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Thread: Startling Revelation (NC-17) *Epilogue part 2 updated 5/21/07*

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    I have to say it does not Suck......

    You got me hooked.......I want more, so update soon!!!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Great start, loved all the explanation about her being in love with Lex, makes it all more real.

    Was saddened by fact that there is no chapter two. Must remedy that ASAP.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    meeh too, i can't wait for the next installment!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    its a great start. Lois is the best

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    lol. i can't believe lois said ok. update soon

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    i am lovin' it so far please hurry and update again soon.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Loved it. It was both humorus and had character like thought processes. More soon please.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Awesome! You write Chloe's thoughts/voice so well. And I loved your insights into Lana's character...totally true analysis. I agree with you actually, Lana and Clark *are* perfect for eachother.

    Please update soon...I can't wait to see Chloe pursue Lex... and find out what's going on in *his* head!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Let Operation Preserve the Sexy begin! My deepest gratitude to anyone who can explain a tiny fraction of why Lex is doing what he's doing *whispers* with Lana.

    Great first chapter. Loved Chloe's over the top reaction to her sudden feelings and Lois' complete lack of reaction.
    Her soul is senstive like a finely made tuning fork. It vibrates and resonates with every little hint of trauma, evil and monstrosity that might be humming in the air, and channels it into expressions of fiction... or recomended websites - somethingeasy

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Updated 3-12-06 Parts 2 and 3 * (NC-17)

    Wow, thanks for all the wonderful Feedback, i'm glad you all enjoy it... This is Chapters 2 and 3, and three was extremely long so i cut some of it down and put it into two parts. I wanted to post this up before i posted up the 2nd part of chapter 3. Well here it is.


    Chapter 2


    “Meet me at my apartment at seventeen hundred hours.”


    Chloe stared at her cell phone with a frown. It had been two weeks since she had enlisted Lois’s help. Her cousin had seemed a little too overly excited in helping her come up with a plan, but she was seriously beginning to reconsider enlisting Lois’s help. She just knew whatever it was Lois was planning was going to be a little over the top.

    That phone call being the first shred of evidence.

    Deciding she should try and get to the bottom of this, she dialed Lois back.


    “What the hell was that?”

    Lois sighed. “Seventeen hundred hours is-”

    “I know what it is.” Chloe cut in. “What I want to know is what’s with the military time?”

    “Come on!” Lois whined. “Don’t ask questions you’ll ruin the effect.”

    “The effect of what?” Chloe was becoming suspicious. “Lois, what are you up to?”

    Lois paused for a long moment before: “Nothing. Just quit being so damn difficult, and meet me in my apartment at the time I requested.”




    “Lois?” Chloe called as she entered the apartment.

    “I’m in here!”

    Chloe followed the line of clothing from the doorway to the living room with a frown. “Gee, Lois, when is the last time you cleaned this-” she trailed off, and stared in stunned silence at the sight in front of her.

    Lois stood there, dressed in fitted army fatigue pants, green tank top, and black combat boots to top it off.

    “Have a seat.” Lois said pointing to the chair set up in front of a covered dry erase board.

    Chloe placed her bag onto the floor. “Why on earth are you dressed for world war three?”

    Lois ignored her, a slight smile coming onto her face. “Welcome to the first briefing of project get Lex.” She announced pulling the cover off of the board, and Chloe laughed.

    “Are you kidding me?” Chloe asked. “Lois, this is a little strange don’t you think?”

    Lois glared at her. “I’ll have you know that it took me two weeks to get this together. You’re the one who asked for my help, and that’s what I’m doing. Okay?”

    “I’m sorry.” Chloe said seeing she was hurting Lois’s feelings. “This is just surreal for me okay? I’ll be quiet and listen to everything you say.”

    Lois still glared at her.

    “I promise.” She said sincerely.

    “Fine,” Lois relented. “But, one more outburst from you and I’m through.”

    Chloe knew the threat was an empty one, but she nodded anyway. “No more outbursts.”

    “As I was saying before being rudely interrupted. There were a number of options I’ve considered to help you with your situation.”

    Chloe nodded. “Okay. Lets here them.”

    Lois slapped her pointer onto the board. “First option is we could kidnap Lana Lang, drive all the wau out to Arizona, and drop her off in the middle of the Arizona Desert.”

    Chloe stared at her incredulously .

    “I know. I know. I figured it was a better idea to try and not get the police involved in this situation. My second option was we kidnap Lex, tie him up, and brain wash him.”


    Lois winced. “Okay, that would probably involve the police too. that’s why I figured we have to go about this the hard way.”

    Chloe frowned. “What’s harder than those options you came up with?”

    Lois smirked. “Well, I‘ve been doing a little recon on Lex and-”
    “Recon?” Chloe cut in suspiciously.

    “Nothing bad. I’ve just been keeping an eye on him.”

    Chloe raised an eyebrow. “Keeping an eye on him?”

    Lois sighed, suddenly feeling put upon. “Why do you keep repeating everything I’m saying?”

    “Do you mean stalking Lois?” Chloe asked staying on topic.

    Lois snorted. “If that’s what you want to call it.”

    “Lois!” She hissed. “That’s because that’s what it is. You can’t follow him around like that. I’m surprised you didn’t even get caught.”

    “Hey,” Lois said defensively. “My father was the king of stealth, I think I deserve a little bit more credit than that.”

    “Oh Man,” Chloe groaned. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “This is all wrong.”

    “Look, You’re the weirdo in love with Lex so I saved you from the stalking that you would’ve eventually been doing. Besides, how else was I going to find out what he does in his spare time? which isn’t a lot by the way.”

    Chloe’s interest became peaked. “What do you mean exactly?”

    “Well, he’s pretty boring. Doesn’t really go out much except to work or Metropolis. He has been spending a lot of time with Lana recently. I mean, a lot of time.”

    Chloe glared hard at her. “I really didn’t need to hear that.”

    Lois just shrugged apologetically. “Its what I’ve seen Chloe.”

    Chloe turned away from her. She barely began her pursuit, and she was already feeling discouraged. She didn’t want to hear about Lana being around Lex in any way, shape, or form. That girl was slowly moving into Lex territory. She couldn’t let that happen. She had to do something before it was too late.

    “You have to get him to notice you Chloe.”

    Chloe turned to look back at Lois, a determined look on her face. “I think I have an idea on how.”

    Chapter 3

    “You want to do an editorial on Lex Luthor?”

    Chloe nodded nervously as she followed Harrower into his office. “Yes, Mr. Harrower.”

    James harrower was the new managing editor of the Daily Planet. He was one of the planet’s all-time greatest reporters. Chloe had been blacklisted all over Metropolis, including the Daily Planet, but after reading her old columns, Harrower had given her a chance and hired her as an intern. For that, Chloe was grateful.

    “On what exactly?”

    “Well, you remember Syntechnics?”

    He nodded, sitting down at his desk. Indicating Chloe sit as well. “The lab that created cybernetic limbs? We threw that story out weeks ago.”

    “Yes I know, but I’ve found out there was more to the story than what was actually researched. Not only was Syntechnics creating cybernetic limbs, but they were also creating cybernetic organs. Their first creation was the pancreas, and they were making medical breakthroughs for those who are in the early and middle stages of Pancreatic cancer. Also-”

    “I get it,” Harrower cut in. “But, what does this have to do with Luthor?”

    “LuthorCorp owns ninety percent of Syntechnic labs. It has generated millions of dollars to their cancer research.”

    Harrower nodded. “And why do you want to do this article?”

    Chloe paused, considering whether she should tell him she was in love with Lex, and how she knew this would grab his attention. She knew she that wasn’t quite the logic Harrower was going for.

    “People have a right to know Lex Luthor, and LuthorCorp isn’t as shady as most people think.” God she knew that sounded lame, but she continued albeit hesitantly. “Plus, if people see an article about Lex Luthor, good or bad, they’ll want to read it.”

    Harrower nodded again while rubbing at his beard thoughtfully. “Good publicity equals more paper buying. I like it.”

    Chloe smiled.

    “Look Sullivan, You’re just an intern, and as far as your article writing duties here go is typing up the movie time tables and reviews.”

    “But?” She asked hopefully.

    “But, considering you had a column here before, and it was pretty good I’ll let you do the article.”

    “Thank you.” She breathed.

    “Your deadline is one week. I want it done so we could put it in with the business mogul review issue.”

    Chloe nodded. “One week. Got it.”

    “And it better be good,” He said standing up while gathering up files from his desk. “Because if it isn’t, I’ll throw that article out before you can even blink.”

    “It’ll be good,” she said standing as well. She held her hand out. “Thank you again Mr. Harrower.”

    Harrower just nodded, and handed her the bundle of files. “Shred these papers will yah Sullivan.” He ushered her out of the door, and closed it shut in her face.

    Chloe’s smile faded as she looked down at the large bundle in her arms. She sighed. “I love being an intern.”

    Chloe smiled proudly as she framed her finished article. She had worked extra hard all last week, and she wasn’t surprised when Harrower had praised her on how good it was. She really hoped to all hell that it got the results she wanted.

    “You wrote an article on LuthorCorp?”

    Chloe’s smile faded slightly as she placed the newspaper back down onto her desk. She turned slightly, unsurprised to see Lana leaning over her shoulder. “Yeah.”

    Lana nodded, and reached for the newspaper. “Wow,” She said as she scanned the article. “I thought Clark was mistaken when he told me.”

    Chloe frowned. “Why?”

    “Well, because of the past you and Lex have had, and well I didn’t think you would write an article in favor of Syntechnics when you know what really went on.”

    That statement sounded like a whole lot of judgment to Chloe. “Aren’t you Lex’s friend?”

    Lana looked startled by her question. “Yes. But-”

    “So what’s the difference between you knowing what happened and still being his friend? and me knowing what happened and writing this article?”

    “Lex knows how I feel about his involvement Chloe.”

    Well of course. “And I suppose you told him so.”

    Lana nodded. “Yes.”

    Yes, of course. It was all so simple. Lana really didn’t get it. “Well then,” she said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “He’ll know how I feel when he reads this article.”


    Chloe dreaded going to visit Clark. She already knew what would be the first words to come out of his mouth.

    “Chloe, why would you write this article about Luthorcorp?”

    His voice held that accusing self righteous tone he used so much. The one Chloe just hated.
    She sighed as she flopped down on Clark‘s couch. “What is this judge Chloe week?” Apparently her joke wasn’t funny enough for Clark to laugh at.

    “I’m serious Chloe.”


    “How could you be in favor of Syntechnics knowing what happened with Victor? How could you be in favor of Lex knowing what he did?”

    Chloe sat up with a frown. “That article said nothing about being in favor of Lex.”

    Clark raised an eyebrow at her.

    “Okay,” she relented. “Maybe just a little.”

    “I can’t believe you would do this Chloe.”

    She glared at him. “Do what Clark? My job? State the facts? Because that’s what the hell I was doing.”

    Clark shook his head. “Even after everything he’s done to you? To me?”

    “Clark, this has nothing to do with that, and it certainly has nothing to do with you.”

    “Chloe, listen to me-”

    “No, Clark, you listen. Do you even know how many lives will be saved because of Syntechnics?”


    “Millions Clark. I know you and Lex aren’t friends anymore, and I know he‘s done a lot of shady things. But, I was simply doing my job. Stating my opinion. So please respect that, and don’t try and judge me.” She stood up not wanting to have this conversation anymore.

    “I’ll see you around Clark.”

    “Chloe?” He sounded worried. Confused.

    She didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t really want to be around him at the moment. “Later Clark.”


    “What a self righteous ass.” Chloe muttered as she parked her car in front of the Talon.

    Chloe had never felt this much anger toward Clark. The nerve of him to judge her. To question her logic. He didn’t even congratulate her on such a fine article. He had ended up giving her grief instead.

    He had just proven her theory that he and Lana were perfect for each other.


    “Good morning cousin. You look particularly pissed today.”

    “I am,” Chloe huffed flopping down in a seat. “Clark, pissed me off so much earlier.”

    “Ah,” Lois said with a nod. “About the article?”

    Chloe snorted. “What else? You’d think I did something wrong to him.”

    “That’s our Clark. You want your regular?”

    Chloe could already taste the caffeine on her tongue. “Please.”

    “So,” Lois started as she went to work. “You hear from your stud muffin yet?”

    Chloe paused before laughing. “I can’t believe you just used the words stud muffin, and no I haven’t.”

    Lois smiled in amusement. “So, he is your stud muffin then.”


    “Anyway,” she cut in. “I’ve seen him around town-”

    “You haven’t been doing that stalking thing again have you?”

    Lois glared at her as she passed Chloe her latte. “No, I haven’t, and just for that I won’t tell you that he’s coming this way right now.”

    Chloe froze startled. “What?”

    “See you later.” Lois said with a smirk before going off to take orders from customers.


    Chloe paused before slowly turning to face Lex. He stood there, hands in his pockets. Smooth, bald head. Impeccably dressed. Sophisticated and composed. His presence breathed arrogance.

    “What’s up Lex?” Good. Her voice wasn’t trembling. She sounded normal even.

    “That was a very intriguing article you wrote.”

    She stared at him dumbly. “Was it?”

    He fixed her with a critical stare before answering. “Yes. It was. It was also very surprising.”

    Chloe slowly raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? Why is that exactly?”

    “Because the last time I checked we weren’t exactly on the same page.”

    “And the last time I checked I wasn’t as self-righteous as you’re insinuating me to be.”

    Something in Lex’s eyes flashed. “I’ll get straight to the point. What do you want from me Chloe?”

    “What makes you think I want something from you?”

    She watched as his expression turned from bored to impatient.

    “Because, whenever someone says or writes something admirable about me or Luthorcorp, they usually want something in return.”

    “Well,” She laughed. “I wouldn’t exactly call it admirable.”

    Even though he didn’t show it, Chloe knew the smile on her face was irritating him. “Lex,” She started in a prosing tone. “If I wanted something from you, I would’ve told you before I printed that article.”

    She watched him mull her words over in his mind before standing up. “If you’ll excuse me. I have class, and I don’t want to be late.”

    She moved around him before pausing, and turning to face him again. He didn’t turn around, but his posture was tense. “There is one thing you could do for me,” She said to his back. “You could buy me lunch.”

    With those words, she turned and left the Talon, catching Lois’s smile as she made her way through the door.

    Lois watched Lex, who still stood in the same spot. This time staring in the direction Chloe had gone. Whatever she had said to Lex had obviously left him a bit frazzled.

    Lois nodded to herself. “Good Girl.”

    Part 2 of chapter 3 up in a few minutes

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