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Thread: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R) Update 9/6/05

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    AN: Hello, beautiful people! In regards to Chloe's wardrobe- I'm not much of a fashhionista (too much time spent reading fanfic and not enough shopping, I guess {smile}) so I have done my best. If you don't like it feel free to imagine something else.

    Also, as this is my first fic, I am keen to improve. Please don't be afraid to tell me what works or doesn't work. I love all feedback. Thank-you! Enjoy!

    Chap 3-

    Lex refused to leave the apartment before eleven. “Nobody we need to see will get there before then.” He told Chloe. The waiting was making the girl crazy. Now that they had a chance to do something she wanted to get to it. Lex was adamant. Sometimes when they were fighting, Chloe thought of the old philosopher’s debate about the immoveable object and the irresistible force. So far they seemed to come out about fifty-fifty. Chloe, the irresistible force, won about half the time but she had been watching him and honing her game. She was pretty sure she could improve her score. Chloe, the irresistible force, Sullivan. She smiled. Very appropriate. Maybe she would change her screen name.

    To keep busy, she made dinner earlier than usual. Lex stayed in the study. Her tense energy was getting on his nerves and he couldn’t bear the thought of being trapped in the small kitchen with her tonight. Dinner was ready eventually though, so he slunk up to his usual stool and picked up a fork. Cooking had not served to expend much of Chloe’s energy. She talked constantly, barely eating, speculating on the evening’s work, the state of peace in the Middle East, and anything else her mind landed on. Eventually, even Lex’s stoic nature had had enough.

    “Do you have to do that?”

    “Do what?”

    “That incessant nervous babbling.” He knew the comment would make her furious. It was a little callous but at least it might give him five seconds of quiet. Her eyes narrowed and he waited for the enraged diatribe but instead she replied,

    “Yes, I do. It’s very cathartic- good for the chi. You should try it.”

    The corner of his mouth curled of its own accord, “No thanks. I prefer to suppress my emotions.”

    That made her smile, “Your loss.” She took the not at all subtle hint, then and gave him a little quiet.


    Chloe is wearing red. The top is silky, slipping off a shoulder to reveal one glowing collar bone. The pants are second skin tight- black, embroidered all over with the outline of red-soaked flowers. Sitting low on the hips they reveal a golden crescent moon of skin. Her hair is streaked with scarlet, blonde and blood colored. Rubies hang like cherries from her ears. Lips so vivid and lush they could have been bruised. Red, scarlet, vermillion, crimson- fire. She is fire. He had been right to watch her. She’s dangerous.

    “How do I look?”

    Like the most beautiful of conflagrations. Why was it that in the wild days of his youth he had never considered the crime of arson?

    No one in Smallville would recognize her, that’s for sure. Chloe fidgets a little in her heels. “Lovely.” He manages. Number six smile, shyly pleased like a little girl. Thank God. The innocence of that smile frees him from the moment. They walk out the door into the night. One flame and one darkness, like a fairy tale.


    They switch taxi’s three times. A journey that would have taken fifteen minutes on foot, takes forty-five in and out of cabs. They had debated it- head straight to the club with less chance of running into someone who might recognize them or double back and protect the location of their safe haven? Paranoia wins out. They decide that if they are counting on their disguises in the club, they might as well as count on them in a taxi.

    They arrive a little before midnight and Lex is feeling a little sheepish. He had forgotten they would have to wait in line like the regular people. Leaning against the wall, Chloe raises one mocking eyebrow.

    “How’s it feel?”


    “Not to use the VIP door.”

    “Tedious.” He surveys the other people in line. Anything to keep from looking at her. Burning against the dark wall and looking up at him, she seems like an invitation. When they get to the door, the bouncer doesn’t even ask for ID. Chloe’s beauty is her pass and she is both amused and disconcerted by the big man’s appreciative glance. Lex is grateful for this further evidence of her youth. It lets him superimpose an image of the other Chloe, the one he has been getting to know, over the woman before him. He can see her as the Chloe who doesn’t burn. It allows him to think again.

    Lex gets them a table away from the dance floor and survey’s the huge interior of the club. Chloe wonders what he is looking for. The darkness and the motion confuse her. She can’t make sense of any of it. His eyes stop on a balcony far above the floor and he smiles a little. The expression is almost feral and she follows his gaze. A tall dark haired man disappears out a view.

    “Who is it?’

    “Anthony Bird.”


    “He owns this club and a couple others. He knows everything that goes on in this town. If someone was advertising for my pick-up, he’ll know.”

    “Why should he tell us?”

    “He owes me-

    “How much?”

    “Enough that he would love the chance to do something big and get out from under my thumb.”

    She doesn’t look happy.

    “You have to trust me, Chloe.”

    “I trust you, Lex. I don’t trust anyone else right now.” The words should be concession enough but there’s something about the way she says his name. . . There’s no time to figure it out now, though. He files it away for later consideration.

    The club is full of bodies. Clubbers just getting started. Posers just slowing down. Lex holds her hand tightly and leads her through the crowd. It is a little too much like that night not so long ago and Chloe can feel the fear rushing back to her. She breathes deeply and clamps down on the emotion. She has faced meteor mutants, madmen, and armed gunmen more than once and she’s nervous about a little walk in a dark club? Hell no. They climb some stairs and then some more before they make it above the crush.

    “Let me do the talking.” Lex turns to another beefy body guard at the top of the stairs, giving her no time to respond. Unlike the guy at the door, he is wearing a very nice suit and doesn’t even look at Chloe.

    “This is a private balcony, sir.” The man informs Lex in a flat voice. It’s just like a movie and Chloe has to work hard not to smirk. Lex is also unimpressed.

    “Tell Anthony, Alex is here to see him.” The two men stare at each other for a moment. Even in jeans, Lex has whatever look allows him to pass the test. The big man nods briefly.

    “Wait here.”

    “Alex?” Chloe asks from behind Lex. He shrugs. The bouncer comes back, leads them to a half circle booth hung with heavy curtains. The man from the balcony is lounging against the cushions, legs crossed, one arm resting across the back of the booth. He’s a little older than Lex, dressed expensively with a very expensive watch and heavy gold chain on his wrist. He is generically Italian. Dark hair, dark eyes, big nose. Money, an air of danger, and this place probably get him all his women, Chloe thinks. He looks Lex up and down and smiles evilly at the clothes. The look is not what Chloe is used to seeing Lex get from people. It’s definitely insolent and clearly intended to irritate. Lex ignores it.


    “Alex.” The man replies, “I thought you were tied up in somebody’s basement.”

    Lex shrugs. “Rumors of my death. . .”

    “Glad to hear it. Have a seat.” He scoots around the booth and indicates that Lex should sit across from him. When Chloe moves to join them, Anthony holds up a hand.

    “Whoa.” He turns to Lex, “You know the rule, Luthor. Strawberries wait over there.” In any other situation, the look on Chloe’s face would have Lex holding his sides with laughter. This time though he regards Anthony coolly.

    “She’s fine.”

    “I can see that.” The club owners’ gaze is hot.


    He shrugs and pulls his eyes away from Chloe, “Have it your way.” Another quick glance at Chloe says quite clearly, I know I would. She refuses to blush. “I assume this isn’t a social call.”

    Lex’s eyes are still cold but he smiles, “As charming as I find your company, Anthony, I’m afraid not. I need some information.” They’re all business, suddenly and Chloe is glad to sit back and watch. There is a feeling in the air- an almost imperceptible tension. They discuss sources briefly, exactly what sort of information Lex wants, and how it should be handled.

    “And then we’ll be square?” Anthony is looking at Lex hard.

    “When I am safe and sound back in my mansion, we’ll be even. Your debt to me will be payed.”

    Anthony leans forward to shake on the promise. “Done. Take the back way out. My guys will let you through.”

    They make their way back down towards the dance floor. Their business is concluded but Lex isn’t relaxing at all. His gaze is always moving. He is making Chloe afraid again.

    “You need a drink,” She observes dryly. Then she tilts her head to the side, “I could use one too,” she admits. They’re crossing a corner of the dance floor, when Chloe turns abruptly towards the bar.

    Lex pulls her back around, up against him-hard.

    “Lex!” She protests, shocked, looking panicky. He slides his arms around her waist, pulls her in close.

    “There are two men watching us- not Anthony’s.” He whispers in her ear, beginning to move with the music. Her eyes widen in fear. “Smile at me!” He commands. She does so, shakily. Lex drags his hands to her hips, encouraging her to at least sway with him. She’s not cooperating. “Chloe, we have to look normal. Dance with me.” Nothing. He draws her back to meet her eyes squarely, “You can dance, can’t you?”

    That works. All Lex can do is hang on for the ride. She wraps her arms around his neck, pushing her body against his before bending back over his arms and straightening slowly. She is remarkably flexible. The song is “Angel” by Massive Attack- eerie, haunting, and sensual, like trying to make love to a memory or a ghost. Chloe is taking full advantage of the mood, coming in close, sliding away- tantalizing. The darkness recedes and advances over her face with the throbbing lights. Lex can feel more eyes on them, watching her intoxicating performance. She turns abruptly as the music changes, sliding her back and ass down his body slowly and coming up more slowly still. Chloe drags her fingernails along his thighs. The friction is almost unbearable. Lex slips a hand around her waist again and accidentally catches his fingers on the edge of her top. His hand rests on hot silky skin. Chloe raises an arm languorously to cup the back of his neck, anchoring them together at another point. Almost unconsciously, he lowers his head, tastes the sweet place where her neck and shoulder meet. His cheek against her throat, he feels the sound she makes more than hears it. A hand caresses his hip. They’re both lost.

    Chloe had begun the dance just intending to tease, to get back at Lex a little for deliberately baiting her but as she moves and the music takes over, everything falls away- her fear, her worry for her dad. She can see the hungry look in Lex’s eyes but it is already too late. She can’t stop. The feel of him trembling beneath her hands has ensnared her. When she turns, she can fell his heart beat against her back like a fist. The hand on her stomach burns. She feels as safe and at the same time as imperiled as she has ever felt in her life. Lex puts his mouth on her and even the music seems to recede.

    A thousand years later the lights come up. The music becomes hard, furious. They surface from the dream and stumble off the dance floor, trying not to look at one another. The watching men are gone. Lex makes a push for the bar but doesn’t reach back to take her hand. When he gets to the counter she is beside him. He orders them both a drink but still can’t look at her. He is searching his mind desperately for some words that will make the dance go away, that will negate his lips on her skin, her hands on him. All he wants to do is press her up against the bar and taste her again. She saves them both.

    “And you thought I couldn’t dance.” It’s not a great joke or even a good one and her voice is obviously strained but it’s enough. It will let them pretend everything is normal.

    “Not exactly ballroom material.” He observes. His eyes skip over her face down her neck to her shoulder. Afraid to rest his eyes in one place in case looking at her catches him again.

    “I liked it.” Says a low voice. Both their heads turn. The voice belongs to a handsome man in an expensive suit. Everything about him, his haircut, his cologne, the color of his shoes says ‘rich playboy’. How ironic. The playboy is staring quite deliberately at Chloe. He has a wingman. Not as attractive or as rich probably but standing at his friends shoulder, watching Lex mockingly. Disregarding his earlier need to keep his distance from her, Lex pivots so that he is leaning back against the bar with Chloe pressed against his left side. This obvious gesture is ignored.

    “Maybe you’d like to dance with someone who appreciates your particular skills.” The man suggests, silkily.

    “Not really.” Chloe replies turning her body more towards Lex and away from the playboy.

    “What? Is it him?” The man gives Lex a look of contempt, “I can do things for you this punk has never even dreamed of.”

    It’s been a long night and a trying three days. Despite all of his father’s conditioning and his brief stint in anger management class, Lex still sometimes has a low irritation threshold. And he has absolutely no tolerance for stupidity. Otherwise he might not have done what he did now.

    “What?” He says matching the man’s contempt, “Let her go to sleep bored and unfulfilled?”

    The playboy grabs Chloe’s arm and yanks her out of the way to get at Lex. He takes a swing but Lex moves his head and it doesn’t connect well. Lex returns with a punch of his own and the man stumbles into him, bearing them both to the ground. They struggle on the floor a little, both scrambling for purchase and delivering blows whenever they get the chance. Lex has his feet under him and is dragging the other man to his feet so he can finish the job when the wingman comes at them. His arms full of the first man Lex knows this will hurt. He braces himself for the hit when a fist flies out and catches the second man full in the face. It’s followed by a knee to the groin and when he doubles over a liquor bottle clubs him to the floor. Lex delivers a vicious round house to his opponent and shakes him off onto the floor.

    “Impressive,” Lex pants, looking at the man Chloe has just beaten the hell out of.

    The blonde smiles dreamily, “I punched Lana that way once.” Her expression clears, “Not that I enjoyed it-“ she adds hastily.

    “Of course not.” Lex can’t hide his smirk as he takes her hand, “It’s definitely time to go.”

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    *biggest smile* WONDERFULL!

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    WOW that was a fun read. I liked how both Lex and Chloe took care of that jerk in the end. Good job

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    One flame and one darkness, like a fairy tale
    Loved this line, and them beating up those guys, it wasn't very good for cover though, silly Lex and Chloe.

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    I just love stories about Lex and Chloe being kidnapped away from the rest of Hicksville. Great interaction between Lex and Chloe and the whole building of their trust but you got to love their chemistry on the dancefloor
    “I’m your girl.” Big grin.
    now if only she meant that in a different context - that was the first thing that came to mind when I read it

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Awesome two chapters!!!

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    AHHHH I LOVE THIS! Amazing, I LOVED the club scene! Fabulous! Can't wait till the next chapter - wonderful!

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Man, was it hot in that dance flor or what...

    I mean.. Great chapter.

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Amazing update

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    My God, I adore this story!

    The dance was red hot, and I loved how differently you described Lex's outfit and then Chloe's--the imagery of Lex as a skater-punk and Chloe as a flame are just brilliant.

    I can't wait for more

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