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Thread: The Rules of Enmity: NC17

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17

    That was really interesting. A great beginning!

    "Show me." The words gave Lex a tingle of both dread and excitement. He hadn't known she was there, but the voice in his ear was unmistakable. He shifted slightly and saw the blonde head behind his shoulder in the reflection of the stainless steel doors in front of him. There were at least five other people in the elevator with them, but it didn't matter, rules were rules.
    This gave me the impression that what ever was going on between Chloe and Lex was a game, partially competitive and partially playful. I really liked this beginning. There were no explanations, it just started from the middle of something. This made me need to read more to find out what was going on. That's not always the case. The way you wrote and placed it was intriguing.

    She was giving testimony in a divorce case; not one of her favorite things to do. As a private detective, it went with the territory; but working for one of the upscale agencies in the city, she rarely had to chase wayward spouses.
    I love the investigative reporter in Chloe but it's always interesting to read her having a different profession.

    “Yeah,” Chloe said. “Lex had promised that he’d protect us from his father, but he couldn’t. He just blew us off and wouldn’t even give Dad his old job back. He just stood there while we lost our house; I had to sell my car, and go into enormous debt for an education.”
    This was a surprise. At the beginning I thought that this game of theirs wasn't very serious. But I loved this surprise. I really enjoy it when writers give their readers the unexpected, something unique. It makes the fic more memorable, and your fic certainly made a wonderful first impression. Of course I love when Chloe and Lex get along and are in love. But it's so much more interesting to see them start off, and continue on for a while, as being adversaries. I really liked how they weren't extremely cruel to each other, yet also not very sympathetic towards each other.

    Hope the next update comes soon!...*scrunches eyes tightly and hopes strongly*

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17

    You got me, what happens next?

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17

    Chloe didn’t bother to sulk or argue. This particular rule had been one of her own, so she had no right to complain. She unbuttoned her blazer and pulled it off her shoulders. Lex reached out gallantly in a silent offer to hold it for her. She shoved it into his hands and tugged the hem of her white blouse from the waistband of her skirt. Turning around, she bunched the cotton up her ribcage and slid her hand up her back, lifting the back of the garment above the fastening to her bra.

    The man who’d been speaking on the phone had stopped talking and was staring openly. Chloe glared at him and he turned away.

    "Chloe?" Dropping her shirt and turning around, Chloe faced Sheri and took her jacket from Lex’s hand. She shouldered past him to leave and he bent down as she passed.

    "Always a pleasure."

    Not looking at Sheri, or anyone else, she returned to the table and picked up her purse. Digging out a handful of cash, she dropped her share of the bill next to her plate and tugged her blazer back on.

    "Chloe, what’s going on?" Sheri appeared at her elbow. "If you don’t tell me now, I’ll just drag it out of you later."

    "Later, then." Chloe left the restaurant quickly and hailed a cab, knowing it would take a few minutes for Sheri to settle up her half of the bill and she wanted a head start.

    Sitting in the back of the cab, Chloe cursed herself. Why had she done it? Why had she decided to wave a red flag in front of Lex like that? She’d seen him heading for the elevator just as she’d been leaving and stepped inside to intercept. She hadn’t even thought about it, just slipped inside and waited to make her move. She hadn’t seen him in months and he’d left her alone. Now she was digging up old drama with him.

    Chloe paid the driver when he dropped her off at her apartment building and ran inside. Her adrenaline was pumping from anxiety and embarrassment; her hands shook when she slid her keys into the lock. Once she was inside her apartment, she breathed out slowly, trying to calm her nerves.

    She hadn’t looked at it in a long time. She caught glimpses in the mirror every now and then, but she didn’t really look at it. Shedding her shoes, stockings and skirt; she walked to the bedroom.
    Chloe stood in front of her full-length mirror and started to unbutton her shirt when the buzzer announced a visitor. She walked out to the intercom and pressed the button. "Who is it?"

    "Chloe, let me in." Sheri’s voice was worried. Chloe buzzed her in and opened the door when she heard the sound of her shoes clipping down the hallway. Her friend walked in and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay? I saw him follow you to the bathroom; did Lex do something?"

    That was a loaded question.

    "The story didn’t end with Lex getting the tattoo," she said, walking to the fridge and taking out a bottle of water. She offered it to Sheri who accepted. "I need to show you something." She rubbed a hand over her face and closed her eyes for a moment.

    "What is it?"

    "Just bear with me." Chloe was wearing just the dress shirt and her underwear. She turned her back on her friend and unbuttoned it before dropping it off her shoulders and down to her waist.

    "Oh my." Sheri stepped forward involuntarily and reached out to touch Chloe’s skin with the tip of a fingernail. "Hang on, I’m going to turn on a lamp." With better light, she saw the pale purple script. Beautiful letters ghosted along the curve of Chloe’s spine, spelling out ‘Alexander’. The tattoo started from the corner of her right shoulder blade and ended at her waist.

    "Can I get dressed now?" Sheri stood upright quickly.

    "Sorry, I didn’t mean to seem insensitive, It’s just…" she gestured to Chloe’s back, "there."

    "Yeah." Walking to her room, Chloe snagged a terrycloth robe and pulled it on, tossing her shirt in the hamper. "I don’t usually strip for my friends, I just thought seeing it might be easier."

    "So what happened to bring this development about?"

    "Well, kind of the same thing as with Lex." Chloe sat on the couch and Sheri joined her. "It’s a penance for me, same as for him."

    "Penance for what?"

    "I killed his brother." Seeing Sheri’s look of horror, she corrected herself. "Not literally, but I was still responsible."

    "Talk, I’ll make some coffee."

    "Might want to make it Martinis. I won’t be sleeping tonight anyway."


    Lex sat in his apartment, sipping his Scotch. He’d finished dinner with his companions and then gone home alone. He looked out the large window at the city lights twinkling below. It was nearly Two AM and most of the residential and business buildings were dark. His eyes went to a particular spot, south of his own building and he stared. He couldn’t see her apartment, of course, it was too far away and too many taller buildings obscured the view. But he looked in the direction and wondered if she could feel his stare. He hoped that she could. He hoped that she could feel it burning into her back like the needle that had cut a swath down her spine and spelled out her humility in delicate purple letters.

    The scotch tasted bitter on Lex’s tongue, but he swallowed it without a wince and closed his eyes. The moon was bright tonight, it would shine in Chloe’s bedroom window where she might be lying awake right now, unable to rest with the weight of his thoughts. He smiled to himself. She’d cast the gauntlet, she always did, and he always found a way to turn things around. Lex told himself that she invited the misery and guilt. If she’d just managed to get over Lucas’ death, she wouldn’t be so bothered by him.

    Lucas. Bastard son. Half-brother. Weak link. Chloe should have known better. Lucas was never as strong; never as resourceful. Lex had protected him and tried to help him erase his past, but Lucas made a few mistakes and they came back to haunt him in the form of Chloe Sullivan. The irony was how similar their situations were; Chloe’s and his own. She’d been trying to bring him down, but Lucas had fallen instead. Literally. Off a balcony in a Los Angeles hotel; looked like an accident. No one believed it.

    He thought about the beginning of their bond. The day of her father’s funeral. Rain was so dismal and emotional. It was so dramatic. Movies used it to produce emotions from the audience; intensity of a romance in the rain, the sensuality of water dripping down a person’s skin. The way hair, if you had it, plastered against the skull. There was something so raw and natural about being wet. There she’d been, sitting in it, watching a box that held the body of her father being lowered into the ground.

    The rain had stopped for a moment and Lex had gotten out of the car, hoping to convince her to leave. He didn’t know why he was exposing himself to possible litigation by expressing guilt. Instead he just offered condolences and then she’d attacked him. Lex didn’t feel a lot of guilt these days. The rush of success and the challenge of power kept him occupied. His conscience didn’t have a lot of elbow room. But something about a girl watching her father sink into the ground made him accept her punishment.

    Lex swallowed another mouthful of scotch, letting the burn in his belly remind him of the feeling in his gut when she’d told him that she hated him for being who he was. He didn’t like to think about her eliciting such a strong emotion from him, and he wouldn’t put a name to it; but for some reason he’d found sympathy inside. Maybe because he’d buried his own father. He’d known better than to bring it up as a comparison. Lionel Luthor and Gabe Sullivan. There was no comparison.

    Lex had sat in a dirty chair and let a disreputable man put Chloe’s name on his chest. He’d felt the needle scratching his skin and watched her, memorizing the almost greedy look on her face as she absorbed his pain. Then Lucas had died...because of Chloe. And he’d seen the favor returned. To her credit, she hadn’t made much noise.

    Chloe had straddled the same chair, holding the back of her shirt up with one hand and staring straight ahead. Lex had chosen to pace back and forth, alternately watching the ink applied to her skin, and her face while it was being done. He hadn’t asked her to bare her breasts for the artist. Somehow that would have been taking things too far. He’d still never really seen them; only a glimpse of a darkened nipple through a wet silk shirt. A tiny, distracting glimpse while her wet legs had slithered around him, her fists delivering ineffective blows to him. She hadn’t hurt him then, but she learned how.

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    oh please write more, i beg you. you cant stop there

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    Wow, great update. The plot thickens and I'm hooked. More soon please.
    I tried to drown my sorrows, but the little buggers learned how to swim.


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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    Wow!!! I really didn't see that coming. I'm dying to know what it is exactly that Chloe did.

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    It's getting really interesting. Please continue!

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    wow wonder how so learned to hurt lex, and why did she kill lucas? This is a fascinating story......

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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*


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    Re: The Rules of Enmity: NC17*update 4/30*

    I'm hooked... so please, write more! I want to know what happened ... how they deal ... and I miss Lucas. Already. *sniff*


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