was how I felt. I think you and Syntechnics are doing great things for cancer research.”

    He sat forward in his chair, an unreadable expression on his face. “Even knowing what went on there with Victor Stone?”

    “Yes.” she replied without hesitation. “Even knowing that. Sometimes Lex, you have to look at the big picture.”

    If Lex was surprised he didn’t show it. “I’ve been getting quite a few phone calls because of your article,” He said suavely. “They were rather praising.”

    Chloe smiled. “Its nice when people are nice to you isn’t it? You’re welcome Lex.”

    He raised an eyebrow. “I’m suppose to be thanking you for something?”
    She rolled her eyes at him. “For writing the article of course.”

    He looked slightly amused. “People were nice to me before that article.”

    “Uh huh,” She said, clearly not believing him. “I know Luthorcorp stock is up twelve points now.”

    He didn’t miss a beat. “And I’m assuming you think your article had something to do with that also.”

    “I also know it was down eight points before my article came out.”

    He looked bored. “Chloe-”

    “I also know you took me out to lunch to thank me for writing that article. Even though you don’t want me to know that. You probably just wanted me to think that you had some sort of ulterior motive for doing such a nice deed, but I don’t think that at all. So, thanks.”

    Damn she missed this. This, Verbal Judo as Lex had once called it. Once again, she had caught Lex off guard. Silenced him.

    Lex blinked then: “You’re welcome.”


    “You don’t stick to the speed limit anywhere don’t you?” Chloe asked as Lex drove her back to her dorm.

    He gave her a sideways glance. “You know you could’ve taken a taxi back-Or the bus. Public transportation is very good here in Metropolis- That was sarcasm by the way.”

    She glared at him. “You’re the one who-ouch!” She hit her head as he abruptly pulled up in front of her dorm building. She rubbed her head, looking up at his smirking face. “You’re going to pay for that.”

    “I highly doubt that.” He said glancing out the window.

    Silence descended between them once again.

    “Awkward silence number one,” She said, and he smiled. “I’ll see you around Lex.”


    She paused, her hand on the door handle. “Yes?”

    He turned to look at her. “Tell me a secret?”

    She looked at him in surprise. ‘Tell me a secret’ was something she had made up during the summer of their friendship. Whenever an awkward silence would settle upon them, one or the other would ask that. It didn’t necessarily have to be a secret, just something the person thought the questioner should know. It was stupid, but it was theirs. She was surprised he still remembered.

    “We were once friends too Lex,” She started quietly. “I don’t think you’re as bad as Clark says you are.”

    She didn’t wait for a reply. Just turned away from him, and opened the car door. “I’ll see you around.”

    “So, he took you out to lunch.”

    Chloe sighed as she lay back against her bed, phone against her ear. “Yes Lois.”

    “Oh our plan is working already. You have him in the palm of your hand.”

    Chloe paused. She had honestly forgotten all about that plan. “It wasn’t like that Lois.”

    “Mmhmm, what top were you wearing?”

    Chloe frowned in confusion. “A beige deep V lace tunic. Why?”

    “The one I bought you for Christmas? The one that showed off your boobs perfectly?”

    “Yes.” Chloe answered, already knowing where Lois was going with this.

    Lois made a sound in the back of her throat. “And how many times did he glance at your boobs exactly?”


    “How many Chloe?”

    “Five.” Chloe felt herself blushing slightly. “He looked at them five times.”

    Lois laughed. “I knew it!”

    “I’m hanging up now.”

    “It doesn’t matter how sophisticated and composed he is. He’s still a man, and he likes boobs.”

    “Goodbye Lois.” Chloe hung up the phone at the sound of Lois’s loud snickering.


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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-13-06 Part 2 of chapter 3 * (NC-17)

    “It doesn’t matter how sophisticated and composed he is. He’s still a man, and he likes boobs.”

    Let me just state, for the whole of my gender, "HEY!"

    ): )

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-13-06 Part 2 of chapter 3 * (NC-17)

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo
    “It doesn’t matter how sophisticated and composed he is. He’s still a man, and he likes boobs.”
    so like Lois. I like your Lois. She isn't gettin on my nerves like the shows' does.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-13-06 Part 2 of chapter 3 * (NC-17)

    “It doesn’t matter how sophisticated and composed he is. He’s still a man, and he likes boobs.”
    So Lois, and so very true lol. I hope there's going to be more soon, this is getting interesting

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