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Thread: Parallel Universes And Passionate Embraces (NC-17)

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    Parallel Universes And Passionate Embraces (NC-17)

    Summary: Chloe gets transported to another dimension where some things are totally different, especially her relationship with Lex!
    Feedback: I crave it!!!!
    Rating: Will be NC-17 soon, I don't think I'll be able to go on too long without some action! lol
    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this- don't sue

    Parallel Universes and Passionate Embraces

    Chloe was sick of Clark’s crap. She watched him flirt shamelessly with Lana and wanted to dump her iced coffee right on his head. She smiled at the mental picture. The look of utter shock she imagined on his face, with his dark brown hair plastered to his head, delighted her to no end.

    Oh, Clark was undeniably hot- she had to grant him that. She was a senior and was sick of a lot of things, like school, but more than anything she was just sick of his crap. She deserved better than to be his sidekick, always there to help but never getting any appreciation. Besides, there was more to a person than a broad set of shoulders. Personality still mattered to her, she was gradually discovering.

    “Hi, Chloe,” Lex said, making her jump. “What’s up?”

    “Eh, nothing much. Wishing for a really good story to surface.” She couldn’t disguise the wistfulness in her voice.

    Lex laughed and sat down at her table. It was weird being friends with Lex. She never thought they’d be as great friends as they’d become. It had started out with them making some snide comment while coincidentally being in the same room and being amused by each other’s sense of humor. Gradually they started hanging out together. They talked to each other out of sheer desperation for an intelligent conversationalist at first, and then they started sincerely liking each other.

    They weren’t romantically involved, though. Lex was in love with Helen, whom barely tolerated their friendship. Chloe, personally thought that she was making much too big of a deal out of their friendship. Chloe didn’t really think of Lex romantically. She just refused to even consider it because she knew he was taken. He wasn’t just in a serious relationship, he was taken taken. Though he didn’t really seriously talk about his feelings with Chloe, she knew that he loved Helen and was utterly committed to her.

    “What’s up with you?” she asked Lex.

    “I’m supposed to meet my Aunt Tally here today for lunch but she’s not here yet.” He caught Lana’s gaze and she came over.

    Lana beamed sunnily and Chloe wanted to vomit on her apron. “How are you today?” Lana asked.

    “Just lovely,” his voice was mildly sarcastic but he smiled. Lana didn’t notice- big shocker. “Can I just get some coffee?”

    Lana nodded, jotting it on her little notepad. It was obviously too much brain work for her to remember Lex Luthor wanted a simple coffee. “And do you want a refill Chloe?”

    “Yes, that would be great.” Lana left and Chloe asked Lex, “You have an aunt?”

    “Yeah, on my mother’s side. I haven’t heard from her in years. Dad hates her.”


    Lex grinned. “Well, she’s kind of a hippy. Big into tarot cards and Wiccan stuff. When I was really little she got into the habit of dumping water that she blessed on him to, and I quote, ‘purge him of evil’. When it didn’t work she thought that dumping more water would work. My dad got pretty sick of having buckets of water poured on him. Took her a while to figure out that his sort of evil couldn’t be washed out by water.”

    “Maybe some stain stick or Oxiclean?” she joked.

    His grin widened. “I don’t know. Might have to use bleach.”

    “Whoa! Touting out the big guns, are we?”

    He chuckled. “Well, I figure his evilness is so set in by now you might as well start out fresh.”

    “Hmmm. Good point.” A woman wearing a long filmy skirt and peasant top walked into the Talon. She scanned the café, her long braided silver hair swinging around her waist. “Is that your aunt?”

    Lex turned around and then stood up. “Aunt Tally!”

    Aunt Tally eyes lit up in recognition and she walked to Lex, taking him into a fierce hug. “Lex! It’s been so long! How are you?”

    “Good. It’s so great to see you! It’s been years.” Lex looked kind of awkward hugging a person and Chloe was delighted to see him caught off guard.

    Tally peered over his shoulder and spotted Chloe. “Hello, are you Helen?”

    Chloe laughed. “No!”

    Tally’s light gray eyes narrowed and Chloe got the weird feeling that she was trying to look into her soul. Her laughter died in her throat. “Well, you should be,” Tally said finally with a significance that had Chloe gaping at her. Lex looked equally stunned.

    Tally shoved something in Chloe’s hands. It was a bronze medallion. It looked ancient, spotted and scarred with age. It was a circle with smooth edges and a picture of an hourglass in the center. It hung from an old ribbon that might have been green at one point.

    Tally stared at Chloe for so long that her stomach began to flutter nervously. “This is yours now. It will take you to where you need to go. Make sure to pass it on when it tells you who it wants to go to next.”

    “What? Where am I going?” Chloe just stared at the intense, serious woman.

    “Where you really belong. You’re going soon, too.” She was gazing off into the distance. “I remember when I left. God, it was years ago.”

    “What are you talking about?” Chloe’s voice rose involuntarily.

    Tally patted her soothingly on the arm. “Don’t you fret. It’ll be alright. I suggest you say goodbye to people before you leave. You could go at any second.”

    Chloe paled. She knew Tally didn’t mean it to sound that way but it sounded like she was going to die.

    “Lex?” She gazed up at him, bewildered. Lex looked just as perplexed and shrugged.

    “Well?” Tally said impatiently. She made shooing motions. “Scat!”

    Chloe hung the medallion around her neck and left the Talon barely realizing what she was doing. She walked to her car and climbed into it. She sat behind the steering wheel wondering where the hell she was supposed to go. She started her car and pulled out of the parking lot. She began to drive home.

    Her hands started to tremble on the way home and she thought she was going to be sick. She took deep breathes of air, wondering what the hell was going on. Her vision was going black. She was losing control of the car. It swerved along the empty road, back and forth several times before careening off road into a tree. Chloe slammed her head on the steering wheel and lost consciousness.

    She was falling. Everything was black but she could feel herself fall. She wanted desperately to grab onto something, anything to stop her plummet.

    Finally it stopped.

    The first thing she heard was a steady beeping and murmuring voices. Someone was holding her hand. Then she noticed her pounding head. She felt like her skull had been cleaved in two. She groaned.

    “Chloe? Chloe? Can you hear me?” It was Lex. His voice sounded strained.

    “Is she coming to?” Clark asked from the other side of her bed.

    “I’m going to have to ask for everyone to leave the room and let Miss Sullivan to rest,” an unfamiliar male voice said. “Well, all except her fiancé.”


    “Thank you,” Lex whispered rawly.

    Chloe lost consciousness again.


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    Oooh! Oh, I love alternate dimension stories! What fun. :biggrin: You'll have to post more of this very soon--I can't wait to see what happens when Chloe wakes up again!

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    More! Now! More! Yeah, so, in case you couldn't tell, I liked it. And, I am also one of those authors that seems to be physically unable to *not* put smut into a story, so I'm looking forward to it. And soon!


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    *tackle hug*

    You have me completely addicted to this fic already. AU is just the best. Please, please write more soon!

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    lol @ blue, sweetie, I'm the same way. When I wrote my first Pg13 story I was so proud. but then it quickly became NC17 when I revised it...but oh well, know how it goes.

    Can't wait for an update...paralle universes are so much fun. And I love Aunt Tally and her comment on how Chloe should be Helen

    I second that Aunt tally. And the fact that Chloe said Touting out the big guns....that was freakin hilarious.

    Can't wait to see where you go with this.


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    ooo, parallel universes. cool.

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhh More More More.. Need More.. this is good

    Suzanne :chlexsign4:

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    Oh this is good. More.....

    Hope :biggrin:
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    This was great!!!! I just loved it!! I so can't wait to read more... You're going to have to post again soon.....

    "I am scared that I'm always going to be somebody's friend or sister or confidant, but never quite somebody's everything."

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    hehehe, cleansing evil - i think Lex may be onto something with the bleach. great story!! don't make us wait to long for an update?!?

    : Sway

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