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Thread: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R) Update 9/6/05

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    Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R) Update 9/6/05

    Disclaimer: All hail the Smallville God's. I own nothing but merely play with the crumbs they leave behind. Yadda, yadda.

    Summary: Starts as a Chloe/Lex kidnapping (tired, I know) and becomes so much more.

    Author's Note: First Smallville Fic. Don't be afraid to be brutal. Also don't worry, hot Chlex action is in the works-I just think it's best to build up to these things.

    Chapter One-

    “Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why don’t you just walk away from your dad?”
    “Because he won’t give me the one thing I ever wanted from him.”
    “And that would be. . .?”
    “I want him to love me.”

    Since their brief encounter in his office, Lex had found himself in a rare state of confusion, conflicted and unsure what to do. His first instinct was to avoid Chloe Sullivan at all costs. She knew something about him, something powerful. . . and thus she was dangerous. His father had taught him that what motivated a man could also be used to manipulate him. The truth of this theory had been proven to him again and again as he got older. So with each betrayal, he had gathered up a little more of his fears and anger, his pain and even love and locked it all away into a place inside of himself that looked a lot like a box made from the lead armor of St. George. It had made him strong. And the hidden things inside him mostly stayed there, because no one had a key, not even Lex. And then a small blonde reporter found the key, in the form of three questions he couldn’t not answer.
    The way she looked at him then- she didn’t look repulsed or pitying. When the shock of what she had done had worn off, she looked . . . understanding. In that brief second he felt a kinship with her. Somehow she knew exactly how he felt. They were alike. It was- comforting.
    When Chloe was gone though, run off to help Clark, the danger of what had happened became clear to him. His armor had been breached. Unsure of the best way to protect himself, Lex decided he would avoid Chloe. After all, he wasn’t so far gone he would strike at a high school girl and it shouldn’t be hard to miss her. The Talon was the only place they really shared in common despite their mutual acquaintances. So he would, he decided take the most expeditious route by avoiding the coffee house and thereby avoiding her. He sat back content that he had a plan. But even though the decision was made he found himself troubled by the image of her at odd times: looking at expense reports, practicing with his fencing coach, even while driving his car he would see her face- the way it looked as the truth of his motivations slipped out. It was the troubling thought of that wise angelic face that brought him into the Talon again and again, despite his vow, to watch her from afar and wonder what else she saw and understood in him.
    After two weeks he was still torn, fearing she was dangerous and curious anyway about the nature of her perception. Did Chloe Sullivan see more than other people? Did she see other things in him that he had kept hidden? The girl seemed to be full of contradictions. She could ferret out the truth about any member of the Smallville mutant community but she couldn’t see that Clark would never feel anything but friendship for her. Lex could hardly believe he was reduced to analyzing the love life of a teenage girl as a means of understanding himself. He was becoming frustrated . . . and he was starting to feel like some kind of pervert, watching her all the time.
    After another fruitless forty-five minutes of sitting in a booth pretending to do paperwork while actually observing Chloe interact with her laptop and a latte, Lex decided to give it a rest for the day. He would drive home, have a quiet meal, and settle down with a drink and a good book. He gathered up his papers and reached for his briefcase. Lex looked up automatically for one last glance and found himself staring straight into her eyes. His first urge was actually to turn away but he was a Luthor and he refused to run from anyone, especially not some high school girl Friday. He met Chloe’s eyes and nodded calmly. Then he left.
    Lex was around the block and pulling the keys to his Porsche out when the side door of the Talon swing open.
    “Why are you watching me?” Chloe demanded from behind him.
    He turned to face her, his cool mask in place “What makes you think I was watching you, Miss Sullivan?”
    He saw her jaw tighten, “I’m not an idiot and I’m not blind, Mr. Luthor.” She drew his name out in a mocking imitation of his ‘Miss Sullivan’.
    “Perhaps my eyes are simply drawn to the area of the most noise.”
    “Maybe, you’re just a-“
    “The quality of your verbal judo has definitely gone downhill if you’re resorting to name calling.” He resumed the walk to his car.

    Chloe slid into the passenger seat, just as he started the engine.
    “You almost had me there,” She said conversationally, flashing him a big smile and settling her book bag into her lap. “But I get the run around more often than you get laid.”
    “I doubt that.” He replied dryly, “Now get out of my car.”
    He turned his number three baleful gaze on her. She wilted but remained in the seat. “Tell me why you’ve been watching me.” The blonde insisted, crossing her arms obstinately.
    “You realize I could have you arrested for trespassing.” He told her calmly.
    “You realize I could have you arrested for stalking.” She replied. He just looked at her.
    “Miss Sullivan-“
    “I’m not getting out of this car until you tell me the truth.” She winced as she heard the words come out of her mouth. The truth. Lex saw the wince quite clearly.
    “Haven’t you had enough of that lately?” He asked coolly, no trace of bitterness. It should have sent her stumbling out of his car and it definitely had hurt her. He could see the spasm of pain but she was more stubborn that he had given her credit for. Chloe set her jaw and glared, tucking the pain away in a manner that was all too familiar.
    “Fine.” Lex put the car into reverse and slid out of the parking space.
    “What are you doing?”
    “You won’t get out- that’s fine, but I have things to do.” He would have his quiet dinner and his drink and his book. She could sit in the driveway all night for all he cared. It looked like rain. Good. Ignoring the girl, Lex turned up the music and turned on the Porsche lights. The sun sets over Kansas, he thought sarcastically.

    When Lex woke up, his head hurt. It was astounding how many times this sentence had been used to accurately describe his situation. How many times could a person be kidnapped and survive, he wondered. At least one more time, he promised himself grimly. The act of clenching his jaw caused a wave of nausea to rise up suddenly. Lex closed his eyes tightly and rested his head against his knees, willing the headache and dizziness to recede before he concentrated on anything else.
    Chloe made a small sound that turned into a loud groan as she rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself to her knees. What was wrong with her life that she was always waking up in strange abandoned buildings? She must have the worst karma in Kansas, possibly the Western Hemisphere. Her eyes fell on Lex.
    “I just couldn’t get out of the car, could I?” She said in disgust.
    “I did suggest it.”
    “Spare me the ‘I told you so’s’,” She looked at him measuring, “So what’s the deal?”
    “Excuse me?”
    “Who are our evil captors? What is their nefarious plot? How are we going to make our plucky escape? Etcetera, etcetera.” She waved her hand vaguely.
    “The newspaper business seems to be affecting your thinking, Miss Sullivan. The answer to your questions is, ‘I have no idea’. I only woke up a few minutes ago.”
    Her expression clearly implied that she would at least have had a theory by now.
    “We should try to find out where we are at least,” Chloe tried to stand and sat back down heavily.
    “I wouldn’t suggest standing. The drugs they gave us don’t seem to have worn off yet.”
    “Yah,” The girl agreed, pressing the heel of her hand into her left eye, “You’d think I’d be better at this by now.” Her voice was muffled by her hands.
    “I think this is one scenario in which practice does not make perfect.” He studied her for a moment, “Are you alright?” He asked.
    “Just peachy.”
    “I’m serious, Miss Sullivan. I need to know your physical condition before I can think of an escape plan.” The girl looked at him with one eye.
    “I really am fine, Mr. Luthor. My head hurts obviously but other than that I’m okay.” He nodded stiffly but, in the habit now, he continued to watch her as she lowered her head back to her knees.
    After twenty minutes of careful and deliberate breathing, Lex was able to stand and begin to evaluate their predicament. Another abandoned warehouse by the look of it. Kidnappers have so little imagination, he thought disapprovingly. It was completely empty, not even a leftover pallet or any other debris to fashion a weapon out of. The kidnappers had taken his suit jacket so that he was left in a deep blue button up and impeccably tailored slacks. He was as slick and fashionable as ever but a little cold. Chloe at least got to keep her jacket. Lex checked his pants pockets and was not surprised to find he had been stripped of anything remotely useful. At least he hadn’t been tied up. Obviously their captors felt it wasn’t necessary. The windows were far out of reach and the one door was chained shut from the outside. Lex could open the door exactly half an inch- not even enough room to get at the lock. The door was heavy steel and new by the look of it-no way to kick through it.
    Chloe was watching him sideways from her place on the floor; her head leaning on her crossed arms, resting on her knees. She looked very small when she wasn’t in motion.
    “Any helpful suggestions?” He asked dryly.
    “Nope, you seem to be doing okay. Good job!” She added, flashing him a thumbs up and a mocking smile. Ah, there was the usual annoying Chloe.
    “If you think you can do any better-“ His voice was icy.
    “No,” She replied looking weary and contrite. Using the wall for leverage, she stood and approached him, “I’m sorry. This isn’t your fault. I shouldn’t take it out on you.”
    “Says who?” He asked.
    “Says who what?”
    “Who says this isn’t my fault? Whoever kidnapped us was obviously after me-“
    “I have been kidnapped and assaulted just as often as you have,” Chloe put her hands on her hips, “Who’s to say they weren’t after me and you just got in the way?”
    “Number one- This seems a little high tech for the usual mutant villains. Number two- We’re clearly not in Smallville anymore. My guess is Metropolis. Have any of you’re adventures gotten you kidnapped out of Smallville?” He didn’t wait for her reply, “And number three- Why are we wasting time arguing about which of us is less popular?”
    Lex could see her lips twist, fighting the smile.
    “Good question,” She admitted. Moving away from him, she began to walk along the warehouse walls, studying them carefully, and trailing her fingers along the concrete. Neither of their searches resulted in anything.
    As the hours passed, Lex was became increasingly agitated. It showed in subtle ways; how he tapped the cold floor with his finger and how he frowned occasionally at the night sky, showing through the windows. He knew he was right when he told Chloe the kidnappers had to be after him, and that meant she was a victim of circumstances. He didn’t remember the kidnapping very well- no doubt the result of the drugs. They had been driving toward his mansion because she wouldn’t get out of his car and he wouldn’t be strong-armed into answering her questions. He remembered that. They had been run off the road into a field and then- it got very fuzzy. Was there cursing? Exclamations? Had they been surprised and angry to find Chloe in his car? Lex couldn’t remember and now they were both here. If they hadn’t killed her in the field then they intended to use her against him, to force him to comply with their plans.
    He studied her carefully, where she sat on the floor, her head on her knees again. She hadn’t complained- at least not in any serious way, even though it was getting cold and she was probably hungry and thirsty like he was. She hadn’t cried either but she was starting to look nervous and she kept glancing at the door. He realized suddenly how much he had screwed up her life. Thinking back over his paranoid curiosity and the behavior it had prompted he felt disgusted. If he hadn’t been watching her, she never would have gotten in his car which meant she wouldn’t be here now. It was all his fault- so he had to get her out of this.
    She was staring intently at the door when she abruptly sat straight up, her eyes wide. Then she started to laugh. He looked at her alarmed,
    “Chloe?” He asked. Lex got hastily to his feet and rushed to her side. She waved him back vaguely and shook her head.
    “It’s fine.” She gasped between giggles. She got to her feet, “We’re getting out of here- I think anyway.” She headed toward the door, “I can’t believe it took so long to think of it. I can’t believe they-“ She couldn’t fight back the laughter anymore.
    “Chloe what are we doing?” He demanded, his patience wearing thin. She shushed him absently. Shushed him. Lex Luther. Shushed him. The blonde knelt down and reached for the lowest bolt hinge- bolt hinge. Lex shook his head, partly at his own stupidity and partly for the stupidity of their kidnappers, before reaching out to remove the top bolt. He couldn’t believe after all their skillful work thus far, their captors hadn’t noticed the door was installed this way. The door was new and well oiled but he still struggled with the bolt a little. Eventually he pulled it out of the hinge. Chloe couldn’t seem to get hers loose.
    “Here,” he said quietly, touching her shoulder and nodding her back.
    “I am perfectly capable-“
    “I know you are, Chloe, but in the interest of time-“
    She gave him a sour look but stepped back, “Fine, Lex.”
    He pulled the bolt free and turned to her, “We don’t know where we are or what waits on the other side of that door. I would suggest that our best bet is to get as far from here as possible without being spotted and we’ll decide what to do from there, okay?”
    She nodded. The middle bolt pulled free easily and he looked at her once more,
    She nodded impatiently. Pulling on the hinges, Lex opened the door in reverse.

    Chloe instinctively fell behind Lex, keeping him close enough to reach but not so close that she might accidentally trip him or trip over him. Lex in turn stuck close to the wall, keeping them in shadow, moving slowly. He paused at the corner of the building, trying to decide which way to go when they both heard a loud curse. Lex grabbed her hand and hissed, “Run!” before pulling her around the corner. It was too late. Chloe heard shots and she could have sworn she could sense the bullets, so close. The night was inky black, masking the faces of their pursuers, so that it seemed as though they were being chased by a terrible bodiless danger. If she hadn’t had to concentrate so hard on keeping up with Lex and his iron-hard grip on her wrist, she was ashamed to think she might have broken down weeping with fear.
    They had been running so long and Lex wouldn’t let her stop. Every time she would stumble he would yank on her arm again, refusing to let her slow down, refusing to let her catch her breath. Chloe began to hate Lex as much as the men who were chasing them. If only he would let her breathe. Finally after what seemed like hours they couldn’t hear the pursuit anymore and the fierce hand let her go. She fell onto her hands and knees, the air burning in her throat. If Lex had told her they had to run again, she would have fallen onto her back and let them kill her right there.
    After several minutes of painful desperate breathing, Chloe felt about as normal as she figured she would. Her reporter’s instincts reasserted themselves and she started to look around. Lex was on her right, sitting against a wooden fence, his head leaning back. Chloe took some small satisfaction from this evidence of weariness. Apparently they were on the south edge of the district, where the warehouses butted up to the rough neighborhoods of the city’s working poor. The fence enclosed someone’s back yard. Chloe could see the post of a clothing line looming over Lex, with someone’s laundry still strung on the line. The young man beside her eyed almost absently, “Are you alright?”
    Trust Lex Luthor to enquire if she were alright as though they were sitting in an elegant restaurant and she had coughed over a fish bone or something. Bastard. He was still looking at her.
    “Yeah,” she answered briefly. Chloe’s expression turned to a frown and she studied him intently before glancing beyond him again. When she stood unexpectedly, Lex reached up to grab her as she leaned over him.
    “Chloe!” He protested. She hip checked his hand roughly and when she came back down to crouch beside him she was holding a navy zip up hoodie, the kind workmen all over the city wore. She grabbed his arm and shoved it into the sleeve. Unable to protest or resist too loudly, he allowed her to stuff him into the coat. Just as he was about to demand to know what she was doing, she settled the jacket on his shoulders and roughly pulled the hood up over his head.
    “You were reflecting.” She told him, shortly. There was no arguing with that. Anyway, since they had stopped running the sweat on his skin had left him cold and shivering. Now at least he was warm. The jacket itself was worn but clean and surprisingly comfortable.
    “By the way,” Lex said, as he surveyed the night, “that was a pretty brilliant escape.”
    Chloe smiled ruefully, “Clark never gets to insult my movie choices again.”

    The rest of their journey passed in a nightmarish blur. They slunk around the silent unmarked streets, keeping to the shadows and actually getting lost a few times. The warehouse district seemed to go on and on. At one point, hearing noise and fearing their pursuers had found them again, the pair hid in a dumpster. Huddling in the trash and terrified, Chloe was almost overcome by the hysterical urge to laugh. She was hiding in a dumpster with Lex Luthor. It was almost too absurd.
    Climbing back out, Chloe decided it was time get some answers, “Where are we going?”
    “I have a place a few blocks from here.”
    “Don’t you think that’s the first place our new friends will look?” She asked, sounding as though she were speaking to someone a little slow.
    “It’s not in my name and I hardly ever use it,” he replied coolly, “We can hide there until we figure out what to do.”
    “Why don’t we just go to the police?”
    “They’ll be watching the police stations. Anyone powerful enough to order a kidnapping on me won’t have any compunction about bribing or killing cops to get at us.” To her credit, she saw the logic of this or maybe she was just too tired to fight anymore.
    The building Lex took her to was five stories, stone and utterly non-descript. It sat on the edge of the district that included the hip converted warehouse clubs of Metropolis. Strangely, the lobby doors were unlocked, though it had to be three or four in the morning. The inside of the building was gorgeous, nothing like the spartan exterior. The floor was marble, inlayed with an ornate pattern of dark and light. The ceiling was a beautiful vaulted dome, soaring high over the lobby. Their footsteps echoed horribly as they crossed the floor. There was a security guard behind a desk who eyed them as Lex approached a wall of old-fashioned combination lock mailboxes. When he reached for box 409 the guard stopped watching. Using a six digit combination Chloe couldn’t see (though she tried, force of habit) Lex withdrew a small ring of keys and nodded to the elevator.
    Once inside the safety of the elevators, Chloe turned to Lex, “What kind of an apartment building is this?” She demanded. He smiled mysteriously and sailed through the doors when they opened to the fourth floor. Chloe had no choice but to follow in his wake.
    The hallway, like the lobby was beautiful but impersonal, like a high-priced hotel. The lighting was dim and the carpet a warm rich red. Lex opened the door to 409 and looking in Chloe suddenly understood why the apartment was so close to all those clubs and the reason for Lex’s rather sly smile. The décor was tasteful and rich, like Lex himself, but all Chloe could see was the enormous bed that dominated the room beyond the foyer.
    Her sardonic expression was priceless, “Oh, one of those places.”
    “What places?” He asked, amused by her rather prudish distaste.
    “It’s your shag pad.”
    “I prefer to think of it as my ‘Den of seduction’.” The look she turned on him then actually made him laugh- really laugh-out loud. Chloe’s eyes widened at the sound. Holding the door, Lex motioned her in with a grandiose gesture, “Please, Come in.”
    Shaking her head, Chloe did just that.
    “I need to make a phone call down to the desk. Make yourself comfortable.” Lex disappeared down the hallway. Using the phone in the study, he informed the front desk, that he wouldn’t be needing the maid service for a few days and that he would like his usual grocery order delivered in the morning. When he hung up the phone he noticed a faint muffled thumping. Frowning, he went to find the source. It was in the kitchen.

    “What are you doing?”
    Chloe slammed the cupboard door shut and made a noise of absolute disgust. “You don’t have any peanut butter. You have six kinds of dried mushrooms, including black truffles and no god damn peanut butter.”
    Lex was tired all at once, exhausted really and he was having a hard time understanding the exact nature of her problem. “This kitchen is full of food.” He observed.
    She gave him a level look. “Yes, food for cooking. I do not have the energy for cooking.” She sighed deeply, “This has possibly been the worst day of my life and I would just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- not that there’s any normal jelly in this place either.”
    “What constitutes ‘normal’ jelly?” He asked a little fuzzy.
    “Not marmalade, not conserve, not chunks of weird fruit in-“ She waved her arms around wildly, “stuff.” She finished lamely.
    They looked at each other for a minute. Chloe was very pale and despite the unexpected tenacity and resourcefulness she had shown today he was horrified that she was about to cry.
    “Sorry.” He said.
    She laughed, a sarcastic almost bitter sound, “I’ll let it slide this time, I guess. I’m going to take a shower. Do you have some clean clothes I can borrow?”
    “I think I can find a few things lying around.”

    The truth was the apartment contained quite a stash of women’s clothing, some of it forgotten odds and ends left by various women and some of it kept around ‘just in case’. He showed her to his walk-in closet and then to the ‘women’s drawer’ and left her alone. Walking over to the bar, Lex fixed himself a stiff drink and for once did not attempt to think. He was too tired. He couldn’t bring himself to sit down on any of the furniture in his filthy clothing, though and so he leaned against the bar. Hearing the shower go off, he suppressed a sigh. His ingrained chivalry demanded that he let her have the first shower but he really wished she would hurry up.
    He waited five minutes and then ten. When she didn’t emerge after fifteen he went to investigate, afraid she had passed out or something. The door to the bathroom was open and steam seeped gently out of the door. She was standing at the sink and she was wearing a simple white tank top and . . . black silk boxer shorts- his boxer shorts. Those had not been in the drawer he showed her. The sight was disquieting. He leaned against the door jamb and was about to demand to know what she was doing in his underwear but-
    “You’re flossing?” He asked, for once in his life truly surprised by something.
    She glanced sideways at him and removed the floss from her mouth for a moment, “You’re powers of observation are intact I see.” She resumed her flossing.
    “We have been kidnapped, drugged, chased, and shot at. We have hidden in garbage piles and raided laundry lines. We have narrowly escaped death several times today and you’re worried about gingivitis?” he asked flatly.
    She wouldn’t look at him but he could see her expression in the mirror. “Well, you don’t have any peanut butter.” She said stonily.
    “What does that mean?” His voice was thin, unwavering, and low.
    She turned on him suddenly and he almost stepped back away from her fury, “I needed to do something normal, okay? And I couldn’t have my sandwich so I’m flossing! Flossing is comforting right now! At least flossing is something ordinary!”
    “Oh. . . I see.” His slightly contrite tone seemed to calm her a little, “but Chloe, you’re exhausted. You’re actually swaying,” She was. She didn’t seem aware of it but she looked like she was standing on the deck of a ship. He had to fight the urge not to sway in time with her, “Don’t you think you should go to sleep?”
    “Yes,” She agreed, surprising him a little again by not arguing. He followed her into the main room in case she really did pass out. They both looked at the large bed and then at the tiny leather couch.
    “I don’t suppose this place has a guest bedroom?” She asked resigned.
    “That would kind of defeat the purpose of ‘this place’” He observed.
    “Right.” She turned to him and opened her mouth to say- something but instead shook her head and said, “Whatever. I get the left side.” And with that she fell into bed and was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Quote Originally Posted by tracyaching
    Her sardonic expression was priceless, “Oh, one of those places.”
    “What places?” He asked, amused by her rather prudish distaste.
    “It’s your shag pad.”
    “I prefer to think of it as my ‘Den of seduction’.”
    I loved this part! And Chloe ranting about peanut butter! And Lex's head 'reflecting'! Loved it all really, I do hope you continue

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Interesting start, I hope there's going to be more

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    You asked us to be brutal so I'm going to. It was perfect and soooo good. You write their banter really perfectly. I loved that Lex has a "Den of Seduction", wait Chloe is right is a shag pad. I find this very funny. Loved this first chappy, update soon.

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    hey, I love this already!!!! I think how they escaped is so interesting!!! please post more soon!!!

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    shag pad that was priceless, i;ll have to remember that one!

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Great story! I think you have their verbal judo down perfectly. More?

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    Oh my that was a great start I can't wait until more.

    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    wonderful beginning
    Den of seduction
    so funny and probably true. Chloe's probably the first woman to stay there who Lex hasn't had sex with... yet.

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    Re: Two Sides of the Coin (PG 13/R)

    I loved it! The fact that they escaped in the first chapter, makes me really eager to see where you're going to take this. Great start!!!

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