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Thread: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

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    A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    Here's the first part of the series for my crossover with Touched by an Angel. Enjoy.

    Title: Smallville/Touched By An Angel Crossover - "A Place In The Sun" ns

    Author: PMD

    e-mail: mary.davidson@sympatico.ca

    Rating: PG-13

    Category: Friendship, crossover with Touched By An Angel, post episodic, Chloe and Lex's POV, AU

    Spoilers: Anything up to Shattered and suggestive beyond for Smallville. Anything is fair game from Touched By An Angel also.

    Summary: Chloe asks for some heavenly help to save Lex.

    Disclaimer: To whomever owns Smallville, it's characters, Touched By An Angel, it's characters, the title and song lyrics to A Place In The Sun and Hush Little Baby, I'm just borrowing them, will give them back, not making any money with their use in this piece, so don't sue me.

    Archive: To BtS, SPP, BT2, Chlex, N.S. Forums, WBFF, TBAA-fanfic, and Malu's sites, for the time being. If anybody else wants it, all they have to do is ask.

    Feedback: Yes I would love feedback.

    Author Notes: I've always wanted to do a crossover with Touched By An Angel and Shattered offered that opportunity. A special thank you to Me Too and David for their support and kind words in regards to this piece. Enjoy everybody.

    Smallville/Touched By An Angel Crossover - "A Place In The Sun" - by PMD

    Chloe's POV

    I'm getting ready for bed, worried about my friends, especially Lex. Chloe, how could you not have given him more of the benefit of the doubt---you know him? He would never hurt Lana intentionally---it had to be drugs---even though the ones Clark gave you were just tranks. I let out a sigh and walk over to the bed. I look at the floor and remember what I used to do as a child---say my prayers to God at the end of the day. I let out a sob and kneel, thinking it's time once more to say them---to ask for help.

    "God, it's me, Chloe. I know it's been a while since I've done this---more years than I care to count---but I really need your help. It's not for me---I'm okay. But I've got a friend who really is in dire need of your help and maybe an angel or two. His name is Alexander---we call him Lex. Actually, sometimes I call him Alex---which he likes. Please God, help him find his way out of the darkness he's in. He tried to help me---protect me from my mistakes. And---" I let out another sob and brush the tear away.

    I compose myself again and continue. "I let him down---I didn't give him the benefit of the doubt and thought he really had gone around the bend. But it was his father and another man who did it---they feed him drugs. Now he's in an asylum---and I'm afraid for him. He doesn't know who to trust but let him know, he can trust Clark and me. And let him know that there are people out there who love him and always will, no matter what he did in the past, present, or will do in the future. Just keep him safe, God, and all who stand by him. Amen."

    I get up and slide back the covers. I get in and close my eyes to the darkness that Lex still sees when his are wide open. "Lex, let me help you find your place in the sun."

    Then I sense something. My eyes shoot open and I see two people in my room. "Who are you? How did you get in my room?"

    I turn my light on and see an older black woman and a young man walking towards me. "If Lionel has sent you, tell him I will get him for what he did to his son, no matter the cost!"

    "You sent for us, Baby," the woman replies, sitting on the side of my bed now.


    "You asked for angels and here we are," the young man states, with a slight smile.


    "We were sent by God to help you help your friend, Baby," the woman states.

    "Okay, I'm going crazy, right?"

    "No--you are sane. My name is Andrew and this is Tess. And your name is Chloe, right?"

    I nod my head. Then the skeptial reporter in me enters the conversation.

    "And you were sent by God to help me help who?" I ask.

    "We were sent to help you help Alex."

    "Oh God---only Lex knows I call him Alex and you knew my name without me telling you---you are angels!" I reply. I lean forward and Tess envelops me in her arms. "I should have believed Alex. I shouldn't have thought he was crazy on his own---that there were other circumstances for it. It's all my fault," I cry out.

    She backs away. "Why do you think it's your fault, Chloe?"

    "If I hadn't given him the information on Morgan Edge, he wouldn't have gone after him and gotten into this mess."

    "Did you ever think they might have started to drug him before you ever agreed to help him?" Andrew queries.

    I look at him and then her. "You think that might have happened?"

    "It's a possibility. Well, whatever the reason, what we have to do now is clear---we have to get you into the asylum to save your friend from the darkness threatening to engulf him."

    "But only family can get in."

    Tess looks at Andrew and back at me. "We're very resourceful for angels. Trust us---we will get you in, Baby. Angel Boy and I are on the case---as well as---"

    She stops talking. "What's wrong, Tess?" Andrew asks her.

    "We better get going. Monica is there but there's an unexpected visitor too---Monique followed her."

    "Monique?" I ask.

    "It's our friend Monicas evil twin, for lack of a better word and if she is there---" Andrew replies.

    "Time is of the essence then," I state, getting out of bed and making my way to the closet. I turn around. "Want to come in my---where did they go?"

    Guess they'll meet me there. Alex, we're on our way. And we'll save you from the darkness---with love and understanding on our side.


    Lex's POV

    "Hush little baby, don't say a word

    Papa's going to buy you a mockingbird"

    I hear the lyrics mocking me but I'm not singing. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

    I watch a woman walk towards me. She's a brunette, her hair wild around her face. She has this glint I recognize from my father's eyes---except it's stronger, deeper. I know instinctively, she's pure evil. But I am unafraid. Why is that?

    "Because I'm here too," I hear a similar voice say.

    I turn to see her twin, dressed in a flowing white gown, while the other is in red---blood red. I get up, using the wall to steady me, since I am still in a straight jacket.

    "Okay---you're apparitions----be gone!"

    I hear an evil chuckle from Red and then she grins. "Alexander, I'm here for your soul. I'm not leaving until I get it!"


    "Alex, I'm not leaving until I give you an important message."

    "Please leave the crazy person in peace," I retort, turning away. But they are there, in front of me again. "How'd---?"

    "Alex, I am an angel, sent by God."

    I snort at that. And Red smiles at me and than the angel. "I told you he was a lost cause, Monica."

    "As long as there are people who care about him, he's not, Monique. You won't get his soul."

    "Who's going to stop me?"

    "I will!" We turn to see Chloe standing there in the doorway, an older woman behind her.

    "Go on, Baby. Do your stuff."

    She walks in and I see the strength and determination that are usually in my eyes, in hers. She walks behind me and loosens the straight jacket. It falls away and she moves back. "Hey, Alex."

    "Chloe---get out of here. I---"

    "No! I'm not going anywhere until I take care of a thing or two."

    "You always were a stubborn---"

    "And that's why you like me," she states. She turns from me and looks at Monique. "I take it Lionel sent for you."

    "Actually, more like you sent for Monica and I followed her," Monique retorts.

    "Well, you are no longer needed here. Get lost!"

    "You'll have to do better than that. Hmmmmm---maybe you will give up your soul to save him?"

    "I would in an instant but I think you've already got what you came for. You thought you would get a bonus soul with Lex's. What you really came for was his fathers, wasn't it?"

    "Smart girl. Actually, he half signed it over with his parentís demise---I've just come to collect the rest of it. Oh, he won't be dying for a while---just carrying on the devils work on earth."

    "And we'll be fighting him," I state, walking up to Chloe. I put my arm around her shoulder. "Thanks."

    "For what?"

    "Offering your soul," I reply.


    We both stare Monique down and she lets out a sigh. "Okay, you've won this battle but the war is far from over. I'll get your soul yet, Alexander, mark my words."

    She turns to Monica. "As always, not memorable, Monica. Tess." Then she is gone.

    We all let out a sigh and I turn and pull Chloe into my arms. I'm surprised when I feel a tear on my T-shirt. "Chloe, it's over."

    She backs away. "I'm sorry I didn't believe that you went crazy because of the drugs, Lex."

    I pull her back into my arms. "It's all right, Chloe. I probably wouldn't have believed it either. After the island, I'm surprised I've kept my sanity so long---drugs or no drugs. But then, I guess I have because of good genes and a couple of good friends, you being one."

    She backs away. "Good genes? Isn't your father the pawn of the devil now?"

    "Yes, but Lex has a Father who is pure love, Baby."

    We turn to look at Tess. "Who are you?" I ask.

    "Her name is Tess and mine is Andrew," I hear a male voice say. I look beyond Tess and see him. Then it hits me---angels can go through walls and be invisible but Chloe canít. How did she get in?

    "How'd you get in, Chloe?" I ask.

    "Ah---Andrew sent your father on a wild goose chase to fill out some forms and I slipped in."

    I laugh at that and look at Andrew. "Thanks."

    "You're welcome," he states, with a slight grin. Then he turns to Monica and nods at her. She walks up to me, placing her hand in mine.

    "Alex, I have a message for you from God. He loves you very much and you have an important job on this Earth, to protect those you love and those you have not met yet. Remember---you are your father's son---God's son. And no matter what you do in life, he will always love you, as do all in this room."

    I feel the light of good enter from her hand to mine and watch her gleam like the morning sun. Then I look at Chloe and smile. "It's going to be all right."

    She nods and then we hear Tess singing. We lean against each other, listening to the song she has deemed to impart to us mere mortals:

    "You say your heart's been broken

    You say all hope is lost

    Your dreams are glass that's shattered past repair

    I say your dream's are buried

    Beneath the winter's frost

    They just need spring's first kiss to warm the air

    And if you think the die is cast

    That love has passed you by...

    Look into my eyes...

    There's a place in the sun

    Oh for everyone

    I know soon you're gonna see it shining

    There's a way out of the dark

    Oh for every heart

    And if you let me be the one

    I'll lead you to your place in the sun

    You say your house is haunted

    With shadows, fear and doubt

    You say the locks are rusted

    On your heart

    I say your load's too heavy

    For you to bear alone

    But if you lean on me

    We'll find the way home

    Your trembling hand is safe in mine

    Your love's the light I need

    There's a place in the sun

    Oh for everyone

    I know soon you're gonna see it shining

    There's a way out of the dark

    Oh for every heart

    And if you let me be the one

    I'll lead you to your place in the sun

    Though it's your darkest hour

    When your heart feels the power

    There's nothing love cannot do

    There's a place in the sun

    Oh for everyone

    I know soon you're gonna see it shining

    There's a way out of the dark

    Oh for every heart

    I just want to be the one

    To lead you to your place in the sun"

    I hear her sigh beside me. "Alex, I'll lead you to your place in the sun, I promise you that."

    "You and three---where did they go?"

    "Don't ask---I think that angels are part good, part magician. The question is, how am I going to get out of here?"


    "The man is a little unbalanced but he still has a sense of humor. Now where is that straight jacket?"

    I walk over and hand it to her. "The honors are yours, milady."

    She shakes her head and puts it back on me. "I wish I didn't have to do this."

    "It's okay---I'll be better soon and then we'll have a nice long talk---about why you asked for the angels help."

    She leans in and whispers. "I couldn't do this on my own---I needed help sent from God. Alex, about Morgan---"

    "He's gone---they told me I shot him to save Clark---I just can't remember why I needed to save him or doing it. But he's gone, dead."

    "You had to do it, Alex. You did it to save your best friend. That is definitely not the action of an evil person. However---"

    "My father killed his own parents. Why didn't he kill me?"

    "He wants you to suffer or maybe you are a pawn in learning more about Clark. He'll probably use you to have Clark do some dirty work or something."

    "Or you. Chloe---you better stay away from me for a while until---"

    "Oh, the man in the asylum is wanting me to play it safe and stay away---not on your life, Bub. We're going to find the necessary information about your father and his part in your parents death and send him to jail."

    "Stubborn woman!"

    "Crazy guy!" she states, with a slight smirk. "Oooops, wrong choice of words. I'm---"

    "It's okay, Chloe. All right, we'll talk later. Better get going."

    "Yes, Mr. Luthor," she replies, leaning up to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Don't let them take advantage of you, Alex. I'll see you soon."

    She walks out of the room, closing the door behind. And none too soon. My father is outside soon after---I can sense him, not see him. Father, I'm going to find my place in the sun, with the help of my friends, angels and the best father I or anybody could ever have in their corner---God. I am not defeated, as long as I can hold onto this fact. I move over and stare outside at him and smirk, the crazy look in my eyes again but deep inside, knowing I'm saner than I've ever been before.

    The End.

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    Re: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    Okay, can I just say that this is so cute! lol!

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    Re: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    Hey Skye:

    Thanks, sweetie. And do you want more---I've got three more sequels to this piece.

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    Re: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    Quote Originally Posted by PMD
    Hey Skye:

    Thanks, sweetie. And do you want more---I've got three more sequels to this piece.
    Three sequels? Cool. I would love to read them please?????

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    Re: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    This is a beautiful Crossover piece. I really wish that we had this happier ending for Lex in the asylum. The Lex that we have now in Season 7 is as if Monique won instead.

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    Re: A Place In The Sun (PG-13)

    *Coffee Break 9:00 to 5:00 Daily.
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    *Are you crazy?
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