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Thread: Make Believe (Angst; R)

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    Make Believe (Angst; R)

    Disclaimer: SV belongs to Millar Gough, the WB and some other nameless and faceless people. No infringement intended

    Summary: A look inside. Sometimes, things aren't as they seem to be.

    A/N: 381 words. The relationship described is set somewhere between season 3 and 4.

    I feel your hands on my body and the sweet nothings you whisper into my skin as you kiss and caress my arms, my chest, my belly, my legs.

    I stare at the ceiling blindly and moan at infrequent intervals, arching into some touches, not so others. My eyes drift closed when they begin to hurt from staring for too long and I let my own hands travel lazily feeling the surface change under my fingers, rough to smooth to rough again, hard to soft to hard.

    You're really doing your best to please me, touching me with such reverence and longing, showing me your desire any way you can. The mattress dips as you rear up to rise above me, a shadow falling over the darkness behind my closed lids and I feel your

    lips touching mine, your tongue probing at them for a deeper kiss. I accept it and place my hand on your bare neck, returning the kiss.

    You love me with passion and consideration. I moan, sigh, pant, lick my lips and start voicing my own sweet nothings, broken by grunts and soft cries, until I feel your rhythm faltering inside me.

    Both of us go still and I let you rest on my chest for a while, catching your bearings, I assume. You shift again and come to rest beside me, one arm still loosely over my stomach.

    I can feel your eyes on me and smile, just a little. You could be a good man.

    A little while later I get up and silently get dressed. Slipping on my panties, my bra and my pants. My shirt is wrinkled and I step in front of the mirror to smooth it out and straighten up the collar. I look at my reflection without really seeing it and straighten the collar, then my hair. I pull on the sleeves to smooth the wrinkles and use the lipstick that sits alone between aftershave, cuff links, watches and sunglasses to give my lips some of their shine back.

    "Are you really happy with me?" you ask out of the blue and my eyes meet yours through the mirror. I smile, just a little.

    "Of course I am," I reply and my voice is low and steady.

    But it's all just make believe.

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    Oh that was sad.

    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    oh why do I read angst.. Don't get me wrong it was great... I loved it, but it was so sad..... I need to go read something happy now....

    Great job hon....

    "I am scared that I'm always going to be somebody's friend or sister or confidant, but never quite somebody's everything."

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    great job so sad yet i loved it.

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    oh, sad, but good job

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    Makes me sad.If you are true to their characters you cannot believe in happy ending, but still itīs sad

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    Very well done, no unnessasary elaboration, no messy words. Simple and sad. Beautiful.

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    Re: Make Believe (Angst; R)

    Sad great ficlet tho
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