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Thread: Startling Revelation (NC-17) *Epilogue part 2 updated 5/21/07*

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    Startling Revelation (NC-17) *Epilogue part 2 updated 5/21/07*

    Startling Revelations
    Category: Romance, humor, AU, smut
    Through Season five of Smallville. post Cyborg
    Summary: Chloe discovers her feelings for Lex…

    This is my very first try at writing Smallville Fan fiction. Therefore its my first time writing a Chlex fic. I hope I get the characterization down correctly since I’m slowly getting a feel for Chloe and lex, and I hope you all enjoy…

    Chapter 1

    Chloe half listened to Clark as they sat on his porch swing.

    “ I told Lana about what Lex did to Victor, and she still wants his friendship.”

    Chloe wondered when Clark decided she was his realtionship counselor. She also wondered if Clark noticed how redundant his relationship complaints were becoming.

    “He’s a liar.”

    Chloe raised an eyebrow. Well if that isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Regardless of his reasons, She thought Clark was the biggest and the worst liar she’s ever met. It wasn’t as though she didn’t trust Clark. She trusts him with her own life. But, half of their friendship was spent with him lying to her, and half of his relationship with Lana was spent with him not revealing the truth to her. So, Clark calling Lex a liar made her think Clark was a bit of a hypocrite. Which wouldn’t be her first time.

    “I don’t like the fact that she goes to lex for advice.”

    Chloe could understand that. She certainly agreed with it. She didn’t appreciate Lana going to Lex about trying to get her committed into Belle Reeve. The nerve of her. Chloe didn’t care how much Lana thought she was only trying to help. It truly wasn’t her place or her business to do what she did.

    “She came to see me when I was in the barn today….”

    ‘Oh, god. Not another barn story. Anything but that.’

    Chloe really didn’t need to hear what Clark was going to say next. She already knew. It was always the same:

    ‘I love you Clark. Blah blah blah…don’t push me away Clark blah blah…’

    It was always the same plot. Different day.

    “I want to be with her, but its too complicated.”

    Chloe sighed to herself, wishing she’d suddenly gone deaf. It wasn’t as though she was insensitive to Clark’s plight. She really was trying to be the best friend, and be there for him, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She was tired of being put in the middle of such a pointless relationship that was really going nowhere fast.

    “I think Lex has feelings for Lana.”

    ‘Well, Duh!’

    Lana told Chloe weeks ago that Lex Luthor was in love with her. She had been shocked to say the least. Then she had felt strangely unsettled with the knowledge of this stunning revelation. She couldn’t fathom why someone like Lex Luthor was in love with someone like Lana Lang.

    Well, sure Lana was smart, beautiful, and had a hot body. But, she was also extremely self involved, judgmental, and way too self-righteous.

    She and Clark are perfect for each other.

    Chloe literally laughed when Lana revealed to her how she told Lex she just wanted to be friends. She found it hilarious because it was the exact same thing Lana told Clark.

    Chloe also wasn’t an idiot. She knew what the ‘lets just be friends.’ line meant when it was someone like Lana Lang saying it.

    For Lana, Lex is plan B. Her back up plan. He was her break incase of emergency guy. She did it with Clark when she was with Whitney, and now she’s doing it with Lex.

    Chloe suddenly felt very sad for Clark. Sad Because she knew without a shadow of a doubt that Lana will end up with Lex Luthor. The more Clark pushed Lana away, the harder Lana will fall into Lex’s arms.

    Her mood changed from sadness to that of irrational anger.

    What was so special about Lana anyway?

    Why was a complex man like Lex in love with her?

    Lana was just so simple. She wouldn’t be able to handle complex. She could barely handle Clark, and despite his being an alien, he was as simple as they come.

    She didn’t deserve someone like Lex. Lex didn’t need someone like her. He needed someone who understood him. Someone who would stand up to him when the time was needed. Someone who would support him instead of judge him. Someone who would except all of him. Even the scary parts.

    Someone like her.

    Chloe sat up startled. Where the hell had that thought come from?

    “Chloe are you okay?”

    She really didn’t know what was wrong with her. She didn’t know why she was angry about lex being in love with Lana anyway. She didn’t even like Lex. Sure he was kind of hot. Okay, he was extremely hot. But, it wasn’t as though she could actually have feelings for him.

    “Earth to Chloe?”

    Could she?

    Her thoughts drifted to the summer she and Lex paired up to take down his father. No one knew how close they had become during that dreadful time. There had been nights when they would talk for hours. They had both confided in each other with issues they hadn’t told anyone. She knew she had seen Lex Luthor without all of his perfectly built defenses he seemed so good at keeping up.

    She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but she had felt somewhat special that she was the one Lex had chose to show that other side of himself to. She knew Lex wasn’t the cold and uncaring man he portrays himself to be.

    He hadn’t treated her that way. Up until now that is. After everything was said and done, he had done the worse thing possible. He had completely ignored her existence.

    “Chloe, will you answer me?”

    That had hurt her. Chloe had tried, and succeeded, in ignoring the pain of what Lex had done. But, now she could feel the ball of hurt grow steadily larger. She didn’t know why he had done that. Was too stubborn to ask. She had briefly wondered if she had done something wrong to anger him, but she couldn’t come up with a thing.

    She was so sure Lex had cared for her.

    ‘But you don’t suddenly ignore the people you so called cared about.’ She thought sadly.

    At least she knew she had cared about Lex. A lot. She could readily admit during that summer she would get butterflies in her stomach just from hearing his voice. She could also admit she still cared for Lex. A lot

    ‘Oh, no.’

    She could even admit she loved Lex.

    ‘Oh, god.’

    That’s why she was so angry. She is totally crazily in love with Lex Luthor.

    “Oh. My. God!” She breathed.

    “What is it?” Clark asked, watching as she gathered her bag while standing up.

    “Clark, I have to go.”

    Clark frowned confused. “What? Now? But, I’m not done talking.”

    “We’ll talk tomorrow!” She called over her shoulder as she hurried down the steps towards her car.


    It took Chloe five minutes of driving to realize she had no clue where she was driving to. She needed to think. She was still slowly getting over the shock of finding out how she truly felt about Lex.

    Why the hell had it taken her so long to figure it out? She figured she had been in some kind of denial, and Lex’s ignoring her certainly didn’t help matters.

    “Fuck!” She shouted feeling frustrated. She needed to talk to someone. Someone she could trust. Someone who wouldn’t judge her.



    “Double fuck!”

    Chloe sat in her car staring at the parked car in front of her. Her eyes zoomed in on the license plate that read LEX. It would be today and just her luck that the new slash old object of her affection would be the one she would run into.

    She glanced over at the Talon knowing he was in there. She had been sitting in her car for fifteen minutes trying to decide if she should go in. She knew she had to speak to Lois, but she couldn’t see Lex. Not yet. She wasn’t ready to be in the same vicinity as he. She was still freaking out at the knowledge she loved him. Seeing him would make her either run screaming from the room or faint. Maybe even both.

    “Be brave Chloe. Just go in there, and head straight for Lois. Don’t even glance in his direction.”

    She nodded to herself feeling confident. She glanced in the mirror so she could fix her hair. She reached into her bag, and pulled out her lipstick; puckering her lips while taking the top off. She paused, the tube in front of her lips.

    “What the hell am I doing?” She asked out loud. Why was she trying to look good? It wasn’t as though he was going to notice her.

    She threw the lipstick down, and reached for her bag. Taking a deep breath, she opened her car door.


    “I need to talk to you.”

    Lois smiled amused. “Hello to you too.”

    Chloe frowned. “I’m serious Lois.”

    Lois took on a look of concern. “What is it?”

    Despite herself, Chloe slowly glanced to the far corner of the talon where she knew Lex would be sitting.

    There he sat. Dressed in all black, and reading the Daily Planet newspaper; A bored expression on his face. She had never seen anyone look so good at being bored.

    She gasped when he suddenly glanced up in her direction.

    Their eyes met, and Chloe found herself unable to look away from his handsome face. She knew she must’ve looked like a deer caught in headlights, but Lex held a blank expression. He might as well been asleep. She felt herself grow tense when he slowly raised an eyebrow at her.


    Chloe glanced back at Lois who was watching her with a worried expression.

    “My break is in fifteen minutes. I’ll meet you in my apartment.”

    Chloe nodded silently, and glanced back at Lex. Unsurprised to see his attention back on the newspaper; the same bored look back on his face.


    Chloe nervously paced Lois’s apartment deep in thought. She had to be having some sort of mental breakdown.

    There was no way she could be in love with Lex Luthor.

    She groaned. “Who am I kidding?”

    Why oh why did she have to be in love with someone so unattainable? It wasn’t as though he could love her back or find her even remotely attractive. She wasn’t even his type. She was neither tall nor brunette. She certainly was no Lana Lang.

    For that she was proud of.

    Chloe’s anger level suddenly rose through the roof. Why did Lana have to get everyone?

    Chloe wouldn’t stand for it. Not anymore. It was high time she got what she wanted, and she wanted Lex.

    She wanted Lex to love her. More importantly, she wanted to fuck the thought of Lana Lang out of Lex’s mind.

    She needed to think this through. She needed a plan.

    She looked up as Lois stepped inside the apartment.

    “Okay girly. What was so important that you had to steal me away from my lunch break?”

    Chloe grabbed Lois by the arms. “I need you to help me get Lex Luthor to fall in love with me.”

    Lois’s expressions ranged from confusion to shock to that of stunned amusement. She didn’t ask why. She didn’t judge. She only shrugged.


    TBC- Does it suck?

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    It doesn't suck. I love it already. I can't wait to see how Chloe gets Lex to notice her. I know it will be a fun and frustrating ride.

    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo
    For Lana, Lex is plan B. Her back up plan. He was her break incase of emergency guy. She did it with Clark when she was with Whitney, and now she’s doing it with Lex.
    I never actually thought of that but after you have pointed it out I see how true it is. She's giving Lex just enough hope that something could happen between them to keep him interested on one hand but on the other she told him that she only wants to be friends so it's not her fault if he thinks he has a chance. grr, I hope she ends up alone. With no Clark and no Lex just thinking about how everyone just leaves her.
    I loved how Lois just agrees to help Chloe. That's a good friend to have. I can't wait to see what is the plan and if Lex really didn't pay any attention to Chloe in the Talon or was he only acting.
    More please

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Omg, I love it! It doesn't suck @ all. Can't believe this is your first SV fic. I can't wait to find out how Lois is going to help Chloe snag Lex.

    Great Job!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Heh. Loved Lois' reaction.

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Quote Originally Posted by kimbo
    Chloe grabbed Lois by the arms. “I need you to help me get Lex Luthor to fall in love with me.”

    Lois’s expressions ranged from confusion to shock to that of stunned amusement. She didn’t ask why. She didn’t judge. She only shrugged.


    TBC- Does it suck?
    Let the brillian plan begin.
    And it was a great start

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    Lois’s expressions ranged from confusion to shock to that of stunned amusement. She didn’t ask why. She didn’t judge. She only shrugged.

    Sounds like a Lois thing to do lol That was an interesting start, I hope there's going to be more soon

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    That was fantastic, I loved it ! Can't wait for more !

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    IT DO NOT SUCK !!!!!!!

    It is even a great start!!! i think it is a good idea to make Chloe realized that she has feeling for Lexy and him who dont see his own feelings for her right now ( time always help to see clearer hehe)

    Okay i love this part and i love how Lois will help Chloe !!!

    Please now yu have to update soonnnnnn!!!

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    Re: Startling Revelation *Part1* (NC-17)

    I'm hooked. That was really, really good!!! Chloe's internal monologue is just brilliantly written. Can't wait for more

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