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    Lovestruck (NC-17)

    Title: Lovestruck
    Author: scifichick774
    Rating: NC-17 – Are you beginning to see a pattern for where I want to see this couple go?
    Category: Romance/UST/Supernatural Chloe/Lex.
    Spoilers: Anything up through Lineage is fair game, but I can’t think of any specific episodes that it refers to.
    Summary: A cupid-like freak of the week has the ability to manipulate people’s romantic feelings and wreaks havoc with the lives of the Smallville crew. -- Disclaimer: Not mine, no infringement intended, please don’t sue.
    Feedback: YES!! REVIEW!!
    Archival: Go ahead, just let me know where.
    Author’s Note: Dedicated to the amazing Fiona, whose story “Under a Bewitching Spell” inspired the idea for this fic. For the purposes of this fic, Clark’s crush on Lana is marginal, completely unrequited, and she only likes him as a friend. Also, I was kind of upset that the show implies that the green kryptonite can affect humans, but they never say anything about the red kryptonite, so this story has the f.o.t.w. being affected by red kryptonite. It has nothing to do with the fact that I liked ‘bad Clark’ better – okay, well maybe a little, but the story goes with the traditional Superman legend that red kryptonite can kind of multi-task as far as screwing up Clark.


    “Ah, another day, another disgusting cafeteria meal,” Pete mused. Lana picked some of the unidentifiable substance up on her fork, but quickly dropped it.

    “I think it moved,” she said and made a face. Pete smiled and leaned toward her ever so slightly.

    “Entirely possible,” Pete said. Clark wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation though. His eyes were fixed on Chloe and the boy she was talking to. She was smiling, and not just one of those fake polite smiles that she gave to most of the people at their school.

    “Who’s that Chloe is talking to?” Clark asked. Lana and Pete both turned around to see Chloe talking to a tall and muscular young man who’s back was to them. Pete looked back at Clark and shrugged.

    “Dunno,” Pete said. “Kind of hard to tell when you can’t see his face.” Clark smiled.

    “Good point,” Clark said. Lana kept staring at the couple. “Lana?” Clark asked. Lana swung her head back around and looked a little flustered.

    “Oh, sorry,” she said. “I think it’s Chance.” Clark and Pete exchanged a look.

    “How can you tell?” Clark asked. Lana blushed and Pete smiled and shook his head. Clark’s mouth dropped open slightly in understanding.

    “Oh,” Clark said as a blush rose to his cheeks. “Changing the topic now.” Lana smiled and covered her face with her hands.

    “Sorry,” she said. “It’s just…”

    “Every chick in school is hot for the guy,” Pete finished for her. Lana gave a mock scowl.

    “I’m not,” she argued. Pete grinned.

    “Uh huh,” he said sarcastically. “This from the girl who could recognize the guy by his, ahem, backside.” Lana looked mortified and flopped her head down on the table. Pete chuckled and Clark smiled uneasily and shook his head. He looked up again and Chloe was on her way over to their table.

    “Hey guys,” Chloe greeted cheerfully and took a seat next to Clark. She quickly took note of the expressions on their faces. “Okay, what’s going on?” Pete’s grin turned into a smile.

    “We noticed you were talking to Chance,” he said with glee in his voice. It was the kind of glee that can only be described as a brother finding out something to endlessly tease his sister about. Chloe didn’t notice his excitement and she smiled.

    “He’s thinking about joining the Torch. Isn’t that great?” She commented. Lana’s eyes lit up.

    “Really?” Lana asked. Chloe laughed at Lana’s expression.

    “Down girl,” Chloe joked. “Seriously though, it will be great if he decides to join up. He’s in my English class and he’s a really gifted writer.”

    “Easy on the eyes too,” Lana chimed in. Chloe laughed and Pete grinned.

    “Yeah, Lana was able to tell it was him you were talking to just by…” Lana covering his mouth with her hand cut off Pete’s words. Chloe raised an eyebrow and Clark looked over at her.

    “You don’t want to know,” Clark said. Chloe nodded once.

    “Okay,” she said, agreeing to blow off the subject. None of them noticed that they were being watched. Chance was leaning against a wall observing the group with curiosity and a hint of mischief. He had been developing…abilities…lately, and he decided he was going to start putting them to full use. ‘Starting with them,’ he thought.

    Later that day, at the Talon, Chloe couldn’t stand it anymore. She had been running over different scenarios in her head about what Pete was going to say at lunch before Lana stopped him, and her investigative nature was getting the better of her. She decided to corner Lana and find out.

    “So what was that whole thing with you and Pete earlier?” Chloe asked.

    “What do you mean?” Lana answered. Chloe noticed that she avoided looking her in the eye and she grinned.

    “I mean the whole teasing each other, banter thing,” Chloe explained, even though it wasn’t necessary. She paused and tilted her head at Lana. “Do you like him?” Lana’s eyes widened at the suspicious tone lining Chloe’s question.

    “Of course I like him, he’s Pete, everybody likes him,” Lana rambled. Chloe chuckled.

    “Uh huh,” Chloe said. Lana put her stubborn face on.

    “Just because you talk to…”

    “Banter,” Chloe interrupted. Lana rolled her eyes.

    “Banter,” she repeated. “Just because you banter with a guy, it doesn’t mean you like him. You and Lex banter.” Chloe smiled.

    “That’s different, and you’re changing the topic,” Chloe pointed out. Lana put her hands on her hips.

    “How is that different?” She asked. Chloe shrugged.

    “My banter with Lex is founded in our mutual dislike for each other’s positions in life,” Chloe said. “I’m a reporter, he’s a ruthless and immoral billionaire. We’re just always going to be at odds.” Lana looked at her in disbelief.

    “I can’t believe you just said that with a straight face,” she said. Chloe smiled and sipped her coffee.

    “I’m talented,” Chloe said. Lana chuckled.

    “Yeah, well don’t look now, but your banter buddy just walked in,” Lana smiled and gave a little wave to Lex. Chloe groaned. Generally she was fine being in the same room with him, but lately it seemed like he was going out of his way to annoy her. She didn’t know how much more she could take before she just kneed him in the balls and walked away. “Hi Lex,” Lana greeted. Lex took nodded once and smiled at Lana, and then sat down next to Chloe.

    “Lana, Chloe,” he said. Chloe grinned and took a drink of her coffee. “So what were you ladies just talking about?” The corners of Lana’s lips curled upward.

    “You actually,” she said. Chloe started to choke on her coffee.

    “Not true,” Chloe objected. “We were talking about you liking Pete and you changed the topic to Lex.” Lex looked back and forth between the two girls with amusement.

    “That must have been an interesting segway,” he commented. “I’d love to hear it.”

    “Well,” Lana started. “Chloe said that I liked Pete because we’ve been…bantering.” She gave Chloe a look and Chloe smiled. “And I said that just because you talk that way with a guy doesn’t mean that you like him. Then I gave the example of you and her.” Lex grinned at Chloe.

    “So you’re not secretly pining away for me Chloe?” He teased. Chloe started laughing and Lana rolled her eyes.

    “Fine, fine, I get it,” Lana said. “Make fun of me, I don’t care.” Chloe smiled and tilted her head at Lex.

    “She’s actually giving us permission, I think that might ruin it,” she said. Lex chuckled. Chloe looked back at Lana and missed the gleam in Lex’s eye.

    “I think you’re right,” Lex agreed. Lana’s eyes grew wider when she saw someone walk into the Talon.

    “Uh oh,” Chloe said. “She’s got that look.” Chloe and Lex both turned around to see who Lana was ogling. “Hey Chance,” Chloe greeted. Lex tried to hide his frown. He didn’t recognize the boy, but he could see that he was good looking and was going to take Chloe’s attention away from him. Chance walked over with a big smile on his face. He held out a computer disk for her. “What’s this?”

    “You said you wanted a writing sample,” he answered. Chloe laughed.

    “I didn’t mean right away,” she said. “You could have gotten this to me any time.” Chance shrugged. Chloe took the disk and Chance took the opportunity to brush his fingers over hers. Lex’s frown turned into a scowl, but no one was paying attention. Chloe felt a strange tingle move through her when Chance touched her, but she brushed it off as nothing. Lex cleared his throat and Chloe and Chance looked over at him. ‘Wow!’ Chloe thought. She didn’t know why, but Lex seemed incredibly attractive all of a sudden, even more so than usual. She tried to push aside her somewhat newfound urge to jump him where he was. “Sorry,” Chloe mumbled. “Chance Young, this is Lex Luthor.”

    The two shook hands and Lex felt the same tingle Chloe had felt. He looked over at her and felt his heart pounding in his chest. Their eyes locked and Lex swiftly moved to pull her into his arms. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. Chance smirked and nodded once at Lana, who stood there gawking at the couple with her mouth open in shock.

    “They’re cute together, don’t you think?”

    Ch. 2

    “Guys!” Lana shouted in a panicked voice. She ran to the other side of the counter to see if she could break them up. Chloe and Lex ignored her. Lex pushed Chloe up against the counter and began running his fingers up under the base of her shirt. Lana’s eyes grew bigger than they already were. “Stop it!” Chloe and Lex kept kissing as the rest of the Talon’s clientele looked on in amusement. Lana blushed in embarrassment.

    “What the hell?!” Pete’s voice snapped Lana out of her stupor and she looked over to see that Clark and Pete had just entered the building. Lana ran over to them.

    “Do something,” she pleaded. “One minute they were normal, and the next they,” she motioned to the couple making out, “well, see?” Clark’s eyebrows rose when he noticed where Lex’s hand was. Pete charged over to them and grabbed Lex’s arm, trying to force him away from Chloe.

    “Get away from her Luthor,” he said angrily. Lex swatted off his hand like it was nothing. Chloe tore her lips away from Lex’s mouth so she could breathe. “Chloe, what’s going on?” Pete asked. Chloe took in gulps of air and barely registered that someone was talking to her. “Chloe!” Pete repeated loudly. Chloe glanced over at him and furrowed his brow.

    “Pete,” she said. “When did you get here?” Lex stood behind Chloe and wrapped his arms around her waist. He brought his mouth down to her neck and gently started to gently nibble at it. Chloe closed her eyes and let out a small moan as she leaned back against him. She brought her hand up around to the back of his head to try and keep him there.

    “I love you Chloe,” he murmured against the soft skin of her neck. Chloe turned around, now completely oblivious to anyone else in the room, and kissed Lex again. Her friends looked on in horror.

    “Something really weird is going on,” Clark commented. Pete briefly glanced at him.

    “Clark Kent, master of the obvious,” he said sarcastically. “The question is: what do we do about it?” Lana was wringing her hands and frowned.

    “They weren’t like this before,” she started to ramble. “They were completely normal, just talking, and then all of a sudden they just started to make out. I don’t get it.”

    “What were they talking about before they started to…” Clark trailed off and he grimaced as he watched Lex and Chloe clearly doing battle with their tongues. “I mean, maybe something set them off.” Lana tried to remember what they had been talking about and then she started to blush.

    “Uh, well, I don’t see how that could be it,” she stammered. Pete shook his head and thought about walking over to try and stop them again.

    “Clark, you go, you’re stronger,” Pete mumbled. Clark raised an eyebrow at him and Pete gave him a knowing look and motioned to the couple with his head. “It’s Chloe,” he urged. “There’s no way she’d be doing that with Lex in public, or ‘anywhere’ if she wasn’t under the influence of something.” Pete looked thoughtful. “You think he drugged her?” Clark tilted his head at Pete to indicate that he didn’t believe it was a possibility. Clark was just about to step forward when he heard someone.

    “I don’t know,” Chance said as he leaned up against the wall. “I think they’re kind of cute together.” Pete’s head whipped around at Chance’s comment.

    “Cute?” Pete asked incredulously. “No way!” He observed Chance’s laid back body language and narrowed his eyes at him. “You had something to do with this,” Pete said in an accusatory voice. Chance crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

    “I had something to do with what?” Chance asked in a faux innocent tone. Pete walked over to him and pointed to Chloe and Lex.

    “What did you do and how did you do it?” Pete asked. Chance just smiled. Clark noted that he looked awfully smug for someone who was claiming he didn’t have anything to do with the situation. He wondered if Chance could be material for Chloe’s ‘wall of weird’.

    “They seem to be doing things pretty well on their own,” Chance observed and tilted his head at the couple. “Is it legal to do that in public?” Pete, Clark, and Lana’s attention went back to Chloe and Lex. Lex was hiking up Chloe’s skirt with his hand and she was undoing his belt. Clark paled and Pete looked at him pleadingly. Clark nodded and walked over to Chloe and Lex. He pulled Lex away from Chloe with barely a tug. The couple breathed heavily and looked at each other through lust-laden eyes. Clark kept a firm grip on Lex’s arm to keep him from going back to kissing Chloe.

    “Maybe you guys need a breather,” Clark said carefully. Lex turned his head to look at him. Clark winced when he saw the menacing look Lex was giving him and released his hold on his arm. Clark barely managed to put on a fake grin. “I mean, it’s time for Chloe to go home now anyway.” Clark looked at Chloe. “Your dad’s going to be worried.” Chloe stared at Clark with a blank expression and absently ran her fingers along Lex’s arm.

    “He’s right,” she whimpered in a defeated tone. Lex pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. “Can you give me a ride home?” Lex grinned and nuzzled his face into her hair.

    “Of course,” he answered. Clark frowned.

    “I’ll give you a ride home Chlo,” Clark said. Lex shot him a warning glare, which he tried to ignore. “I live closer to her,” Clark explained. “You’d be going out of your way if you took her home.” Lex squared his jaw, but quickly let go of his defensive posture with Chloe’s next statement.

    “But I don’t want you to take me home,” she said to Clark. “I want Lex to take me home.” Pete raised his eyebrows and turned to Lana.

    “Chloe’s turning down a ride from Clark?” He asked in disbelief and promptly shook his head. Then he looked back over at Chance, who still seemed to be enjoying the entire scene in front of him. Pete glared at him. “I don’t know how you did it, but you need to fix it. Now!” Chance smirked.

    “You need calm down Ross,” Chance said. “Take some anger management classes or something.” Pete continued to glare at him Lana noticed him clenching his hands into fists.

    ‘Great,’ she thought sarcastically. ‘First Chloe and Lex go off the deep end and now a fist fight.’ Chance pushed himself away from the wall. He placed his hands on Pete and Lana’s bare arms.

    “They’re in love, let it go.” His brief, yet intended, contact with their arms sent the same strange tingle through them that Chloe and Lex had felt. Pete and Lana looked at each other and quickly began kissing. Chance smiled and took the opportunity to walk out the front door.

    In the mean time, Clark had been trying to convince Chloe and Lex that they weren’t really in love and that whatever it was that was affecting them would wear off soon. He was unsuccessful. Clark sighed.

    “I could use some help here guys,” Clark said over his shoulder. He turned around to face Pete and Lana. His eyes, almost cartoon-like, practically popped out of his head. “Guys?” ‘This isn’t happening,’ he thought as he watched Lana and Pete kiss. He felt his heart constricting and he tried to shake off the feeling of hopelessness that had suddenly overwhelmed him. He was stuck between Chloe and Lex, and his best friend with the girl he had a crush on. He cringed. Clark thought back to what Pete said earlier. He had been blaming Chance. Clark quickly looked around, but saw no sign of him. ‘I have to find him,’ Clark thought.

    He looked at the two couples and ran a hand through his hair in hesitation. Clark didn’t want to just leave them there like that, but he figured that he wasn’t really doing any good being there anyway. He sped out of the Talon and went to search for Chance. It didn’t take long, even if he hadn’t been using his super speed. Clark spotted Chance’s car at a stoplight and ran over to it. He knocked on the driver’s side window and Chance glanced over at him in surprise. Clark motioned for him to pull over after the stoplight turned and Chance nodded in acquiescence. Clark walked over to the sidewalk and waited for Chance. Chance pulled over where Clark was standing and got out of the car.

    “Kent right?” Chance asked. Clark nodded. “What’s up?” Clark took a deep breath and tried to think of how to phrase what he needed to say.

    “I’m not sure where to start,” Clark admitted. Chance raised an eyebrow. “Did you have anything to do with Chloe and Lex and, ya know?” A sly grin spread across Chance’s lips.

    “Are all of you paranoid? Or is it just you and Ross?” Chance quipped. Clark tilted his head at him and Chance shrugged. “What if I did? It’s not like there’s anything you can do about it. And besides, I didn’t hear them complaining.” A smirk rivaling one of Lex’s showed up on Chance’s face.

    “You have to return them to normal,” Clark said in an authoritative voice that he hadn’t realized he possessed. “It’s the right thing to do.” Chance laughed.

    “I don’t about that,” Chance said. “They seemed pretty happy. And who am I to get in the way of ‘true love’?” Clark didn’t laugh and the smile on Chance’s face slipped to a mere grin. “I don’t know if I can make it like it was or not,” he admitted. “Can’t say that I’ve ever tried.” Clark stared at him in disbelief.

    “Well you’re going back there to try,” Clark ordered. His feelings had passed the point of embarrassment and despair, and were now based in complete anger. How could Chance have just screwed around with his friends’ lives like that? Not to mention the fact that the image of Lana and Pete kissing was a little more than he could rationally handle. Chance raised his eyebrows at Clark’s tone.

    “Maybe later,” Chance said. “I have to go home right now.” He turned around to head back to his car and Clark grabbed his arm to stop him. The small amount of skin contact between Clark’s hand and Chance’s t-shirt clad arm was enough for Chance to use his newfound gift. Clark pulled his hand away like he had been stung and looked at it as the veins popped up red. He tried to hide it from Chance, but Chance seemed fascinated by Clark’s reaction. “Huh,” Chance said. “Never had that happen before.”

    Ch. 3

    “What’s up with you Kent?” Chance asked. He was suspicious at Clark’s reaction to his abilities. Clark looked up from his hand at him with a strange expression on his face.

    “Nothing,” Clark said in a completely laid back manner. Chance creased his brow. Clark had gone from ‘about ready to kill him’ to ‘not a care in the world’ in a matter of seconds. He thought his abilities only extended to tampering with the romantic feelings of others. In fact, he had been trying to get Clark to act on the feelings he thought he had for Lana, because he knew it would get him off his case and back to the Talon right away.

    “Nothing?” Chance repeated. Clark smiled dumbly and patted Chance on the back. Chance stumbled forward slightly at the impact and stared at Clark.

    “I feel great,” Clark said. Chance watched Clark look around at the trees, flowers, buildings, and sky.

    “Great,” Chance reiterated. He raised an eyebrow in surprise and amusement. To a casual observer, it would appear that Clark was on some mood-altering drug.

    “Yeah,” Clark answered. “I think I’m gonna go for a walk,” Clark mused. A smile crept across Chance’s lips and he chuckled.

    “Okay buddy,” Chance said. “Have a good day.” Clark smiled, but he was already wandering off and didn’t look back at Chance.

    “You too,” Clark said and waved his hand in the air to the boy behind him. Chance shook his head.

    ‘Well, at least he won’t turn me in,’ he thought. ‘But there is definitely something going on with him.’

    Meanwhile, back at the Talon, the other customers had gathered around to gawk at Chloe and Lex, and Lana and Pete. There were giggles, whistles, murmurs, and one uncouth boy from their school even loudly suggested that Pete should start undressing Lana right then and there. Lana finally got sick of it and pulled away from Pete, only to have him give her a heartbroken expression.

    “That’s it!” Lana yelled. “Everybody out! We’re closing early!” She shooed the people out and turned around to see that Chloe and Lex were still there, completely unaware that anyone else had even been in the room. She put two fingers to her mouth and whistled. No response.

    Lex lifted Chloe up and she wrapped her legs around him, hiking her skirt to the point where it may as well have not even been there. Their tongues dueled and Lex walked her back to a back room. He kicked the door closed. Lana was about to say something, but the feeling of Pete’s fingertips suddenly caressing her stomach under her shirt made her stop. She took in a sharp breath. Pete started sucking on her earlobe and her eyes closed.

    “They took our spot,” she whined in a somewhat breathless voice. Pete grinned as he blew in her ear.

    “We’ll find a different spot,” he murmured. He ran his hand up further and skimmed his palm along her breast. Lana felt like she was melting and she nodded. “Lock the door.” Lana did as he instructed and closed the blinds too, all the while having Pete follow her around like he was glued to her body.

    Chloe and Lex seemed to be having no qualms about being so close to each other either. She was still on him, her legs around his waist, as he pushed her against a wall. She reached down and unzipped his pants. At the same time, Lex slid his hand up her thigh and tore her underwear off with little effort. Chloe made a mental note to ask him how he did that later. Lex nipped along her jaw and Chloe rested her head against the wall, reveling in the pleasure he was causing, and she mused that he wasn’t even inside her yet. She was pulled out of her thoughts by a warm, husky voice against her ear.

    “Tell me you love me,” he half whispered. Chloe could feel his erection against her inner thigh and her eyes fluttered closed.

    “I love you,” she said. Lex brought his mouth to hers and brushed their lips together. Chloe responded and ran her tongue along his bottom lip, at the same time raising her hips slightly to allow him entrance. She slowly lowered herself onto him. She winced at the pain, but the sensation quickly turned to pleasure and she let out a small moan. She gripped her hands onto his shoulders and allowed him to develop the rhythm.

    “So tight,” Lex murmured against her hair. They began to kiss again and Chloe started to move with him. Soon he felt her body quivering around him. She screamed his name and he thrust into her once more before he reached his own climax. Lex carefully lowered her to the floor. Her legs felt so shaky that she clung to him for balance. “Are you alright?” He asked in a concerned voice. Chloe grinned and nodded.

    “I’ll be fine,” she said. She frowned when she felt a sticky ooze running down her thighs. She looked down and saw blood. “Crap,” she muttered under her breath.

    “What’s wrong?” Lex asked. Chloe blushed and searched for her underwear, intentionally avoiding eye contact with him.

    “Nothing,” she lied. Chloe cursed under her breath when she found the ripped pair of panties. Lex frowned and noticed the blood. His eyes grew wide and he took her by surprise by wrapping his arms around her.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” he said. Chloe sighed.

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “You should have told me, we could have gone to my house, I could have made it special,” he rambled apologetically. Chloe smiled softly and moved her arms around him as she rested her head on his chest.

    “It was special,” she replied. Lex kissed her forehead. They turned their heads when they heard a rapping on the door. Chloe and Lex pulled apart, as if waking up from a daze. Lana opened the door and glared at them angrily.

    “Out!” She ordered. Lex looked at her questioningly and she put her hands on her hips. “I’m sure you two can find room to do stuff somewhere in your ‘castle’,” Lana said. Pete stood behind her with a determined look on his face. Lex surmised that Lana and Pete hadn’t been as lucky in securing a spot for their activities. Lex grinned and looked down at Chloe. Chloe nodded and patted his chest with her hand as she pushed away from him.

    “Sounds good,” Chloe agreed. “Bye guys.” Lex followed Chloe out the door and heard it slam behind them. Lex wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled his face against her neck.

    “My house?” He asked. She closed her eyes and sighed. There was nothing more she would love than to just stay in his arms, but for some reason a nagging thought crept up on her.

    “My dad is expecting me to come home,” she responded sadly. Her eyes flew open and her breathing turned ragged when Lex licked along a vein in her neck.

    “You could call him, tell him you got tied up,” he suggested. Chloe grinned.

    “I don’t know, I’ve always pictured myself more as the dominatrix,” she replied. Lex arched an eyebrow. That hadn’t been what he meant, but that image flitted through his mind and he found himself only wanting her more. He groaned and pulled her backside against him. Lex found a spot on her neck and fastened his lips on it. He started to suck on the sensitive skin and Chloe bit her lip. She pushed his head against her and he took the hint to suck harder. Chloe let out a small moan and he let go, trying to catch his breath.

    “You can call your dad on the way to my house, just tell him something came up,” Lex murmured. Chloe nodded, and smiled to herself at what probably wasn’t intended as a double entendre. They reached his car and Lex opened the door for her. She frowned. “What’s wrong?”

    “You don’t think Clark would tell my dad do you?” She asked. Lex raised an eyebrow.

    “You don’t want your dad to know about us?” He asked in a hurt voice. Chloe gave him a compensatory smile and shook her head.

    “No, I want him to know,” she argued. “I just thought that we should be the ones to tell him.” Chloe slipped into the passenger’s seat and Lex closed the door. He climbed in the driver’s side and looked over at her.

    “I understand,” he said as he started the car. “We’ll go to your house first.”

    Ch. 4

    “Stop overreacting,” Chloe said and kissed Lex on the cheek. The entire drive to her house he had been talking about how her father would disapprove and probably try to kill him for dating his daughter. They were now standing on the doorstep and Chloe had grown tired of having the same conversation for the last fifteen minutes. “He likes you, and it’s not like you don’t know him already. You see him almost every day at work.” Lex straightened his tie and gave her an exasperated look.

    “It’s hardly the same thing,” he tried to explain to her yet again. The corners of her lips curled upward into a quirky grin.

    “I guess you’re right,” she said with a mock sigh. “Maybe it would just be better if we didn’t see each other anymore. Lex narrowed his eyes at her and quickly wrapped an arm around her waist, bringing her to him.

    “That’s not funny,” he said. Chloe burst out laughing and he silenced her with a kiss. She smiled when she pulled away.

    “Feeling better?” She asked. Lex grinned.

    “A little,” he admitted. Chloe smiled.

    “Good,” she said and kissed him again. “Because we’re just telling him that we’re seeing each other.” Lex wondered how she managed to pull off such a non-chalant tone of voice. “It’s not like you’re asking him for my hand in marriage or anything.” He smirked and placed his hands on the door on either side of her, effectively trapping her where she stood.

    Chloe moved her hands up his chest and around his neck as he pushed her back up against the door. One of his hands slid to the side of her to keep his balance and he inadvertently pushed the doorbell, but in their lust, neither of them noticed. Lex was just sliding his tongue into her mouth when the door swung open and they fell forward. Gabe Sullivan stood over them with a confused expression on his face. He crossed his arms and creased his brow at Lex.

    “I have a feeling that I’m going to regret asking this, but why are you on top of my daughter?” Gabe asked. Lex quickly pushed himself off of Chloe and offered her a hand up. She smiled nervously at her dad.

    “You opened the door too fast,” she offered as an explanation. Unfortunately for her, it came out as more of a question than a statement. Gabe raised an eyebrow at her and gave her a stern look. Lex cleared his throat and placed a hand on the small of her back as non-verbal support.

    “We came over here with the intention of—“

    “I don’t want to know what your intentions were Mr. Luthor,” Gabe said in a serious voice. Chloe frowned at him and gripped Lex’s arm with her hands.

    “Dad!” She protested. Chloe took a deep breath to steady herself. “We love each other.” Gabe’s eyes grew wide and angry.

    “You’re joking right?” Gabe asked. “Please tell me you’re joking,” he pleaded. Lex gave the man a compensatory grin.

    “I know this must come as a surprise to you,” Lex started. “But I’ll take care of her.” Gabe closed his eyes for a moment to try and settle himself.

    “I think you should leave Mr. Luthor,” Gabe said in his calmest voice possible. “I don’t want to say something that I might regret later, but I’m having a difficult time seeing the two of you – touching,” he said the last part uncomfortably. Both Chloe and Lex frowned and turned to face each other. Chloe’s eyes began to well up with tears and Lex leaned down to kiss her. They ignored Gabe clearing his throat.

    “Come with me,” Lex half whispered. Chloe gave him a quick peck on the lips and shook her head.

    “I can’t,” she replied. He wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb.

    “He just doesn’t want to see us together, we can be at my house and he wouldn’t see us at all,” Lex insisted. Chloe grinned and kissed him again. Gabe watched the whole display with incredible uneasiness. He chuckled nervously, and it came out louder than he intended.

    “Okay, I get it,” Gabe said. “This is like some big practical joke. Ha ha,” he said dryly. “You got me. You can stop it now.” Chloe and Lex kept their gazes intent on each other and Gabe looked like he was going to be ill. He walked over and pulled Chloe away from Lex. “Just leave,” he told Lex without looking him in the eye.


    Clark strolled in through the back door of his house, greeted by the smell of his mother baking pies. He smiled broadly at her and came over to envelop her in a large hug. She looked up at him with confusion.

    “Clark,” she started as she pulled away from him. “Are you okay? Your father and I have been worried about you. You were supposed to be home for chores over an hour ago.” Clark kept the dopy grin on his face and just shrugged as he went to sit down.

    “I guess I forgot,” he offered with no real remorse. Martha Kent arched an eyebrow at him.

    “You forgot,” she repeated. He smiled and nodded.

    “The sun is shining and I felt like a walk,” he explained in a happy voice. Martha creased her brow in concern. She walked over to him and placed the back of her hand against his forehead to check for a temperature. He had never been sick a day in his life, but there could always be a first time.

    ‘His temp seems normal,’ she thought to herself. ‘Maybe he’s on something, or he’s being influenced by more meteor rocks.’ She grinned gently and carefully at him. “Son, you haven’t had any more exposure to class rings or anything like that, right?” Jonathan walked in as she was asking the question and he furrowed his brow at her.

    “What’s going on?” He asked. Martha pulled him aside and spoke in a whispered voice.

    “He’s acting really weird,” she said. “He came home late for chores and said it was because he wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine.” Jonathan arched an eyebrow and cast a glance over at his son. Clark was following some dust particles in the sunlight with his eyes, and he seemed to be highly amused by it. Both of Jonathan’s eyebrows raised and he looked back at his wife.

    “So what are we thinking here?” He asked in the same hushed voice that they were speaking in before. “Meteor rocks?” Martha shrugged.

    “That’s my best guess, but I’ve never seen them affect him this way before. He almost seems like he’s high on something,” she answered. Jonathan frowned and looked at Clark again. He walked over to him and had to wave a hand in front of his face to get his attention.

    “Hi Clark,” Jonathan said uneasily. “How are you feeling?” Clark smiled and patted his dad on the arm as he rose from his seat. Jonathan flinched and rubbed the now sore spot that Clark unknowingly created.

    “I’m feeling great Dad,” Clark answered honestly. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt better.” Jonathan nodded apprehensively.

    “I see,” he said. “And what’s the cause for this,” Jonathan paused as he searched for the right term, “onset of happiness?” He slightly winced as the words came out of his mouth, but decided to ignore it. He wasn’t sure he could phrase it any better if he was given more time. What was he supposed to say? ‘Why are you acting all doped up?’ Clark walked over to the counter where the pies were laid out and opened a drawer to find a fork. When he found one, he held it up like it was a huge accomplishment.

    “I don’t know,” Clark admitted. “One minute I was really upset about Chloe and Lana, and the next minute, it was like nothing was wrong in the universe.” Martha and Jonathan shared a look.

    “What about Chloe and Lana?” Martha asked hesitantly. Clark shrugged and started digging into a hot pie with the fork he found moments earlier. Martha narrowed her eyes at him, but said nothing.

    “Chloe and Lex,” Clark started to answer, but stopped so he could shovel some pie into his mouth. “They’re dating,” he finished, food still in his mouth. “And Lana was upset about it because they were making out in the Talon.” He took another bite and missed the surprised and almost horrified expressions on his parents’ faces.

    “Chloe and Lex,” his mother repeated.

    “They’re dating?” Jonathan finished. Clark nodded and strolled over to the refrigerator in search of some milk.

    “And you’re okay with this?” Martha asked for clarification. Clark smiled.

    “They seem happy,” he said. Jonathan ran a hand over the back of his neck.

    “But Lana’s not happy about it?” He asked. ‘Thank God at least one of them still has a brain,’ he thought. Clark took another bite of pie and shrugged.

    “I don’t think she’s thinking about it anymore,” Clark said.

    “Why’s that?” Jonathan prodded. Clark shrugged again and gulped down his entire glass of milk. Martha frowned and crossed her arms at his behavior.

    “Pete took her mind off it,” Clark answered non-chalantly. Martha’s eyes widened.

    “Pete’s okay with Chloe and Lex seeing each other?” She asked with no small amount of surprise.

    “He is now,” Clark answered. “He and Lana are going out now too.” Martha and Jonathan looked at each other. Martha tilted her head toward her husband.

    “Maybe he’s just in shock,” she said in a hushed voice.

    “Maybe,” Jonathan agreed, but he didn’t look convinced. He turned his attention back to Clark. “So what made you okay with all this?” Clark smiled and set the empty pie tin down on the counter.

    “I had a talk with Chance,” he responded.

    “Chance,” his mother repeated. “Like luck, fate?” Clark started laughing.

    “No,” he said and shook his head. “Chance is a kid in our class.”

    “Oh,” Martha replied. “And what did he say?”

    “Well, at first I was really mad at him because I thought he had something to do with Chloe and Lana acting weird,” Clark said and then began to laugh. “And then he said that he didn’t know if he could fix it.” Clark frowned ever so slightly. “I grabbed his arm, I hope I didn’t hurt him,” he said in a manner indicating that he was clearly sidetracked from his original line of thinking. Jonathan cleared his throat and Clark looked over at him.

    “And then?” Jonathan asked, giving him a look that said to continue. Clark thought for a moment and then smiled.

    “Oh yeah,” Clark mused. “When I grabbed his arm, the veins in my hand looked really weird for a minute, but now I feel great.” Jonathan frowned and gave him a stern look as he crossed his arms.

    “I see,” Jonathan said. He was about to suggest that they hunt down Clark’s classmate when the phone rang. Martha walked by Clark to answer it.

    “Hello?” She greeted in a less than cheerful voice.

    “Martha, it’s Gabe,” Gabe Sullivan said on the other end of the line. Martha ran a hand through her hair and sighed.

    “I think I know why you called,” she said.

    “I doubt that,” Gabe replied.

    “Chloe and Lex are dating,” she said. Gabe paled.

    “You knew?” He asked accusingly. Martha shook her head.

    “Clark just told us,” she responded. “And he’s acting really strange too, as well as Pete and Lana.” Gabe raised his eyebrows.

    “Oh,” he said.

    “But we think we know who might be responsible,” Martha said quickly. “So don’t do anything rash.”

    Ch. 5

    Gabe listened to Martha explain her theory over the phone. It sounded ridiculous, but with everything that Chloe had run into in Smallville, he wasn’t going to rule anything out.

    “So what’s the plan then?” Gabe asked. “We find this kid and make him fix everything?”

    “Well, pretty much,” Martha said with a frown. “I guess I hadn’t thought it out that far. But he shouldn’t be too hard to find. We can get his address from the school if it’s not listed in the phone book.” She heard Gabe sigh.

    “Alright,” he agreed. Martha paused for a minute in thoughtfulness.

    “We should probably have someone look after the kids, you know, to make sure they don’t do anything,” Martha said hesitantly. Gabe grumbled.

    “It’ll have to be one of you then,” he said. “I got my fill of watching Chloe and Mr. Luthor moon all over each other for a lifetime.” Martha bit her lip to keep from chuckling.

    “I’ll do it,” she said. “I have a feeling that Chance will be more intimidated if you and Jonathan show up at his door.”

    “Especially if Jonathan has his shotgun with him,” Gabe said with a smile. Martha laughed.

    “Yeah,” she said in agreement. “Not that I encourage that sort of thing on a regular basis,” she quickly added.

    “Special circumstances,” Gabe said.

    “Exactly. Now we just have to round up the kids into one spot,” Martha said. “Is Lex still at your house?”

    “No,” Gabe replied. “I couldn’t – I just couldn’t watch that.”

    “It’s okay, I understand. How about we get them together at The Talon? It’s a nice neutral spot. Do you think you can get Lex there?” Martha asked. Gabe rolled his eyes.

    “Sure,” he said. “All I have to do is tell him that my daughter will be there.”

    “Okay, we’ll bring Clark and try and find Lana and Pete,” Martha said. After a moment she added, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be back to normal soon.” Gabe and Martha said their goodbyes and ended the call. Gabe stared at the stairs and sighed before calling out for Chloe.

    “Chloe!” Gabe yelled. No response. ‘She must still be mad at me,’ he thought. He started to climb the stairs. “Chloe,” he called out again. “Sweetheart, Mrs. Kent has an idea as to why you and Lex are acting this way.” Still no response. Gabe frowned. He thought he would get a reaction out of her for saying that. He reached her door and gently rapped on it. “Chloe, you need to come out now.” Gabe paused. “You can see Lex,” he said, and hoped that she didn’t hear the wince that came through in his voice.
    He furrowed his brow. “Chloe?”

    Gabe knocked on the door again, but no one answered. He tested the doorknob and it wasn’t locked. Gabe opened the door slowly to look for his daughter. He half expected her to be crying into her pillow with the theatrics she had put on about losing Lex earlier, but she wasn’t there. Chloe wasn’t anywhere in her room. Gabe cursed when he saw that the window was partially open, but at least he had a good idea of where she went. He went over to the phone in her room to call a number that he knew only too well. He listened to it ring four times before the voice mail picked it up.

    “Please leave your numerical message at the tone,” the voice taunted. Gabe clenched his free hand into a fist and then released it. What made him think that Lex would be answering the phone when he had his daughter with him? He shook his head a little and punched in his cell phone number. Gabe wasn’t about to sit around the house and wait for a phone call that might never come. His next action was to call the Kents back.

    “Hello,” Jonathan’s voice greeted in a gruff voice.

    “She’s gone,” Gabe said. Jonathan frowned as he looked at his wife.

    “Chloe?” Jonathan asked to verify. Gabe sighed.

    “Yeah,” he confirmed.

    “You think she’s with Luthor?” Jonathan asked in a menacing tone. Gabe let one corner of his mouth turn upward.

    “Yes,” he said. The anger lining his voice wasn’t lost on Jonathan.

    “It’s bad isn’t it?” He asked. Gabe rubbed his temple.

    “Very bad,” Gabe confirmed. Jonathan pursed his lips and gave a curt nod.

    “Right,” Jonathan said. “Well then, influence or no influence, I say we kill him.” Gabe could hear Martha protesting in the background and he grinned.

    “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Gabe said.

    “Do you know where they went?” Jonathan asked.

    “I’m guessing his house,” Gabe said with a scoff that was mimicked by Jonathan’s own at the absurdity of calling Lex’s dwelling a house. “He’s not answering his cell phone. I left a message, but he hasn’t called me back.”

    “Of course not,” Jonathan added.

    “I was just about to go over there now,” Gabe said. Jonathan frowned and breathed deeply.

    “I doubt that would do much good Gabe,” he said. “He’s got a lot of security around that place, and if he’s half as attached to Chloe as you and Clark say he is, I don’t think they’ll be letting you in to break their boss and his girlfriend up.”

    “What do you suggest I do then?” Gabe asked and ran a hand through his hair. “I can’t just sit here and do nothing.” He paused for a moment as a look of displeasure crossed his face. “God Jonathan, what if he’s, what if they’re, ya know?” Jonathan’s eyebrows shot up.

    “You don’t think she would do you?” Jonathan asked. “I mean, even under this Chance kid’s influence, she’s got to still have some part of her brain in there.” He cringed as he watched Clark on the lawn. He was spinning around in circles with his arms out and then falling to the ground laughing giddily. ‘I’d better not tell him about that,’ Jonathan thought to himself. “I think the best thing we can do right now is find the boy responsible for all this. We’ll just take him around until he fixes everybody.”

    “Good idea,” Gabe said. “Where do you want to meet?”

    “Hold on a sec,” Jonathan said and motioned for Martha to give him the slip of paper she had written Chance’s address on. He gave him the address and told him he was on his way. Both of them hoped they could get to him in time. Gabe rushed to his car and began to drive toward Chance’s house. His cell phone started to ring and he picked it up.

    “Sullivan,” he answered rapidly. It was such a habit to answer by his last name since most of the calls he received on his cell phone were about work.

    “You called,” Lex responded. Gabe clenched his jaw to keep from yelling at Lex.

    “Do you have my daughter?” Gabe asked in a calm of voice as he could muster. Lex glanced over at Chloe, who was now sitting comfortably on the couch next to him. She grinned and leaned her head against his shoulder. Lex wrapped his arm around her and kissed her hair.

    “Please don’t be angry Gabe,” Lex said. “I have the utmost respect for you, but I love her. I couldn’t just leave her there.” Gabe grimaced.

    “I see,” he managed to say. “What you’re feeling isn’t real,” Gabe said, getting directly to the point. “You should know that you’re both under someone else’s influence.” Gabe could practically hear Lex smirking over the phone.

    “Do you know who this someone is? I’ll have to remember to thank them,” Lex said. Chloe gave him a kiss on the cheek and he turned his lips to meet hers. They peppered each other’s mouths with soft kisses before the longing became too much and Gabe could hear Lex starting to breath heavier.

    “Lex?” Gabe questioned in a warning voice. Lex’s eyes grew wide as Chloe began to take off her shirt.

    “I have to go now,” he said quickly.

    “Lex, wait! I don’t suppose we could talk about this on neutral ground?” Gabe asked. “The Talon maybe?”

    “I think that can be arranged,” Lex replied. “We can be there in a couple of hours.” He smiled at Chloe and started to take off his own shirt.

    “One hour,” Gabe countered. Lex gave a curt nod, even though Gabe couldn’t see it.

    “We’ll meet you there,” Lex said and clicked off his phone. He looked over at Chloe. “Your father wants to meet us at The Talon.” Chloe’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “Something about neutral ground,” Lex said with a smirk. Chloe smiled brightly at him.

    “Well,” she said and then slightly paused as she slid the rest of his shirt off of his arms, “what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Lex’s smirk turned into a smile. He leaned over and kissed her passionately.

    “My thoughts exactly,” Lex said.


    When Gabe arrived at Chance’s house, Jonathan was already waiting. They nodded to each other and made their way up to the front door. Jonathan rang the bell.

    “I don’t suppose you brought your gun?” Gabe asked with a grin. Jonathan grinned back and crossed his arms.

    “In the truck,” he replied. The door opened and Chance briefly looked at the two men before leaning against the door frame.

    “Ah, the cavalry has arrived,” Chance said with a smile. Jonathan glared at him.

    “I don’t know what you did to our kids, but you’re going to fix it young man,” he said sternly. Chance raised an eyebrow at his tone.

    “Please?” He responded sarcastically. The two men kept their mean stares fixed on him and he rolled his eyes. “I don’t know if I can.”

    “Try,” Gabe said. Chance smiled at him.

    “Maybe you should give it a few days, see if it wears off,” he suggested. Chance wasn’t expecting what came next. Jonathan reached out and grabbed his shirt, causing him to trip and fall onto the sidewalk. “Ouch,” Chance said, standing up and rubbing his arm. “That wasn’t necessary.”

    “Now!” Jonathan said angrily. Chance scowled at them.

    “Fine,” he agreed.

    “Good,” Jonathan said. “Get in the truck.”

    “I have a car,” Chance protested.

    “I don’t care if you have a god damned airplane,” Jonathan said. “Get in the truck!” Chance frowned, but started to walk to the truck.

    “Take him to see Clark first,” Gabe said. Jonathan was surprised.

    “You sure?” He asked.

    “Yeah,” Gabe said. “I’ll meet you at The Talon.” Jonathan nodded and closed the truck door after Chance climbed inside. Jonathan climbed into the driver’s side and Chance motioned to the rifle hanging from the back window of the cab.

    “Were you going to shoot me?” Chance asked in a teasing voice.

    “Only if I had to,” Jonathan replied in a completely serious tone. Chance’s eyes grew a little larger and he sat back against the seat stiffly.


    Ch. 6

    Gabe drove to The Talon to wait for Chloe and Lex. He parked his car and walked up to the front door, furrowing his brow when he saw the ‘we’re closed’ sign hanging in the window. He glanced at his watch and then back to the door. They should be open. He could hear voices from inside and he decided to knock on the door. There was no answer. Gabe sighed and knocked again. This seemed entirely too familiar. He saw someone peek at him through the blinds and then he heard the locks starting to open. Lana opened the door and gave him a feeble attempt at a smile. She was blushing furiously and her clothes were disheveled as if she had just thrown them on.

    “Hi Mr. Sullivan,” she greeted, the embarrassment even coming through in her voice. “What are you doing here?”

    “Why are you closed?” He responded as he raised an eyebrow at her and she blushed again.

    “Um,” she started. Lana shook her head and quickly turned around to glance at Pete. “I’m not sure you’d believe me,” she said. “Something really weird happened.” Gabe rolled his eyes.

    “You’re in love with Pete,” he finished for her. Lana’s eyes grew wide. “I heard.”

    “No!” She protested a little too quickly. A look of confusion crossed Gabe’s face. “I mean, I thought I was, but,” she shook her head again in disbelief at the situation. “It’s just weird. It’s like I was completely infatuated with him.”

    “Was? As in past tense?” Gabe asked hopefully. Lana nodded. Gabe let out a breath that he didn’t realize he had been holding in. “Thank God,” he mumbled. Lana creased her brow.

    “Why?” She asked. Gabe sighed and rubbed his eyes.

    “Chloe,” he said, hoping he wouldn’t have to go into any details. Lana’s eyes widened again.

    “Chloe! I forgot about Chloe!” She screamed. “Oh no! Is she okay?”

    “As okay as she can be given the circumstances,” he said with a grimace. Lana frowned and realized that they were still standing in the doorway.

    “I’m sorry, come on in,” she said. She opened the door wider and he walked in.

    “Thanks,” he said. “I should call Martha and Jonathan. We’ve all been very worried about you kids.” Lana nodded absently and tried to avoid eye contact. Gabe took out his cell phone and dialed the Kents’ number. He looked around The Talon while the phone was ringing. The first thing Gabe saw was Pete Ross, who looked just as embarrassed as Lana did. He gave the boy a small grin, but said nothing as a greeting as the other line picked up.

    “Hello?” Martha answered.

    “Martha, it’s Gabe,” he said. “I’m at The Talon. How’s Clark doing?” Martha looked over at her son.

    “About the same. Why?” She asked.

    “Lana and Pete,” Gabe responded. “Whatever was affecting them seems to have gone now.” He heard Martha let go a sigh of relief.

    “Oh, thank God,” she said. “Well, I just talked to Jonathan and he should be here any minute.”

    “Good,” Gabe said. “Let him know, will you?”

    “I will,” Martha said. “Thanks for letting me know.” The call ended and Gabe put his cell phone away. He glanced over at Lana and Pete, who seemed to be trying to stand as far away from each other as possible and he noticed that they were avoiding eye contact. He grinned.

    “I hope things didn’t get out of hand with you two,” Gabe teased. He noted that it was amazing how much his mood had lightened with the knowledge that whatever Chance had done had worn off, or was going to wear off. Lana and Pete exchanged a look that was a mixture of panic and embarrassment. Gabe narrowed his eyes at them and crossed his arms when he saw their reaction. “It did’t, did it?” Lana opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She swiftly looked over at Pete, hoping that he would be able to say something, but he shut his mouth too. Lana hesitantly glanced back over at Gabe and plastered a nervous smile on her lips.

    “You must have come here for some coffee,” she said, rushing her words out. “I’ll go get you some.” She quickly moved away from him and went behind the counter. Gabe frowned. This couldn’t be good.


    Jonathan pulled up next to the house and shot Chance a look that told him to get out of the truck. Chance and Jonathan both climbed out of the truck and walked toward the back door of the house. Martha opened the door, smiling at her husband. He raised an eyebrow at her.

    “Something I should know about?” He asked as he walked past her into the house.

    “Gabe called,” she said. “Pete and Lana are back to normal.” Jonathan looked like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders and he sat down. Chance smiled and tucked his hands into his pockets.

    “See? I told you that you should just wait it out,” he said a little too smugly. Both Jonathan and Martha glared at him and his smile faded.

    “Unfortunately, Clark’s still,” Martha paused, “loopy.” Jonathan ran a hand over his face and then he looked at Chance expectantly. Chance was about to roll his eyes when Clark came walking into the kitchen.

    “Hey Chance,” Clark said with a beaming smile.

    “Clark,” Chance acknowledged. ‘Okay, so he does seem a little off,’ Chance thought to himself. Jonathan cleared his throat and Chance sighed. “So how have you been feeling?”

    “Great,” Clark said.

    “Good,” Chance said. “I was a little worried about you when the veins in your hand wigged out earlier.” Clark nodded, but was still smiling.

    “Yeah, that was kind of strange,” he agreed.

    “Your hand’s okay now though, right?” Chance asked. Clark held out his hand for Chance to take a look at it. Chance barely touched it on the pretense of ‘examining it’ and the veins bulged out again with a distinctive red hue. Chance pulled his hand away as he saw Clark struggling with the affects. Clark looked up from his hand after it returned to normal. Chance took a couple of steps back, not wanting to take any chances if his abilities had caused Clark to act a different way instead of returning him to how he once was. Clark looked at his mom.

    “You said that Lana and Pete are back to normal?” He asked hopefully. She smiled broadly in relief and nodded.

    “And you?” She asked. Clark shook his head a little.

    “Yeah, I’m good,” he said. Jonathan buried his face in his hands for a moment and then got up from his chair to hug his son.

    “Good to have you back,” he said and patted Clark on the back as he hugged him. Clark grinned.

    “Thanks,” he said. Clark looked at his mom again with a nervous expression etched on his features. “What about Chloe and Lex?”

    “Gabe didn’t say,” Martha admitted. Quickly adding, “I’m sure they’ll be fine though.” Clark, Martha, and Jonathan all turned their heads toward Chance when they heard him snort. Chance smiled and shrugged.

    “Sorry,” he said. “But those two,” he paused when he felt the weight of their stares on him. “They didn’t need much of a push, if you know what I mean.” Jonathan crossed his arms and gave him a look of disbelief.

    “You’re saying that you think they were in love before you worked your little mojo thing on them?” Jonathan asked. He guffawed at the thought. Chance was offended.

    “I’m a good judge of people’s emotions Mr. Kent,” he said. “And no, I don’t think they were in love yet, but they were well on their way.” Clark raised his eyebrows and looked at his dad, who simply shook his head.

    “It doesn’t matter now,” Martha said, stepping in as the peace keeper. Jonathan nodded once.

    “You’re right,” he said, agreeing with Martha. He turned his attention back to Chance. “What matters now is what we’re going to do with you.” Chance furrowed his brow.

    “What do you mean?” He asked nervously.

    “Well, we can’t very well keep having you disrupt people’s lives like this,” Jonathan explained. Clark frowned.

    “He’s not crazy though Dad,” Clark said. “I mean, some of the other people we’ve run into who have been affected by the meteor rocks have turned into complete psychos.” Chance nodded in agreement.

    “Chloe’s wall of weird,” he said. “But I was just trying to spread a little love. Can’t fault a guy for that.” Jonathan glared at him and he looked away. “Or maybe you can,” he mumbled. Jonathan glanced back at Clark and Martha.

    “I think the best thing we can do is to let the authorities deal with this,” he said. Chance was unable to keep his chuckle from escaping his mouth. Jonathan raised an eyebrow at him and the chuckle turned into a full blown laugh.

    “I’m sorry,” Chance said as he was laughing. “But what are you going to tell them?” He asked. “This guy has the power to make people fall in love?” Chance laughed again. “They’ll never believe you.” Jonathan frowned and Clark grimaced.

    “He’s right Dad,” Clark said. Jonathan sighed and then glared at Chance menacingly.

    “I still have my gun,” he said. Chance paled and Martha rolled her eyes and came over to slap Jonathan’s arm.

    “Stop scaring the boy,” she said. Chance looked at her like she was his savior. “But no more, you know,” she said pointedly to Chance. He nodded.

    “Yes ma’am,” he agreed, only too happy to comply as long as it kept him alive. Jonathan looked at his watch and silently cursed to himself. Martha looked at him and he tilted his head at her.

    “I’m supposed to meet Gabe at The Talon in ten,” he explained. Martha nodded.

    “Go,” she said. She looked at Chance again. “And you behave.” He smiled at her and left through the door with Jonathan. Clark looked at his mom.

    “You don’t really think what he said was true do you?” He asked. She smiled at him.

    “What’s that sweetie?” Martha asked. Clark shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at the floor for a minute.

    “You know, about Chloe and Lex,” he said hesitantly. Martha chuckled and shook her head. She reached out and ran her hand up and down Clark’s arm comfortingly.

    “Of course not Clark,” she said. “Chloe would never be interested in Lex.”


    Lex pulled his car into an empty spot along the street. He felt the change in his body immediately when Chance’s power had worn off, but it didn’t change what he had been feeling toward Chloe for a while. He could only hope she felt the same. He grinned at her and went to open her door for her. Chloe accepted his hand to help her out of the car and nervously smiled at him.

    “So,” she said. He noticed that she was having a hard time looking into his eyes. “I guess we should talk.”

    Ch. 7

    Lex’s breath hitched slightly, but Chloe didn’t notice it. He put on a cool exterior and grinned at her.

    “Talking’s good, but right now we have to meet your dad,” he said. She looked at him questioningly and he leaned down to kiss her. Chloe suddenly wondered if he was still feeling whatever it was that she had been feeling earlier. She found herself returning his kiss and running her hands up his chest to get closer to him. Lex’s hands rested on her waist and her arms wrapped around his neck.

    ‘I shouldn’t be doing this,’ she thought to herself. His tongue darted out and ran along her lips begging for entrance. Chloe opened her mouth slightly to deepen the kiss and then they heard someone clearing their throat rather loudly. Chloe and Lex pulled away from the kiss and turned their heads to see a rather perturbed-looking Jonathan Kent standing there with Chance. Jonathan crossed his arms and then tilted his head at Chance.

    “Go on,” Jonathan said. Chance smiled at Chloe and Lex, already sensing that they were acting under their own volition now. As if Chloe could read Chance’s mind, she blushed and looked away. Lex grinned and kept one hand on the small of Chloe’s back. Jonathan motioned to Chance again. “Well?”

    “Well what?” Chance asked as his smile grew larger. He was about to tell Jonathan that they were already back to normal, but then the older man gave him a ferocious glare.

    “Fix them,” Jonathan responded in an irritated voice. Chance got a devilish grin on his face and shrugged.

    “Okay, but no promises,” he said. Chance took a few steps toward them and Lex moved in front of Chloe to block him.

    “Stay away from her,” Lex growled. He figured as long as he was acting as if he was still under Chance’s influence, that it was something he should do. That, and he didn’t really want Chance to touch Chloe. Chance grinned and held up his hands in mock surrender.

    “Easy,” he said to placate Lex. “I just wanted to say hi to her. She is my friend you know?” Lex glared at him, and kept his position in front of Chloe. Chance grinned and held out his hand. “Truce?” Lex raised an eyebrow at him, but then he noticed Chance’s impish smile and the gleam in his eye. He looked at him quizzically and Chance motioned to his hand. Lex’s lips curled into an understanding and conspiratorial smirk.

    “Truce,” Lex agreed and shook Chance’s hand. He felt the affects immediately and wanted nothing more than to be alone with Chloe. Chance smiled at Chloe and she grinned at him nervously. She was about to say how sorry she was for Lex’s behavior, but Chance reached out and palmed her cheek. Lex pushed Chance’s hand away. Lex barely noticed that he pushed him with such force that he stumbled backward toward Jonathan. Chance caught his footing and smiled at the site in front of him. Lex kissed Chloe with a demanding mouth. Both men on the sidelines could see the couple’s tongues gliding against each other; and Chance smirked, but Jonathan looked upon the scene with horror.

    “I told you to fix them,” he said angrily. Chance turned to look at him and shrugged.

    “And I told you no promises,” he reminded him. “I tried,” he lied smoothly. “Don’t worry; I’m sure it will wear off, just like it did with the others.” Jonathan was fuming, but he couldn’t do anything about it. To his eyes, Chance was right. He had seen him try. Jonathan grumbled some profanities under his breath and then looked at Chance again.

    “Alright, well, you’re going to be the one to break the news to her father,” Jonathan said. He motioned to The Talon with his head. “He’s in there.” Chance kept looking at Lex and Chloe. They were being very ‘hands on’, so to speak, for a couple he guessed would rarely be public with their affections in the future. He couldn’t help feeling a little like a voyeur when Lex backed Chloe up against his car and started to run his hand under her shirt. He was startled out of his thoughts by Jonathan’s next words. “Knock that off!” Chance grimaced and glanced at the older man. Jonathan motioned to The Talon again and Chance took the hint. He began to walk toward the coffee shop, but turned around when he realized that Jonathan wasn’t following him.

    “You’re not coming with me?” Chance asked in surprise. Jonathan snorted.

    “I doubt he’ll want witnesses,” he mumbled.

    “What?” Chance asked, not being sure of what he heard. Jonathan grinned to himself and crossed his arms again.

    “I need to keep an eye on them, make sure he doesn’t drag her off somewhere,” Jonathan said. Chance nodded and proceeded to walk to The Talon’s front door. It still had the ‘we’re closed’ sign in the window, but the door was slightly ajar. He pushed it open and gave a meek grin and wave to Gabe.

    “Hey,” Chance greeted. Gabe glanced at the clock on the wall and then looked back at Chance.

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    Just a Guest!
    “They’re not here yet,” he responded with a frown. Chance shoved his hands in his pockets and suddenly found the floor fascinating.

    “Ye-ah,” he said slowly. “I know.” Gabe tilted his head at him. “They’re outside.” Gabe shared a look with Lana and Pete.

    “Then you should be out there,” Gabe said. “You know? Fixing them?” Chance chuckled nervously and ran his hand over the back of his neck.

    “Well, that’s the thing,” he started. Gabe raised a suspicious eyebrow and Chance made eye contact with him. “I just tried, and apparently it’s not working.” Lana’s mouth dropped open and she covered it with her hand.

    “Oh my God,” she muttered under her breath. She glanced at Pete, who was obviously thinking along the same lines.

    “But the good news is, it wears off,” Chance said. “I mean, it did with you two, right?” He looked back and forth between Pete and Lana, who still seemed embarrassed about what had happened between them. “Come on you guys, it couldn’t have been that bad.” Lana nervously ran a hand through her hair.

    “Well, no,” she said. “Thank goodness that it wore off before we actually---”

    “Right,” Pete agreed. Chance raised an eyebrow. Even though Lana had tidied herself up a little bit, it still looked like they had been active earlier.

    “You didn’t?” Chance asked in surprise. Lana and Pete both shook their heads. “Huh.” Gabe let out a breath and looked at the floor.

    “That’s good news for Chloe too,” Gabe mumbled. Lana and Pete’s eyes both grew large.

    “Um,” Lana said hesitantly. “Well---” She looked to Pete for moral support and he cringed.

    “Not exactly,” he finished for her. Gabe shut his eyes as he winced at what they were saying.

    “Are you saying that they’ve,” he paused while trying to form the words in his mouth, “slept together?” The last part came out choked and quiet. Lana bit her lip.

    “Maybe you should talk to them about that,” she said. Gabe groaned.

    “God,” he said. “And I thought this day couldn’t get any worse.” It was about to get far worse for him though. Jonathan came running in through the front door, breathing heavily. He shot Gabe an apologetic look.

    “I’m sorry,” he said between breaths. “I tried to stop them, honest I did.”

    “What happened?” Gabe asked. Jonathan ran a hand over his forehead and through his hair.

    “Lex decided that he wanted to be somewhere more *intimate* with her,” Jonathan explained, disgust lining his every note. “They’re gone. They took off in his car.” Gabe sighed.

    “Can we call the police or something?” He asked in an exasperated voice. Jonathan shook his head and looked deeply apologetic for what had happened.

    “Technically, she’s of legal age Gabe,” he explained.

    “Great,” Gabe said sarcastically. “So now I have to just wait and see whether she comes home?” He shook his head and looked at Chance. “Why weren’t you able to make things right with them?” Chance was torn. On one hand, he was sorry to see everyone making such a big deal out of it. They all seemed so emotionally connected to the situation, even though they weren’t the ones involved. On the other hand, he knew what he had done earlier had already worn off; he had just given it another jump start. Chance put on his best game face.

    “I’m sorry,” he replied. “I don’t know why it didn’t work with them. My best guess is because they already had feelings for each other and I just heightened those emotions.” Gabe stared blankly at him.

    “Are you saying that Chloe, my only daughter Chloe, and Lex Luthor, my boss, were already in love with each other?” Gabe asked for clarification. Jonathan snorted.

    “That’s what he tried to tell us at the house too Gabe, don’t believe him,” he said. Gabe nodded. Chance frowned.

    “It’s true, or at least they were getting there on their own before I interfered,” Chance said. He turned to Lana for confirmation. “You’re their friend. You had to have noticed.” Lana’s mouth dropped open a little and she shook her head vigorously.

    “I’ve never seen them like that,” she protested. Chance tilted his head at her.

    “No, not that extreme,” he agreed. “But you saw the way that they would talk, the way that they teased each other. Come on! I can’t be the only one who noticed.” Lana and Pete both paled slightly, an action which didn’t escape Gabe and Jonathan’s attention.

    “Lana?” Gabe asked hesitantly. She shrunk away from his gaze and gave him an unsure grin.

    “Well, sort of,” she said in agreement with what Chance said a minute ago. “I mean, they did kind of get this look in their eyes whenever they were around each other, but I thought that they just liked arguing with each other. You know?” Gabe cringed and he was left speechless with Lana’s words.


    After they got back to his manor, Lex led Chloe to his room. He stood behind her and kissed her neck softly as his fingers traced the bottom hem of her shirt. His lips went to her ear and he whispered huskily.

    “You weren’t going to leave me were you?” He asked. Chloe turned around and his arms immediately latched around her. She placed her hands on his upper arms and gave him a confused look.

    “Leave you?” She asked. He leaned down to kiss her. What started out as a soft brushing of their mouths quickly turned into much more. His tongue gently slid against hers and she let out a small whimper. Her hands went to the back of his neck and head to keep him from pulling away. When they finally had to break free to breathe, they leaned their foreheads against each others.

    “Earlier,” Lex said between breaths. “You said we needed to talk. It sounded serious.” Chloe brought her mouth to his once again and moved her hands to start unbuttoning his shirt. When she was done, he shrugged the shirt off and motioned for her to do the same to hers. She smiled at him and raised it over her head, tossing it to the ground when it was off. He brought her into his embrace again. “You weren’t going to leave me were you?” He repeated. She shook her head.

    “I was, but I don’t remember why,” she admitted. They kissed again as their hands ran over each other’s naked torsos. “Something about you not loving me.” Lex pulled back slightly and gave her a serious look. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her passionately.

    “I’ll always love you Chloe,” he said. “I don’t want you to ever doubt that.” Chloe nodded and began to unbuckle his belt. He kissed her softly and then grinned at her. “Now’s the part where you say that you love me too and I should never doubt your love either.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, darting her tongue out to taste him almost immediately.

    “I love you Lex,” she finally replied. Chloe skimmied out of her skirt. “And you should never doubt that either.” She said the last part with a mocking playfulness and Lex smirked as he backed her toward his bed.

    “Prove it.”

    Ch. 8

    “Are you sure there’s nothing we can do?” Gabe asked the sheriff again. The man looked at him sympathetically.

    “She’s of legal age in this state Gabe,” Sheriff Ethan Miller said.

    “But she was gone all night,” Gabe protested. “Couldn’t I put out a report for kidnapping or runaway or something? Curfew violation?”

    “Do you know where she is? Who she’s with?” Miller asked with a smug grin. Gabe sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

    “Everybody in town knows by now,” Gabe grumbled. Miller nodded.

    “Then there’s nothing I can do,” Miller said. “I’m sorry. I really am. I know how I would feel if one of my girls was dating Mr. Luthor.” Gabe winced.

    “But that’s just the thing Ethan,” Gabe tried to explain. “She’s *not* dating him. They’re under the influence of something.” His eyes pleaded with Miller’s. “Once they snap out of it, they’re both going to feel a lot of regret over what’s happened. Are you sure there isn’t anything we can do? How about a restraining order?” Miller sighed.

    “Gabe, my best advice to you is to go home, calm down, and wait it out,” Miller said. “Legally, there’s nothing we can do. And as far as regret is concerned, I don’t know anyone who grows up without any.” Gabe nodded silently.

    “Alright. Thanks anyway,” he said. Miller nodded once and watched Gabe walk out the door.

    “Poor guy.”


    Chloe awoke with her head on a soft pillow and warm limbs wrapped around her. She was still groggy and it took a while for her to realize where she was. The activities of the previous day and night came flashing back to her and her eyes jerked open. She hesitantly turned her body around so she could see Lex sleeping beside her. The sight in front of her caused an emotional reaction that she wasn’t expecting.

    He looked so peaceful just lying there. He looked so cute. Chloe was surprised by her thoughts. She had long considered him a good verbal sparring partner, but she never thought about him in that context. Or at least, she wouldn’t admit that she had. She watched Lex’s chest rise and fall with each breath, and she found that she felt it was endearing for some reason. Lex’s eyes slowly opened, squinting at the brightness in his room. He focused on Chloe.

    “Good morning,” he said. He wasn’t sure what to expect. Would she slap him? Or try and run away possibly? Lex was surprised by what Chloe actually did. She gave him a gentle smile.

    “Morning,” she greeted. They lay naked on the bed, only covered by the blankets over them to keep them warm. Lex immediately responded to their close proximity, but he doubted it would go over well to just start making love to her since the second affects of Chance’s abilities had worn off. He was shaken out of his thoughts when Chloe spoke again. “Did you sleep well?” She asked. Lex noticed that she had made no effort to move out of the bed. He grinned and took a chance. Lex raised one of his hands and swept some of her hair behind her ear.

    “Very well,” he answered. He let his fingertips linger along the skin of her jaw line and then lightly traced them down her neck and shoulder. She smiled and started to move away from him.

    “Lex,” she started, but then paused. “What is this?” She asked. He grinned and leaned his head closer to hers. He brushed his lips softly over her own and then moved his body so he was suddenly much closer to her again. His mouth kissed its way down to her neck and he started to softly kiss it. Chloe didn’t even remember her arms pulling him closer to sustain the contact.

    “What is what?” He murmured against her skin. He was now practically on top of her and she could feel her legs wrapping around him of their own volition. Chloe’s breathing became a little more labored and Lex smirked against her neck at her response.

    “Um, this,” Chloe answered as her eyes flitted closed. “You know? You, me, what we’re doing right now?” Lex’s head rose up to look at her. Instead of responding to her question, he observed her for a second and then lowered his mouth to capture her own. The kiss and the embrace quickly deepened. Chloe started rubbing against him as their tongues glided against each others. Lex let out a small moan as the friction made him harder than he was already. He had to make this last though. He couldn’t give in and just take her. He had to convince her to stay with him after she came to her senses. Lex pulled his lips away from hers and began to kiss his way down her body.

    Chloe shivered involuntarily as his tongue darted out and traced the erect peak of her breast. He fastened his lips around her and started to suckle. Chloe let out a gasp as his fingers teased her other nipple. She started to rock against him and it was all Lex could do not to lose control. Her hands gripped his shoulder and the back of his head as she pulled him closer to her. He switched his mouth’s attention and turned to her other breast. Chloe wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. She knew that she shouldn’t even be doing this, let alone with Lex Luthor. For some reason though, leaving now seemed like the worst option possible.

    “Lex,” Chloe rasped out. “Please.” Lex moved to kiss her again. As their mouths joined together, he positioned himself at her entrance. Her legs opened wider as she wrapped them around his waist.

    ‘If that’s not permission, I don’t know what is,’ Lex thought to himself. He thrust into her and her head flew back as she let out a small scream. She was still sore, but the combination of pain mixed with pleasure as he slowly stroked into her was sending waves of overloading sensation through her body. Chloe let out a series of small moans and whimpers, only serving to spur Lex on. He moved faster within her and she felt her climax building. Her body started to quiver as her orgasm ripped through her. Lex felt her inner walls clamp around him and almost lost it. He thrust into her a few more times and then let out a struggled moan. Lex lay down on top of her, but smoothly moved to her side so he wouldn’t crush her. They were both breathing heavily and trying to internally come to grips with what just happened. Lex was hopeful. Chloe was confused.

    He turned his head to the side so he could look at her. She was staring at the ceiling, or would have been if her eyes were open. Lex grinned and moved his lips to her ear. He took her lobe between his teeth and started to gently nibble on it. Chloe opened her eyes and began to move her head. Lex stilled her by wrapping an arm across her chest. He started to suck on her earlobe, taking time to lick and blow along the shell of her ear. Chloe mued at the sensation and Lex rose from his position to start kissing her again.

    There was a loud knock on the door and they pulled away from the kiss. Lex grumbled as he got out of bed and grabbed a robe from his closet to cover himself. Chloe made sure she was fully covered underneath the blankets on the bed. Lex opened the door and glared at the butler standing in front of him. To his credit, the butler kept a straight face.

    “This had better be important,” Lex practically growled.

    “Yes sir,” the older man said. “You said you wanted to be informed when your father got back from Metropolis.” Lex groaned. That was it? He couldn’t care less about his father right now, or ever for that matter.

    “Fine,” Lex said and started to close the door. The butler cleared his throat and Lex shot him another glare.

    “There’s also a Clark Kent here to see you Mr. Luthor,” the man said in a proper manner. Lex rubbed a hand over his face.

    “Gee, I wonder what he wants,” Lex said sarcastically. The butler noticed his discomfort with the idea and arched an eyebrow.

    “Would you like me to send him away?” The butler asked. Lex looked over at Chloe, who gave him an unreadable expression. Lex sighed and shook his head.

    “No,” Lex said. “Tell him to give us a few minutes.” The man nodded and turned on his heel to leave. Lex closed the door and leaned up against it.

    “Us?” Chloe asked.

    “Us,” Lex repeated. “The plural form of the word.” She smiled and shook her head slightly as she got out of the bed. She started looking for her clothes.

    “You mean *you*,” she said. “Because there’s no way I’m going down there.” Lex looked bemused with her statement.

    “So you’re going to stay in my room forever?” He teased. She gave him a quirky smile as she pulled her skirt on.

    “No,” Chloe answered. “But I survived a fall from a window here before. I can do it again.”

    “Funny,” Lex said dryly. Chloe smiled brightly and pulled on her shirt.

    “Just kidding,” she said. Lex stepped closer to her as she glanced around the room for her other shoe. “After all, this place has to have a back door or something right?” Lex chuckled and placed his hands on her waist. She looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss her. His affectionate attitude kind of surprised her, but she felt her arms moving to his arms and then around his neck. He smirked when they pulled away from each other to breathe.

    “If I have to go, you have to go,” he said. Chloe gave him a mock frown.

    “But you didn’t have to go,” she argued. “You volunteered. And then you just kind of drafted me.” Lex’s smirk turned into a soft smile.

    “He’s your best friend Chloe,” he said in an understanding voice. Chloe sighed in defeat and ran a hand through her messy hair.

    “Fine,” she agreed as she stepped past him. “All the guys in Smallville and I have to go for the evil one,” she grumbled to herself in a quiet voice. Lex arched an eyebrow, and was about to comment on what she had said when she turned around and glanced at the fact that he was still wearing a robe. “You might want to change though, because I’m guessing he’ll kill you if he sees you in that.” Lex nodded in agreement and quickly got dressed. He opened the door and offered her his arm.

    “Ready?” He asked. Chloe smiled.

    “If I say no, can I get out of it?” She asked. Lex smirked and kissed the top of her head.


    “Dang,” she said in a joking manner. Lex smiled. They walked down the hall a little further until they had almost reached the stairs.

    “Chloe,” Lex said and then stopped walking. He looked down at her and she looked up at him expectantly. “How do you want this to go?” She furrowed her brow.

    “What do you mean?” She asked. He grinned.

    “Do you want to pretend that we’re still being influenced or just tell him the truth?” Lex clarified. Chloe smiled, knowing immediately what he was talking about.

    “Well, as tempting as it is to torture him like that---” she started.

    “We should probably tell him the truth,” Lex finished for her. She nodded. He let out a mock sigh and smiled at her. “Alright,” he agreed. “But if he hits you over the head and drags you out of here by your hair to get you away from me, it’s entirely your fault.” Chloe laughed and they started walking again.

    “Like he would ever actually do that,” she commented. Lex smirked at her and she positioned her hand on his arm again. He inwardly smiled when she did it.

    Clark heard Chloe’s laughter from the room the butler had seated him in. He stepped out of the room and saw Chloe and Lex almost at the bottom of the stairs. Clark took in her appearance. She was wearing the same clothes that she was wearing yesterday and her hair was kind of floppy, but it looked cute on her. He frowned.

    ‘Your best friend is not cute,’ he mentally chided himself. Clark gave a meager wave to the couple and both of them smiled back. Clark noticed that Chloe was holding on to Lex’s arm, and he was suddenly reminded of why he was there in the first place.

    “Chloe, where have you been?” Clark asked. “Your dad has been really worried about you.” Chloe looked at him quizzically.

    “Why?” She asked. Chloe sat down on a couch in the room Clark had just come from and Lex sat next to her. Clark stared at the two of them, but finally took a seat across from them. He gave Chloe an incredulous look.

    “Because of yesterday and---” Clark trailed off when he saw Lex rubbing small circles on Chloe’s back with his hand. Lex glared at him.

    “I hope you’re not implying that I would ever hurt her Clark,” Lex said seriously. Clark paled. Were they still under Chance’s influence? It was a possibility, and one that was going to make getting her out of there significantly more difficult. He took a deep breath.

    “Of course not,” Clark responded. He noticed how close they were sitting to each other and how almost absently affectionate they were being. Oh yeah. They were still under Chance’s influence. “But you know her dad, he’s just worried about her,” he tried to explain. He turned his attention back to Chloe. “So what d’ya say Chlo? Ready to come home?” He asked hopefully. Chloe smiled and nodded. She tried to rise from her seat, but Lex pulled her back down.

    “Stay,” he said. “We’ll spend the day together.” She smiled at Lex.

    “I have to go Lex,” she said. “I desperately need a shower and a change of clothes.” Clark smiled broadly and stood up. He shoved his hands in his pockets and bounced on the balls of his feet.

    ‘Good. That was easy. She’s not still being affected,’ Clark thought.

    “I’ll give you a ride home,” Clark said. He took a hand out of one of his pockets and held it out for her. She smiled at him, but refused his hand. Lex stood up and placed his hands on her hips.

    “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?” He asked suggestively. Chloe tilted her head upward to kiss him and Clark cringed.

    ‘Or maybe not,” Clark thought as he watched the kiss increase with intensity. He thought from Chloe’s previous words that she wasn’t under Chance’s power any more. He also figured that Lex still was, because why would he be doting all over Chloe unless he wasn’t? Clark watched Lex’s hand skim along Chloe’s curvy frame and he paled. ‘Oh,’ he thought to himself. He looked away when he realized he was thinking incredibly impure thoughts about his best friend. He cleared his throat loudly and Chloe and Lex pulled apart. Lex glared at him, but Clark just smiled unsurely.

    “We should get going,” Clark said to Chloe. Chloe moved toward Clark and Lex grabbed her arm.

    “Wait,” Lex said. He looked at Clark. “Will you bring her back to me?” Clark raised his eyebrows in surprise.

    “I, um,” he stammered. “That’s really up to her dad Lex.” Clark didn’t know if it would do any good, but he needed to try and reason with them. “Guys, what you’re feeling---”

    “God, not this again,” Lex interrupted. Chloe smiled brightly and slapped his chest playfully. She turned to face Clark.

    “Chance’s mojo wore off a long time ago Clark,” she explained. Clark’s eyes widened in shock and horror.

    “Then why are you still---?” Clark trailed off and motioned back and forth between them with his hand. “You know?” Lex sighed and motioned to a chair with his head.

    “You might want to sit down.”

    Ch. 9

    Lana gave a small wave when she saw Pete come in through The Talon’s front door. He came over to the counter and meekly smiled at her.

    “So-oo,” he started.

    “So,” she repeated.

    “I guess we should talk,” Pete said. Lana looked down at the counter and gently nodded her head in agreement.

    “Yeah,” she agreed.

    “It’s kind of---” Pete paused and fidgeted with his fingers.

    “Uncomfortable?” Lana suggested. Pete grinned at her.

    “Yeah,” he said.

    “I know,” she said. “But I don’t want what happened to ruin our friendship.”

    “No, no,” Pete quickly said. “I don’t either. Just remember that it wasn’t our fault.” Lana was unable to cover the blush that rose to her cheeks. Lucky for her, Pete didn’t notice.

    “Well, it kind of was,” she said. “I mean, it was you and me doing those things, not Chance.”

    “Yeah, but we never would have done them if he hadn’t affected us like that,” Pete argued. Lana chewed on the inside of her cheek. This could be difficult.


    Clark stared at Chloe and Lex with a blank expression on his face. Chloe frowned. She had a feeling that he wouldn’t be pleased with the revelation that she and Lex liked each other and were trying to sort out what had happened between them, but she didn’t expect him to go into shock.

    “Clark?” She asked hesitantly. No response. She tilted her head toward Lex. “Do you think he’s okay?” She half-whispered. Clark seemed to shake off whatever he was thinking about looked directly at Chloe.

    “I’m fine,” Clark said. “Just a little surprised.”

    “Good,” Lex said with an appreciative grin. “Now that that’s settled we should---”

    “Nothing’s been settled,” Clark interrupted. Lex stared at him.

    “I thought you said you were fine,” Chloe said. Clark stood up.

    “I am fine, but that doesn’t mean that I’m fine with what you’re doing,” Clark said in a harsher than normal voice. Lex arched an eyebrow.

    “And what are we doing Clark?” He asked. Clark glared at him.

    “You can’t do this Lex,” Clark said. He paused for a moment while he looked at his best friend. How could she date Lex? “You can’t date Chloe.” Chloe placed her hands on her hips.

    “And why not exactly?” She asked, her defensive tone obvious. Clark stepped toward her.

    “Chloe,” Clark said and shook his head. “It’s *Lex*. Come on, you’re smarter than this.” Lex gave him a dry stare.

    “I think I should be offended,” Lex remarked casually. Chloe nodded.

    “I think you should too,” she agreed. “And I think I should be too.” Chloe gave Clark a harsh glare. “I *am* smart Clark. So it seems only logical that I would be interested in someone who’s just as smart as I am. Don’t you think?” Clark gave a defeated sigh.

    “Yes Chloe, but not Lex,” Clark argued. He looked at Lex. “Don’t get me wrong, you’re a good guy, but she should be dating someone closer to her own age.”

    Lex frowned. He knew what Clark was thinking. He had a feeling that Clark had finally woken up and seen Chloe as a female of the species. And true, most people in town would be upset with his relationship with Chloe, even if the age span was only five years. If she were twenty, they would think nothing of the age difference. Lex was also worried that if Clark decided to put up a fight for Chloe, that he would win. Chloe had an obvious crush on the boy for more years than he could count and he wasn’t sure he would be able to compete with that. But he was sure as hell going to try.

    “I see,” Lex said as calmly as he could. “And did you have someone in mind Clark?” He gave Clark a pointed glare and Clark looked away from him.

    “You know what I mean,” Clark mumbled while looking at the floor.

    “No I don’t,” Lex said and forced the smallest of grins onto his face. “Clark, I think you’re overreacting.” Clark glared at him. ‘Time to bring up the age argument,’ Lex thought. “After all, there are only five years between Chloe and myself. If we were both older, no one would think twice about that difference.”

    “But you’re not both older,” Clark said. “That’s the point.” Chloe smiled impishly and shrugged.

    “So we’re impatient,” she offered. Lex’s forced grin turned into a genuine smile, and he couldn’t hold back his chuckle. Clark ran an uneasy hand through his hair.

    “Your dad will never let you do this Chloe,” Clark reminded her. She furrowed her brow in thought. He was right. Her dad had completely thrown a fit and she didn’t even remember kissing Lex in front of him. She looked over at Lex and he shrugged as if it were nothing.

    “I’m sure something can be worked out,” Lex said confidently. Clark tilted his head at him.

    “He’ll just find a new job if you threaten to fire him Lex,” Clark said. “You’ve said yourself that he’s one of the main reasons the plant does so well.” Chloe’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

    “Really?” She asked Lex. Lex suddenly felt uncomfortable with the turn the conversation had taken. Clark just had to bring up the fact that Lex would never carry through on a threat to fire Gabe Sullivan, and he didn’t have many other cards up his sleeve.

    “Technically---” Lex started. Clark cut him off.

    “Technically your plant would take a major hit if he left, which he might do anyway if you keep dating Chloe,” Clark said smugly. Lex let out a small groan and rubbed his hand over the back of his neck. He looked at Chloe apologetically and she sighed. Chloe touched his harm gently and looked down.

    “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be,” Chloe said quietly. ‘Just like every other relationship that I’ve ever been in,’ she thought to herself. Clark looked incredibly pleased when the words came out of her mouth. He crossed his arms in front of him and smiled. The smile fell when he saw the hurt look on her face.

    “Don’t worry Chlo,” Clark said consolingly. “There’s somebody out there for you.” ‘Just not Lex,’ he thought. Chloe glanced at him and shook her head.

    “Whatever,” she mumbled. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Lex’s cheek. When she pulled away, she placed an obviously fake smile on her lips. “Hey, well it was fun while it lasted. Right?” Lex stared at her in disbelief. She was going to let Clark convince her that she shouldn’t be with him?

    “Chloe,” Lex said and grabbed her arm. “We can still be together.” His voice sounded pleading and almost desperate. “I’ll find a way.” Chloe gave him a sad smile and touched his cheek.

    “When you do, let me know,” she said.

    Clark felt his heart breaking at the site in front of him. They seemed to care about each other so much for some reason. They weren’t fighting like they usually did, but they weren’t all over each other like they were when they were under Chance’s influence. He also had a bad feeling that Chloe would blame the breakup on him, and he wouldn’t be able to defend himself because she would be right. At the same time, he knew that Lex could get any woman he wanted, and that it probably wouldn’t be long before he would trot off with the nearest gold-digging bimbo to recover from the breakup. Chloe didn’t deserve to get hurt like that. He let out a loud sigh and looked at the two with a puppy dog expression.

    “I suppose I could---” Clark started and then looked at the floor. “I suppose I could talk to your dad about it,” he mumbled begrudgingly. The expression on Lex’s face was of complete shock. He blinked rapidly, subconsciously making sure that Clark was really standing there and saying those words.

    “What?” Chloe asked in surprise. Clark sighed again and looked at her.

    “I’ll talk to your dad for you,” he repeated. Chloe practically leapt at him and gave him a huge hug. A slow grin crept across Clark’s lips and he wrapped his arms around her.

    “Really?” Chloe asked as she pulled away. Clark smiled at her.

    “What are friends for?” Clark answered. Chloe smiled brightly and looked at Lex expectantly. Lex grinned as well, but it was completely forced. He couldn’t shake the bad feeling he got watching Chloe hug Clark. He knew that it was strictly friendship, but Clark had changed his tune about them being together a little too quickly. Lex knew Clark was up to something. Now he just had to find out what.

    Ch. 10

    Lana waited on tables while she watched Pete talk to some of his friends from school out of the corner of her eye. She was a little upset from the brief conversation they had earlier, but of course she would never admit it. She knew that he didn’t return her crush, and she could live with that. She could settle for just being friends with him. At least, that’s what she kept telling herself. Lana was ripped out of her thoughts when she heard Pete calling her name. She looked over at him.

    “Lana!” Pete said, waving his arm in the air, motioning for her to come over to the table. She smiled politely at the couple whose drinks she had just refilled and walked over to where Pete and his friends were sitting.

    “Hey guys,” she greeted, tucking her hair behind her ear. “What’s up?” Pete tilted his head at her and grinned.

    “Lana,” Pete started. Lana raised an eyebrow at his already pleading tone. “Will you please tell these guys that we didn’t know what we were doing and that I wasn’t taking advantage of you?” He gave her his best puppy dog expression and she smiled mischievously.

    “You weren’t?” Lana asked playfully. Pete blushed.

    “Uh, well, okay, I was,” Pete said. He quickly added, “sort of. But it wasn’t my fault.” Lana chuckled and shook her head. She walked away, leaving Pete with his friends at their table. One of the boys reached over and rustled what little of Pete’s hair there was. Pete moved his head out of the way and his friends started to laugh. “Knock it off. I’m serious you guys. Lana and I had no control over what we were doing.”

    “Uh huh,” his friend Kirby said in an unconvinced tone. “You can deny it all you want Ross, but there’s no way that Lana would have done that with you if she didn’t like you on some level.” Pete rolled his eyes.

    “She *does* like me,” Pete said. “We’re friends, remember?” His other friend shook his head.

    “That’s not what he meant,” Brian said. Pete glared at the two of them.

    “Please. Next you’ll be telling me that I wouldn’t have done that with her if I didn’t like her like that,” Pete said. Kirby and Brian smirked and Pete groaned. “Guys,” he protested. “It’s not like that.”

    “Of course not,” Kirby said sarcastically.

    “Yeah,” Brian added. “It’s not like you flirt with her constantly or make little moon eyes at her when she’s not watching.” His friends started laughing when Pete was unable to control the blush that rose to his cheeks.

    “But hey,” Kirby said and took a sip of his coffee. “If you don’t want her, can I---” He was cut off by a hard glare from Pete. “That’s what I thought.” Pete frowned. If they were right, and he did harbor feelings for Lana that he just hadn’t been acknowledging, then he had just really messed things up with her.


    Clark reluctantly left the manor without Chloe in tow. He walked out to the truck, where Gabe Sullivan was waiting for him. The older man looked at him expectantly.

    “Well?” Gabe asked. Clark drew in a deep breath and shook his head.

    “It’s weird,” Clark said. Gabe gave him a ‘well, duh’ look and Clark continued. “One minute it seems like they’re still under Chance’s influence, and the next they seem normal but still,” he paused, “you know?” ‘Please don’t make me have to say it,’ Clark thought to himself. Gabe crossed his arms in front of his chest.

    “No, I don’t know Clark,” Gabe said. “Tell me.” Clark refused to make eye contact with him, and suddenly found his feet incredibly interesting.

    “I think Chance may have been right,” Clark mumbled under his breath. Gabe stared blankly at him.

    “What?” He asked. Clark looked up at him.

    “I think Chance---”

    “I heard what you said, I just don’t understand why you’re saying it,” Gabe clarified. Clark nodded once.

    “You didn’t see them together,” Clark tried to explain. Gabe barely resisted the urge to let his nausea with the situation get the best of him.

    “I did see them together,” Gabe argued. “The image of them kissing is burned on my brain.” Clark sighed. Where had the nice, reasonable Gabe gone? Clark supposed that all rules went out the window when you were dealing with a situation like this; at least he hoped that was it.

    “As hard as it may be to believe, I think they actually like each other,” Clark said. There was a lapse in the conversation as Gabe seemed to think about it.

    “But not love?” Gabe asked. Clark furrowed his brow. “You said they like each other, but not love, correct?” Clark nodded. “Good,” Gabe muttered. Clark looked confused.

    “How is that good?” He asked.

    “Like can be separated, even destroyed. Love, if it’s real, is an entirely different story,” Gabe said. He tilted his head at Clark, who now looked deep in thought. The fact that Chloe had told Clark that she loved him many times, granted only as a friend, was whipping through Clark’s mind. If Gabe was right, then he should have been able to convince Chloe to at least leave Lex’s house with him. It would be kind of underhanded, and he knew that he might end up regretting it, but he knew in his heart that Chloe and Lex would forgive him after all of Chance’s affects wore off. Clark got a determined look on his face and Gabe raised his eyebrows. “Something I should know?” He asked. Clark held up a hand and started walking back to the front door.

    “Be right back,” Clark called over his shoulder. Gabe sighed and leaned against the truck, crossing his arms in front of him. He wondered what the boy was up to now. Clark stepped up and rang the bell again. The butler answered the door and frowned at him, but immediately stepped aside to let him in the house. He looked around the area he just left, but Chloe and Lex were no longer there. As if he was reading his mind, the butler cleared his throat.

    “They’re having breakfast,” the man said. Clark turned his head at the sound of his voice and smiled at him.

    “Thanks,” Clark responded. The butler grunted and walked away from him. Clark began to make his way toward the dining room. He turned a corner and ran smack into Lionel Luthor, knocking the blind man to the ground. “Oh man, I’m so sorry,” he said. Clark grabbed his hand to help him stand up. “Are you okay?” Lionel furrowed his brow, trying to recognize the voice.

    “Clark? Clark Kent?”

    “Yeah,” Clark said. “Hey, I’m sorry about that. I guess I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

    “The same could be said for me I suppose,” Lionel said in a bad attempt at a joke. Clark chuckled nervously. “So tell me, what are you doing running around in the halls here?”

    “I was looking for Lex and Chloe,” Clark said. The words came out of his mouth before he even thought about what he was saying.

    “Chloe?” Lionel questioned. Clark’s eyebrows rose in surprise. He had forgotten that Lionel hadn’t been around for the last few days and didn’t know anything about what was going on. This could definitely work to his advantage. There was no way that Lionel would be pleased about his son dating a woman who was Clark’s age, let alone a reporter.

    “His girlfriend,” Clark responded in his most innocent voice. The expression on Lionel’s face was priceless and Clark had to keep himself from laughing.

    “I didn’t realize that Lex was seeing anyone new,” Lionel said in an emotionless tone, covering the surprise that he felt at the situation. Clark smiled, knowing that Lionel couldn’t see his reaction to how Lionel was inwardly reeling.

    “Well, she’s not exactly new,” Clark said, baiting him further. “They’ve been friends for a while now.” Lionel seemed even more surprised by this.

    “Chloe you said?” Lionel asked. He was going through his mind searching for any possible matches for the name. He paled and Clark’s smile grew larger. “Chloe Sullivan? Gabe Sullivan’s daughter?”

    “Yeah,” Clark affirmed. “Actually, I was kind of in a hurry to get to the dining room, because that’s where your butler said they’d be, but I think I got lost.” Lionel pursed his lips and held his cane out in front of him.

    “Follow me.”

    Clark followed Lionel down the corridor. He knew the way to the dining room, but Clark felt it would make more of an impact if he entered with Lionel in tow. Lex heard his father’s cane tapping in the hallway and looked over toward the dining room’s entrance. He and Chloe were both surprised to see Clark come in with Lionel, although Lex seemed more upset than surprised.

    “Dad,” Lex greeted emotionlessly.

    “Lex,” Lionel responded. The corners of his lips curled upward. “Miss Sullivan. Or can I call you Chloe now that you’re dating my son?” Lex looked at Clark.

    “I see that you’ve informed him of what’s been going on while he’s been away,” Lex said accusingly. Clark grinned and shrugged, trying to make himself seem completely blameless.

    “Just that you two are going out,” Clark said. Lex glanced over at Chloe, who seemed mortified with the situation. He reached over and gave her hand a small squeeze and she squeezed his hand back. Clark frowned. He was sure that Lionel coming in would have made her jump away from Lex. ‘Time to go back to the original plan,’ Clark thought. He started walking over toward Chloe. “Chloe, I came back because I thought about what you guys were telling me.” Lex braced himself. He had a feeling before that Clark was up to something, and had an even stronger feeling that it was about to come up now.

    “And?” Chloe asked.

    “She speaks,” Lionel observed in a taunting voice. Chloe glared at him.

    “Just because I didn’t acknowledge your crude greeting when you came in, doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of speech Mr. Luthor,” she responded. Lex smirked. Yet another reason to add to the list of why he liked her: she wasn’t intimidated by his father. Chloe turned her attention back to Clark. “What is it Clark?” Clark was amazed at her ability to switch emotions so quickly. From stern to Lionel and friendly toward him in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it reminded him of Lex’s ability to do the same thing. Clark took a deep breath.

    “I don’t think you belong with Lex Chlo,” Clark said, walking closer to her. Lex scowled at him and Lionel grinned.

    “Finally,” Lionel said. “Someone in this room has some sense.” Clark kept his attention focused on Chloe. If he didn’t, he would never be able to get through what he had to do to get her out of there.

    “I think you belong with me.”

    Ch. 11

    Chloe opened her mouth to respond to Clark, but no words came out. What could she say to him? She thought they had cleared all of this up already. She started to feel a tingling sensation in her fingers that quickly spread throughout the rest of her body. She realized too late that it must be after-effects from Chance’s previous infliction. Chloe turned to face Lex, who didn’t look at all happy with Clark’s announcement. Her breathing became a little heavier and her heart started racing faster. Before any of them knew what was going on, Chloe had pulled Lex’s face over to her own and was kissing him passionately. He was completely shocked by Chloe’s lips suddenly being on his, demanding his reaction, but he wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass him by.

    Lex pulled on her arm to urge her to move to his lap. Clark looked on in horror as Chloe completely ignored him and climbed onto Lex’s lap, where they continued to exist in their own little world. Clark glanced over at Lionel, who seemed to be trying to discern what the sounds he was hearing were. He saw Lionel cringe ever so slightly and then quickly cover it. Lionel turned his head in Clark’s direction.

    “Please tell me they’re not doing what I think they’re doing,” Lionel said. Clark looked back to the couple just as Lex was sweeping the dishes off the table with his arm and lying Chloe down in their place. The plates broke as they hit the floor and Clark shook his head at Lionel, even though the man couldn’t see him.

    “I can’t tell you that sir,” Clark replied. Lionel was about to start ranting at them when he heard the words he never thought he’d hear pour from Lex’s mouth.

    “I love you Chloe,” Lex murmured. It wasn’t loud, and Lionel wasn’t sure he heard him correctly, but then he heard Chloe return the sentiment. Lex’s father let out a defeated sigh and turned around, tapping his cane to get to the exit. Clark was surprised by Lionel’s reaction and followed him out into the hallway.

    “Mr. Luthor?” Clark asked. Lionel kept walking, but tilted his head at the sound of Clark’s voice.

    “Yes?” Lionel responded. Clark caught up to him and walked along side him.

    “Not that it’s any of my business, but---”

    “You’re right,” Lionel said and stopped dead in his tracks. “It’s none of your business. I highly recommend that you stay out of my son’s relationship with my future daughter in law.” Clark’s eyebrows shot upward and he paled.

    “What?!” Clark exclaimed. “You can’t be serious! She’s not going to marry him! She’s only sixteen!” Lionel looked completely serious.

    “Which, in this state, is completely legal,” Lionel stated matter-of-factly. Clark shook his head vehemently.

    “Even if she wanted to, there’s no way her dad would let her do it,” Clark said. One corner of Lionel’s mouth twitched upward.

    “Tell me young man; did it seem to you that they were using any sort of prophylactic?” Lionel asked. Clark shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at Lionel with a confused and embarrassed look on his face.

    “Uh, well, no,” Clark admitted. “But I was trying not to pay too much attention to them, you know?” Lionel smirked.

    “Mmm,” Lionel mused. “Well, if they have been like that for the last few days as my informants have told me they have been, I think I can expect a grandchild in about nine months time.” Clark narrowed his eyes at him.

    “I thought you didn’t know he was seeing anyone,” Clark reminded him of his earlier statement. Lionel shrugged.

    “I assumed, incorrectly as it turned out to be, that it wasn’t a serious relationship,” Lionel said.

    “It’s not,” Clark argued. Lionel let out an aggravated sigh at Clark.

    “He told her that he loved her Mr. Kent,” Lionel said in an almost compassionate voice. He reached out with his free hand and felt until he got to Clark’s arm, where he gave Clark a condescending pat. “It’s time to let her go son.” Clark jerked away from him.

    “It didn’t mean anything,” Clark protested. “They’re probably still under Chance’s spell, or powers, or whatever. And I’m sure he’s told lots of girls that he’s loved them.” Lionel shook his head.

    “Never,” Lionel said. “The only women I have ever heard him say that particular sentiment to were his mother and his nanny. He never even said it to that sham of a wife he had for a few days.” Clark’s stomach suddenly felt like it was twisting into a knot. “But, he did say it to that young lady in there, and I have no doubt that he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it.”

    “So you’re just going to let them be together? Just like that?” Clark asked incredulously. Here he was, talking to the man who had gone out of his way to destroy Lex’s life in more ways than one, and he was sounding supportive of Lex’s relationship with Chloe. Even Chloe’s dad, who was one of the most loving and caring parents he knew other than his own, wasn’t supportive of Chloe and Lex being together. Chloe’s dad! “Sir, I think you need some perspective on the situation. Chloe’s dad is waiting out by my truck for me to bring her out there.” Lionel scoffed.

    “He’s going to be waiting a long time,” he said. Clark’s shoulders slumped.

    “Just talk to him. It would be good for you to see where he’s coming from,” Clark said. Lionel grumbled under his breath and finally agreed. Clark took his arm and guided him outside to a shocked Gabe Sullivan. Gabe looked at Clark questioningly and Clark gave him an apologetic expression.

    “I understand that you disapprove of my son’s relationship with your daughter,” Lionel stated. Gabe arched an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

    “And you don’t?” He asked. Lionel pursed his lips and put on a face that would have scared most men into running away just at the sight of it.

    “It doesn’t matter whether either of us approves of their relationship Mr. Sullivan. They love each other and they’re getting married. I suggest that you acknowledge and accept it as reality instead of holding out the ridiculous hope that she’ll come to her senses and marry the farm boy here,” Lionel said. Gabe’s face fell.

    “Married?” He asked. He looked to Clark for support, but Clark shook his head.

    “I don’t think they’ve even talked about it,” Clark told him. Gabe nodded.

    “What makes you think they’re getting married Mr. Luthor?” Gabe asked. Lionel sneered.

    “Although it may be perfectly acceptable out here in the middle of nowhere, I have no intention of allowing my first grandchild to be born out of wedlock. Am I understood?” Lionel warned. If it was possible, Gabe looked even more distraught than he had just minutes ago.

    “G-grandchild?” Gabe stammered. Lionel gave Gabe a compensatory grin.

    “Indeed,” Lionel stated. “Now, if you’ll pardon me, arrangements need to be made for the ceremony. Mr. Kent, if you would be kind enough to show me back to the front door?” Clark ran a hand through his hair nervously and then escorted Lionel to the front door. Clark swiftly walked back to Gabe, who was leaning against the truck with a far off look on his face.

    “Are you okay?” Clark asked. Gabe kept staring straight ahead, but he responded to Clark’s question.

    “He was joking right?” Gabe asked. Clark opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it. He moved to open the passenger side door of the truck. “Clark? He was joking right?” Gabe repeated. Clark frowned.

    “I don’t know,” Clark admitted. “But he did give me a short lecture on how unprotected sex has consequences.” Gabe visibly paled and nodded absently.

    “Can you drive me home now? I think I need some rest,” Gabe said. Clark nodded and shut the door after Gabe climbed into the truck. The ride back to the Sullivan house was made in uncomfortable silence. Clark dropped Gabe off and then began to drive toward The Talon. He had been so wrapped up in what was going on with Chloe that he had pushed the situation with Lana and Pete to the back of his head. He pulled over and parked the car and smiled to himself when he saw them through the window. They didn’t seem to be doing anything together, and Clark took that to be a good sign. He pushed the door open and smiled at Pete, who quickly waved him over to the table he was sitting at with Kirby and Brian.

    “Hey!” Pete greeted. “Long time, no see.” Clark nodded and sat down.

    “Well, things have been really weird. You know?” Clark said. Pete let out a breath.

    “Tell me about it,” Pete mumbled. Kirby and Brian both smiled and Clark looked at them suspiciously.

    “What am I missing?” Clark asked. Pete rolled his eyes.

    “The geniuses here,” Pete motioned to the boys with his head, “think that Lana and I actually have feelings for each other, other than friendship, that are just buried deep.” Clark’s eyebrow rose.

    “I thought you guys were just friends,” Clark said, though it came out as more of a question.

    “That’s what I keep telling them,” Pete said. Clark nodded.

    “Uh huh,” Brian said. “And maybe someday we’ll even believe it.” Kirby chuckled and Pete shook his head. He looked at Clark.

    “It’s been like this for the last half hour. Please, please tell me you have something to talk about other than my non existent feelings for Lana Lang,” Pete pleaded. Clark took a deep breath and released it.

    “I, um, I’m not sure you want to hear it,” Clark said. Pete smiled.

    “I don’t care if it’s about you finding out that your pet hamster didn’t actually run away five years ago,” Pete responded. “I just need a change in topic, and it sounds like you have something juicy, so spill.” Clark looked down and shook his head.

    “Lionel is going to force Lex and Chloe to get married,” Clark said quickly, running his words together. Pete glanced at his other two friends who just shrugged because they hadn’t caught what Clark said either.

    “Run that by me again,” Pete said. “A little slower this time.” Clark looked up at Pete and saw the smile on his face. He really hadn’t heard him. Clark sighed.

    “Lionel is going to force Lex and Chloe to get married,” Clark said in his normal speaking voice and annunciated to make sure Pete heard him. Pete’s eyes grew wide.

    “What?!” Pete yelled and jumped out of his chair. “He can’t do that!” Kirby scoffed.

    “Of course he can,” he said. “He has money.” Pete glared at him for a split second, but relinquished the look when his friend simply shrugged. “Sorry man.” Pete shook his head and sat back down.

    “This isn’t happening,” Pete said aloud to himself. Lana walked up to the table. She had heard Pete’s outburst and was interested in finding out what was going on.

    “What isn’t happening?” She asked. She smiled at Clark and he barely managed to grin back at her.

    “You don’t wanna know,” Pete warned her. She furrowed her brow.

    “Of course I---” Lana was cut off by Pete holding up his hand.

    “You really, really don’t wanna know,” Pete said. Lana looked over at Clark. He didn’t seem happy with whatever was going on either. Kirby and Brian seemed to have no problem with it though.

    “You know your friend Chloe?” Brian asked. Lana nodded and tucked some hair behind her ear. “She and Lex are getting married.”

    Ch. 12

    Lana looked to Pete and Clark for an explanation, but Pete was just fuming and staring straight ahead, and Clark was desperately trying to avoid eye contact. Lana opened and closed her mouth without saying anything and pulled a chair out from a nearby table. She sat down and shook her head in disbelief.

    “She can’t marry him, she’s only sixteen,” Lana said to no one in particular.

    “Mr. Luthor didn’t seem concerned about that,” Clark commented. Lana looked over at him.

    “Lex can’t force her to marry him,” she said. Clark cringed.

    “Not Lex,” he said. Lana furrowed her brow in confusion. “His dad,” Clark clarified. Lana’s eyes grew wide.

    “But w-why?” Lana asked. “Why would he do that?” Pete snapped out of his anger and suddenly became very interested. He turned to Clark.

    “Yeah,” Pete said. “Why *would* he do that? It doesn’t make any sense.” Clark took another deep breath and then cleared his throat.

    “Um, he, um,” Clark stammered as he looked back and forth between his friends. “He thinks that Chloe might be pregnant because she and Lex have been---” He trailed off hoping that Pete and Lana would catch on to his meaning, but they both just stared at him expectantly. Clark sighed. “Because they’ve been having unprotected sex,” he said in what was practically a whisper. Pete stared at him.

    “That’s not funny,” Pete warned, half of him hoping that Clark was just joking, and the other half knowing that he wasn’t. Lana looked down and then tilted her head toward Pete.

    “I don’t think he’s kidding,” she said. Pete bit the inside of his cheek as if he was thinking about something.

    “No,” he finally argued half heartedly. Lana smiled gently at him and touched his arm with compassion. “No,” Pete repeated with a little more conviction in his voice. “Chloe is way more responsible than that, she would know better.” Clark raised his eyebrows and Lana frowned. She leaned closer to Pete.

    “You saw them Pete,” she said. “I don’t think they were thinking about---” She paused uncomfortably. “You know.” Pete shook his head and Brian cleared his throat to get his friend’s attention. When Pete looked over at him, he had an impish grin on his lips.

    “Well, what were you and Lana thinking about when you were going at it?” Brian asked. Pete winced and Brian and Kirby both smirked. Lana blushed and Clark covered his face with his hands. Clark pushed his chair away from the table and stood up. Everyone around the table looked at him questioningly and he motioned to the door.

    “I just remembered that I have to be somewhere, doing something,” Clark offered lamely. “Bye.” He left The Talon quickly and Lana gave Pete a quick glance.

    “What’s wrong with him?” She asked. Pete rubbed his face.

    “He likes you,” Pete mumbled. Lana looked confused. “Likes you likes you,” Pete said to help her understand. Lana’s eyes grew wider.



    Chloe felt Lex’s mouth on her neck and ran her hand over the back of his head to urge him to continue. His tongue darted out and licked along the nape of her neck before suckling it. She let out a small moan and tilted her head to allow him better access. Lex was very focused on the task at hand. He didn’t know what prompted Chloe to become incredibly affectionate all of a sudden, but he surmised that Chloe was feeling some kind of after affects from what Chance had done to them.

    At first he felt a little guilty about taking advantage of her because of it, but the second he leaned her back against the table his hormones took control. He hiked up her skirt and unfastened his pants. The next thing Chloe felt was Lex moving inside of her. Their breathing became labored through his thrusts and Chloe felt like she was going to pass out. Her body started to quiver as her orgasm swept over her and Chloe screamed Lex’s name loudly. Lex soon followed and lay down on top of her, panting into her ear. Chloe smiled and ran her hands over his back.

    The maid’s surprised shriek prompted Lex and Chloe’s need for privacy, and they made their way back to his room, but not before consummating their relationship once again on the dining room table. Lex leaned down and kissed her again, removing what little there was left of her clothing. To his surprise, she suddenly pushed herself away from him and looked the other way. Chance’s after affects had just worn off and Chloe was embarrassed with the way she had just behaved.

    “Chloe?” Lex asked. She took a deep breath and looked at him, giving him a small smile.

    “Sorry,” she said. She ran a hand through her hair and realized that she really did need a shower. “I guess there was still some stuff left over from what Chance did to us.” Lex grinned.

    “I figured as much,” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He nuzzled his face into her neck and began to pepper it with small kisses. “I really need to send him a thank you note or something. His abilities have terrific timing.” Chloe stiffened and turned around in his arms. She gave him a panicked expression.

    “Oh, no! Clark and your dad and---”

    “They caught the hint and left apparently,” Lex said without any hint of remorse. Chloe groaned.

    “I’m ever going to be able to look at either one of them again,” she mumbled. Lex shrugged.

    “And that’s a bad thing?” He asked somewhat sarcastically. She looked at him with exasperation and he smiled. “Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome your embarrassment soon.” Chloe sighed and shook her head.

    “I hope so,” she said. She gave him a wince of a smile. “Does the offer to take a shower here still stand?” Lex’s lips curled into a leering smirk.

    “Of course,” he responded. Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled.

    “Not *that* kind of shower,” she said. “I just need to get clean.” He captured her lips with his again and swiftly persuaded her to allow the kiss to deepen. Lex moved a hand to the back of her head to keep her from pulling away from him. Chloe finally started to push her hands against his chest when she needed to breathe and Lex let go of her. She took in large gulps of air and shook her head at him. “Habit forming,” she murmured. Lex smirked and moved them toward his bed.

    After they lay down, Chloe snuggled up to Lex. He absently stroked her hair and grinned to himself. He was about to tell her how much he appreciated her show of affection and loyalty in front of Clark, even if it was brought on by Chance’s influence, when he noticed that her breathing slowed down and became more rhythmic. He smiled when he glanced down and saw that Chloe’s eyes were closed and she had fallen asleep with her head on his chest.

    There was a knock at the door. Lex frowned. He couldn’t tell whoever it was to go away without the risk of waking her up. Lex chose to ignore it. Unfortunately, it became louder and more persistent. Lex gently eased Chloe’s head onto her pillow and rose from the bed. He grabbed his robe and walked to the door, making sure to be as quiet as possible. He opened the door and glared at the man on the other side of it. Lex stepped out into the hallway, closing the door carefully as exited the room.

    “This had better be important,” Lex warned. “You almost woke her up.” Lionel grinned.

    “She’s asleep?” He asked. Lex gave him an emotionless expression.

    “What do you want?” Lex asked. Lionel was about to speak when Lex cut him off. “Keep in mind that if I have to raise my voice and it wakes her up that I will be *very* upset.” Lionel’s grin turned into a smirk.

    “Of course son,” Lionel said. “I merely wanted to know if Saturday would be appropriate.” Lex arched an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

    “Appropriate for what?” Lex asked suspiciously. Lionel’s smirk grew wider.

    “For your wedding to the Sullivan girl of course,” he responded. Lex smiled.

    “Chloe and I aren’t getting married,” he said. ‘At least, not for a while,’ he thought. “Her dad would never go for it.” Lionel appeared pensive.

    “Yes, he did seem rather put off by the idea,” Lionel agreed. “But, regardless of feelings, I would prefer it if you didn’t get married when she was further along. It would look much worse publicly if that were the case.” Lex stared blankly at his father.

    “Further along?” Lex asked. Lionel sighed. This conversation was going in circles. His son obviously cared for the girl, so he didn’t see why getting him to agree to this was taking such effort.

    “You’re a smart boy Lex,” Lionel said. “Most of the time,” he quickly added. “Tell me what it is that *you* think happens when no form of contraceptive measures are used.” Lex grinned.

    “Did you stop to think that she might be on birth control pills?” Lex asked. Lionel nodded seriously.

    “Yes,” he answered. “But her medical records indicate that isn’t the case.” Lex clenched his hands into fists.

    “You checked her medical records?” Lex asked in an infuriated voice. Lionel shrugged.

    “I had to make sure that my suspicions were warranted,” Lionel said. Lex ran a hand over his smooth head.

    “Just when I think that you can’t stoop any lower Dad,” Lex said. Lionel grinned. “Are you really willing to make us get married on the off chance that she might be pregnant?” Lionel seemed to think about it for a moment.

    “Yes,” he replied. Lex pursed his lips, but his father stood his ground. “Saturday it is then,” Lionel announced. Lex shook his head.

    “She’ll never agree to it,” Lex warned him. Lionel smirked.

    “I’m sure you can think of some way to persuade her,” Lionel said. He turned and stuck his cane out in front of him to walk away. He only took a few steps before throwing a last statement over his shoulder. “Someday you’ll thank me for this son.” Lex took a deep breath before opening his bedroom door again. When he entered the room, he immediately noticed that Chloe was no longer on the bed.

    A dozen thoughts flooded his head at once. He wondered how much of the conversation with his father she had overheard and exactly how much she was going to react, or overreact as the case may be, to it. Then he heard the water running in the bathroom that was attached to his room. He let out a partial sigh of relief. She was just taking a shower; maybe she hadn’t heard any of the conversation. He shook his head. Lex knew that something had woken her up and he knew what it was. There weren’t many things that Lex feared, but confronting Chloe about the situation at hand was definitely one of them.

    He opened the door to the bathroom just as Chloe was stepping out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around herself and then looked up to see him standing there. Chloe jumped back a little and clutched her hand to her heart in surprise.

    “Don’t do that!” She said. Her smile revealed that there was no anger behind her words. Lex grinned.

    “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said. She shook her head.

    “You just surprised me,” she said. Lex gave a curt nod of his head and walked over to her.

    “How much did you hear?” He asked in a serious tone. One corner of her mouth quirked upward.

    “Why? Afraid I’ll do a story on it?” She asked playfully. Lex creased his brow and she rolled her eyes. “I didn’t hear anything. I just heard raised voices, but couldn’t make out any of the words, so I went to take a shower.”

    “Oh,” was all Lex could get out. He couldn’t think of a good way to tell her what Lionel had told him, no way that wouldn’t make her freak out. She looked at him questioningly.

    “What?” She asked. Lex faked a grin and Chloe arched an eyebrow. “What?” She repeated. Lex sighed.

    “My father is laboring under the belief that you’re carrying my unborn child,” he said quietly. Chloe’s eyebrows shot up.

    “Oh,” she responded. “Well, tell him not to worry about it. I mean, there’s no way that I could have gotten pregnant in the short time that we’ve been together.” Lex tilted his head at her.

    “It only takes one time Chloe,” he said in a completely serious manner. “And we’ve been substantially more active than that.” Chloe frowned.

    “Well, yeah,” she agreed. “But I would have had to be ovulating and he doesn’t know for sure that I was.” Lex shrugged.

    “We don’t know that you weren’t,” he reminded her. Chloe slumped her shoulders and went into his bedroom to sit down.

  3. #3
    Just a Guest!
    “So let me guess,” she said. “He was here to kindly remind you what our options were?” Lex opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again and went to sit next to her.

    “Actually, no,” he admitted. “He only gave us one option.” Chloe refused to make eye contact with Lex and she gazed down at the floor.

    “Okay,” she said. “I’ll make an appointment with my doctor as soon as I can get in.” Lex grinned.

    “That wasn’t the option he gave us,” he said. Chloe looked up at him with confusion. “Apparently we’re getting married on Saturday.”

    Ch. 13

    If Chloe had been drinking something, it certainly would have been sprayed everywhere. Lex tried to hold back a chuckle at the shocked disbelief that lined her features.

    “What?!” Chloe yelled. “We can’t get married!” She jumped off of the bed. “First of all, I’m only sixteen. Second, there’s no way in hell that my dad would ever let me do that.”

    “Not to mention Clark or his parents,” Lex interjected. Chloe nodded in agreement.

    “Exactly,” she said. “Plus, you’re a nice guy and I like you, but---”

    “You love me,” Lex interrupted. Chloe stopped ranting and stared at him. He rose from sitting down and grinned at her. “You *love* me, not like.”

    “Oh. Well, yeah,” Chloe agreed. “But still, that’s no reason to rush into getting married, especially given the circumstances.” Lex sighed.

    “I understand what you’re saying Chloe, and I already told my father that,” he said. She grinned ever so slightly.

    “You did?” She asked. Lex tilted his head at her.

    “Yes,” he said. “As amazing as the idea might sound, I am capable of standing up to him.” Her small grin turned into a smile.

    “I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lashed out at you like that,” she said.

    “It’s okay. Your frustration was well warranted.”

    “So what did you tell him?” Chloe asked. “That there was no way we were going to get married and it’s against the law to marry people who don’t consent to it?” Her voice sounded hopeful and Lex chuckled. Then he took a good look at her. She was still wearing a towel and he bit the inside of his cheek. He reasoned that she probably wouldn’t be pleased with him if he stopped the conversation and started kissing her. “Lex?” He snapped out of his thoughts and gave her a compensatory grin.

    “He already knows those things Chloe. Unfortunately, because he has money, he’s used to getting what he wants. I’m sure that he’ll be able to find someone who will marry us against our will with very little effort,” Lex replied. Chloe frowned and then got a stubborn look on her face. She crossed her arms.

    “Then I want to talk to him,” she said in a determined voice.

    “You want to talk to him?” Lex repeated. Chloe nodded.

    “I’ll convince him that he’s just being a neurotic moron and that we shouldn’t get married,” she said with a small smile. Lex nodded once with a bemused look on his face.

    “And you’re going to tell him this while wearing a towel?” Lex asked. Chloe looked down and blushed slightly.

    “I hadn’t thought about that,” she admitted. “Do you have a robe or something that I could wear?” Lex arched an eyebrow.

    “I don’t think confronting him while wearing my robe is the best idea,” he said. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “Well I can’t wear my old outfit, it’s dirty. And I don’t want to wear a towel, so what would you suggest?” She asked. Lex was about to answer when there was a light rapping on the door. “Okay, towel it is,” she said, thinking that it was Lionel, and began to walk to the door. Lex shook his head a little as he watched her. His dad had no idea who he was up against. Chloe opened the door, but Lionel wasn’t on the other side of it. Instead, a maid was standing there holding a white box. The maid looked incredibly embarrassed and refused to make eye contact with Chloe. She held out the box for Chloe to take it.

    “Mr. Luthor sends you his apologies for his son’s behavior and said this is a peace offering,” the maid said. Chloe couldn’t hide her surprise and she took the box. The maid looked relieved.

    “Thanks,” Chloe said. “I think.” The maid grinned.

    “He said he had to guess your size, so if it’s not right just to send it back downstairs.” With that, the maid turned on her heel and walked away from the bedroom as quickly as she possibly can without it turning into a full sprint. Chloe turned and looked at Lex.

    “What do you think it is?” She asked, holding the box out in front of her. Lex shrugged.

    “She said ‘size’, so it’s probably clothing,” Lex surmised. “But just to be safe, you should hold it up to your ear to see if it’s ticking.” Chloe laughed and Lex smiled. She set the box down on a small table and lifted the lid.

    “You were right,” she said as she looked at the contents. Lex’s smile didn’t fade.

    “It’s a bomb?” He joked. Chloe smiled.

    “No. It’s clothing,” she answered. She held up the dark red dress. It was made of an expensive material, but was obviously daywear. Chloe rolled her eyes when she saw a matching thong in the bottom of the box. “Your dad’s a jerk,” she said off-handedly. Lex chuckled.

    “Strangely enough, I already knew that,” he said. Chloe nodded.

    “I’d better go change,” she said. Lex arched an eyebrow.

    “You’re going to talk to him in the dress he just gave you?” He asked in surprise.

    “Well, I don’t have a lot of options, do I?” She retorted. “Unless you want to change your mind and lend me your robe?” Lex laughed and shook his head.

    “I have a feeling he’d notice,” he said.

    “He’s blind,” Chloe responded.

    “So he says,” Lex replied cryptically. A look of surprise crossed Chloe’s face.

    “You think he’s faking?” She asked.

    “I think that anything is possible with my father, and that I’m not willing to rule out the possibility,” he said dryly. Chloe shook her head and dropped the towel to begin changing into the dress.

    “Wow. That’s kind of cold Lex,” she observed. He shrugged off the comment.

    “You don’t know him,” he said. Chloe nodded and then fumbled with the zipper on the back of the dress.

    “True,” she said. “Nor do I have any desire to. The way people talk about him, including you, makes it sound like he’s the devil himself.” Lex chuckled and moved to help her with the zipper. “Thanks.” He nodded. Chloe smiled at the fact that he was still wearing a robe.

    “Are you going to change or do you not think he’ll care that you’re the one in a robe?” She asked. Lex smirked.

    “You assume that I’ll be going with you on this futile mission,” he said. Chloe smiled.

    “I have no problem in going to talk to him by myself, as long as you’re willing to cover up the murder that will ensue,” she teased. Lex smiled broadly and headed toward his closet to retrieve some clothes.

    “If you’re going to kill him, then I have to go with you.” He took a blue silk shirt off a hanger. “I wouldn’t miss that for the world.” Chloe laughed. “Can I bring my camera?” Chloe shook her head.

    “No evidence,” she said as she played along with him. Lex gave a mock sigh.

    “Well, I’ll always have my memories,” he said in a wistful tone. Chloe smiled as he finished dressing. She crossed her arms and looked down at her bare feet.

    “You think he’s going to mind if I don’t wear my shoes? They don’t really go with this dress,” she commented. Lex uncharacteristically snorted.

    “If he knows, he’ll love it,” Lex said. Chloe furrowed her brow. “Barefoot and pregnant,” he said tongue in cheek. Chloe playfully slapped his arm and Lex smiled. “Shall we?” He held out his hand for her and she took it. They made their way to Lionel’s study and saw him sitting in a chair listening to some light classical music. Chloe took a deep breath and stalked up to him.

    “Lex and I are *not* getting married,” she stated firmly. Lionel seemed indifferent to her outburst.

    “Of course you are,” he said simply.

    “No, we’re not,” Chloe argued. Lex watched the two with amusement, but decided to stay out of their so-called discussion for the time being.

    “I presume you’ve been informed as to the reason for my request,” Lionel said.

    “Request? It sounded like a command,” Chloe bit. Lionel shrugged and Chloe ran a hand through her still somewhat damp hair. “I’ve come up with a compromise for you,” she said in a forcibly calmed voice. Lionel scoffed.

    “Luthors don’t compromise,” he said.

    “Well you do this time,” Chloe retorted and placed her hands on her hips angrily. Lionel arched an eyebrow at her tone. “I’m willing to take a pregnancy test. If it’s negative, Lex and I don’t get married. If it’s positive---” Chloe paused. She hadn’t thought it through that far. She inwardly shrugged. She knew the test wouldn’t be positive, so why should it matter what she told him? “If it’s positive, then I won’t put up a fight about marrying him.” Lex’s expression was of pure surprise.

    “Really?” Lex asked. The shock was evident in his voice. Lionel sighed in exasperation. His son didn’t seem opposed to the idea of getting married, but Chloe was being stubborn, and if he didn’t put her in her place soon, he had a feeling that it was only going to get worse.

    “I would take you up on that deal if it wasn’t significantly slanted in your favor Miss Sullivan,” Lionel started. “But, I think you know as well as I do that any conception wouldn’t show up on a test this early in the pregnancy.” Chloe stared at him blankly.

    “I – I actually didn’t know that,” she stumbled over her words in surprise. Lionel smirked. She would have no option but to agree to his terms now, or so he thought. Chloe looked thoughtful. “Well, how about we wait and see then?”

    “I think not. You and Alexander will be married this Saturday evening,” Lionel responded as if his word was law. “The invitations are being printed as we speak.” Chloe visibly paled and swayed a little bit as a sense of impending doom swept over her. She was so used to being in control, and now she definitely wasn’t. Lex placed his hands on her upper arms to steady her.

    “Are you alright?” He asked her in a half whisper. She absently nodded. “Your blood sugar is probably low,” Lex observed. “We didn’t actually eat breakfast after all.” Lionel snorted.

    “Do try to behave yourselves this time,” Lionel sneered as Lex started to guide Chloe out of the room. “You put a terrible fright into that poor maid.” Lionel could practically hear the color rising to Chloe’s cheeks. She was stubborn, intelligent, apparently had the grace to be embarrassed, and Lionel had no doubt in his mind that she was lovely as well. In addition, the very fact that she didn’t want to marry Lex only endeared her more to Lionel, because it showed that she wasn’t seeing his son for his money. Lionel sat in his chair thinking to himself as Lex and Chloe left the room. He believed that Chloe would make an excellent addition to the family. All he had to do now was convince her to go through with it.

    Ch. 14

    The next day, the upcoming wedding was looming in Chloe’s mind. She paced around her room, desperately trying to think of a way out of it. She considered just leaving town for a while, and her dad had agreed with that idea on the phone, but the idea had been nixed rather efficiently when Lionel had security guards escort her home and stay there to make sure she didn’t try to take off.

    “Damn him,” Chloe muttered to herself. She stopped pacing as a thought struck her. Chloe smiled confidently and headed downstairs. “Hi Dad,” she greeted. Gabe looked up from his paper.

    “You’re chipper,” he observed carefully. “Did something change?”

    “Nothing that you need to concern yourself with,” she answered cryptically. Gabe narrowed his eyes at her.

    “Chloe,” he said in a warning voice. Chloe smiled again.

    “Everything’s going to be okay, don’t worry about it,” she said. “Now, where are my own personal prison guards?” She looked around for the two men that Lionel had assigned to watch her. Gabe snorted.

    “Securing the perimeter I imagine,” he said tongue in cheek. Chloe smiled again.

    “Okay, thanks Dad,” she said. She gave him a little wave and headed toward the door.

    ‘What is she up to now?’ Gabe wondered.

    Chloe strode outside and immediately one of the guards came up to her. She smiled and barely resisted making a comment about Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. If this was going to work, she needed to be on everybody’s good side.

    “Hey,” she said to the man in front of her. “Do you think you could do me a favor?” Even though he was wearing sunglasses, Chloe could see him look at her suspiciously. “You have Mr. Luthor’s number right?” The man nodded and Chloe smiled again. “Great. Do you think you could call him for me? I need to talk to him.” She handed him her cell phone to make the call. The guard was hesitant, but Chloe’s stubborn expression made him give in. He dialed the number and listened to it ring two times before it was picked up.

    “Luthor,” Lionel answered. The guard took a deep breath.

    “Mr. Luthor, it’s Johnson,” he said. Lionel scowled.

    “I certainly hope you’re not calling to let me know that my future daughter in law got away from you,” Lionel warned. The guard cringed at his tone and was greatly thankful that the girl in question was standing right in front of him.

    “No sir,” he responded. “She asked me to call you.” Lionel was surprised, but didn’t allow it to show over the phone.

    “I see,” Lionel said. “Put her on the line then.” The man handed the phone back to Chloe and she put it up to her ear with a smile.

    “Mr. Luthor?” She asked.

    “Chloe,” Lionel cooed. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?” Chloe instinctually rolled her eyes and the guard grinned.

    “I’ve come up with another compromise that I think you’ll like a little better,” she said. Lionel smiled.

    “I thought we’d already discussed this Miss Sullivan,” Lionel said. “It’s too late to call off the wedding. Speaking of which, Madame Gida will be coming by your house in approximately an hour to go over wedding dresses with you.” Chloe’s mouth dropped at his nerve, but she quickly shut it.

    “Fine,” she said through gritted teeth. Lionel smirked.

    “So why did you call dear? Something about a compromise?” He reminded her.

    “Right,” Chloe said. “You said that pregnancy tests won’t show a positive this soon?”

    “Yes,” Lionel acknowledged.

    “How long does it take to show up?” Chloe asked. Lionel pursed his lips.

    “I certainly hope you’re not suggesting that I postpone the wedding for another two weeks,” Lionel said. Chloe smiled.

    “No sir,” she said in the most polite voice she could muster. “I’ll still go through with it.”

    “Really?” Lionel asked in delighted surprise.

    “Yes, but if the test shows up negative in two weeks, then you have to let us get an annulment,” Chloe said. Lionel arched an eyebrow.

    “And this would be the compromise you had in mind?” Lionel asked.

    “Yes,” Chloe affirmed. “So do we have a deal?” Lionel paused while he thought about it. He doubted that she would be able to get out of the marriage, or would want to, after she and Lex had been married for a full two weeks, but he wasn’t going to take any chances.

    “Make it a month,” Lionel said. Chloe furrowed her brow.

    “A month?” She asked.

    “You and my son will stay married for a month, at which time you will do a pregnancy test,” Lionel said. “Body chemistry varies from woman to woman and at a full month, the test will show a definite positive or negative.” Chloe bit her bottom lip. A month was a long time, and she really enjoyed Lex’s company. She could always get a test done at two weeks and then go on birth control if it was negative, and they could just use condoms until then. Also, just because they wouldn’t be married anymore, didn’t mean they couldn’t still see each other.

    “Okay,” Chloe agreed. “A month it is.” Lionel grinned.

    “You do understand that if you’re carrying my grandchild, that you’ll be obligated to stay married to my son?” Lionel asked.

    “Yes,” Chloe said. Lionel’s grin turned into a smile.

    “I’m so glad that we could come to an understanding,” Lionel said.

    “Uh huh,” Chloe responded. “So you’ll call back your guards now?” She asked hopefully. Lionel started laughing.

    “Of course not,” he replied. “I would never have my future daughter in law put in any danger.”

    “Oh yeah, because they’re here for my protection,” Chloe said with heavy sarcasm.

    “Why did you think they were there?” Lionel asked.

    “Gee, I don’t know, to keep me from skipping town?” She retorted. Lionel chuckled.

    “At least I know that my grandchild will be intelligent,” he said. Chloe grumbled.

    “Whatever,” she said.

    “You should call your maid of honor and have her come to your house for fittings as well,” Lionel said, changing the topic. Chloe closed her eyes.

    “Fine,” she said in a defeated tone.

    “Good girl,” Lionel said. “I’ll speak with you later.” He hung up the phone and smiled to himself. Things were going very well. Chloe cursed under her breath and clicked her phone off.

    “He’s not cooperating with you?” The guard in front of her asked in a sympathetic manner. She looked up at him. She had managed to forget that he was even there when she was talking to Lionel. Chloe frowned and shook her head.

    “I don’t think Lionel Luthor cooperates with anybody,” she said nonchalantly. The man smiled.

    “I think you’re right,” he said. He took a quick glance around the property and Chloe furrowed her brow. He obviously wasn’t really there for her protection, so why was he acting like he was?

    ‘Oh,’ she thought as it came to her. She crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow.

    “Afraid someone’s coming to spring me?” Chloe asked. He smiled.

    “Just doing my job,” he replied. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “Uh huh,” she said. Chloe turned on her heel and went back inside. She supposed she would have to call Lana. She was her only real female friend and Lionel said to have her maid of honor come over for dress fittings as well. Chloe smiled to herself. At least she could get a laugh at the expression that would be on Lana’s face. She smiled at her dad before going up the stairs to her room. He was already unhappy with what was going on, and she didn’t want to be cruel by exposing him to more of it. Chloe picked up the phone and dialed The Talon, where she was sure Lana would be working today. A girl’s voice answered the phone.

    “Thank you for calling The Talon, this is Emily. How can I help you?” She asked.

    “Hi Emily, it’s Chloe. Is Lana there?” Chloe asked. Emily handed the phone off to Lana without even saying that she was going to do so and Chloe chuckled. ‘Nice people skills,’ she thought sarcastically.

    “This is Lana,” Lana’s cheerful voice came wafting through the phone.

    “Hey Lana, it’s Chloe,” Chloe said.

    “Chloe!” Lana exclaimed. Chloe could hear her going to another room with the phone. “Oh my God! I’ve been so worried about you. Are you okay?” Lana asked.

    “Depends what you mean by okay,” Chloe replied. Lana paused.

    “Clark said that Lionel is forcing you and Lex to---”

    “Get married,” Chloe finished for her. “Yeah.”

    “Oh,” Lana said. “So is it true that you’re---” Lana trailed off again. She felt a little uncomfortable discussing this with Chloe.

    “Pregnant?” Chloe asked.

    “Yeah,” Lana affirmed. Chloe huffed.

    “No,” she said. “But the jackass said that it wouldn’t show up on a test for a couple of weeks to a month, so he’s making us get married anyway.” Lana chewed on her lip.

    “I’m so sorry,” she said. Chloe shrugged.

    “Hey, at least I got him to agree to let us get it annulled when the test shows negative,” Chloe said. Lana noticed that Chloe said ‘when’ and not ‘if’, but she decided not to bring it up.

    “That’s great,” Lana said.

    “Yeah,” Chloe said half heartedly. “So anyway, I was actually calling for a reason.”

    “Oh! Right,” Lana said and then she giggled a little. “What were you calling about?” Chloe took a deep breath.

    “I need you to be my maid of honor,” Chloe rushed out. Lana’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.

    “What?” Lana asked. Chloe sighed.

    “I need you to be my maid of honor,” Chloe repeated. “I know that you’re opposed to Lex and I getting married, as is everyone else except for Lex’s dad, but I don’t want to look like an idiot who has no friends.” Lana smiled.

    “I’m your friend Chloe,” she said. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “Yes, and therein lies the reason that I’m calling you,” she said. Lana giggled again.

    “Um, okay,” Lana said. “I guess I can do that.” Chloe sighed in relief.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Chloe said. Lana smiled brightly.

    “No problem,” she responded.

    “Okay, you have to be over here in,” Chloe paused while she looked at her clock, “a half hour. Lionel is sending someone over to fit us for dresses and stuff. Do you think you can get someone to cover for you?”

    “Yeah, no problem,” Lana said. “They don’t really need me here today anyway.”

    “Great,” Chloe said. “Thanks again Lana.” Chloe hung up the phone and took a deep breath. The sham of a wedding wasn’t until tomorrow and she was going to need all the grace and patience that she could gather.

    Lana, on the other hand, found herself strangely excited for the upcoming nuptials. It bothered her a little that she was getting psyched for something that wasn’t even real and that she wouldn’t approve of even if it was. She hung up her apron and waved goodbye to her friends and coworkers, not being able to keep the almost giddy smile from her lips.

    ‘There’s nothing like a wedding,’ Lana thought to herself. ‘Even if it isn’t real.’

    Ch. 15

    “I like this one,” Lana chirped and held out a dress on a hanger. It was a blush pink dress with a fitted top and long flowing skirt, held up by spaghetti straps. Chloe groaned and ran a hand over her face.

    “I can’t believe Lionel picked pink as our primary color,” Chloe said. An older woman grabbed Chloe’s shoulders and straightened them to get her to hold still as she adjusted the wedding dress she was wearing.

    “Hold still,” Madame Gida ordered. Chloe clamped her hands into fists and Lana started giggling. Lana, who had already tried on three bridesmaid dresses, slipped into the dress she had just been holding up. The older woman’s assistant came over and zipped up the back of it and Lana twirled around.

    “What do you think?” Lana asked with a bright smile. Chloe laughed.

    “I think you’re getting way too into this,” she answered. Lana rolled her eyes and kept the smile plastered on her face.

    “You only get married once,” Lana teased. Chloe narrowed her eyes at her and Madame Gida grumbled. It was clear that the woman was getting frustrated with Chloe’s attitude.

    “May I ask why you aren’t happy with your upcoming wedding?” She asked. Chloe was about to retort ‘no you may not,’ but she thought better of it. After all, the woman circling her had a dozen sharp pins at her disposal.

    “You mean despite the fact that Lex and I are being forced into it?” Chloe bit. “Because I have a list of other complaints that follow that big one.” Madame Gida furrowed her brow.

    “You cannot be forced to marry,” she argued. Chloe snorted.

    “In the real world, that’s completely true. However, I live in the world where Lionel Luthor has billions of dollars and a warped one track mind, and therefore, am being forced to marry his son,” Chloe said. Even she was surprised that her voice was surprisingly calm. The older woman kept pinning the dress as she spoke.

    “Mr. Luthor does not seem like the kind of man to spend so much money on a wedding unless he believed the marriage would last,” Gida observed. Chloe snickered.

    “Yeah. It’ll last for a whole month,” she said under her breath.

    “I’m sure he has his reasons for your marriage to his son,” Gida said. Lana smiled and crossed her arms.

    “He thinks that Chloe’s pregnant,” Lana said. Gida shot Chloe a questioning look. Chloe sighed.

    “But I’m not and he won’t just take my word for it,” Chloe said. Gida arched an amused eyebrow.

    “Of course not,” she said. “He’ll want proof.” Chloe cursed under her breath.

    “Don’t even get me started on that,” she finally said through gritted teeth.

    “This is not a wanted pregnancy?” Gida asked. Chloe’s lips grew thin.

    “This is not a pregnancy at all,” she argued. “Weren’t you listening?”

    “Mmm,” the woman said in affirmation. “Do you love him?” Chloe bit her bottom lip.

    “That’s not the point,” Chloe said. Gida smiled and pinned part of the dress in back.

    “Of course it is,” Gida argued politely. She stepped away from Chloe and took a look at the finished product. Gida smiled before Chloe could start ranting again. “Good. I’ll get started right away. I can get it to you by nine tomorrow morning at the very latest.” Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “Swell,” she mumbled. Lana cleared her throat and spun around in the pink dress again. Chloe grinned at her friend’s reaction to everything that was going on. Lana was taking this wedding far better than anyone else was.

    “It looks good,” Chloe said. Gida looked at Lana and nodded her head in approval.

    “Yes,” Gida said. “It fits you well. We shouldn’t have to do any alterations, but we’ll press it.” Lana smiled and hopped up and down on the balls of her feet.

    “This is so exciting,” Lana said. She finally took a good look at Chloe. “You look beautiful.” Chloe eyed her warily. Lana’s eyes were wet and Chloe didn’t see that as a good sign.

    “You’re not going to start crying are you?” She asked. Lana wiped away a tear that was starting to fall and then she sniffed.

    “Of course not,” Lana said. Chloe let out a breath in relief and Lana got a sly grin on her lips. “Not until tomorrow anyway.” Despite her frustration with the situation, Chloe started laughing and Lana quickly joined in. Gida looked at the two girls. She was pleased that Chloe was finally loosening up.

    “Ah,” Gida said to Chloe. “Now that’s better. Your smile greatly improves the appearance of the dress.” Chloe’s laughter slowly subsided and she smiled at the older woman.

    “Hey,” she said. “I don’t suppose you’d consider hiding me under the dresses in the trunk of your car?” Chloe’s question was only half kidding, but Gida threw her head back in laughter. “I was serious,” Chloe said with a smile. Gida shook her head.

    “I have heard things about Mr. Luthor,” she responded. Chloe frowned and nodded.

    “Bad things,” Chloe filled in for her. Gida nodded.

    “Enough so that I believe it would be better not to cross him,” Gida said. Lana put the pink dress back on the hanger and handed it to her. Chloe squirmed as Gida’s assistant began to unbutton her dress in the back.

    “I understand,” Chloe said. “You don’t want to risk your life for a perfect stranger.” Gida chuckled.

    “Something like that,” she admitted. Chloe stepped out of the dress and looked for the clothes that she had lying on a chair somewhere. Everything was buried under layers of silk, satin, and tulle, that it was hard to find anything. The assistant quickly picked up and Gida smiled at Chloe and Lana, who were now back in their normal clothes.

    “Thanks,” Chloe said. Quickly adding, “I guess.” Lana turned and gave Chloe a big hug, taking Chloe by surprise. She pulled away and smiled at her.

    “I should get going too,” Lana said. “I have lots of stuff to get done before all of our appointments later today and tomorrow.” Chloe grimaced and Lana giggled. “Don’t worry; everything is going to turn out fine.” Chloe lips turned into a soft grin.

    “Thanks Lana,” she said. Lana nodded and Chloe shut the door as she watched Lana, Gida, and the assistant walk down the walkway. Gida smiled at Lana.

    “She seemed awfully moody to not be pregnant,” she commented. Lana shook her head.

    “She’s always a little like that,” Lana said. “And the fact that Lex’s dad is making them get married even though she’s only sixteen has kind of got her spurred up.” Gida nodded.

    “How do Chloe and her fiancée get along?” Gida asked. Lana blushed and ducked her head, causing Gida’s mouth to spread in a Cheshire-like smile. “Ah,” she said. She watched her assistant load things into their van. Gida turned to Lana once again. “Well then, despite your friend’s opposition to the union, I believe it will last longer than the one month that she believes it will.” Lana tucked some hair behind her ear.

    “Yeah,” Lana said in a quiet voice. “I got that too.”


    Clark stretched out his arms as he was requested to do.

    “I already own a tux father,” Lex said as he slipped a black tuxedo jacket on for fitting. “Several in fact.”

    “And now you’ll own another,” Lionel said without missing a beat. Lex sighed. Arguing with his father had become next to impossible when it came to discussing the wedding. Clark shot him a sympathetic look and Lex shook his head. “And by the way,” Lionel said as he ran his fingers over the black silk that his jacket was made of. “I can’t believe you chose Mr. Kent here to be your best man after he tried to steal your fiancée away from you.” Lex and Clark shared a look and then Lex smirked at his dad.

    “Affronted that it wasn’t you?” Lex asked. Lionel grinned.

    “I’m still quite virile, but I doubt I have enough energy in me to keep up with that girl,” Lionel sneered. Clark paled at the suggestion of Lionel and Chloe together and Lex just chuckled.

    “I doubt that too,” Lex agreed.

    “Back to the topic at hand,” Lionel said. “Why did you choose the young Mr. Kent here to stand up for you when it’s obvious that he wants Chloe as his own?” Lex arched an eyebrow and turned his head slightly in Clark’s direction.

    “Speaking of which Clark, what was all that ‘you belong with me Chloe’ crap about?” Lex asked. Clark smiled at Lex’s tone. He didn’t seem angry at all.

    “I was just trying to get her to come to her senses,” Clark said. Lex smiled and Lionel smirked.

    “I’d say, from her reaction to your outlandish proposal, that she was already in full possession of her senses Clark,” Lionel said. Clark pursed his lips, but said nothing. He knew that Lionel was baiting him, and he didn’t want to make things any harder for Chloe and Lex than they were already. Lex smiled to himself.

    “That was a great reaction,” Lex murmured. Both Lionel and Clark rolled their eyes. Lex shrugged off the jacket as a fitter came by and then turned to his father. “Now that we’ve finished the fittings, I presume my day is free?” The fitters left the room with the measurements and the tuxedos, and Lionel shook his head.

    “I’m afraid not,” Lionel said. Lex glanced at Clark, who simply shrugged, not aware of Lionel’s plans. “We have a meeting with the lawyers to sign the prenuptial agreement directly after lunch.” Lex grinned to himself. He finally had a way to stop the wedding and hopefully make Chloe happy enough to keep dating him.

    “A prenuptial agreement?” Lex responded. “Chloe will never agree to that.” Lionel scoffed.

    “On the contrary,” Lionel said with a smirk, “it was her idea.” Lex’s eyes narrowed menacingly at his father.

    “Why do I get the feeling that you’re lying to me?” Lex asked. Clark backed up a few steps and went to find a chair to sit down on. There was no way he wanted to get in the middle of the impending fight between father and son. Lionel shrugged.

    “I have no idea,” he responded smoothly. “You’re welcome to call her if you don’t believe me.” Lex shook his head.

    “Why would Chloe want a prenuptial agreement?” Lex asked. Lionel’s smirk turned into a smile.

    “I believe she said something about wanting you to know that she was marrying you because I was forcing her to, and not because she wants your money,” Lionel replied with an upbeat lilt in his voice. Lex ran a hand over his smooth head.

    “I won’t make her sign it,” he said.

    “It’s not your decision,” Lionel responded.

    “Just like everything else lately,” Lex mumbled. Lionel tapped his cane a few feet over to where Lex was standing. He reached out until he felt Lex’s arm and then he gave him a small pat on the shoulder. Lex’s eyes went to the contact and then back up to his father.

    “You love her don’t you?” Lionel asked in a completely sincere manner.

    “You know I do,” Lex answered seriously. Lionel nodded and stepped back a couple of steps.

    “Then you just need to trust me,” Lionel said. Lex raised an eyebrow.

    “And what does trusting you entail exactly?” Lex asked with suspicion. An evil grin crept across Lionel’s lips, causing both Lex and Clark to shudder slightly.

    “The prenuptial agreement,” Lionel started and then paused as if he were contemplating telling Lex the truth. “I believe Miss Sullivan will find she’s in for a bit of a surprise if she doesn’t read the fine print.” With that, he began to tap his cane and left the room. Lex furrowed his brow and Clark looked at his friend questioningly.

    “What do you think he meant by that?” Clark asked. Lex shook his head.

    “I’m not sure,” Lex admitted. “But I need to get my hands on a copy of that prenup.”

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    Ch. 16

    Lex held his cell phone up to his ear and unknowingly began to pace as he waited for Chloe to pick up her end of the line.

    “I could just go over there,” Clark offered. Lex shot him a warning look and Clark held up his hands in mock surrender. “And give her a note from you or something,” Clark said with a smile. “Geez, calm down.” Lex glared at him for another second and then Chloe picked up her phone.

    “Hello?” She answered. Normally, Lex would have been soothed by the sound of her voice, but not today.

    “Chloe, it’s me,” Lex said. Chloe smiled.

    “Hey Lex,” she greeted. Lex noticed that her tone was considerably more chipper than he had expected it to be given the circumstances, and a grin spread across his lips.

    “You sound happy,” he observed. “Come up with a good escape plan have you?” Chloe laughed.

    “No, sadly. You have one you want to share with me?” She asked. Lex’s grin turned into a smile.

    “I’m afraid not, but if I come up with something then I’ll let you know,” Lex said.

    “Thanks,” Chloe replied. “So why are you calling?” Lex’s smile immediately fell into a disturbed frown. He had managed to forget about his father for the full minute and a half that he had been talking to Chloe.

    “My father says that you wanted a prenuptial agreement,” Lex answered.

    “You’re upset about that aren’t you?” Chloe asked. Lex sighed.

    “I’m upset that you’re trusting enough to let my father’s lawyers be the ones to draw it up,” Lex replied. Chloe furrowed her brow.

    “Why should it matter who writes it if it’s just going to say what your dad and I agreed on?” She regretted the words the second they came out of her mouth and she cringed as she waited for him to explode.

    “What my dad---” Lex stopped talking so he could regain his composure. “What exactly did you agree on?”

    “Well, you know, the usual,” Chloe said vaguely. “I’m not marrying you for your money, so I didn’t care what he put in there about that. And then there’s the part about staying married for a month. I just talked to him this morning. Didn’t he tell you this?” Clark saw the shocked expression on Lex’s face and had to contain the laughter that was threatening to boil over.

    “A month?” Lex asked. “How did he talk you into that?”

    “Long story,” she replied. “But the good news is that when I take the pregnancy test after a month’s time and it shows negative, then we can get the marriage annulled without him interfering.” A sly grin crept across Lex’s lips. So that’s what his father had been alluding to. No, that couldn’t be everything. His dad also said that Chloe would be surprised if she didn’t read the fine print.

    “Chloe, I don’t know what he has in store, but promise me that you won’t sign the prenup,” Lex said. Chloe was surprised.

    “You’re joking right?”

    “No,” Lex said. “I’m not. I think he may have had his lawyers add something to it that you don’t know about. I don’t have a copy of it, so I can’t tell you what it is.”

    “We’ll both be at the signing Lex, we can go over the fine print before we sign,” Chloe said reassuringly. Lex let out a breath in relief.

    “Thanks,” he said.

    “No problem.”

    “So did you pick out a dress?” Lex asked with a smirk. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “Like I had a choice?” She responded. “And by the way, I can’t believe your dad picked blush pink as one of our colors.” Lex started laughing.

    “He didn’t tell me that,” he said.

    “Yeah,” Chloe affirmed. “Lana’s thrilled though. You should have seen her spinning around in that bridesmaid dress like she was a princess or something.” Lex smiled at Clark as Chloe talked about Lana. He knew Clark liked her, but he didn’t know about everything that Pete and Lana had discussed in the aftermath of Chance’s influence on them. He thought Clark might have a shot with Lana if she was in a good mood at the wedding.

    “I can picture that,” Lex said. “But I’d rather picture you. I don’t suppose you’d describe the dress for me?” His voice had slipped to a lower octave and a more seductive tone. Clark rolled his eyes and got up to leave. He waved goodbye and Lex smirked at him as he left. Chloe laughed.

    “Not a chance,” she answered. “And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re getting into this whole wedding thing.” It came out questioning at the end and Lex cleared his throat. He couldn’t deny it. For once he was appreciative of something that his father had set up, even if it would only last a month. A thought struck him.

    “Chloe,” Lex said. “You said if the test turns up negative that we can have an annulment without interference right?”

    “Actually, I said ‘when’, not ‘if’, but yes,” Chloe stated. Lex ran his free hand over the back of his neck. He wondered how he could phrase his next question without getting her mad at him.

    “And if it doesn’t?” Lex asked.

    “If it doesn’t what?”

    “If it doesn’t come back negative,” Lex clarified in a quieter voice. There was a pause in the conversation and Lex hoped that she wasn’t going to stop speaking to him just because he brought it up.

    “I’m sure it will,” Chloe finally said.

    “How sure?” Lex asked. Chloe bit her lip.

    “Okay, I’m not sure,” Chloe admitted. “But have a little faith Luthor, everything’s going to turn out alright.” Lex grinned.

    “You still haven’t answered my question,” he pointed out. Chloe sighed.

    “If it’s positive then we have to stay married,” she replied.

    “I see,” Lex said thoughtfully.

    “Yeah,” Chloe added. There was another pause and then Lex smirked.

    “So, I was wondering,” he started. “Will you be going by Mrs. Luthor or Mrs. Sullivan-Luthor?” Lex could practically see her pursing her lips at his teasing.

    “Funny,” she said dryly.

    “I’m serious,” he said in as serious a tone as he could fake.

    “I’m not changing my name for a one month marriage Lex,” Chloe said. Lex casually leaned up against the wall.

    “It may end up being substantially longer than that, you know?” Lex retorted.

    “Okay,” Chloe said firmly. “Hanging up now.” Lex started chuckling and Chloe stayed on the line.

    “I’ll see you in a little while,” Lex said lovingly. Chloe smiled.

    “Okay, I’ll see you then,” she replied.

    “Oh, and Chloe?” Lex asked. She was about to hang up, but caught him saying her name to get her attention.

    “Yes?” She asked.

    “I love you,” he said. A soft smile graced her lips.

    “I love you too.” They both hung up their ends of the phone and Lex smiled to himself. She loved him.

    Chloe made her way to her room to look for an outfit that would be appropriate for a prenuptial agreement for a sham marriage signing. She laughed to herself. She didn’t know if such a thing existed. She decided on a long skirt and a clingy red blouse. As she dug through her jewelry, she picked up a ring. For fun, or so she told herself, she placed it on her wedding finger.

    ‘Not bad,’ she thought to herself. ‘Mrs. Luthor huh?’ She caught a glimpse of herself thinking in the mirror and quickly shook her head. “I’ve lost my mind,” she mumbled. Her smile faltered with her next thought. ‘And my heart.’

    Meanwhile, Lionel was tapping his way up a driveway in Smallville’s suburban home section. The young man walked forward to greet him.

    “So what did you want to talk to me about?” Chance asked. He was suspicious and the bodyguards Lionel Luthor had brought with him weren’t helping to alleviate his fears. “You’re not here to kill me for what I did to your son are you?” Lionel chuckled and shook his head.

    “Not at all Mr. Young, not at all,” Lionel replied. “I actually have a proposition for you. If you’re interested that is?” Chance narrowed his eyes at him slightly.

    “What kind of proposition?” He asked. Lionel cleared his throat and moved a little closer to Chance so he could speak in a hushed tone. He leaned his head in the direction he had heard Chance’s voice coming from.

    “My son and Chloe Sullivan are getting married tomorrow,” Lionel said. Chance’s face suddenly lit up with a bright smile.

    “Good for them,” he said. Lionel nodded.

    “Indeed,” Lionel agreed. “Although they don’t seem to think so.” Chance furrowed his brow.

    “What do you mean? Even before I – you know – I could tell that they liked each other,” Chance said. Lionel sighed.

    “Yes, well, unfortunately they’re both stubborn as an ox,” Lionel said. Chance nodded.


    “So, I thought I might be able to convince you to extend a wedding present of sorts to them for me,” Lionel said. Chance lifted an eyebrow.

    “You want me to make them hot for each other again?” He asked in surprise. Lionel grinned.

    “Rather a blunt way to put it, but yes,” he responded. “Do you think you can do it?” Chance shrugged.

    “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Chance answered. “Except that her dad and Clark’s dad will kill me if they see me at the wedding.” Lionel reached out and felt around for Chance’s arm. He rested his hand on it and smirked.

    “I assure you that they won’t. I’ll take care of everything, not to mention the fact that you’ll be well compensated,” Lionel said. He extended his hand into the air in front of him. “So do we have a deal?” Chance rolled back and forth on the balls of his feet and smiled mischievously. He stuck out his hand and shook Lionel’s hand.


    Ch. 17

    Lionel felt a strange tingle shoot up his arm and travel through his body. He guffawed when he realized that Chance was probably trying to use his influence on him, but the amusement on his face was replaced by a look of sheer agony and a sharp pain darted to his eyes.

    “Argh! What did you do?!” He yelled loudly and gripped his head as if it were going to explode. Chance quickly backed away from him. This was the second reaction that hadn’t gone the way he planned.

    ‘Maybe I really shouldn’t use it anymore,’ Chance thought to himself. Lionel squinted his eyes as his vision went from black to a blurry haze. It gradually came into focus and he whipped his head around to look directly at Chance.

    “I – uh – sorry,” Chance stammered. Lionel couldn’t believe it. One handshake and the boy had restored his sight. And here, he hadn’t even completely believed that Chance was capable of doing the other things that people were claiming; he had just been covering his bases where Lex and Chloe were concerned.

    “I can see,” Lionel said in amazement. “Good Lord, do you realize what you’ve done?” Chance held up his hands proclaiming his innocence.

    “I was just trying to make you see things from their point of view, I swear, that’s it,” Chance rambled. Lionel shook his head and gave the boy a bemused grin.

    “Does that mean you’re reneging on our deal?” Lionel asked. Seeing that Lionel wasn’t upset, Chance let out a breath and relaxed his posture. He smiled.

    “No man, I’ll still be there,” Chance said. Lionel gave him a lopsided grin and a curt nod.

    “Good. I’ll have your formal attire sent over this evening.” Lionel reached into the inner breast pocket of his jacket and pulled out an invitation. “You’ll need this to get in.” Chance took it from him and smiled. Lionel turned on his heel, threw his cane up in the air, and then caught it. His driver and bodyguard were in complete shock. The car door was opened for him and he climbed inside.

    “Where to sir?” The driver asked. Lionel smiled mischievously.

    “Back to the house,” Lionel said. “I have a meeting with my lawyers.”


    Chloe pulled her car up into the long circular driveway in front of the Luthor home and then stepped out. There were already a few cars there and she realized that the lawyers probably didn’t dare show up late for a meeting with Lionel Luthor. Chloe took a moment and gazed at the imposing structure and frowned, only snapping out of her thoughts when she saw her ‘bodyguards’ through the corner of her eye. She turned to the one she made small talk with earlier.

    “You think he’s going to make me live here?” She asked. The man gave a hearty chuckle while the other bodyguard looked at him like he was crazy for fraternizing with her.

    “That would be my guess,” he answered. “Wouldn’t be much of a marriage if you had separate homes.” Chloe shook her head lightly.

    “No, I guess not,” she agreed. They all turned their heads when Lionel’s limousine pulled up behind the bodyguards’ car. Chloe took a deep breath. She could handle this. Just because every other discussion she’d had with Lex’s father had turned out badly didn’t mean that this one would. ‘Yeah, just keep telling yourself that Chloe.’ The bodyguard stepped out of the front seat first, followed by the driver on the opposite side. The driver moved to open the door for Lionel and Chloe was met with the shock of her life. Lionel looked directly at her and began to walk toward her without his cane. Her mouth fell open a little bit and Lionel smirked.

    “So you’re the young woman who has captured my son’s heart?” He mused aloud. He openly let his eyes graze over her body and instead of feeling nervous, she suddenly felt affronted. “Very nice. I approve. You and Lex will make fine looking children.” Chloe crossed her arms and met his eyes with a gleam of anger in her own. She arched an eyebrow at him and he gave her an impish grin and shrugged.

    “You can see,” she said accusingly. His grin turned into a small smile.

    “Yes,” he said in a pleased tone. “Your friend Chance is quite the miracle worker.” Chloe creased her brow.

    “When did you see Chance?” She asked.

    “Around a half hour ago now,” he answered truthfully. Chloe narrowed her eyes at him.

    “And *why* did you see Chance?” She asked. Lionel’s smile grew.

    “Be assured that I only had your best interests at heart,” Lionel responded. Chloe opened and closed her mouth.

    “You were there to get him to – what – make me and Lex crawl all over each other again?” She asked in disbelief. Lionel half snorted and started to walk to the house, but Chloe met his stride. He knew immediately that she wouldn’t let it go until he gave her an answer.

    “I hardly think that I would need to enlist Mr. Young’s help for that endeavor,” Lionel said with a smirk as he tilted his head at her. Chloe fought down the blush she felt rising to her cheeks. Bastard. They reached the front entryway and one of the bodyguards opened the door for them. Lionel barely acknowledged the man’s existence, but Chloe flashed him a small smile as gratitude. “If you must know,” Lionel started and turned to look at Chloe again. “You two seem to be --- less responsible when you’re being influenced by him.” Chloe glared at him angrily.

    “So --- what? If I wasn’t pregnant with Lex’s child now, then you were going to make sure I was by the time the month was over?!” She was yelling now, but she didn’t care. Lionel deserved every ounce of fire that was running through her veins. Lionel didn’t seem at all put off by her attitude, in fact he seemed to be taking great pleasure in hearing her yell at him for some reason.

    “Chloe?” Lex called from the stairs. She swung her head around to look at him. “What’s going on?” His voice was full of concern as he had heard her yelling, but hadn’t been able to make out what was being said. Lex walked directly over to her and wrapped an arm possessively around her back. He tilted his head in suspicion at his father.

    “He visited Chance to make sure that I would end up pregnant by the time the month was over,” Chloe said, her stare fixed on Lionel’s face. “And Chance ended up making him be able to see again.” Lex’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “I certainly hope that’s not what you meant when you told me to trust you,” Lex said to his dad. Lionel, as always, presented himself in a self assured manner.

    “I would hope that I wouldn’t need a reason to ask you to trust your own father,” Lionel responded. Lex gave him a tight grin and tilted his head, indicating that he didn’t believe him. Lionel grinned as well. “Now, which room are the lawyers set up in?” Lex placed his tongue in the corner of his mouth.

    “They’re in my office,” he said. Lionel nodded once and smiled at Chloe. “Good. Shall we?” Lex and Chloe allowed Lionel to step ahead of them and when Lex was about to follow, Chloe pulled him back. He looked at her questioningly.

    “You know how Chance’s affects on us were temporary?” She asked him in a hushed voice. He nodded, and then caught on to her line of thinking. Lex grinned.

    “You think it will be temporary with him as well?” Lex asked in the same whispered voice. Chloe shrugged.

    “I don’t know,” she admitted. “And I’d hate to wish that on anybody, but ---”

    “You’re conflicted,” Lex offered. He gave a small nod. “I understand.” She smiled gratefully and he extended his hand for her to hold. “I believe we have a meeting with some lawyers.” Chloe held his hand and they walked toward Lex’s office. When they reached the office, Lionel and a slew of attorneys were waiting for them. Lionel looked over at them from the chair behind the desk and grinned.

    “Ready?” He asked. “I’m sure that you want to get this over with so you two can get on with more – pleasing activities.” Chloe bunched her hands into fists and Lex wrapped his arm around her to try and calm her down.

    “You should know that we have no intention of signing this prenuptial agreement until we’ve read over all of it and agree to the terms,” Lex said dryly. Lionel smirked.

    “Of course,” he replied. “I wouldn’t expect any less of you.” Lex and Chloe sat down and started reading the copies of the agreement. Everything seemed fine to Chloe until she got to the last page where there was writing in a smaller font and she couldn’t read it. She squinted her eyes and then held the paper out to Lex.

    “Can you read this?” She asked. Lex briefly glanced at the page and then looked disparagingly at his father. Lex got up and circled the desk, and then opened the top drawer to find a magnifying glass. Lionel grunted and appeared displeased. Lex gave him a tiny smirk and then went to sit next to Chloe again. He held the glass over the section of paper while both of them read what Lionel had previously referred to as ‘the fine print’. Lex narrowed his eyes slightly at his father and Chloe’s mouth dropped open.
    “What?!” She screamed and jumped out of her seat. She was about to yell out a string of obscenities when Lex stood up and clamped his hand over her mouth. She looked at him in shock.

    “We’re not signing,” Lex said smoothly and released his hold over Chloe’s mouth. She glared at him slightly.

    “That wasn’t necessary,” she mumbled. He leaned down and brushed his lips against her ear.

    “Forgive me?” He asked. Chloe felt a delightful shiver travel through her body and she closed her eyes. Lionel grinned at her reaction and touched his fingertips together.

    “I *suppose* the last clause can be deleted,” Lionel said. Lex and Chloe both looked at him. “That is what you were objecting to wasn’t it?” Chloe glared angrily at him.

    “Duh!” She said sarcastically. “Did you actually expect me to agree to no contraceptive measures for the month that Lex and I are supposed to be married? Or to the fact that if we haven’t conceived within that period of time that we have to stay married for an additional *year*?” Her anger was bubbling over again, but Lionel wasn’t intimidated. He gave a mild shrug of amusement.

    “To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect,” Lionel said. “Even when I didn’t have my vision I could tell that you two were madly in love with each other. I was just trying to be a good father and secure my son’s happiness.” Chloe crossed her arms and Lex grinned.

    “Wow Dad,” Lex said. “If I didn’t know you, I might say that sounded sincere.” Lionel gave him a completely serious expression.

    “It was,” he responded. Lex frowned. He hadn’t been expecting that.

    “And you felt that forcing Chloe to marry me would secure my happiness?” Lex asked in disbelief. “Instead of letting nature take its course and letting her accept a proposal from me when it was the right time?” Lionel half snorted and Chloe’s eyes widened.

    “Y-you --- what?” Chloe asked Lex. Lionel grinned and motioned his head toward Chloe.

    “Does that answer your question Lex?” Lionel asked condescendingly. “She loves you, but she’s stubborn and independent. I doubt she ever would have accepted a proposal from you on her own.” Chloe’s hands went to her hips.

    “Hey! That’s not true!” She blurted out at Lionel. Lex’s eyebrows shot upward and he turned to face Chloe. A blush rose to her cheeks when she realized what she said and she quickly darted her eyes in every direction but toward Lex. Lex reached out and cupped her jaw with his hand to get her to face him. Her blush grew even more and she started fidgeting with her fingers. “Well, that is to say,” she stammered. Chloe plastered a fake smile on her face and turned her face to look at Lionel. “We’re not signing.” Lex arched an eyebrow.

    “I don’t know,” Lex said in a somewhat teasing tone. “I’m thinking that it might not be such a bad idea now.” Lionel smirked in pleasure and Chloe shook her head but couldn’t erase the smile that had crept across her lips.

    “That’s not funny Lex,” she said with a light chuckle in her voice. He smiled and leaned toward her.

    “What makes you think I was joking?” He asked in a husky voice. Lionel rolled his eyes.

    “I don’t suppose that you two could save your foreplay for *after* the documents have been signed?” Lionel asked. Lex and Chloe stood there looking into each others eyes and smiling.

    “No, I don’t suppose we could,” Lex answered. Chloe chuckled and Lex leaned down to kiss her. He didn’t even attempt to make it a sweet and chaste kiss, and after it looked like they should be running out of air, Lionel cleared his throat. Chloe and Lex pulled apart and smiled at each other. Lex kept his gaze set on Chloe’s face.

    “Cross out the last addendum and I’ll sign it,” Lex said, issuing a challenging look at Chloe. She really didn’t have to marry him now, no matter what, because of what Lionel had admitted. Lex and Lionel waiting impatiently for what seemed like an eternity until Chloe smiled and nodded.

    “Me too.”

    Ch. 18

    Lex felt his heart pounding rapidly at Chloe’s response. Acting on his hormones alone, he quickly swept down and captured her mouth with his own. Their arms wrapped around each other’s bodies once again and Lex started to back her toward the desk. He traced a trail of kisses from her mouth to her neck and then started to gently suckle the area that he knew was especially sensitive to her. Chloe let out a small moan and pressed on the back of his head to maintain the contact. Her body started to warm as the attention he gave her neck spread arousal throughout the rest of her. Her eyes were closed and her breathing became ragged. The lawyers looked on in shock. They had never seen this side to Lex Luthor before. Chloe moved her face slightly to whisper in Lex’s ear.

    “Make them leave,” she said in a whispered and pleading voice. Lex was about to do just that when his father stood up from the chair behind the desk and smirked.

    “Gentlemen, I believe you have some revisions to make on that paperwork,” Lionel said and started toward the door. “And seeing as how the wedding is tomorrow, I think you should hurry.” The lawyers quickly scurried passed him out of the office. Lionel looked back at Chloe and Lex one more time. Lex was sweeping the items off his desk with his arm and was about to lie Chloe all the way back down on the desk. Lionel smiled to himself and then left the office, closing the door behind him. If Chloe was indeed not pregnant yet, then he had little doubt that she would be by the time the month’s period ended; and she was still bound by the terms of their original agreement.

    “Are you sure you want to do this here?” Chloe whispered in his ear. “They could be lurking just outside the door you know.” Lex kissed her again, this time leaving no room for her not to deepen the kiss. Their tongues slid against each other’s and Chloe let out a small moan. Lex kissed along the skin of Chloe’s collarbone and started to move his hands under her shirt. Chloe giggled. “So that’s a yes then?” She asked. Lex smirked.

    “Smart girl,” Lex quipped and began to run his hands up her legs, pushing back her long skirt. At the same time, she unfastened his belt buckle and slid his pants and boxers down his legs in anticipation of what was to come. Lex slid her panties down her legs and trailed kisses along her inner thigh. Chloe’s eyes shot open in surprise when she felt him kiss her clit.

    “Lex,” she said warily. He leaned her fully back on the desk and grinned gently at her.

    “Trust me,” he said. Chloe nodded and let her head fall back softly against the hard desk. Lex moved his face between her thighs again and slowly began to suck on her most sensitive area, then running circles around her clit with his tongue. Chloe’s eyes rolled back in her head.

    “Oh, God,” Chloe murmured in pleasure. Lex inserted his index finger, and then another, and started to pump them into her, all the while stimulating her clitoris with his thumb. Chloe felt a familiar tingle roll through her body and then she started to shake. “Lex!” He quickly moved to position himself and thrust his cock into her. Chloe gasped at the sensation. Lex started a rhythm of slow pumping as Chloe dug her nails into his shirt clad back. Her walls began to tighten around him and she reached orgasm again, setting off Lex’s own release. He collapsed on top of her, burying his head in the nook between her neck and shoulder as he breathed heavily.

    “I love you,” he said in a whispered voice against her skin. He started to pepper her skin with kisses and Chloe smiled. She ran a hand over his smooth head and urged him to bring it up and kiss her again. Their tongues wove together immediately. It was a passionate kiss filled with love and need, and Chloe was a little surprised when she realized how deeply she really did care for him.

    “I love you too,” she said and gave him one more soft kiss. Lex eased himself off of her and began to pull up his pants. Chloe smirked at him as she hopped off the desk and stood up to slide her panties back up her legs.

    “At least you didn’t rip them this time,” she said. Lex grinned.

    “I was impatient,” he replied. Chloe rolled her eyes and laughed.

    “Really? I couldn’t tell,” she said sarcastically. He stepped up to her and wrapped his arms around her. Lex leaned down to whisper in her ear.

    “You were too if memory serves,” he said in a husky voice. Chloe felt a smile creep across her lips.

    “Good point,” she agreed. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. When she pulled back, Chloe looked thoughtful and almost nervous. Lex creased his brow.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked. Chloe ducked her head and pulled away from him, brushing some hair behind her ear. “Chloe?”

    “I – we – we didn’t – you know,” she stammered. Lex looked at her expectantly and she sighed. “We didn’t use protection again,” she mumbled. “We’re really going to need to get better about that if we’re going to make it through the month.” Lex’s chuckle snapped Chloe out of her ramblings. She stared at him. “It’s not funny,” she protested.

    “No, it’s not,” he said again, but he didn’t stop smiling. He kissed her hair and then her ear. “Of course, there’s always the possibility that we may end up being married for more than a month already.” Chloe paled at his implication and pulled away from him again.

    “You think I am? I don’t think I am. Why do you think I am?” she rushed out in a panicked voice. “Oh God, what am I going to do?” Lex could tell that she asked the last question primarily for herself, and wisely chose not to answer her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck.

    “Shh,” he whispered against her skin. “Everything’s going to be alright.” His voice was warm and soothing and Chloe closed her eyes, but was still engaged in her train of thought.

    “I could do a test early,” she mused to herself aloud. Lex arched an eyebrow, but didn’t release her from his embrace.

    “I’m not sure what good that would do,” Lex said seriously. Chloe turned her head slightly to try and look at him. “It may not show anything yet, when there actually might be something there.” Chloe looked forward.

    “But if it *does* show something ---” Chloe said quietly and trailed off in thought. Lex pulled his face away from her neck slightly and she didn’t see or feel him smile smugly with a certain amount of male pride. Chloe sighed and turned around in his arms. He quickly covered his reaction to her statement and kissed her lovingly on her forehead.

    “Everything will be fine,” he said again. “No matter what.” He tilted her chin up so she would look him in the eyes. “Okay?” She gave him a small grin and nodded.

    “Okay,” she said. He wrapped his arm around her back as they started walking toward the office door.

    “Good,” Lex said. “Because I think I heard my father mention something about a wedding rehearsal this afternoon.” Chloe eyes grew wide and she stopped walking.

    “What?!” She asked loudly. “You’re joking right?” He smirked at her.

    “You wish,” he said dryly. Chloe pursed her lips and clenched her hands into fists.

    “Are you going to be upset with me if I kill your dad?” She asked. The question took Lex off guard and he threw his head back in laughter.

    “Not at all if I thought you were capable of it,” Lex answered. Chloe arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms as Lex opened the door.

    “You don’t think I’m capable of it?” She asked. Lex smiled broadly and let her go through the first.

    “Not really,” he said and walked beside her down the hallway. “But then, they say that pregnant women are capable of anything,” he teased. Chloe reached out and swiftly hit him playfully on his arm. He laughed, but started rubbing the spot with his other hand. “That hurt,” he said in a pouty voice, but still kept the smile on his lips. “Maybe I should rethink your ability to kill him.” Chloe rolled her eyes and started walking ahead of him.

    “I can’t believe I’m marrying you,” she said under her breath. Lex chuckled again but then his expression fell a little bit and he caught up with her. He looked at her sideways.

    “What did you mean by that?” He asked with partially narrowed eyes. Chloe smiled impishly but didn’t look over at him.

    “Nothing,” she lied.

    “No,” he argued. “You meant something by it.” Chloe’s smile grew a little bigger and she looked at Lex through the corner of her eye. She stopped walking when she realized that he seemed genuinely disturbed by her comment.

    “Come on Lex,” she said in a ‘be honest’ tone. “You can’t tell me that, before Chance influenced us, that you ever thought that you and I would be marrying each other some day.” Lex stared blankly at her and Chloe’s mouth dropped open a little. “Lex?” She asked. “You can’t right?” Lex grinned at her and her eyebrows raised. “You thought about marrying me?” She asked in disbelief. His grin turned into a well defined smirk.

    “You never thought about marrying me?” He asked, trying to sound affronted. She looked at him like he was crazy, but didn’t respond. He looked at her knowingly. “Ah, that’s right; you had a crush on Clark.” Chloe arched an eyebrow and grinned.

    “I’m proud of you,” she said.

    “Why?” He asked as they started walking again.

    “You don’t sound even a little bit jealous,” she observed. He smiled at her.

    “No,” he agreed. “I’m pretty sure you cured me of whatever jealousy I was feeling about Clark.”

    “How did I manage to do that?” She asked.

    “You jumped me when Clark asked you to leave with him and in front of him no less,” Lex responded. Chloe blushed and ran a hand over her face.

    “Ugh,” she groaned. “I almost forgot about that.”

    “Really? And here I thought your performance was rather memorable,” he quipped. She cast an annoyed glare at him and he smiled, reassuring her that he was just teasing her.

    “I wonder if he’ll ever forgive me,” she thought aloud.

    “He’s my best man for the wedding, so I would presume that he already has,” Lex said. They started walking down the stairs and Chloe smiled as she mused to herself. Lex had been teasing her ever since she came over, and it was her turn to get even.

    “Guess I shouldn’t tell him that I thought about marrying him, huh?” She joked. Lex stared at her and forced a tight grin onto his lips.

    “Not if you want him to live,” Lex responded. She laughed at his completely serious tone and latched arms with him.

    “Hollow threat,” she proclaimed. “You could never kill Clark.” Lex grinned and shook his head even though Chloe wasn’t looking at him.

    “True,” he agreed and then paused for a second. “But I could hire someone to do it.” Chloe laughed again and kissed his cheek. Lex grinned and they both stopped walking halfway down the stairs. He pulled her into his arms and started kissing her passionately. Chloe’s arms wrapped around his neck and she let out a small moan when his tongue darted out and traced her lips. They continued kissing, completely unaware that they had developed an audience. Lana, Pete, Clark, Clark’s parents, Lionel, and Gabe had all gathered in the foyer and were looking on when Lex and Chloe were kissing. Lana cleared her throat loudly and the two pulled apart, but still had their arms wrapped around each other. Chloe blushed slightly.

    “What are all of you doing here?” She asked in an embarrassed voice. Lana gave her an apologetic smile.

    “Rehearsal dinner,” Lana explained. Chloe looked at her with a slight touch of bewilderment lining her face.

    “It’s nowhere near dinnertime,” Chloe said.

    “Of course not,” Lionel agreed. “But we need to be at the cathedral in a few hours, and I assume you’ll want to do some shopping in Metropolis since neither of you has packed.” Chloe and Lex exchanged a look and then looked back at him.

    “Metropolis?” Lex asked.

    “Mmm,” Lionel said in affirmation.

    “But we’re getting married in Smallville,” Chloe said. Lionel smiled brightly and started laughing loudly.

    “You’re very amusing young lady,” he said. “Now, if you two will hurry, the plane is waiting for us.” Chloe opened her mouth to speak and quickly closed it again. The others followed Lionel as he left through the front door, but Chloe grabbed Lex’s arm to keep him from following them.

    “Lex ---” she started. He wrapped an arm around her waist.

    “We should have expected as much,” Lex said. “Dad never does anything half way. He’ll want this to be the social event of the year with all of the country’s papers covering it.” She shook her head and Lex noticed that she didn’t look upset – she looked terrified.

    “I can’t do this,” she whimpered.

    “I don’t think my father is going to accept you getting cold feet Chloe, even if he did spring the Metropolis thing on us,” Lex said. Chloe shook her head again and stared at the front door like it was the entrance to hell.

    “No,” she said. “I mean, I can’t do this. I can’t get in a plane.” He arched an eyebrow at her and she bit her lip. “I’m afraid of flying,” she mumbled under her breath. A smile crept across Lex’s mouth.

    “You?” He asked. “The woman who has taken on, neigh, sought out, every mutated person, plant, or animal, in the Smallville vicinity, with no thought to putting her life at risk ---”

    “You’re making fun of me,” Chloe said as she narrowed her eyes at him. His smile softened and he ran a hand through her hair.

    “I’m not,” he argued. “I just find it ironic that you seem to put your life in peril every other day over things that are substantially more dangerous than getting in an airplane.” Chloe sighed and started to walk toward the door, Lex firmly attached at her side. “Just look at it as a free shopping trip,” he said in a bemused tone.

    “I guess you’re right,” she agreed with a forced smile. “But if I die, it’s your dad’s fault.” Lex chuckled loudly.

    “Deal,” he said. Chloe walked with Lex out to the waiting limousine and took a deep breath to steady herself. Her last thought before getting into the car was that her sudden onslaught of nausea had better just be nerves.

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    Ch. 19

    Chloe felt her gut twisting as she stepped onto the plane. Lex had tried to reassure her on the ride to the airstrip, but she still felt incredibly nauseous, a fact which she purposefully didn’t mention to him. If she was right, and it was just nerves, then she had no doubt that Lex would casually mention something to Clark and her friends would start teasing her. If she was wrong --- Chloe shuddered at the thought. If her nausea was being caused by something else, then she didn’t even want to think about it. She wished she could blame Lionel, or even Chance, but she couldn’t. She pushed the thoughts aside as everyone buckled themselves into their seats on the small private jet. Chloe forced herself to take long, deep breaths as she stared out the window. Unfortunately it didn’t help and she couldn’t quell the sense of impending doom she felt as the plane lifted off the ground. Lex looked at her with concern, but she refused to face him. She knew if she turned her head at all that she would probably throw up all over him or whatever other unfortunate individual happened to be nearby.

    “Chloe?” Lex asked. She squeezed his hand as an affirmation that she heard him, but she said nothing. “Chloe, look at me,” Lex said. Chloe slowly turned her head toward him. “What’s wrong?” Chloe’s eyes grew wide and her hand slapped across her mouth. She quickly unfastened her safety belt and jumped out of her seat, practically running toward the back of the plane. Lex sighed and then he offered a small grin to their friends and family who were onboard, and whose heads had turned to see Chloe sprinting down the small aisle. “She’s afraid of flying,” he explained. “She probably just got air sick.” He watched a smug grin spread across his father’s lips. “Save it Dad.” Lionel arched an eyebrow and Lex continued. “Whatever you were going to say, just don’t. Chloe’s not faking sick so she can get out of marrying me, she genuinely doesn’t feel good. So just drop it,” Lex warned. Lionel’s smirk stayed firm and he leaned back in his chair.

    “I don’t suppose you considered the possibility that it’s not air sickness,” Lionel said. Lex glared at him.

    “Well it obviously is,” Lex said as he motioned to the bathroom door. “I’ll give her some motion sickness pills when she gets back.” Lionel had glanced back toward the sounds of Chloe being sick, but snapped his head back to look at his son with his statement.

    “You most certainly won’t,” Lionel said authoritatively. “She won’t have any medication until she’s cleared it with her doctor.” Lex was about to respond when his father cut him off. “Your mother was as sick as a dog when she was pregnant with you,” Lionel said. His tone was like he was recalling a fond memory and Lex furrowed his brow skeptically. Lionel turned around to look at Gabe, who was already cringing with the implication that Lionel made about Chloe being pregnant. “What about you Gabe?” Lionel asked. “Was Chloe’s mother ill during her pregnancy with her?” Gabe closed his eyes and tried to will Lionel to go away, but it didn’t work. Finally he relented and gave a meek nod as a partial response.

    “Every day after conception for the first trimester,” Gabe replied. Lionel’s smirk turned into a smug smile and he faced Lex again. He motioned toward the bathroom with his head.

    “Go on,” Lionel said. “Go see to your wife.” Gabe winced, but Lex said nothing. He got up from his seat and started his way back toward Chloe.

    “They’re not married yet,” Gabe reminded Lionel in a partially hushed voice. Lionel shrugged off the comment.

    “Details,” Lionel said. “They’ll be married tomorrow evening.” Gabe squared his jaw and Jonathan caught his eye. Jonathan gave a slight nod of his head and Gabe leaned back in his chair. They still had a plan B, and it looked like they were going to have to use it.

    Lex knocked lightly on the small bathroom door. It said ‘vacant’ but he knew, everyone knew, that Chloe was in there. When she didn’t answer it, he reached out and pulled on the handle. He leaned against the small door frame as he watched her sweeping cold water onto her face and then into her mouth and spitting it out.

    “Mouthwash works better,” he said with a small smirk. Chloe turned her head to look at him and Lex immediately regretted his partial teasing. She looked sick, really sick. To his surprise, Chloe smiled.

    “You have any?” She asked. Lex grinned and moved into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. There was a small compartment hidden by a piece of the wall. He opened it and handed her the bottle with the green liquid. She arched an eyebrow at him, but he shrugged as he watched her pour some into a small cup and swish it around in her mouth.

    “I’m sure you’ve heard stories of my misspent youth,” Lex explained. Chloe spit the mouthwash into the sink and nodded.

    “I was wondering why you’d have some on board,” she said with a smile. He smiled back at her with a slight gleam in his eye and she held up her hands. “No,” she said. “Maybe some other time when I’m not feeling so --- sick.” She made a face and Lex chuckled. He stepped closer to her.

    “That’s actually not what I was thinking --- this time,” he responded. Chloe looked surprised.

    “Oh. What were you thinking?” She asked. He wrapped his arms around her and then nuzzled his cheek against hers. “Are you sure that’s not what you were thinking?” She asked with a partial laugh. Lex pulled back a little and cupped her jaw with his hand.

    “I was thinking that you’re beautiful,” he said. Chloe furrowed her brow when he said it in such a serious tone.

    “Yeah, being sick always does it for me,” she said with heavy sarcasm. Lex smiled.

    “That’s not what I meant,” he said. She smiled at him and he leaned toward her again, this time pressing his lips against her neck. He started to place light kisses on the smooth skin and Chloe tilted her head to give him more access. She felt her heartbeat accelerating and Lex’s light kisses turned more demanding. He began to nibble and suck and Chloe felt her arms moving up his chest on their own accord.

    “We can’t do this,” she said in a hushed voice. His suckling on her neck became more persistent and she was certain that he would leave a mark. “God,” she moaned. It was all the encouragement that Lex needed. He captured her mouth and kissed her with fervor, sliding one of his hands under the hem of her shirt at the same time. Chloe’s breath hitched when she felt him tweak one of her nipples. Lex moved his knee so it was between her thighs and Chloe ran her hands over the back of his neck and head. The knocking at the door and the voice coming from the other side snapped them out of the moment.

    “Are you okay Chloe?” Clark’s voice came wafting through the door. Lex sighed and leaned on his arm against the wall.

    “I’ll kill him,” he muttered to himself. Chloe smiled and shook her head.

    “You wouldn’t have a best man,” she teased.

    “I can live with that,” Lex said. Chloe laughed and Clark knocked on the door again.

    “Chloe?” He asked a little louder and with a little more concern. Lex closed his eyes and shook his head in a defeated manner.

    “Hold on Clark, we’ll be right out,” Chloe said.

    “We?” Clark asked. He hadn’t noticed Lex go to her when Lionel told him to, because he was too busy being concerned with Lana and Pete sitting next to each other. Chloe undid the door latch from her side and stepped out of the bathroom, Lex following right behind her. Clark looked at Lex apologetically when he saw that he was in there as well. “I – uh – I didn’t know you were in there,” he said to Lex as he ran his hand over the back of his neck. “Sorry.” Lex grumbled something under his breath and Chloe elbowed him lightly. Clark arched an eyebrow. “I thought you were sick,” he said to Chloe. She made a face.

    “Don’t remind me,” she said. “I’m never getting on a plane again – at least not without some anti-nausea meds.” Clark smiled and headed back toward his seat. Lex and Chloe soon followed and came walking back up the aisle. Chloe smiled weakly at her friends.

    “Guess Lex told you that I’m afraid of flying huh?” Chloe asked. Lana grinned compassionately and nodded. She reached out for Chloe’s hand and gave it a small squeeze.

    “Don’t worry Chloe, everything’s going to be okay,” Lana said. Chloe rolled her eyes partially, but stopped when it made her feel queasy.

    “So everyone keeps telling me,” Chloe mumbled. They got back to their seats and this time Lex let her have the aisle seat, just in case Chloe had a relapse of air sickness. Lionel couldn’t resist the small smirk that lie on his lips.

    “Have you thought about names?” He asked casually. Chloe turned to glare at him.

    “I’m air sick, not pregnant,” she argued. Lionel’s smirk grew wider.

    “Of course you are dear,” he replied in a condescending fashion. “I mean, it’s not as if you were feeling ill before the flight.” He left the last part dangling with a questioning look on his face. Chloe paled and Lex noticed. He looked at her sideways.

    “Chloe?” Lex asked. She faced Lex and smiled nervously.

    “It was just nerves, you know, finding out about the plane,” Chloe explained. Lex quickly glanced at his father and then back to Chloe. He leaned across to whisper in her ear and covered her hand lovingly with his.

    “Are you sure?” Lex asked in a whisper. Lionel tried to catch it and frowned when he couldn’t make out what Lex said. Chloe let out a small breath and made eye contact with Lex. She looked nervous and afraid. Lex knew both of those emotions could easily be there because of her fear of flying and the fact that they were in the air, but there was something else on her face; some emotion that wasn’t as easy to read. His hand reached up and stroked her hair gently.

    “Are you going to be upset if we stop at a drug store on this ‘shopping trip’?” She whispered back uneasily. Lex grinned and kissed her temple.

    “Of course not,” he replied. Chloe grinned and then yawned.

    “Sorry,” she said. “Guess the last few days have taken more out of me than I thought.” Lex moved so she could rest her head on his shoulder.

    “Go ahead and rest,” he said. “We still have another fifteen minutes or so before we get to Metropolis.” Chloe let her eyes flutter closed and Lex kissed her hair. He allowed himself to give into his fatigue as well and soon fell asleep against her. Lionel watched the entire scene play out and smiled to himself. Unfortunately, his mood dampened when he glanced at Gabe and Jonathan. They were planning something, he was sure of it. He took a slip of paper out of his jacket pocket and then took out his airplane compatible cell phone. He quickly dialed a number that was scrawled across the small piece of paper.

    “Hello?” The young man’s voice answered.

    “Did you get the papers I sent you?” Lionel asked, making it sound very much like a typical business call.

    “Mr. Luthor,” Chance greeted. “Yeah, I got them. So you’re sending a limo to pick me up and drive me all the way to Metropolis in the morning? I thought they were going to have the wedding here.”

    “Apparently they were under that misapprehension as well,” Lionel said dryly. “It won’t be a problem will it?”

    “Nope. As long as the tux gets here in time, no big deal,” Chance replied.

    “I’ll make sure of it,” Lionel said. He heard Chance give a little sigh. “Problem?”

    “No. It’s just – are you sure you want me to do this? I mean, they’ve already agreed to get married, there’s really no point in me being there,” Chance said.

    “There are always obstacles to be overcome,” Lionel said cryptically. “I expect you to keep up your end of the agreement.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Good. I’ll see you then,” Lionel said. He clicked off his phone and leaned back in his chair. Gabe and Jonathan could do all the plotting and scheming they wanted, but his son’s wedding to Chloe Sullivan was going to take place no matter what.

    Ch. 20

    The second Chloe stepped off the plane, Gabe grabbed her arm. She and Lex both looked at him quizzically, but he just grinned at them.

    “Do you mind if I talk to my daughter alone for a minute?” Gabe asked Lex. The younger man looked skeptical, but agreed and gave Gabe a curt nod. Gabe quickly shuffled Chloe away from the others.

    “Okay, what’s going on?” Chloe asked with a strange look on her face. Gabe looked around to make sure that no one was coming toward them. He leaned toward her.

    “Leave,” he said in a hushed voice. She furrowed her brow.


    “Leave,” Gabe repeated with more urgency in his voice. “Lionel can’t make you marry Lex if he can’t find you.” He took an envelope out of his pocket and tried to hand it to her. “This should get you far enough away from here for the time being. Find a way to contact me when you get there and I’ll move.” Chloe should have been angry, but the situation was so preposterous that she started laughing. Gabe stood there in stunned silence as he stared blankly at his daughter’s reaction. She toned down the laughter and gave him a big hug.

    “Daddy, I love you,” she said. “But running away isn’t the answer.”

    “And marrying him when you’re sixteen is?” Gabe asked incredulously. Her smile softened and she let out a small sigh.

    “Lionel would be able to find me wherever I went. You should know that. And at this point, I’m not sure it matters,” Chloe said cryptically. Her father looked completely confused so she chose to elaborate. “With everything that’s happened, I have a feeling that Lex and I would have come together eventually anyway. It was just a matter of time.” Gabe paled at her words.

    “You can’t be serious?” He asked. Chloe nodded. She stood on her toes and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

    “Don’t worry, everything’s going to turn out okay,” she said. Chloe took the envelope and put it in his inner jacket pocket. She began to walk away from him, but he called out to her.

    “Chloe?” He watched her turn around to face him. “You love him don’t you?” Chloe smiled softly at her dad.

    “Yeah, I do,” she admitted. She turned around again and walked away, leaving him in a dazed state staring after her. She went up to Lex and gave him a small kiss. Lex motioned toward her dad with his head.

    “Should I ask?” Lex questioned. Chloe gave a partial roll of her eyes, but suddenly felt queasy again.

    “I’ve got to stop doing that,” she mumbled. Lex arched an eyebrow at her, but she simply grinned and changed the topic back to his question. “Something about me running away.” Lex’s heart sank and acting on instinct he wrapped his arms around her possessively. Chloe chuckled. “Way to overreact,” she commented.

    “He told you to leave me Chloe,” Lex said seriously.

    “And he even tried to give me money to do so, but I’m still here,” she replied in the same tone. Lex looked down at her as a grin overtook his mouth.

    “Why is that?” He teased. Chloe arched an eyebrow and pulled away from him slightly.

    “I could leave if you like,” she responded, mimicking his teasing tone. “I’m sure it’s not too late to ---” Lex forcefully pulled her back into his embrace and smashed their mouths together. Chloe’s hands pressed against his chest and as the kiss became more passionate, they slowly crawled up to his shoulders and around the back of his neck. Lex’s tongue swept against hers with an almost claiming motion. He couldn’t believe her own father tried to take her away from him. Okay, he could believe it, he just didn’t want to. With everything that had happened, Lex had become rather attached to the idea of marrying Chloe, and he wasn’t going to let her get away now. Chloe and Lex were so wrapped up in the kiss that they didn’t see Clark, Lana, and Pete come up beside them.

    “Don’t they have to breathe?” Pete asked Lana. She giggled.

    “Probably not, they’ve had lots of practice by now,” she joked. Clark said nothing, but ducked his head in discomfort as his two friends showed no signs of stopping.

    “Um, guys,” he said. Chloe and Lex ignored him. Lionel smirked at the scene in front of him as he walked up behind the group of teenagers.

    “They’re rather like rabbits aren’t they?” He quipped snidely. Clark smiled and tilted his head at Lex’s dad.

    “If you’ve changed your mind about them getting married then I can pry them apart for you,” Clark offered. Lionel sloughed off his comment.

    “Don’t be absurd,” he said in a clearly offended tone. Lionel turned on his heel and walked away from the group of friends. Pete laughed.

    “Okay, I may not like the fact that Chloe is marrying Lex, but man! That was priceless!” Pete exclaimed. Lana smiled at him, but it quickly turned into a somewhat nervous smile.

    “Will you excuse us Clark? I need to talk to Pete for a second,” she explained. Clark shrugged.

    “Sure,” he agreed. Lana took Pete aside and started fidgeting with her fingers.

    “So what’s up?” Pete asked, oblivious to Lana’s discomfort.

    “Why don’t you want Chloe to marry Lex?”

    “Like you do?” He asked sarcastically. She glanced back at the couple and then back to Pete.

    “I’m warming up to the idea,” she admitted. She didn’t want to admit that a small part of her was glad to see Chloe getting married because she knew that Pete harbored a small crush on her friend. Pete’s eyes widened.

    “No way,” he said in disbelief.

    “They obviously – like each other,” she said. Pete scoffed.

    “Yeah, well we like each other too but we’re not climbing all over each other,” he said. Lana raised her eyebrows a little bit to remind him and Pete blushed. “You know what I mean.” Lana crossed her arms and grinned in amusement.

    “No Pete. What do you mean?”

    “Lana, we were under some sort of weird influence when we – ya know,” he made exasperated movements with his arms and Lana had to stifle a giggle. “But *we* came to our senses.” Lana’s smile fell and she looked at the floor.

    “Did we?” She asked. Pete looked at her questioningly.

    “What do you mean?” He asked. Lana looked back up at him and tucked some hair behind her ear.

    “Don’t you ever wonder?” She asked him in a quiet voice. His face showed only confusion and Lana shook her head with the disbelief that he could be so dense.

    “Wonder what?” He asked. That did it. Lana closed the space between them and brought her mouth to his. Pete’s eyes shot all the way open in surprise as Lana pressed her lips against his, holding his head in place with her hands. Normally, she would have relented at the fact that he didn’t reciprocate immediately, but this time Lana knew something was there. She just had to make Pete feel it too. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and Pete’s eyes fluttered closed as he opened his mouth for her to deepen the kiss. His hands gripped onto her waist and he pulled her closer.

    “Well it’s about time!” The sound of Chloe’s voice pulled them apart. Lana looked over to see Chloe, Lex, and Clark all standing next to them. Pete inwardly groaned. He shot an apologetic look to Clark. He never wanted to hurt his best friend. That was the primary reason he never approached Lana in the first place, because he knew that Clark liked her. Much to his surprise, Clark folded his arms and grinned at him. Pete cleared his throat and walked over to him.

    “I’m sorry, I just ---”

    “It’s okay Pete, I understand,” Clark said. Pete furrowed his brow.

    “How can you understand?” Pete asked. “If my best friend stole the girl that I liked then I ---” Clark smiled and patted him on the shoulder. Pete shook his head. “You’re a better man than I am.” Clark’s smile grew wider.

    “Yeah, but we already knew that,” he teased. Pete laughed and punched him in the gut, but quickly retracted his hand and started rubbing it.

    “Damn,” Pete muttered under his breath. Lana, Chloe, and Lex looked at him suspiciously and he faked a smile. “Clark has abs of steel,” he said in a joking voice. Chloe and Lana both smiled, but Lex just narrowed his eyes. Pete tilted his head at him. “You know, abs of steel, it’s an exercise video,” Pete tried to explain. Lex forced a tight grin onto his lips, and Pete shook his head. He looked at Chloe. “How can you be marrying someone who doesn’t even know what ‘Abs of Steel’ is?” Chloe chuckled, but the expression on Lex’s face didn’t change. Lex leaned down to speak in Chloe’s ear.

    “Is that why you liked him?” He whispered.

    “Liked who?” She whispered back.

    “Clark,” Lex answered. “Did you like him because ---?”

    “Because he’s attractive and has a great body?” Chloe interrupted. Lex frowned. “It didn’t hurt,” she admitted. “But it was also because he’s honest and kind and ---” Lex let out a small growl and Chloe grinned. “You sound jealous,” she observed.

    “He did try to steal you away from me,” he said, the frown still prominent on his face. Chloe’s grin grew larger.

    “And that went so well,” she said sarcastically. Lex’s jealousy faded into a smirk.

    “You have a point,” he said. Lex was just about to start kissing her again when his father motioned for all of them to come over to the waiting limousines. He leaned against her in frustration. “Why do they have to keep interrupting us?” he grumbled under his breath. Chloe laughed.

    “Lex! Chloe! Now!” Lionel yelled when he noticed they were the only ones who hadn’t obeyed his immediate command to file into the cars. Lex sighed as he and Chloe strolled over toward his father.

    “I thought you said we took the plane so we could have some time to ourselves before the dress rehearsal?” Lex reminded him. Lionel shrugged unsympathetically.

    “That doesn’t mean you should spend it stripping each other in the middle of an airport lobby,” Lionel retorted. He glanced at his watch. “You have two hours and then you need to get to the church.” Lex helped Chloe into the car and Lionel smirked at his son. “Certainly that should give you enough time to get whatever you need to do done.” Lex grinned mischievously and got into the car.

    “I’ll do my best,” he said. Lionel rolled his eyes and shut the door after Lex climbed in. Lex smiled at Chloe.

    “So what do you think? Will two hours be enough time?”

    “Why is everyone else sharing cars but we get our own?” She asked. “I didn’t think your dad trusted us that much.” Lex leaned back in his seat as the car began to move.

    “My dad doesn’t trust us at all,” he said dryly. “But I think he’s had his fill of us ‘climbing all over each other’ – at least I think those were his words.” Chloe laughed and leaned toward him.

    “So how do you want to use this precious little time that he’s allotted for us?” She asked suggestively. Lex leaned toward her and brushed his lips up against her ear.

    “I believe you mentioned something about going to a store,” he said. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “And you complained about Clark and your dad spoiling the mood,” she grumbled. Lex grinned at her.

    “You don’t want to know?” He asked seriously, stroking her hand with his fingertips.

    “I do but I don’t,” Chloe answered. “I guess I just don’t know what to think of all this.”

    “All what?” Lex teased. “Falling in love because of a meteor mutant? Being forced to marry me because my father thinks that you’re pregnant with my child? Your dad begging you to run away and leave me behind?” He smirked. “Seems like an ordinary day in Smallville; I can’t imagine why you’d have a problem with any of it,” he said sarcastically. Chloe laughed.

    “When you put it that way it all kind of sounds like a bad dream,” she said. Lex raised an eyebrow.

    “I wouldn’t call it a *bad* dream,” he said honestly. He brushed the back of his hand up against her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her. Their lips pressed against each other’s and quickly parted to allow their tongues access. Lex slowly leaned her back down onto the long back seat. The driver cleared his throat to let Lex know that the partition was still down.


    “What?” Lex snapped as he nuzzled his nose and mouth against the soft skin of Chloe’s neck.

    “Do you have a destination in mind or do you want me just to drive around?” The driver asked snidely. Chloe chuckled at the man’s gall, but she realized that he must not have recognized who Lex was – or just didn’t care. Lex scraped his teeth along the area he had just peppered with kisses.

    “Hospital,” Lex responded bluntly as his breathing became more labored.

    “Which one?” The driver asked.

    “Whichever,” Lex said impatiently. He lifted himself off of Chloe for a moment and pressed the button to raise the partition between the front and back seats. Lex leaned back over her and smiled. “Now where were we?”

    Ch. 21

    Chloe was arching into Lex’s touch when his words to the chauffer suddenly hit her. She pulled back and gave him a strange look.

    “What’s wrong?” Lex asked breathlessly, trying to pull her to him again.

    “Hospital?” Chloe asked. Her face was contorted with confusion and Lex grinned at her.

    “Blood tests are more reliable and can pick up a positive result earlier,” Lex explained. Chloe arched an eyebrow and moved to sit up.

    “And how do you know *that* exactly?” She asked, not bothering to try and hide the jealous tone with which the question came out.

    “I don’t know from personal experience if that’s what you’re implying,” he answered with a small smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. “It was just another one of those ‘pearls of wisdom’ my dad decided to bestow on me. And for some reason, I trust him on this. God knows I probably have a dozen illegitimate siblings wandering around out there.” He expected Chloe to laugh, but she didn’t, and it worried him. “What’s wrong?”

    “And what about – you know?” Chloe asked. Lex furrowed his brow in confusion.


    “Have you – do you?” Chloe stammered. Lex tilted his head at her and Chloe let out a small sigh. “After this wedding goes through, am I going to be a stepmother for the whole month we’re married?” Lex smiled and leaned in to kiss her, but Chloe pulled her head away. “I’m serious,” she said. “And I don’t care if I sound jealous. I’ve seen the women that you date and ---”

    “Dated,” Lex corrected. “The past tense form of the word.”

    “Lex ---”

    “And *no* would be the answer to your previous question Chloe. I don’t have any kids. I’ve always been kind of compulsive about using protection with every single woman that I’ve been with.” Lex paused as a Cheshire-like smile came across his lips. “Well, except for you.” Chloe finally smiled back at him and he returned it. “So are we okay now?” Chloe nodded. “Good. I have something I want to give you.” Chloe arched an eyebrow and shot him a bemused grin. She leaned toward him and snuggled her body against his.

    “Oh, really? I wonder what that could be?” She asked in sultry sarcasm. Lex laughed.

    “Innuendo? I like it,” he said with a bright smile. “But not what I meant,” he said as he reached into his jacket pocket. Chloe had her eyes fixed on his and didn’t notice him reach for the small jeweler’s box. She furrowed her brow in confusion.

    “What did you mean then?” Chloe asked. Lex grinned at her.

    “Close your eyes,” he said. Chloe rolled her eyes. “I said close them, not roll them,” Lex teased. Chloe chuckled and placed her right hand over her eyes. Lex opened the box and took out the ring he had the jewelers create for her. It was amazing how quickly people could work when they knew who you were and how much you were worth. He slipped the ring on her wedding finger and he grinned as he felt Chloe’s breath hitch. “Okay, you can open them.” Chloe removed her hand and stared down at the ring on her finger.

    “Lex ---”

    “Do you like it?”

    “Of course I like it - it’s beautiful – but ---”

    “But?” Lex didn’t like the sound of that. Chloe looked up at him and started to tug at the ring to try and get it off.

    “But I can’t accept it,” she said. “You know I can’t. It must have cost so much – and we’re only going to be married for a month.” She shook her head and kept tugging at the ring. It went on just fine, but she was having significant difficulty taking it off. “It wouldn’t be right.” Lex leaned back against the seat and smirked at her. She narrowed her eyes at him. “What?”

    “You really believe that the test is going to be negative don’t you?” He asked.

    “Don’t you?” She asked. Lex tilted his head at her and his smirk seemed to grow. “Don’t you?! You don’t? How can you think it’s going to be positive?” Lex draped his arm over her shoulders and brought her closer to him.

    “I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be positive, at least not the one that you’re taking in a few minutes,” he clarified. “The one that my father makes you take at the end of the month though ---”

    “Lex ---”

    Lex lightly kissed her to silence any protest that she was about to make. Chloe closed her eyes and allowed the kiss to deepen as their tongues started to sweep against each other. She gripped at his arms and he moved her so she was straddling him. Chloe let out a breathy moan that spurred Lex on. He kissed his way down her jaw to her neck and started to drag his teeth on it. Chloe absently started rubbing rhythmically against him as the warm arousal traveled through her body. She captured his mouth again and started to unzip his slacks. Lex moved his lips up to her ear and Chloe shivered when she felt his hot breath caress her skin.

    “How can you possibly think that we’ll only be married for a month?” He whispered and then blew into her ear. Chloe opened her mouth to respond, but only a whimpering sound was released as Lex started to nibble her earlobe. They were so wrapped up in each other that they hadn’t noticed that the car had stopped. Chloe heard a knocking on the window and turned her head. Lex groaned and rested his head against her shoulder. “I think we need to start carrying a gun around with us,” Lex half joked. Chloe laughed. “I’m serious. You think people will keep interrupting us after someone goes down for the same crime?” Chloe brought his face to hers and kissed it again. The back door opened and the chauffer made sure not to look inside as he held the door open. Lex sighed and Chloe wriggled off of his lap. Lex zipped his slacks and Chloe crawled out of the car and looked at the large hospital in front of her. Lex followed and shot a glare at the driver. The sound of Chloe’s voice was probably the only thing that kept Lex from strangling the man right then and there.

    “How long do you think this will take?” Chloe asked. Lex straightened his jacket and then wrapped his arm around Chloe’s back.

    “Only one way to find out.”

    Lex and Chloe walked into the main building and followed the signs to the lab. A stodgy looking man glanced up at them from his position behind the counter.

    “Can I help you?” He asked. He quickly went back to typing on his computer, as if they weren’t there at all. Chloe looked embarrassed and Lex presented his ever cool demeanor.

    “We need to have a pregnancy test run,” Lex answered and read the man’s nametag, “Bob.” The man nodded and held out his hand.

    “Prescription?” He asked, only looking up from his monitor when no slip of paper was handed to him. “Ok-ay, did your doctor call it over? What’s your name?” He asked Chloe. Lex glared at Bob, but the man didn’t seem to be intimidated at all. Lex reached into his jacket for his cell phone and handed it to Chloe. Bob sighed. “You can’t use that in here,” he said, clearly irritated that the couple obviously didn’t have an order to do the lab work, and had apparently ignored all of the ‘no cell phone’ signs that were posted around the hospital. Lex squared his jaw and grinned tightly.

    “May I speak with your supervisor please?” He asked. Bob raised an eyebrow. “Now,” Lex clarified in a condescending tone. Bob held his hands up in mock surrender and went to fetch his supervisor. Chloe handed Lex his cell phone back and smiled at him.

    “I wouldn’t have needed it anyway; I’ve got my own you know. And how is it that so many people don’t recognize you?” Chloe teased. Lex shook his head, and despite his bad mood from being interrupted with Chloe several times that day, he felt smirk tugging at his lips.

    “Not everyone keeps up with the news I guess,” he replied. Chloe’s smile grew wider and Lex’s miniature smirk turned into a smile as well. “Or the society pages.”

    “Good thing on the second one,” Chloe mumbled. Lex’s smile didn’t fall.

    “You don’t think our wedding will be enough to make the front page?” He teased. Chloe laughed.

    “The front page is usually reserved for *real* news Lex,” she said.

    “And you don’t think my father considers this *real* news?”

    “Well, I’m sure *he* does, but ---” Chloe paled as the implication hit her. “He wouldn’t?” Lex smirked at her.

    “If the amount of calls he’s had with his head of public relations is any indication, then I’m going to say he would – and has,” he answered. Chloe shook her head in disbelief.

    “Why does he care so much about this? What’s in it for him?”

    “Besides finally having a respectable version of me to flaunt in public, along with his son’s beautiful and intelligent wife and soon to be grandchild?” Lex quipped. He tilted his head and gave her a small smirk. “I can’t imagine.”

    “But that doesn’t make any sense,” Chloe argued. “You’ve been respectable for a while now and ---” Lex arched an eyebrow at her and Chloe grinned mischievously. “Yeah, okay, I see your point,” she said with a small laugh. They heard a man’s voice coming from the counter.

    “I’m told you requested to see a supervisor, is there a problem?” He asked. Chloe and Lex both looked over at him and the man tried to hide his shock that the one and only Lex Luthor was in his hospital and standing right in front of him. “M-Mr. Luthor,” the man stammered. “How can I help you?”

    “We were hoping to have my fiancée take a reliable pregnancy test through your lab today,” Lex said. “She only recently started exhibiting signs that she might be and her doctor lives in a different city. Is that going to be a problem?” Lex asked. The man shook his head.

    “Oh, no, no, of course not,” he answered. “It’s a little outside our usual operating procedure, but I’m sure we can make an exception in this case.” Lex nodded once. “Just come through the doors over there and I’ll draw your blood myself.” Chloe and Lex went through the doors that the man indicated and Chloe took a seat in one of the chairs. The man snapped on a new pair of laytex-style gloves and proceeded to pick out which needle and tubes he needed. Chloe’s eyes grew wide when she saw him take down two tubes.

    “Why do you need more than one?” She asked in a slightly panicked voice.

    “Don’t worry, it doesn’t end up being that much blood,” he responded. Lex squeezed her hand for support and Chloe frowned.

    “Your dad had better be right about this being more reliable,” she mumbled to him. Lex barely kept himself from laughing. The lab worker tied a thin piece of flexible rubber around her upper arm to get her vein to pop up and had her make a fist with her hand.

    “You’re going to feel a little sting,” he warned her. He poked the needle into her skin and Chloe cringed and looked away.

    “I never pictured you being afraid of blood,” Lex mused. Chloe frowned at him.

    “I’m not,” she said. “I’m afraid of the needle drawing the blood.” The man changed the tube and started on the second one that he needed. Soon he withdrew the needle and placed a cotton ball on the puncture wound.

    “Hold this firmly for a minute,” he ordered. Chloe nodded and the man began to label the tubes. “So when’s the big day?”

    “Tomorrow,” Lex answered.

    “Congratulations,” the man said. Chloe resisted rolling her eyes even though she really wanted to. “Well, hopefully we’ll have even better news to add to your happy day.” He flashed her a bright smile and walked away from them. She let out a small sigh.

    “So how long do you think this is going to take?” Chloe asked as she stood up. Lex wrapped his arms around her and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

    “I’m not sure,” he admitted. “We can ask when he gets back.”

    “*If* he gets back,” Chloe said. Lex chuckled.

    “You think he’s off to process the results and then call the local papers?” Lex asked. Chloe’s eyes grew wide and Lex laughed at the horrified look on her face. “Don’t worry. I doubt he’ll risk his job over a simple story, especially if you’re right about how the results are going to turn out.”

    “And if I’m not?”

    “Ah. Well, then our lives will be thrust into the spotlight and every single reporter and photographer will be following us around like lapdogs,” he replied. Chloe seemed thoughtful.

    “I would never do that,” she said. Lex looked at her questioningly. “Hound someone like that. I’m a reporter, but I wouldn’t follow someone around just for a possible chance at a story.”

    “Not unless there were meteor rocks involved,” Lex teased. Chloe smiled.

    “That’s different,” she said.

    “How do you figure?”

    “Because in most cases I’m not stalking people,” she said. “Most of the research I do ---”

    “Involves you putting yourself into dangerous situations with homicidal mutants,” Lex interrupted. He frowned at her. “You’ll need to take a break from that if ---” Chloe narrowed her eyes at him.

    “If *what*?”

    “Nothing,” he said with a smile. He looked passed her and saw the man who had drawn Chloe’s blood walking back toward them.

    “It’s in processing,” the man said. “But it’s going to take a half hour at least because they just put a batch in right before I got there.” He noticed Chloe’s frown and quickly added, “You’re welcome to wait in the lobby of course.”

    “We have some errands to run before the rehearsal,” Lex said. The man nodded.

    “Do you have a number where I can reach you? Or would you prefer that I get her doctor’s information and send it directly there?” He asked.

    “Do you have a pen?” Chloe asked. He nodded again and handed her a pen and a piece of paper. Chloe quickly wrote down her first name and her cell phone number. “Please call me the second you get the results back.” He smiled at her.

    “Don’t worry ma’am, I’m sure it will be good news.”

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    Just a Guest!
    Ch. 22

    Chloe leaned her forehead against Lex’s chest and he ran his arms around her.

    “I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” she mumbled against his shirt. The wedding rehearsal seemed to be dragging on forever and Chloe’s body was starting to give into the exhaustion that she felt. Lex kissed the top of her head.

    “It will be over soon,” he said comfortingly.

    “So you say,” she replied and pulled away from him. “But don’t forget that we still have to have the rehearsal dinner after this.” Lex seemed thoughtful and he quickly glanced over to where the small groups of people that had gathered as they were taking a break.

    “We could leave,” he suggested in a hushed voice. “It doesn’t look like anyone’s paying attention.” Chloe looked over her shoulder and when she turned to face him again she had a mischievous smile on her face.

    “I knew there was a reason I liked you,” she said, matching his previous volume. Lex smiled and grabbed her hand, keeping an eye out as they started to edge their way toward an exit. Chloe grabbed her bag off of one of the pews and flashed Lex a bright smile. They almost made it to the door when the cell phone in Chloe’s bag began to ring. A few faces turned to look in the direction of the sound and Chloe flopped her head against Lex’s chest again. “What is it with these people and their horrible timing?” She asked. Lex chuckled and motioned toward the bag with his head.

    “Are you going to answer it?”

    “No,” Chloe said stubbornly. Lex arched his eyebrow.

    “It could be *important*,” he reminded her. Lionel only caught the tail end of their conversation as he walked over to them and gave Lex a disapproving glare. He quickly turned to Chloe.

    “You should have turned your phone off,” he scolded. Lex shot his father a warning look.

    “She’s expecting a call,” Lex said.

    “You’re fortunate that we only need to go over the time schedule for tomorrow and then we’re off to dinner, otherwise I might be upset,” Lionel said.

    “You have no right to be upset over anything,” Lex said. “It’s just a phone call! After everything that you’ve put us through, we should be the ones who are angry with you.” Chloe backed away from the two men as they started to argue and fished the phone out of her oversized purse.

    “Hello?” She answered.

    “Is this Chloe --- I’m sorry, I didn’t get your last name?” The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

    “It’s okay,” she said, immediately knowing what the phone call was about. “Did the results come in?” Chloe could feel her stomach tying in knots and she absently rubbed it with her free hand.

    “Yes, and congratulations,” the man said. Chloe felt the color drain from her face. “You’re actually very lucky that it turned up so quickly on the test, since it looks like you’re only a little over a week along.” Chloe tried desperately to quell the wave of nausea that washed over her body, but it didn’t work. The room started spinning a little and Chloe clutched onto one of the pews for support. Lex noticed and quickly rushed to her side.

    “Chloe?” Lex asked as he wrapped his arm around her back to help her stand up. She seemed to be in shock and Lex lowered her down so she was sitting on the pew. He took the phone from her hand and brought it to his ear. “This is Lex Luthor, to whom am I speaking?”

    “Mr. Luthor,” the man on the phone greeted. “This is Rich Bergman. We got your wife – er – fiancée’s test results in.”


    “Like I told her, she’s a little over a week along,” Rich said. The corners of Lex’s mouth slowly curled upward.

    “I see,” Lex said and paused to look at Chloe. “Thank you Mr. Bergman.”

    “No problem,” he said. “Do you need me to forward the results anywhere?”

    “I’ll let you know,” Lex said.

    “Okay, have a good day Mr. Luthor,” Rich said. Lex hung up the phone without a proper goodbye and moved to sit next to Chloe. He draped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him.

    “How are you feeling?” He asked in a quiet voice. Chloe didn’t get a chance to respond. Lionel came over and stared down at the two of them.

    “Now that the *important phone call* is over, do you think we might get to the schedule for tomorrow?” Lionel asked.

    “Dad,” Lex started to protest, but Chloe squeezed his arm and lightly shook her head. He gave her a nod in understanding and looked back at his father. Lex opened his mouth to speak, but Chloe interrupted.

    “How long is it going to take?” She asked. Lionel grinned.

    “Not long,” he answered. “Ten minutes perhaps. Why?” Chloe rose from her seat and Lex followed. She placed a small fake smile on her face as she looked at Lionel.

    “Just getting a little hungry,” she lied. Lionel’s grin turned into a smile.

    “Of course,” he said. “Well, let’s get to it then, shall we? I can’t allow my future grandchild to starve after all.” He watched Chloe’s face for a reaction, since she usually rolled her eyes and made some witty comment when he brought up the fact that he thought that Chloe was pregnant, but Chloe didn’t say or do anything. Lionel arched an eyebrow at her. “No protest? Dare I hope that you might be getting used to the idea of carrying my son’s child?” Chloe walked passed him.

    “Well, I don’t really have a choice, do I?” She mumbled to herself. Lionel furrowed his brow and then looked questioningly at Lex, who in turn looked at Chloe to see if it was alright. She sighed and nodded.

    “May as well,” she said. “They’re going to find out anyway.” Lex smiled gratefully at her and then cleared his throat loudly to get everyone else’s attention. Chloe came over and stood next to him and he grinned down at her and then kissed the top of her head.

    “Thank you,” he whispered. She partially rolled her eyes and smiled back at him. Lex chuckled at her reaction and leaned down to kiss her. Their lips barely touched before Clark let out a half teasing, half annoyed groan.

    “I hope you didn’t just get our attention so we could watch you kiss,” Clark said. Lex looked at him through the corner of his eye.

    “I don’t really *need* a best man for the wedding, do I?” He asked Chloe in a joking voice. She laughed. With his arm still wrapped around Chloe, Lex turned his attention back to their group of friends and family. He took a deep breath and then smiled at them. “We’re having a baby,” he announced with a gleam in his eye. Lionel grinned.

    “Well, I’m pleased that you’re finally acknowledging the possibility,” he said. “And in a month we’ll know for sure.” Lex smirked and Chloe meekly smiled and shook her head.

    “We know for sure now,” Chloe said. Lex tightened his grip on her as he purposefully avoided looking toward Gabe and Jonathan.

    “We had a pregnancy test run at the hospital today and it said that she’s a little over a week along,” Lex said carefully. He was happy with the news, but he knew in his gut that Gabe and Jonathan definitely weren’t. Lex was suddenly very thankful that they hadn’t been allowed to bring weapons with them on the plane. Chloe’s head whipped around at the sound of something large hitting the floor.

    “Dad!” She screamed. Gabe’s unconscious body lay on the floor and she rushed over to him. “Dad?” She shook his body a little, but there was no response. Chloe turned to the others, who were now hovering around as well. “Does anyone have some smelling salts or something?” Martha frowned as she squatted down next to Chloe. Gabe’s face was covered with a layer of sweat, even though it wasn’t warm in the church at all, and his tie had been loosened. Martha felt for a pulse.

    “Oh, God! Call an ambulance! I think he’s had a heart attack!” Martha yelled. Chloe’s eyes grew wide in shock and she shook her head.

    “No,” Chloe said quietly. Lex called for an ambulance and then stepped over to Chloe and offered her a hand to help her stand up. She didn’t take it. She kept staring at her dad in disbelief. “No!” She screamed. The tears that had been forming in her eyes since Martha said it might have been a heart attack started to roll down her face. Lex sat down next to her and brought her into his arms.

    “Shh,” he said against her hair. “We don’t know that’s what it was. He’s going to be fine.” Chloe started openly sobbing against him and Lex nuzzled his cheek against hers. Gabe started to stir and Chloe turned and looked at him hopefully. His eyes slowly opened and he tried to take in his surroundings.

    “Dad?” Chloe asked hopefully. Lex stood up, but stayed near Chloe.

    “Chloe?” He asked in a raspy voice. Chloe sniffed and wiped off the water off her cheeks.

    “You’re okay,” she said with relief. She gave him a hug and he tried to push himself off of the floor. Martha stopped him with her hand.

    “I think you should stay still until the ambulance gets here,” Martha said. Gabe furrowed his brow.

    “Ambulance?” He asked. “Why do I need an ambulance?” He looked around the room again. “And where are we?” Chloe turned to Lex with a panicked expression.

    “We’re in the church Gabe,” Lex said. “You don’t remember?”

    “Of course I remember,” Gabe said stubbornly. Lex grinned at how much he sounded like his daughter. “I just ---” he trailed off and cocked his head to the side when he saw the ring on Chloe’s finger. “You’re getting married?”

    “Ye-ah,” she strung out. She her palm across his forehead and looked back at Lex. “I want the doctors to check him out.” Lex nodded.

    “I agree,” he said. Gabe shook his head.

    “I don’t need anyone to check me out Chloe, I feel fine,” he protested. He paused for a second as he gazed at her ring and then back to her face. “You’re getting married?” He repeated. Chloe gave him a small smirk.

    “I think we covered that already,” she teased.

    “Who are you marrying?” Gabe asked hesitantly. He glanced at Clark. Clark was a nice boy and he knew that he and Chloe were friends, but he didn’t think that it had gone beyond that – and certainly not to the point of marriage. He hadn’t been expecting marriage for a few years yet. Plus, the size of the stone on her finger would indicate that Clark wasn’t her fiancé. Gabe looked at the rest of the people that had gathered around him. Pete, but he could see that he and Lana had their arms wrapped around each other. Then he noticed Lex’s hand on Chloe’s shoulder and the memories from the past week came flooding back to him. Gabe winced.

    “You remember now?” Chloe asked as she saw the emotions play out on her dad’s face. He closed his eyes and nodded.

    “Yeah,” he affirmed. He took in a deep breath as the paramedics came into the church. “So I guess this means I don’t have to go to the rehearsal dinner, huh?” He joked. Chloe opened and closed her mouth and then couldn’t help the wide smile that spread across her lips.

    “No fair,” she teased. “You think I can get out of it too, since you’re my dad?” Gabe glanced at Lionel and then back to Chloe.

    “I’m thinking *no*,” he answered. The paramedics pushed the group out of the way and Gabe grinned at Chloe. “Besides, I need my rest if I’m going to walk you down the aisle tomorrow.” Chloe nodded and kissed his forehead before she got pushed aside as well.

    Ch. 23

    “Be reasonable my dear,” Lionel pleaded with Chloe. “Your father wouldn’t expect you to miss your own rehearsal dinner just to check up on him.” Chloe clenched her hands into fists and barely restrained herself from lunging at him.

    “It’s hardly unreasonable to check up on Gabe, especially given the circumstances,” Lex said as he placed a comforting hand on Chloe’s back. “And we’re not going to miss the dinner; we’re just going to be a little late for it.” Lionel made a grumbling sound and frowned as he looked at them. He would look really cold-hearted if he didn’t agree to let his future daughter-in-law visit her father in the hospital just because he wanted to make it to the restaurant on time.

    “I’ll have the reservations changed,” Lionel conceded. “You have one hour.” Lex nodded at him and he and Chloe exited the church. Martha looked expectantly at Jonathan and he grinned at her.

    “We’ll go too,” he told her. Lionel partially rolled his eyes.

    “Of course you will,” he said. “We may as well have the dinner in the hospital cafeteria,” Lionel said sarcastically.

    “Works for me,” Pete said as he pushed passed Lionel. “Let’s go.”


    “Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone,” Lex reminded Chloe when he saw one of the many signs hanging up in the hospital’s hallway. Chloe nodded.

    “Already done,” she said. Lex arched an eyebrow at her and she shrugged. “I never turned the power back on after we got the call from the lab,” she explained. They were almost to the room where the volunteer was escorting them. Chloe took a deep breath and prepared herself for the worst as they came to a stop at the door.

    “Hey sweetheart,” Gabe greeted as Chloe walked into the examination room. He was sitting on the side of the bed and she quickly went to him. She leaned down to hug him.

    “How are you? Did they say anything? Is everything going to be alright?” Chloe rambled. Gabe grinned at her.

    “I’m fine,” he said.

    “I didn’t say that,” the doctor said as he walked in. Chloe turned to face him.

    “So what happened?” She asked in a worried voice. “Did he have a heart attack? Why isn’t he lying down?” She looked at her dad. “Why aren’t you lying down?”

    “Why aren’t you at the rehearsal dinner?” Gabe countered. Chloe narrowed his eyes at him and Gabe chuckled. “I’m fine. *Really*,” he emphasized.

    “Your father had a fainting spell due to what we believe was an anxiety attack,” the doctor explained. Chloe and Lex shared a look and the doctor smiled. “Considering that his only daughter is getting married tomorrow, and that it’s going to be such a high profile media event, I’d say it was completely justified.” Chloe opened her mouth to speak, but the doctor continued. “Don’t worry,” he assured her. “We gave him a prescription for some medicine anyway, and hopefully that will help to alleviate some of the stress that he’s feeling over the situation.” There was a light rapping on the door and Martha poke her head in.

    “Is it okay to come in?” She asked. Chloe smiled and nodded, but the doctor frowned as the rest of the group started to file into the small room.

    “This is an awfully big crowd considering I’m not even keeping him here for observation,” the man said. Martha turned to him with surprise.

    “You’re not?” She asked. The doctor shook his head.

    “I’d go into details, but I’m pretty sure he can explain it to you, and,” he paused as he smiled at her, “we need the room.” Chloe got an almost evil smile on her face and she glanced at her dad with a gleam in her eye. She looked back at the doctor.

    “So, does that mean he should be okay to go to the rehearsal dinner?” She asked sweetly. Lex forced a cough to hide the laughter that bubbled up from his throat when he saw Gabe motioning wildly at the doctor to say no. The doctor smiled.

    “I don’t see any reason why he can’t,” he said. Gabe let out a defeated sigh and Chloe smiled brightly at him.

    “Good,” she said. “Because Lex’s dad only gave us an hour to come and see you, and we spent most of that time waiting for them to let us in.”

    “Great,” Gabe mumbled sarcastically and pushed himself off the bed. Chloe crossed her arms and shot him a teasing smile.

    “What did you say?”

    “Can’t wait,” Gabe said with forced cheer. They all started to leave the room and Lex pulled Chloe back by tugging on her arm. He smirked and then leaned down to kiss her. Chloe immediately responded, pouring all of the wound up emotion from the day’s events into the kiss. Her hands moved up his chest and rested on his shoulders. They opened each other’s mouths to each other and Lex tightened his arms around her. The doctor cleared his throat and the two pulled apart. He pointed at them and smiled.

    “Save it for tomorrow,” he teased. Chloe blushed and ducked her head and Lex just smirked.


    The scene in the private section of the restaurant seemed normal to the outside onlooker, but surreal to those who knew the individuals involved. Lionel leaned back in his chair with a smile in his eyes. Everyone was chatting, smiling, and even laughing. It was quite a different mood than the rest of the day had been. A couple of toasts had been made, and as he looked at Lex and Chloe, he could almost see the future in his mind of telling his grandchild about how he was the one who made his or her parents get married.

    ‘Of course, I won’t say it like that,’ Lionel silently mused. Lex pushed his chair away from the table.

    “Well, it’s been a surprisingly wonderful evening,” he said. “But Chloe and I should really get going now. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” Chloe’s friends nodded in agreement as she and Lex stood up, but Lionel and Gabe shared a look and Gabe leaned forward.

    “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Gabe asked. Chloe looked at Lex and he returned her confused expression.

    “I don’t think so,” Chloe answered. Lionel grinned and leaned forward in his seat as well.

    “You’re not supposed to see each other before the wedding,” Lionel said. Chloe and Lex looked at each other again and Lex smiled.

    “I believe that only applies to the day of the wedding Dad,” he said.

    “Which is officially in,” Gabe paused and looked at his watch, “a little under an hour and a half.” Chloe’s eyes grew wide.

    “It can’t be that late,” she protested and looked at her own watch. “Ugh!” Lex looked at his father and smirked.

    “I believe the superstition that you two are referring to was originally created for arranged marriage situations in which the bride and groom had never met before,” he said. Chloe smiled and latched her arm around Lex’s waist.

    “And since that obviously doesn’t apply to us ---” Chloe started.

    “We’ll be leaving now,” Lex finished. Lionel lips curled into a smirk.

    “I think not,” he said. “Certain traditions must be upheld.”

    “Hear, hear,” Gabe said and lifted his glass into the air. Chloe rolled her eyes at her dad.

    “You just don’t want us to ---”

    “No I don’t,” he interrupted in agreement.

    “I told you it was a conspiracy,” Lex whispered in her ear. Chloe giggled. Lex looked at his dad. “And I know you don’t give a ---”

    “Language Alexander,” Lionel warned.

    “I know you don’t *care* about this ridiculous tradition, so what gives? Afraid that Chloe and I will take off and not show up for the wedding tomorrow?” Chloe smiled and rose on her tiptoes to speak into Lex’s ear.

    “That’s not a bad idea,” she whispered teasingly. Lex smiled and let out a small laugh.

    “Obviously,” Lionel answered dryly. Lex shook his head, but the smile remained on his face.

    “Dad,” he paused as he realized he didn’t have the appropriate words to come up with a response for how ludicrous the idea was. The smile that had been on his face faltered and he found himself disturbed by the fact that his father could think so lowly of him. “How can you think that I would leave Chloe on our wedding day? Or ever for that matter?” Lionel smirked and leaned back in his chair as he touched his fingertips together.

    “He’s doing the Mr. Burns thing,” Pete whispered to Clark. “That can’t be good.” Clark nodded silently in agreement.

    “It isn’t you I’m worried about son,” Lionel said and quickly glanced at Chloe. Chloe’s mouth dropped open and then shut.

    “Oh, man,” Clark said in a hushed voice. Pete smiled as he watched the scene unravel.

    “He’s a dead man,” Pete agreed. Chloe narrowed her eyes at Lionel and started walking toward him. Jonathan leaned in Clark’s direction.

    “Er – son, I’m no fan of Lionel Luthor’s, but maybe you should intervene,” he said. Clark looked at his dad with an expression mixed with horror and amusement and Jonathan chuckled and tilted his head. “Or not.”

    “Not,” Clark agreed. “Definitely not.” Chloe placed her hands on her hips and stared down at Lionel angrily. He arched an eyebrow at her and she shook her head.

    “How dare you?” Chloe started in a low and menacing tone. “How dare you imply that I would leave him?” Lionel shrugged, ignoring the underlying threat that she was posing.

    “You didn’t want to marry him, your father didn’t want you to marry him,” he answered and trailed off as he looked at Gabe, who motioned with his hands not to involve him in the discussion. Lionel furrowed his brow slightly at Gabe’s response. Surely he couldn’t be so scared of one little girl? “It’s certainly not an impossibility,” he said as he turned back to face Chloe. He noticed the expression on Lex’s face and it mused that it looked remarkably similar to the looks on everyone else’s faces except for Chloe’s and his own. They looked scared, really scared. ‘Except for the Ross boy,’ Lionel thought. ‘It looks like he’s finding this highly entertaining.’ Lionel turned his attention back to Chloe and finally noticed the dark glint in her eyes. ‘Hmm – I wonder if,” He didn’t have a chance to complete the thought.

    “I think you’ve forgotten who you’re talking to,” Chloe said. This time Lionel recognized the dangerous threat in her voice, but he chose to bluff. He didn’t get to be where he was by giving into anything or anyone that frightened him. He pursed his lips.

    “I’m speaking to ---,”

    “You’re speaking to Chloe Sullivan,” she interrupted. “Your future daughter-in-law and the mother to your future grandchildren.” Lex smiled when she used the plural form of the word but it fell when she took a step closer to his father. He hoped she knew what she was doing. “Whose lives I can very easily cut you out of,” she said. Lionel’s face paled as the impact of Chloe’s words hit him.

    “Of course,” he said. “I’m sorry.” Lionel was surprised to hear himself apologizing to her, and even more surprised to find that he actually meant it. ‘It’s little wonder that Lex fell in love with her,’ he thought. Chloe gave him a curt nod and walked back to Lex. She took his hand and smiled at their guests.

    “Now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s getting late.”

    Ch. 24

    “So this is your apartment,” Chloe said in an observational tone as she looked around the penthouse suite. “It’s --- interesting,” she said. Lex grinned.

    “Good interesting or bad interesting?” He asked. Chloe shrugged.

    “Just interesting,” she responded. Lex’s grin fell and he walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind. He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck.

    “You’ve been quiet since we left the restaurant,” he said. “Is something bothering you?”

    “Lots of things are bothering me,” she admitted in a hushed voice. Chloe tried to move out of his embrace, but he tightened his grip and held her close to his body. Chloe sighed.

    “Such as?” Lex pressed.

    “Such as the fact that I just found out that I’m pregnant,” she said with frustration. Chloe ran a hand through her hair and Lex allowed her to leave his arms. He said nothing, but motioned for her to continue. Chloe walked over to the oversized couch and sat down. She shook her head and looked at the floor. “I’m only sixteen Lex, I didn’t think I would be getting married and having a baby this early in my life – if ever.” Lex furrowed his brow and went to stand in front of her.

    “You didn’t think about having a family?” He asked with surprise. Chloe shook her head again.

    “Honestly, no,” she answered. Lex sat down next to her, but not too close as to crowd her. He knew her well enough to read her body language and it was telling him to give her a little space. She made eye contact with him and gave him a sad smile. “When I thought about my future, I always pictured being a reporter and that was pretty much it. I thought maybe I’ll get married someday, but ---”

    “Not so soon,” Lex filled in for her. She nodded.

    “I’m sorry.”

    “You have nothing to be sorry for Chloe,” he said comfortingly and tucked some hair behind her ear. He tilted his head at her and paused before continuing. “You’re scared,” he observed. She closed her eyes and tried not to let the tears well up in her eyes, but she could already feel her throat constricting as she tried to speak, and she knew she was going to end up balling all over him.

    “I,” she said in a choked whisper. A tear rolled down her cheek and Lex swept it away with his thumb. “I don’t want to end up like my mom,” she said quietly. That got his attention. Chloe never spoke about her mom, and Lex had a feeling he was about to find out why.

    “What happened?”

    “She left us, me and my dad, when I was like five,” Chloe started. “She never said goodbye.” Lex pulled her closer to him and kissed her hair. “I didn’t know at the time, but I found out later, she was really unhappy with her life. She thought she got married and had a kid too young, felt like she missed out on her life and wanted to get it back.” Chloe shook her head. “She was older than I am Lex, and she still couldn’t make it work. She won’t even agree to see me now because I remind her of everything she lost, everything she gave up.” She paused again and ran her hands over her eyes to try and quell the tears that were starting to freely fall from them. “I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be like her.” Lex wrapped one arm around her shoulders and used his other hand to make her face him.

    “You won’t be,” he stated. Chloe chuckled morosely.

    “You sound so sure, but ---,”

    “No ‘but’,” Lex interrupted. “Chloe, God how can I put this?” He looked in her eyes and made sure she was paying attention to what he was saying. “I wish I could take the pain of being abandoned away from you, but I can’t. I can tell you that everything that’s happened in your life thus far has contributed to who you are now, and who you will become. Your mom’s experiences are *not* your own. I have a feeling that the very fact that you have felt that kind of pain will make you want to not ever inflict it on others.” Chloe looked down again.

    “What if I can’t help it?”

    “You can,” he said. “You’re one of the strongest and most independent people I know, but you’re also one of the kindest and most loyal.” His tongue went to the corner of his mouth while he tried to think of what he could say to convince her. “Take into consideration that you’re thinking about what possible ramifications your actions now could bring. I doubt your mother thought that far ahead, which is probably why she was unhappy. She didn’t think about the different outcomes her life could have.”

    “I just,” she shook her head and paused, “I ---”

    “You don’t want your dreams to be left behind,” he said for her. Chloe nodded. “They won’t be. You can get a tutor if you want to graduate early, and we can always hire a nanny when you start college.” Chloe stared at him blankly and blinked her eyes. Lex smirked. “Of course, I would appreciate it if you didn’t put yourself into dangerous positions when you start doing freelance work.” A smile twitched at the corners of Chloe’s mouth.

    “What makes you think I’ll do freelance reporting?” She asked. Lex chuckled, pleased to see her mood start to change for the better.

    “Because no one will be able to afford to keep you on full-time,” he said. His words brought out the rest of Chloe’s smile.

    “Thanks.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “So I guess that my thing with my mom is kind of like your thing with your dad,” she mused. Lex arched an eyebrow.

    “Should I ask?”

    “You know, because you’re going out of your way to not be like him,” she pointed out. Lex was surprised at the insight and he nodded.

    “I guess you’re right,” he said. Lex smirked at her and brought his hand and his gaze to her stomach. “So do you think our kids will have issues with us?” This time Chloe arched an eyebrow.

    “Kids? Plural?” She asked. Lex’s smirk grew a little larger.

    “So are you feeling better?”

    “You’re changing the topic.”

    “I value my life,” he said with a chuckle. Chloe lightly hit him across the chest and his chuckle turned into a full-blown laugh. He smiled at her. “You never answered my question,” he said seriously as he stroked her hair with his hand. “Are you feeling better?”

    “Are you planning on getting me pregnant more than this once?” She retorted. He leaned closer to her and started to lower them backward to a lying position on the couch. Lex brought his lips to her ear and kissed it.

    “I’m not sure that can be avoided,” he said in a husky voice. His warm breath in her ear made her shiver, but she was determined not to give in that easily.

    “Hello? Birth control,” she said obstinately. Lex’s body shook with a small and silent chuckle.

    “Because we’ve been so good about that so far,” he said sarcastically. Despite herself, Chloe started laughing. Lex moved his mouth to hers and Chloe hands wove around his back as it became more passionate. She pulled away to breathe and smiled up at him.

    “But we’re not under Chance’s influence anymore,” she reminded him. “We’ll be more careful the next time.” Lex let a small smirk cross his lips before brushing them against hers.

    “Of course we will,” he said. Chloe narrowed her eyes at him playfully.

    “Was that sarcasm?” She asked. He captured her mouth again and their tongues collided hard against each others. He pulled away from her and Chloe watched his chest heave as he took large gulps of air. Lex leaned down and started kissing her neck, letting his hands ride up her legs at the same time.

    “There are considerably more comfortable places in the apartment to do this, you know,” he murmured against her skin. Chloe smiled.

    “We shouldn’t even be doing this,” she said. Lex pulled away and shot her a look of disbelief.

    “You’re joking, right?” He asked. Chloe shook her head, but the smile remained on her lips.

    “You know how everyone around us has had horrible timing lately,” she said. “They’ll probably end up calling right as we’re ---”

    “Our phones are turned off,” he interrupted with a smirk. Chloe’s eyes grew wide and she tried to squirm out from underneath him.

    “I can’t believe you didn’t remind me to turn it back on!” She exclaimed and rushed over to her bag. Lex laughed and lay down on the couch.

    “You know, any other guy might take you choosing your phone over sex the wrong way,” he said in an amused tone. Chloe smiled as she lifted her phone out of the bag.

    “What makes you think it’s an either/or option?” She teased. Lex smirked and placed his hands behind his head.

    “I don’t,” he said casually.

    “And therein lies the reason you’re not upset,” Chloe said. His smirk turned into a genuine smile.

    “Exactly.” He glanced over at her and saw her pushing buttons on the small cell phone. Lex rolled to his side. “What’s taking so long?” Chloe looked at him through the corner of her eye and smiled.

    “I have ten messages,” she said. Lex raised an eyebrow.

    “Only ten?” He rolled back onto his back. “I would have thought my dad would be more persistent than that.” Chloe bit her lip.

    “You think he’s going to be mad?”

    “He’ll get over it,” Lex said nonchalantly. Chloe furrowed her brow at one of the numbers that popped up on the display screen.

    “Who is Rich Bergman?” Chloe asked, more for herself than for Lex. Lex looked over at her.


    “You know who he is?” She glanced over at him for confirmation. Lex pushed himself up to a sitting position on the couch and he leaned forward.

    “The guy from the lab,” Lex answered.

    “Oh,” Chloe said in surprise. She selected the message and then held the phone up to her ear. Chloe’s face fell as she listened to the message he had left.

    “What’s wrong?” Lex asked. Chloe turned off the phone again and shook her head.

    “He said that there may be a problem with the test,” Chloe said in a stunned voice as she moved toward the couch.

    “What kind of problem?”

    “Their equipment’s diagnostics were off; it caused all sorts of problems before someone caught it. They’re having everyone’s tests rerun, but ---,”

    “So you might not be pregnant?” Lex interrupted, trying to hide the disappointment from showing up on his face. Chloe walked over and sat down next to him. She looked at him with a somber expression.

    “Maybe,” she said.

    “When will we know for sure?”

    “He said he’d call back sometime tomorrow,” Chloe answered. She glanced at the clock and then back to Lex. “But seeing as how it’s one in the morning, I guess sometime today.” Lex slowly moved his face closer to hers and brushed his lips against her mouth. Chloe looked at him quizzically and he moved his hand to her jaw and pressed his mouth harder against hers. Chloe closed her eyes and the kiss grew more passionate. She let out a small moan and Lex leaned her back against the couch.

    “Whatever happens,” Lex said as he moved his mouth down to her neck. He gently drug his teeth against the sensitive skin and Chloe pressed her hand against the back of his head to encourage the contact. “I love you.”

    Ch. 25

    A/N: Ah, the wedding day. Kind of skipping ahead here time-wise; so this part begins maybe a half hour before the evening wedding.


    Chance watched the lights from the Metropolis skyline fly by from the back seat of the limousine that Lionel had sent for him. He couldn’t believe he was actually going through with this, especially since there was a very real possibility that Chloe and Clark’s dads would kill him. He sighed and leaned back against the seat.

    “Too late for second thoughts now,” he mumbled to himself. They were only minutes away from being on the road to the church in downtown Metropolis, and with every second that passed, Chance felt his impending doom weighing down on him. Chance frowned as the driver took the exit, but was quickly comforted with the next thought that came into his mind. ‘Why am I so worried? It’s not like Chloe and Lex are going to let me touch them after everything that’s happened.’ He let out a breath of relief and smiled to himself. ‘And maybe I can have some fun with the wedding guests,’ he thought mischievously.


    Lana spun around in her dress for Pete and Clark. Pete smiled widely.

    “You look great!” He said. Lana smiled back at him and blushed slightly.

    “Thanks Pete,” she said. Her smile fell into a concerned expression when she saw the shocked look on Clark’s face. “What’s wrong? Did I get something on it? Is there a loose string? What?” Clark shook his head.

    “It’s pink,” he replied. Lana stared blankly at him.


    “Well, it’s not a very ‘Chloe’ color,” Clark explained. Lana smiled again.

    “Well, Chloe’s not the one who’s wearing it,” she retorted. Pete chuckled.

    “So, I’m guessing that Lex’s dad picked out the colors too?” He asked. Lana nodded.

    “Good thing too,” she said. “With the state of mind that Chloe was in at the time, she probably would have picked black or something.” Clark and Pete started laughing, but Lana shook her head. “It’s not funny. I was serious.” Pete laughed even harder, clutching his gut as he did so.

    “I know, that’s what makes it so funny,” he said. Lana rolled her eyes.

    “Lana!” Chloe yelled from behind the closed door. Pete smiled at Lana.

    “Tell her to hurry up, we’re supposed to be in there in a few minutes,” he said.

    “Tell her yourself,” Lana said. Pete shook his head and motioned ‘no’ with his arms.

    “No way. After the way she layed into Lionel Luthor last night, there’s just no way,” he said. Lana giggled.

    “You realize that you’re saying you’re afraid of a girl?”

    “Chloe is not a girl,” Pete protested. “Chloe is a woman.” Lana and Clark both laughed and Chloe called out for Lana again. Lana opened the door and Chloe smiled at her.

    “Are Clark and Pete still out there?” Chloe asked. Lana looked back into the hallway, but the boys had quickly taken off.

    “Nope,” she said. “Are you ready?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Chloe said with a smile.

    “Good. Because I think the crowd is getting antsy,” Lana said. Chloe laughed.

    “I don’t even know most of these people,” she said. “They can wait.” Lana grinned sympathetically.

    “Still no call, huh?” She asked. Chloe shook her head.

    “No.” She paused for a second as she looked down at her dress. “It’s kind of weird.” Lana said nothing and waited for Chloe to keep talking. “I was so upset about the possibility and now ---”

    “So what changed?”

    “Lex. He and I talked last night, and it was kind of comforting,” Chloe admitted.

    “*Talked?* Is that what you’re calling it now?” Lana teased. Chloe laughed.

    “You need to get your mind out of the gutter Lana.”

    “Look who’s talking,” Lana said. They both started laughing and then Lana’s laugh faded into a smile and she carefully got closer to Chloe and gave her a big hug, taking Chloe completely by surprise. Chloe somewhat awkwardly patted her back and gave her a questioning look when Lana pulled away. “I know I wasn’t too happy about you and Lex getting together, or about having to get married, or ---” she trailed off and grinned at Chloe. “But I was just surprised. I really am happy for you now.” Chloe was in shock.

    “Thanks – I think,” she said with a bemused smile. Lana’s ears perked up when she heard the music starting to play.

    “I believe that’s your cue,” Lana said. Chloe glanced at her cell phone, which had yet to ring, and then back at Lana. She took a deep breath.

    “I guess it is,” Chloe agreed. They grabbed their bouquets and walked out into the hallway. Chloe gave her dad a little wave as they approached. Gabe’s eyes grew wide at the site of his only daughter in a beautiful wedding dress. Lana smirked at his expression, but kept her mouth shut. She stepped in front of Chloe and the doors opened for her to walk through first. Lana could feel everyone’s eyes on her, and she forced a smile onto her face. She had never seen so many people in one place at the same time, let alone having them all scrutinize how she looked. She felt like she was going to throw up, and hoped that her face wasn’t turning a light shade of green. She released a breath and shot a quick smile at Clark when she got up to the front of the aisle and into her designated position. Everyone’s faces had turned to look at the bride who was about to come in through the door.

    The wedding march started and every person in the place stood up to watch Chloe walk down the aisle. Chloe appeared hesitant before going through the doors. Gabe leaned over to speak in her ear.

    “It’s not too late to back out,” he whispered. Chloe smiled and then started laughing. She gave her dad a peck on the cheek.

    “Thanks Dad, I needed that.”

    They started walking down the aisle and although Chloe could sense that there were at least five hundred people, very few of which she knew, in the room, she only saw Lex standing at the front of the aisle. She smiled at the expression on his face. He was looking at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world and his mouth had dropped open a little bit. Clark noticed and reached over to close it. Chloe giggled and Clark winked at her. She and Gabe reached the end of the line and the pastor began the ceremony.

    “Who gives this woman to be wed?” He asked. Gabe had barely resisted rolling his eyes at the rehearsal; after all, he wasn’t exactly ‘giving’ her away. But now, he looked overcome with emotion and Chloe creased her brow ever so slightly at his reaction.

    “I do,” Gabe said and brought her hand over to Lex’s. The pastor nodded at him and Gabe went to his seat. The crowd sat down as soon as Gabe had given her away and although most of them didn’t know Chloe, they seemed to be observing the ceremony with affection. It came time to exchange their vows and their rings and Chloe and Lex couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

    “Do you, Alexander Joseph Luthor, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish her, for as long as you both shall live?”

    “I do.” He slipped the wedding band onto her finger and Chloe swallowed nervously at how real the situation was. Until that point, it had all seemed kind of like a dream.

    “And do you, Chloe Elizabeth Sullivan, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish him, for as long as you both shall live?” The pastor asked. Chloe smiled at the way Lex was looking expectantly at her.

    “I do,” she said. Lex let out a breath of relief and she slipped the wedding band on his finger.

    “Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.” The pastor smiled. “You may kiss your bride.” Lex and Chloe leaned toward each other and captured each other’s mouths in a mixture of passion and relief. Lex swept his tongue into Chloe’s mouth, earning hoots and hollers from the younger members of the audience, and the pastor cleared his throat. “You’ll have plenty of time for that later son,” he told Lex in a hushed voice. Chloe and Lex pulled apart and the wedding guests cheered. “I now present to you, Alexander and Chloe Luthor.” The crowd stood up to cheer for them as the walked back down the aisle, and Chloe caught a glimpse of someone who looked familiar in the corner of her eye. She brushed it aside though, as they passed by too quickly for her to be certain of whom she saw.

    Ch. 26

    The song is “We Have All The Time In The World” by Louis Armstrong (although it’s sung by someone else for this fic) – and shockingly enough, I don’t own the rights to it. Also, there are some things in here that will require you to suspend belief for a little bit. Please bear with me.


    “Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll turn your attention to the dance floor, it’s time for the bride and groom’s first dance,” the emcee said into the microphone. Chloe plastered a fake smile on her face and leaned toward Lex.

    “Great. I can’t wait to see what song your dad picked out for us,” she whispered sarcastically. Lex smiled and offered her his hand to lead them out onto the dance floor.

    “I changed it,” he whispered down to her. Chloe looked at him quizzically and he smirked. With a twist of his arm above his head, he twirled Chloe around as they reached their place in the middle of the floor. The wedding guests were gaping at them, and murmuring sounds of appreciation at how cute the couple looked together. The band started to play and the music echoed through the large ballroom. Lionel frowned.

    ‘That’s not the song I selected,’ he thought. He said nothing though as he saw Chloe and Lex start to sway to the music. Chloe smiled up at Lex. She didn’t recognize the song, but she trusted his taste in music far more than she trusted Lionel’s, and so far it sounded nice. She listened to the lyrics as she and Lex moved together on the dance floor.

    We have all the time in the world,
    Time enough for life to unfold,
    All the precious things love has in store.
    We have all the love in the world,
    If that’s all we have, you will find,
    We need nothing more.

    Every step of the way will find us. . . with the cares of the world far behind us. . .

    We have all the time in the world,
    Just for love, nothing more, nothing less,
    Only love.

    Every step of the way will find us. . . with the cares of the world far behind us. . .

    We have all the time in the world. . . just for love. . . nothing more, nothing less. . . only love. . . only now.

    “Lex,” she whispered in a choked voice. Chloe could feel the tears welling up in her eyes with the emotion of the song. It tied into everything he had told her the previous night, and she couldn’t help but wonder how long he had been thinking about it. One tear slid down her cheek and Lex leaned down to kiss her. Their lips touched and their bodies kept moving to the sound of the music in the background, but everything else became a blur. They couldn’t hear the sounds of the people surrounding them, they didn’t think about everything that had happened in their lives or any of the hurt they went through before they came together. It was one perfect moment in time. They pulled apart when they realized that the music had stopped long ago and the crowd was cheering loudly.

    Gabe watched his daughter with a remarkable feeling of pride. He had been so against the idea of her being with Lex, let alone marrying him and at such a young age to boot; but watching them at the ceremony and then out on the dance floor, a strange comforting feeling swept through him. Chloe and Lex actually seemed well suited for each other and he knew that things were going to be okay. He didn’t hear the woman come up behind him.

    “How could you let this happen?” The woman asked. Although it had been years since he had heard her voice, Gabe recognized it immediately. He turned his head to look at her.

    “Rebecca,” he greeted with a modicum of surprise. She stared at him with a mixture of disbelief, frustration, and anger.

    “She’s only sixteen Gabe. She shouldn’t be getting married,” Rebecca said. Gabe turned his attention back to the dance floor, where Chloe and Lex were dancing again.

    “She’s not *getting* married, she *is* married,” Gabe said dryly. “Or did you not make it to your own daughter’s wedding ceremony?” The words came out bitter and Rebecca flinched ever so slightly. He looked at her pointedly. “How did you get in here anyway?”

    “I was invited,” she said. Gabe nodded. Lionel probably hadn’t known that Chloe and her mother hadn’t spoken in over ten years, or that Rebecca had left them when Chloe was so little.

    “Chloe didn’t make out the guest list,” he informed her. Rebecca pursed her lips.

    “I see.”

    “You’re going to upset her,” Gabe said. “You should leave.” Rebecca sighed.

    “How could you let her do this?” She asked again. A young blonde woman around Lex’s age came over to them and smiled at Gabe.

    “You’re Chloe’s dad right?” The woman asked. Gabe nodded and she stuck her hand out to shake his. “I just wanted to congratulate you.” She glanced at Chloe and Lex dancing together and smiled again. “They look so great together. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lex look so happy – not ever.” Rebecca raised her eyebrows questioningly.

    “You know the groom?” She asked. The young woman nodded.

    “I used to date one of his best friends, plus we went to school together for the whole six months he lasted there before getting expelled,” she added with a giggle. Rebecca looked horrified. She didn’t pay attention to the society pages, but was now wishing that she had. Not only had her daughter just gotten married when she was sixteen, but she had obviously married some sort of trouble maker. The emcee asked for the father of the bride to come to the dance floor for the father/daughter dance and Gabe grinned at the young woman who had come over.

    “If you’ll excuse me,” he said and began walking to the floor. He didn’t bother to even look at his ex-wife as he left.

    The next fifteen minutes seemed to rush by. Chloe danced with her dad, and despite her best efforts to get out of it, she danced with Lionel as well. When they were done dancing, Lionel felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around. Clark looked passed him to Chloe and smiled. He held out his hand for Chloe and she rolled her eyes.

    “It seems that she doesn’t want to dance with you young man,” Lionel said. Chloe shook her head.

    “It’s not that. It just seems like you guys are determined to keep me on this damned dance floor for the rest of the reception,” she quipped. “Do you know how painful it is to dance in heels?” Clark chuckled.

    “Poor baby,” he teased. Many people had flocked to the dance floor by now and several people that Chloe had never met kept coming up to her and telling her how beautiful she looked and how lovely the ceremony was. Chloe finally took Clark’s hand, if for no other reason than to get away from all of the ‘well-wishers’. Chloe and Clark started dancing, but Clark saw the far off look in Chloe’s eyes. He leaned toward her. “No call yet?” He asked in a hushed voice. She grinned sadly and shook her head.

    “It’s so strange. Here I was upset because I thought I was, and now that I found out that I might not be and I’m even more upset,” she admitted. Clark nodded in understanding.

    “You’re fickle,” he joked. Chloe smiled and punched his chest.

    “Jerk,” she said. Clark laughed.

    “No, no. I understand what you’re saying,” he said. Clark paused for a second and Chloe frowned at the incredibly pensive expression on his face.


    “Chloe, do you trust me?” Clark asked. Chloe tilted her head at him and creased her brow in confusion.

    “Of course Clark, you know that,” she answered. Clark gave her a meager grin and then looked down at her stomach as they were dancing. “Do I have something on my dress? Why are you looking at it like that?” He concentrated on using his x-ray vision until he saw what he was looking for. A small clump of cells that were dividing at an amazing rate. Clark smiled up at her and pulled her closer so he could whisper in her ear.

    “You are,” he said. Chloe arched an eyebrow.

    “I am *what*?” She asked. Clark just smiled and Chloe laughed. “Clark, there’s no way you can know that for sure. It’s not like you can see inside me or something.” Clark was quiet and kept dancing with her, unnerving Chloe to no end. All of the things that happened when Clark was around suddenly whipped through her head and when the dance was over she looked at him with wide eyes. “Clark?” He noticed Lex coming over to them and smiled at him, but quickly turned his attention back to Chloe.

    “It’s not the right time to explain right now, but I promise I will later,” Clark said in a hushed voice. Lex reached them and wrapped his arm around Chloe’s back.

    “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” He asked. Clark smiled and shook his head. “Good.” Lex kissed Chloe’s head and gazed at her. “My dad mentioned something about needing to save you?” Chloe smiled at him and wrapped her arm around his back as well.

    “Dancing in heels this high equals not so much fun,” she said. Lex nodded once.

    “Ah. Well, I believe it’s almost time for the dinner to be served, so we can make our way to the table if you’d like,” he said. Chloe smiled and breathed in relief.

    “Thanks,” she said. They kissed and Clark rolled his eyes.

    “Guys,” he whined. Chloe and Lex pulled apart and Chloe giggled at the exasperated expression on Clark’s face.

    “Calm down Clark, it’s not as if we’re the only ones doing it,” she said and motioned to a few couples around the room. As she took better notice, it was more than just a couple, and some of them were doing more than just kissing. “Um ---”

    “What the hell?” Lex asked. Chloe paled when she saw one couple.

    “Is that ---”

    “Your dad?” Clark finished. Chloe nodded. “Looks like it,” Clark confirmed. Lex chuckled. It looked like Gabe had a little more to drink than he probably intended to.

    “Who is that he’s with?” Chloe asked. Lex observed the couple thoughtfully.

    “Looks like Lydia Everest,” he said. “She used to go out with my friend Bruce.”

    “She’s half his age,” Clark said as he got a better look.

    “Man, it’s going to be an ugly bar tab,” Pete said as he and Lana walked up to the rest of the group. Lex grunted in agreement.

    “I knew my dad was upset about the wedding, but I never expected him to get completely drunk,” Chloe said. Clark looked unsure and he glanced around the room. He sighed and shook his head when he found who he was looking for.

    “I don’t think that’s it,” Clark said. Pete gave him a look of disbelief.

    “Come on Clark, just *look* at these people,” he said. Lana nodded.

    “They’re obviously under the influence,” she agreed. Clark grinned at her.

    “Yeah, but not the influence of alcohol,” he said and motioned to where Chance was talking with Lionel. Pete squared his jaw and clenched his hands into fists.

    “I can’t believe he came here!” Pete exclaimed. He took a few steps in that direction and Clark pulled him back. “Clark, come on! After everything he’s put us all through ---”

    “And what are you going to do Pete? The second he touches you, you’ll be affected again,” Clark pointed out. Lana’s face brightened.

    “That might not be so bad,” Lana said. Chloe laughed and gave her a partial hug. She was still smiling when she spotted the person she thought she had seen at the wedding. Chloe’s heart sank and she her knees started to give out. Lex grabbed her and took her into his embrace to keep her from falling.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.

    “She – she,” Chloe stammered. She shook her head to try and clear the image of the woman from her mind as if she were a hallucination, but when Chloe looked, she was still there. The woman caught her eye and hesitantly started walking toward her. On instinct, Chloe took a few steps backward, earning her confused looks from her friends and her new husband. The woman approached and gave Chloe a curt nod. She didn’t look happy, and Lex frowned as her expression almost looked threatening. He felt Chloe tense in his arms.

    “Can I help you?” Lex asked. Rebecca glared at him and then turned her attention back to Chloe.

    “Chloe,” she greeted.

    “Mother,” Chloe replied coldly. Rebecca frowned at Chloe’s reaction to her. Lex and Clark shared a look. Half of the people in the room were crawling all over each other, Lionel was chatting with the culprit, and Chloe’s long lost mother had just resurfaced. If Lionel had been looking for a media event to remember, he had just gotten it.

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    Ch. 27

    “From what I’ve gathered, the affects of your abilities are only temporary,” Lionel started. Chance nodded. “So, can you explain to me why I ---”

    “Haven’t gone blind again?” Chance interrupted. Lionel tightly grinned and nodded his head once. “To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about it though. Maybe because it affected you physically instead of emotionally?” Lionel’s eyebrows rose.

    “The others were affected physically as well,” he argued. “I have a future grandchild on the way as proof of that.” Chance shook his head.

    “Technically, they were only affected emotionally,” he said. “The rest of the stuff they just did on their own.” Lionel grunted and Chance looked passed him to the side of the dance floor, where some woman was yelling at Chloe. Chance frowned and furrowed his brow. “Who’s that?” He motioned toward the woman with his head and Lionel turned around.

    “I have no idea,” he answered. Lionel glanced over at a couple of security guards and motioned for them to come over. Two large men came toward them and Chance’s eyes grew wide.

    “You’re not going to have them hurt her, are you?” Chance asked. Lionel cast a glare at him.

    “She’s yelling at my daughter-in-law,” he said calmly, as if that were a perfectly reasonable explanation for whatever he was about to have done to the woman. The security guards reached them and Lionel pointed out the woman to them. He was about to give them orders when Chance interrupted.

    “Why don’t you let me take care of it?” He suggested. Lionel stared at him.

    “Do you have any idea how many members of the press are at this event?” Lionel asked. “How many pictures are going to be plastered over the front page of that horrible woman yelling at Chloe instead of the nice, happy pictures that my publicist planned? Do you have any idea how much my stock will go down once people see that I can’t control a simple situation at my own son’s wedding?” Chance wasn’t surprised when the last part of Lionel’s rant slipped out. He knew he was a self-centered individual, and would have to work with it accordingly if he didn’t want anybody to get hurt.

    “Okay, yes, there are lots of members of the press here; but if you’d been paying attention, you’d notice that they’re all – um – occupied,” Chance said. Lionel quirked an eyebrow up and glanced around the large ballroom. His eyes grew wide as he saw so many couples climbing all over each other; and Chance had been right, all of the members of the media that he could see were too busy making out to even notice the woman and Chloe. He looked back at Chance.

    “You did this?”

    “People kept bumping into me like I wasn’t even there, so I figure they got what they deserved,” Chance said with a shrug. A small smile crept upon the corners of his mouth. “And then, well, a guy’s entitled to a little fun,” he said mischievously. Lionel rested his tongue in his cheek and then gave Chance a curt nod.

    “You have five minutes, and if you can’t take care of it in that time, then I’m sending the guards,” he said. Chance nodded and started off toward Chloe. It looked like the situation with the mystery woman had only gotten worse, as Chloe had gotten over her initial shock and was verbally laying into the woman with an unrivaled ferociousness. He walked up to the group as casually as he could.

    “Hey,” Chance greeted. “Is there a problem here?” The woman turned and glared angrily at him; but when Chloe and Lex saw who it was both of them smirked, because they were thinking the same thing.

    “Chance,” Chloe said through a forced smile. “Allow me to introduce you to my *mother* Rebecca Conrad. *Mother*, this is Chance Young.” Chance stuck his hand out and Rebecca glared at him for a moment before shaking it. She felt a strange tingle climb up her arm and move through her body. Rebecca blinked her eyes rapidly and Chance tried desperately to keep from chuckling when he saw the security guards edging ever nearer. The larger of the two men, both of whom towered over the rest of the group, crossed his arms and gave Rebecca a hard glare.

    “We’ve been asked to escort you outside ma’am,” he said. Chance reached over and patted the guard’s shoulder.

    “I don’t think that will be necessary,” he said. The guard arched an eyebrow and as Chance removed his hand from the man’s shoulder, he purposely allowed it to touch the man’s hand. The guard shook his head as if to clear it, but it didn’t work. The second he locked eyes with Rebecca again, they flung themselves toward each other, knocking them both to the ground. Chloe snorted and Lex smiled broadly, and then they both started laughing. The other security guard looked at the couple on the floor in complete shock.

    “What the ---?” The guard said and trailed off as he tilted his head and observed the general situation around the room.

    “Think somebody spiked the punch?” Chance offered.

    “It’s an open bar,” the guard replied. Chance smiled and nodded.

    “Well, that it explains it then,” he said. The man looked at him like he was crazy and Chance just shrugged. Lex wrapped his arm around Chloe’s back and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

    “I have a feeling we should get out of here before we’re associated with this,” he said.

    “We’re already going to be associated with this,” she said in a hushed voice through gritted teeth. “It is *our* wedding reception.”

    “My dad’s PR people can put a spin on it,” he whispered. “Someone lacing the beverages with some sort of aphrodisiac drug or something.” Chloe smiled and her eyebrows rose.

    “You think anyone will actually believe that?”

    “Of course they will. You know as well as I do that people, in general, have a tendency to look for easy answers,” Lex said. Chloe nodded thoughtfully.


    “So?” He asked her with an impish grin on his face. Lex motioned to the door with his head and Chloe let out a small giggle. He gave Chance a pointed look. “Try not to cause too much more damage.” Chance frowned at Lex and Chloe.

    “You’re leaving? But it’s still early, and they haven’t even served dinner yet, or ---”

    “And I have a feeling that none of those things are going to be happening now thanks to you,” Lex said. Chance glanced around the room once again. The only people that didn’t seem to be under his influence now were Clark, Pete, Lana, Lionel, and the Kents.

    “Whoops,” Chance said unapologetically, a mischievous smile lighting up his face. “Sorry about that.”

    “No problem,” Chloe said. “I didn’t want to be here anyway.” Lex looked at her with a mixture of slight hurt and confusion. “Oh! Not that I didn’t want to marry you,” she quickly corrected. “I just didn’t want to be in a room filled with people I don’t know and ---” Lex cut her off by moving his mouth to hers. Chloe smiled under his lips and her arms wove around her neck. Chance smirked as he folded his arms across his chest and watched them kiss.

    “You sure you guys want to leave?” He asked. “Cuz’ you pretty much fit in with the theme here tonight.” Before Lex realized what he was doing, he slapped the back of Chance’s head. Chloe’s eyes grew wide at the action.

    “Lex!” She yelled. Lex felt the now familiar tingle spread through his body faster than it had before and his lust filled gaze fell upon Chloe immediately. She held up her hands. “Now wait just a minute,” she said, taking a few steps backward. “I’m not doing it in a room full of people!”

    “Didn’t seem to bother you before,” Chance said off-handedly. Chloe glared at him and he coughed into his hand and darted his eyes around the room in an attempt not to make eye contact with her.

    “You!” She said and pointed her finger at him. “Are *so* a dead man.”

    “Finally,” Pete said under his breath as he listened from close by. Chance just chuckled.

    “Didn’t anyone tell you that it’s not nice to point fingers?” He teased. He stuck out his hand and touched her pointed finger. Instead of the tingle that had been there before, she felt something akin to a wave of electricity sweep through her. Her head started swimming, her eyes closed, and she began to fall unconscious to the floor. The second Chance touched Chloe, Lex felt a strange shock jolt his body and the pure lust he had felt just moments ago was gone. He saw his wife falling to the floor and caught her in his arms before she reached the ground. He lay her down and stared worriedly at her.

    “Chloe?” Lex asked. He shook her lightly when there was no response, but it didn’t help. Pure panic took over his mind and body. “Chloe!” He shook her again, but still to no avail. Clark, Pete, and Lana were all at her side quickly and trying to urge her to wake up. Lex caught Chance’s concerned expression out of the corner of his eye and stood up. He stalked forward and glared angrily at the boy. “What did you do?” His voice was level, but managed to pull of the menacing threat carried beneath it.

    “I – I don’t know,” Chance stammered. He held up his hands in mock surrender. “Honest.”

    “Fix it,” Lex stated firmly. “Whatever you did, fix it now.” Chance frowned and kneeled beside Chloe’s resting form. He reached his hand out and touched her cheek. Chloe’s body jerked and her eyes flitted open. She caught sight of Lex staring at her right away.

    “Lex?” She asked in confusion. Lex swiftly leaned down and picked her up. Chloe furrowed her brow at him. “What’s going on?”

    “We’re leaving early,” he said, leaving no room for argument. Chance and the couple’s friends watched in surprise as Lex carried Chloe out the front door and they all frowned.

    “What happened?” Clark asked.

    “I don’t know,” Chance admitted. His frown grew deeper. ‘But it can’t be good.’

    Ch. 28

    “Lex, I’m fine, *really*,” Chloe stressed. “Going to the hospital isn’t going to help anything.” The driver peered back at Lex through the rearview mirror and Lex shook his head. Lex reached forward and pressed the button to raise the partition. He didn’t need any more gossip going to the media. The reception was already going to be a public relations nightmare as it was.

    “You passed out Chloe; and you have to admit, that’s not your usual reaction to Chance.” He said the last part with a small grin and Chloe smiled.

    “Fine, I passed out,” she agreed. “But, it’s hardly the end of the world.” She scooted closer to him and brought her mouth to his ear. “And aren’t there other things that you would rather be doing on our wedding night?” Lex sighed and swept a hand through her hair.

    “I’m just concerned and it won’t take long for the doctors to examine you.”

    “And how do you expect me to explain this to them exactly?” Chloe asked and threw her arms up in frustration. “I passed out at our wedding reception because this guy from Smallville used his powers – yes, powers – no, I don’t need a psych evaluation ---” Lex pursed his lips in an effort not to smile, but his mouth betrayed him and soon he started laughing. Chloe laughed too and shook her head. “Do you see what I’m talking about now? And don’t forget, you’d have to get checked out too.”


    “You had a pretty quick turnaround from when Chance touched you to how you’re acting now,” she pointed out. Lex frowned and looked thoughtful.

    “When he touched you, I felt,” he paused and shook his head slightly, “I felt like I had a stream of electricity run through me. It snapped me out of the lust driven stupor pretty quick.” Chloe nodded in understanding.

    “That’s what mine felt like.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “When he touched me,” she clarified, “instead of the little tingle I was expecting, this shockwave ran through me.” She appeared pensive and then tilted her head at him. “Wait a second. You said when he touched *me* you felt that way?” Lex nodded.

    “Do you think it’s because he’s affected us so many times?” Lex asked.

    “Could be,” Chloe said. “Or maybe his powers are changing.”

    “The people at the wedding were affected the same way we were the first time though,” Lex argued.

    “Maybe different people react differently,” she suggested. “Your dad got his sight back, and from what I’ve heard, Clark acted like he was stoned.”

    “I would have liked to have seen that,” Lex said with an impish grin. Chloe arched an eyebrow.

    “We were busy,” she reminded him. Lex leaned toward her.

    “Good point.” Their lips brushed together softly and Chloe frowned. Lex pulled back with a furrowed brow. “What’s wrong?”


    “What about him?” Lex asked. Chloe frowned again and looked out the tinted window, but didn’t answer Lex’s question. “Chloe?” Chloe took a deep breath before facing him again.

    “He ---” she trailed off and bit her lip. She loved Lex, but for some reason she felt like she would be betraying Clark’s trust if she told her husband what she knew about him.

    “He?” Lex prodded.

    “He said that I’m pregnant,” she said quietly. Lex looked at her questioningly.

    “And this upsets you?”

    “No, I just – I’m not sure I can explain it,” she said. “I was worried because I hadn’t gotten a phone call from the guy at the hospital yet, and ---,”

    “Did he ever end up calling you?”

    “Yes. Someone had turned my phone off, so he left me a message.”

    “And?” He asked. Chloe shook her head.

    “He said I wasn’t, but that the tests don’t usually show positives so early in the pregnancy, and that we should have another test done in a couple of weeks if I still haven’t gotten my period.”

    “Oh.” Lex sounded disappointed and Chloe brushed her fingers along his cheek. He grinned at her. “We can keep trying.” Chloe laughed.

    “I’m not sure we need to,” she said after her amusement with his comment subsided. At his hurt look, Chloe continued. “I told you that Clark told me I was.”

    “I didn’t realize that Clark had developed psychic abilities,” Lex said dryly. “Or is that the big secret that he’s been hiding from everyone?”

    “I think it’s bigger than that,” Chloe answered. “He – he looked down at my stomach.” Lex’s eyebrows creased together and he felt a strange pang of jealousy over such an innocent comment. “It was like he was looking inside me Lex.” She paused for a second. “I think he was.”

    “Like some kind of x-ray vision or something?” Lex asked. Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled.

    “When you say it like that, you make him sound like a superhero from one of your comic books,” Chloe joked. Her smile fell when she saw the serious and contemplative expression on her husband’s face. “Lex, I was kidding.”

    “I know you were, but think about it,” Lex said. “It would explain a lot.” Chloe’s eyes grew wide in disbelief.

    “You can’t honestly think that Clark is a superhero?”

    “After all the time you’ve spent in Smallville, you can’t tell me that it’s not a possibility.”

    “But he wasn’t even there when the meteor shower hit,” Chloe argued.

    “Actually, he was,” Lex said. “I remember him being in the Kents’ truck when they picked me and my father up.”

    “What?!” Chloe yelled. Lex leaned forward as the thoughts went whipping through his mind.

    “They may not have officially adopted him yet, but he was definitely there.”

    “I can’t believe this,” Chloe said. “Why can’t I ever see a meteor freak when I’m personally involved with them?”

    “You were personally involved with Clark? I thought you two were just friends,” Lex said in a slightly jealous tone.

    “That’s what I *meant* by ‘personally involved’, Lex.” She tilted her head and grinned reassuringly at him. “In regards to Clark anyway,” she teased.

    “I’m well aware of your dating history, Mrs. Luthor,” Lex said with a smirk. Chloe frowned.

    “I’m not sure I can get used to that,” she admitted. “I don’t suppose I could just keep my maiden name?” Lex laughed at her hopeful look and her lips grew thin in a perturbed expression, causing Lex to laugh even harder. Chloe crossed her arms. “I don’t see why that’s so funny.” She couldn’t help the smile that rose to her face at the sound of Lex’s laughter though. She felt the limo pull to a stop and she looked out the window. “I’m not going in there.” Lex followed her gaze to the hospital building outside. He sighed and then grinned at her.

    “Okay,” he said. Chloe looked surprised. She had been expecting a big argument about it.


    “Yes. But if you pass out again, then ---,”

    “Fine,” Chloe said. “If I pass out again then we can come back.” Lex nodded. The back door opened for them to get out and Lex looked at the chauffer.

    “It looks like we won’t be going here after all,” Lex said. “My wife was able to convince me otherwise.” The chauffer tried to hide the smirk he felt rising to his lips.

    ‘I’ll bet,’ he thought. “Where to then?”

    “The airport,” Lex answered. The man nodded and closed the door. When Lex turned around, Chloe was looking at him questioningly.

    “The airport?” She asked. Lex smirked.

    “Trust me.”

    Ch. 29

    Lionel surveyed the ballroom with his eyes and shook his head.

    “I think it’s time you fix them,” he told Chance. Chance raised an eyebrow.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’ll wear off in about a day, and by then I’ll be back in Smallville where they can’t kill me,” Chance said. Lionel chuckled.

    “They’re not going to kill you,” he said. “Go ahead; I have a cover story worked out.” Lionel motioned toward the crowd and Chance took a deep breath before taking a few steps forward. Lionel headed up to the microphone while Chance started to ‘fix’ people. Soon, everyone was fixing their clothes and sharing stunned and embarrassed looks with one another. Lionel cleared his throat into the microphone and all eyes went to him. “On behalf of Luthor Corp. and its subsidiaries, I’d like to thank you for participating in a research project for a new synthetic pheromone that our laboratories have developed. Your cooperation was greatly appreciated.”

    The members of the media hurriedly grabbed their equipment and ran up to the podium. Lionel held up his hands to indicate that they should quiet down.

    “We’re hoping to include the pheromone in a new perfume line, although it seems some adjustments will need to be made to the concentration,” Lionel said the last part with a small chuckle and almost every person in the room blushed. Jonathan crossed his arms and tilted his head at his son.

    “He lies so well,” Jonathan said.

    “Years of practice,” Pete added with a smile. Jonathan grinned and Martha just shook her head. No one in their group saw the angry woman charging toward them until it was too late.

    “You!” She pointed a finger at Clark. “You’re one of her friends. Where is she?” Martha and Jonathan shared confused and worried expressions. Clark held up his hands in mock surrender.

    “I don’t know,” he said.

    “Yes you do,” she said accusingly. “And don’t think that because she’s my daughter that I’m going to let her get away with talking to me like that. *Nobody* talks to me like that.”

    “Yes ma’am,” Clark replied politely. Gabe saw the commotion and excused himself from Lydia Everest’s company. He maneuvered through the crowd of people; most of whom were still listening to Lionel answer the reporters’ questions. Clark saw him come over and breathed a sigh of relief. If anyone would be able to match Rebecca’s anger, it would be Gabe – and he was on their side. At least Clark hoped he was. Rebecca felt a hand on her shoulder and she swung around.

    “You need to leave,” Gabe stated. Rebecca shook her head at him.

    “How could you let her do this Gabe? Don’t you remember what it was like for me? She’s going to go through hell and you’re allowing it.”

    “First of all, Chloe’s *not* you,” Gabe said. “She’s stronger than you ever were, and infinitely more loyal.” Rebecca paled slightly at the completely emotionless tone Gabe was speaking in. He was saying it like it was a fact not to be questioned, and deep in her heart, Rebecca knew it must be true. “Second, I was against the idea of her even dating him at the beginning. You can ask anyone in this group if you don’t believe me.” The Kent family and Pete and Lana all nodded. “And third, you’ve got one hell of a nerve showing up here and trying to give Chloe parental advice. You gave up your right to say *anything* to her when you walked out on us.” Gabe looked at the floor and then back up to Rebecca. “She was only five Rebecca. If you’re having trouble with your life, with your marriage, then you seek counseling, or talk about getting divorced and how you’ll share custody. You don’t walk out on your only daughter.”

    Lydia came walking over with a couple of security guards, neither of whom was the one who Rebecca had been enamored with because of Chance’s influence. She pointed to Rebecca and the men took hold of Rebecca’s arms.

    “Let me go!” She ordered. They ignored her protests and started to walk her to the door. Gabe looked stunned as he watched the exit and then Lydia smiled at him.

    “I hope it wasn’t a great discussion or anything, but Chance asked me to get security,” she said. Gabe arched an eyebrow.

    “You know Chance?” He asked. She shrugged.

    “Just met him earlier. Did you know that he’s one of the guys working on that pheromone thing with Mr. Luthor?” Lydia asked. She shook her head slightly. “Man! That stuff works. They’re going to make so much money.” Gabe and Jonathan shared an amused look and then Gabe ran his hand over the back of his neck.

    “Yeah, about that,” he said somewhat embarrassed. “I ---”

    “Hey, no problem. We’re cool,” she said with a smile. He looked at her in surprise and then she gave a little goodbye wave to the group. Jonathan’s body shook with a laugh that he tried not to let out. He came over to Gabe and slapped him on the back.

    “It could have been worse,” he said.

    “How do you figure? My daughter is married to Lex Luthor, not to mention pregnant with his child, my ex-wife showed up at the wedding and proceeded to piss Chloe and me off, *and* I,” he stopped and ran his hands over his face, “*spent time* with a woman who’s half my age.” He shook his head. “How could things have been worse exactly?” Jonathan’s lips grew into a broad smile.

    “It could be a no-host bar,” he quipped. Gabe smiled and started chuckling and Jonathan gave him another pat on the back. “Come on; let’s go take advantage of Luthor’s hospitality.” Gabe nodded and they started to walk away from the rest of the group. Gabe stopped and turned around, his eyes fixing on Clark.

    “By the way, where *is* Chloe?”


    “Thank you so much for stopping here first,” Chloe said as she grabbed some clothing out of one of the bags they had taken to Lex’s apartment earlier that day. Lex chuckled and let his jacket slide off his arms.

    “No problem,” he replied. He noticed that Chloe was having trouble undoing the back of her dress and he grinned as he walked over to her. His deft fingers began to unbutton it for her.

    “Thanks,” she said and then winced. “I think it’s cutting off my blood circulation.” Lex smiled.

    “I think that’s probably due more to the shoes than the dress,” he quipped. Chloe frowned.

    “Yeah, but I’m not wearing the shoes anymore; note the lack of height.”

    “Do you think it has something to do with what happened earlier?” The concern was evident in his voice and Chloe turned her head a little to try and look at him. She smiled.

    “Not unless Chance has the ability to turn clothing into a boa constrictor,” she joked.

    “You never know.” He undid the last lower half of buttons and Chloe let out a breath of a relief as she let the dress fall to the floor.

    “Much better,” she said. She was wearing a white silky slip underneath and when she raised her arms into the air to stretch, it rode up, revealing more of her thighs. Lex grinned lustfully as his eyes traveled up her body. His expression turned into shock when he reached her stomach.


    “Yeah?” She was stretching her arms behind her head when she looked over at him. She felt his hand on her stomach, but it didn’t feel right. Chloe looked down and her eyes grew wide. “Oh my God.” Her voice came out almost as a whisper with the surprise in front of her. Where her flat stomach had been, now lay a small rounded belly; as if she was already four or so months along in her pregnancy. Her worried eyes tried to catch his, but his gaze was still fixed on her stomach. “This isn’t happening,” Chloe told herself. Lex removed his hand from her belly and strode over to the phone. “What are you doing?”

    “Calling the hospital.”

    “Lex, no!”

    “Chloe ---” He trailed off as Chloe ran over to him and grabbed the phone away from his grasp.

    “Think about it Lex. You think what Chance did at the reception is going to be a public relations nightmare? Try adding ‘unexplainably weird pregnancy’ to it,” she reasoned. Lex looked sternly at her.

    “I don’t care about the media Chloe. I’m worried about *you*.”

    “I’ll be fine,” she insisted. His expression changed into disbelief and exasperation. He pursed his lips and yanked the phone out of her hands. “Lex!”


    “But ---” she paused when he turned the phone on and dialed a number from his memory. “Lex ---” His warning look effectively silenced whatever protest she had been about to launch, but she wasn’t happy about it.

    “Hello?” The man on the other end of the line said as he picked his phone up.

    “I need you to come to my penthouse immediately,” Lex said. Chloe crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow at his curt response to the person’s greeting.


    “My wife is pregnant and there are --- complications,” Lex said. “Bring whatever you need to examine her.”

    “You should take her to a hospital; they’re more equipped to ---”

    “They’re not,” Lex argued. “Not for this. I’ll explain when you get here.” He heard the man sigh.

    “Give me a half hour.”

    Lex hung up the phone and tightly grinned at Chloe, who was looking at him suspiciously.

    “Do I want to know?”

    “An old acquaintance,” Lex explained. “You said no hospitals, but you didn’t say no doctors.” Chloe couldn’t help the smile that spread across her lips.

    “I should have been more specific,” she said. Her reaction caused Lex to smile too. He nodded once in agreement.

    “Are you hungry? We never did get to have dinner.”

    “Wow, that was a really subtle change in topic,” Chloe said sarcastically. Her smile gave away the fact that she wasn’t angry though. Lex smirked as he glanced at her belly.

    “Well, you are eating for God only knows how many ---” he was cut off by Chloe playfully hitting his arm. Lex started laughing.

    “Jerk. That’s not funny,” she said as she started laughing too. He rested his hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her. When they pulled apart, he rested his forehead against hers and looked down at her belly.

    “So, I guess we should start thinking about names, huh?” He asked with a smile. An impish grin rose to Chloe’s lips.

    “If it’s a boy, I think we should call him ‘Chance’,” she teased. “It’s kind of apt, don’t you think?” Lex lifted her into his arms, resulting in a squeal of delight from her. He lay her down on the bed and hovered over her, resting his hands on either side of her.

    “I *think* you should give me the opportunity to change your mind,” he said and lowered his mouth to hers.

    Ch. 30

    Chloe laughed and tried to push Lex off of her.

    “We can’t. Your ‘doctor’,” she gave him a suspicious look, “and I’m not entirely sure you can call him that, is going to be here soon.” Lex gave her a light kiss and then pulled away, but still hovered over her.

    “Are you seriously considering *Chance* as a name?” He asked. Chloe lips spread into a wide smile and Lex smirked. “Then Toby can wait.” He moved his mouth against hers again and slowly lowered her upper body back down to the bed. Chloe pushed him up and he furrowed his brow in confusion.

    “Not like this,” she whispered as she rolled out from underneath him. He turned around to face her and she pushed his back onto the bed. Lex arched a pleased eyebrow at her. Chloe quickly straddled his legs and started to unzip his pants. “Sorry, but you’re always on top, and with this ---” she looked down at her swollen stomach. Lex smiled and ran his hands up her legs.

    “I wasn’t complaining,” he pointed out. Chloe smiled and Lex lifted his hips slightly to help her push his pants down his legs. Chloe started to raise herself over his erection when a thought struck him.

    “You’re not wearing underwear?” He asked in surprise. Chloe bit her lip to hold down her smile.

    “Well, you know how we’ve been,” she explained. Lex threw his head back on the bed as he laughed. He was about to agree with her when she sank down onto him. Lex’s eyes shot open, but immediately closed when she started riding him.

    “Oh, God,” he moaned. Lex’s hips started bucking in rhythm with her thrusting herself up and down on him, and he opened his eyes to see Chloe’s face masked with pleasure as she moved on top of him. He rose to a half-sitting position, pushing himself further inside of her. Chloe gasped and let out a strangled cry at the sensation.


    “Chloe,” he murmured as his lips neared her skin.

    They kept moving together while Lex pulled her chest to his mouth. He wrapped his lips around one of her nipples through her silk slip and Chloe began whimpering with the intense pleasure. They had made love many times before, but this time felt different. Before Chloe knew it, Lex flipped them over so she was beneath him. He took up the pumping rhythm she had started and Chloe wrapped her legs around his waist. His movements came harder and faster, and Chloe’s vision started to haze over into a white light. She let out a throaty scream of pleasure as her body started to shake with her orgasm. Lex felt her inner walls clamp around him, pushing him over the edge to his own climax. Breathing hard, he unsteadily balanced himself on his arms until Chloe captured his mouth with her own.

    Their tongues entwined while their hands ran over each other’s bodies. Chloe kissed along his jaw line to his neck and felt him starting to grow hard within her again.

    “Mmm, you’ve got stamina,” she teased with delight. He smirked and then kissed her again. The sound of the doorbell rang through the apartment and Lex clenched his jaw. Chloe squirmed and tried to push herself away from him. Lex pinned her beneath him.

    “Stay,” he said. Chloe rolled her eyes.

    “You might be comfortable being half naked in front of this guy, but I’m not,” she said. “At least let me put a robe on?” Lex frowned and helped her off the bed. He furrowed his brow when he looked at her stomach. Chloe followed his gaze and her eyes grew wide.

    “Oh, shit!” She could literally see her abdomen slowly expanding and seemed to be entranced by it. Lex quickly pulled on his pants and retrieved a robe from his closet. The doorbell rang again, this time several times in a row, because the man on the other side was getting impatient. Lex shot a worried look at Chloe and then went to open the door.

    “Geez, you call me all frantic, and then you make me wait ---”

    “She’s in the bedroom,” Lex interrupted. He started walking toward the bedroom and Toby followed, rolling a carry-on bag with wheels behind him. Toby took in the appearance of the room and raised an eyebrow at Lex.

    “You kept me waiting in the hallway because you were having sex with your wife?” He shook his head. “I thought you said she was having complications with her pregnancy; now it might just be me, but it seems like common sense not to do that sort of thing when ---” Lex shot him a warning glare and Toby held his hands up in mock surrender.

    “Chloe?” Lex lightly rapped on the bathroom door adjoining his bedroom. Chloe opened the door and came out in a t-shirt and large drawstring pajama pants. Lex’s mouth dropped open when he saw his wife’s protruding stomach. She looked like she was easily almost to full term. She also looked like she was about to cry, but was fighting it. Lex wrapped his arms around her and gave her a comforting hug.

    “If you say it’s going to be alright, I swear I’m going to kill you,” she said. Lex smiled and pulled away and Toby started laughing. Chloe looked at the man, shaking her head at the fact that only Lex would know a person like this.

    “You look like you’re almost forty weeks along, so what seems to be the problem?” Toby asked. He opened the suitcase and started to get out the ultrasound and other equipment he brought with him.

    “The problem is that I’m about one and a half weeks along,” Chloe replied. Toby looked up from the suitcase at her and then at her belly.


    “We think she may have been exposed to something at our wedding reception,” Lex said cautiously. Toby didn’t need to know any more than he had to.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll find out what’s wrong,” Toby told Chloe. He asked her to lie down on the bed and asked Lex if he had a TV that he could plug some of the equipment into. They got everything set up and Toby exposed Chloe’s bare belly. He squirted some cold blue gel onto it and then pressed against it with one of the metal instruments. He started to look at the TV set, but his eyes flew back to Chloe when she spoke.

    “I have a question. You know that movie ‘Jack’? That wasn’t based on a true story or anything was it?” She asked. Toby smiled and shook his head.


    “Thank God.”

    “And, there we are,” Toby said as he looked at the screen. “Twins,” he mused aloud. “They both seem fine from what I can tell and -- uh-oh.”

    “Uh-oh?” Lex asked. Toby looked worriedly at Chloe.

    “You’re going to feel some wetness between your legs in just a couple seconds.”


    “Lex,” Toby said as he stood up. “As good of a doctor as I am ---,”

    “Were,” Lex corrected. Toby gave a wave of his hand to slough off the comment.

    “I don’t feel comfortable performing the delivery of twins in your apartment,” he finished.

    “What are you saying?”

    “Her water just broke,” Toby said calmly. “She’s going to be going into labor any minute now.”

    “Call my dad,” Chloe rasped out. Lex turned to her. “Call my dad and have him meet us at the hospital. Please?” Lex nodded.

    “Call him on your cell,” Toby told Lex. “And I’ll call an ambulance from your regular phone.”

    “No!” Chloe screamed a little louder than she meant to. A wave of pain hit her right as she was protesting and she clenched her arms around her stomach. She took a few deep breaths and cringed while she waited for the severe cramping to stop. “No ambulance, Lex can take me,” she said in almost a whisper.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea, you need to get there quickly,” Toby said. Chloe stared at him.

    “And you have apparently never seen Lex drive.”

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    Ch. 31

    “So, what does it feel like Chance?” Lana asked. She took a sip of her ice water and looked at him with big eyes.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, for me, when you touched me and Pete, it was like a tingle through my body,” she said. “Is that what it feels like for you too?” Chance furrowed his brow and shook his head.

    “No. I’m not sure I can explain it. It’s more like an electric shock, only more controlled,” he said. Clark looked pensive.

    “Do you think it has a cumulative effect?” He asked. Pete smiled at him and then at Lana.

    “Clark’s using big words,” he teased. Lana giggled and Clark rolled his eyes. Chance seemed to think about Clark’s question.

    “Maybe. It would explain why Chloe reacted the way she did last time.”

    “But Lex was still affected the same way,” Clark pointed out.

    “Lex isn’t pregnant,” Chance countered. “The last couple of times I touched her, something felt different – off. Like the electricity was being harnessed and then altered. That’s probably why she passed out. You remember ‘The Matrix’?” Clark nodded. “The human body produces electricity, and with the baby in there – it messed up my abilities somehow.”

    “Is the baby going to be okay?” Clark asked. Chance frowned, but said nothing.

    “I hope Chloe’s okay,” Lana said. She was about to say something else when they heard Gabe’s raised voice coming from nearby.

    “What do you mean ‘she’s in labor’?!” Gabe yelled into his cell phone. “She’s can’t be more than two weeks along!”

    “A week and a half actually,” Lex answered as calmly as he could under the circumstances. “We think that the last time Chance touched her, it had some sort of unforeseen affect on the kids.”

    “Kids?” Gabe asked. “As in plural?” Lex couldn’t help the smirk of masculine pride that grew on his lips.

    “Twins according to the ultrasound,” he confirmed. Chloe screamed loudly and Lex’s smirk immediately dropped from his face. “We’re almost at the St. Agustin’s, can you meet us there?” Gabe opened and closed his mouth in shock before answering.

    “Yeah – of course, I’ll leave right now.” Gabe heard the phone click off from Lex’s end of the line and he turned his own phone off. The entire group had been watching him talk animatedly on the phone, and Chance grimaced at the looks that everybody was shooting him.

    “How was I supposed to know?” He argued. “It’s not like my *freak abilities*, as you so charmingly call them, came with a handbook or anything.”

    “Well, I guess that solves the baby thing,” Pete muttered under his breath. Lana looked quizzically at him and he tilted his head to the side. “She’s basically miscarrying at this point, since the kid isn’t even completely beyond the ‘cell division’ point.” Clark’s eyebrows rose at his friend. “What? I pay attention in *some* of my classes.”

    “She’s not miscarrying.” The group of teenagers looked over at Gabe as he spoke. “She’s in *labor*. The pregnancy progressed at an amazing and unheard of speed.” He winced before continuing. “They’re apparently having twins.” Every pair of eyes in the group grew wide and Gabe looked directly at Chance.

    “I guess we know how the energy was altered then,” he said with a nervous smile. Gabe’s eyes narrowed.

    “And, my *son-in-law* thinks you’re responsible for this mess, which you obviously are, so you should probably stay here while the rest of us go to the hospital.” Chance nodded in compliance. He had no desire to face Lex’s wrath any time in the immediate future. Gabe turned around and gave him a tight grin as the group started to leave. “Since you and Lionel have become such good friends, you can be the one to tell him that his grandchildren are being born early.”

    “Great,” Chance mumbled sarcastically. ‘I’m a dead man.’


    The doctor and nurses that had been assigned to Chloe were getting frustrated. Every time they hooked up a piece of diagnostic equipment to her, it would mysteriously short out. Chloe’s contractions were coming too fast for the doctor to be concerned about blood pressure and contraction monitors.

    ‘She’s too far dilated to give her an epidural anyway, so it’s not like we need it to keep an eye on the labor’s progress,” the man reasoned. “Okay, Mrs. Luthor, I need you to push to a count of ten with your next contraction.” Chloe clenched her jaw and did as instructed. She felt like the lower half of her body was being ripped apart and she let out a feral scream of agony. Lex couldn’t do anything but watch as his wife went through the horrible pain. He glanced at the doctor to silently question whether it was normal, but the doctor didn’t look up at him. “The head is crowning – one more push,” he ordered.

    A minute later, the first baby had been delivered and the nurses were cleaning it up. A crackling baby cry hit the air and Chloe felt emotional tears welling up in her eyes. They didn’t even get a chance to ask what it was before Chloe’s contractions seized her again, although slightly lesser this time. The doctor explained that the first baby’s placenta would come out before the second baby. Chloe took a few deep breaths to try and calm herself.

    She hadn’t been in labor that long, but she had been through so much in the last couple of weeks, and everything was starting to take its toll. She was exhausted, and honestly didn’t know whether she would be able to handle delivering another baby. She felt her eyes closing of their own accord, and even the doctor’s sharp voice ringing in her ears or the incredible pain she was in couldn’t keep her from starting to drift off.

    “Chloe!” Lex yelled. He grabbed her hand in worry. Two weeks previous, it wouldn’t have been something that he would have done to any woman he had gone out with. Even with his previous wife Desiree, he had never shown that kind of sentimental affection. ‘And I was under some sort of hyped-up pheromonal reaction with her,’ he mused. “What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she waking up?” The doctor caught the placenta that Chloe’s body pushed out and put it into a metal bowl.

    “Labor is a physically demanding experience, Mr. Luthor,” he explained. Lex gave him a ‘no shit’ look and the doctor grinned. “Let her rest. Her contractions with the second baby will begin soon and she’ll need her energy.” Chloe’s eyes shot open and she whimpered in pain right after he made the comment. Lex looked down at her and could see her still swollen abdomen contracting. The next baby came even quicker than the first, and Chloe’s head fell back against her pillow. She was breathing hard through her mouth and Lex leaned down to kiss her. The second baby started to cry as well as Chloe closed her eyes for a second.

    “So,” Chloe started talking to Lex in a whisper when the doctor and two nurses were busy checking out the babies. “Are they ---?”

    “Normal?” Lex filled in, following her hushed tone. Chloe weakly nodded. “From what I’ve seen, but that hasn’t been much.” Chloe sighed in relief.

    “What are they?” She asked. Lex arched an eyebrow and she lightly hit his arm. “Don’t look at me like that. You know what I meant.” Lex smirked and looked over to the two newborns, who were now being wrapped in small, green baby blankets.

    “They haven’t said,” Lex responded as he was trying to get a better look at them. The doctor left the room and the nurses brought the babies over to their parents. The first noticeable thing was the color of their hair. Red, but not the color Lex’s had been. It was more of an auburn color, and was set off nicely by the blankets they were in.

    “Congratulations,” one woman said as she handed Chloe the first baby. “Your daughters are beautiful. They’re going to be heart-breakers one day.” The other nurse handed the second baby to Lex. He seemed unsure about holding her, but the second she was in his arms, he felt a wave of pure emotion sweep over him. “Your family is waiting out in the lobby. Do you want me to send them in now, or wait until you’ve been transferred to your room?” Chloe glanced nervously at Lex and then back to the nurse.

    “Room?” She asked. The nurse let out a small chuckle.

    “Of course. You didn’t think you would be leaving the hospital so soon after giving birth to twins, did you?”

    “I, uh -” Chloe paused as she looked down at the baby in her arms. “Hadn’t really given it much thought.” That much was true, but only because she hadn’t been given a lot of time to think about it.

    “When will we be moved?” Lex asked, changing the topic back to the room.

    “Half an hour maybe,” the woman answered. “That seems to be the usual amount of time.” Lex and Chloe shared a look and then Lex’s gaze fell to his daughters.

    “I’d like to see my dad,” Chloe said. The nurse nodded and grinned at her.

    “Okay. I’ll send him back and tell the others they’ll have to wait.” She glanced down at the little girl that Chloe was holding and her grin spread into a smile. “She’s hungry.” Chloe’s face fell into a panicked expression and the woman looked at her sympathetically. “Would you like to have someone come in to talk to you about breast feeding?”

    “Uh - sure. Thanks.” Chloe watched the woman leave the room and then looked down at the baby in her arms. “I feel so bad.”


    “If I had a normal pregnancy, then I would have been able to take classes and everything.” Chloe shook her head and let out a tiny choked sob. “I’m so completely unprepared. I’m going to be a horrible mother.”

    “You could never be a horrible mother Chloe.”

    “But my ---”

    “You’re not your mom,” he reminded her. “Most of what we’ll need to know for childcare will be provided for us while you’re staying here, and the other stuff you just learn along the way.” He grinned thoughtfully at her. “At least that’s what your dad said.” Chloe smiled.

    “Thanks Lex.”

    “No problem.” He looked back down at the baby in his arms. “So, I guess the name *Chance* is out of the picture now?” Chloe laughed, causing the baby in her arms to stir a little.

    “I guess so. Any suggestions?”

    Ch. 32

    Chance frowned as he eyed Lionel speaking with a small group of people.

    “Here goes nothing,” he mumbled to himself. He hesitantly started making his way through the talkative crowd toward Lionel. They all seemed to be chatting about the pheromone, the fact that Lex and Chloe had left their own reception early, and various other gossip that was floating around their social circles. Chance hated to be the one to give them more fodder, but Gabe had told him to tell Lionel, and he doubted that Chloe’s dad would change his mind and let him off the hook.

    “Mr. Luthor, I need to speak with you,” Chance said with a confidence he didn’t possess as he walked up to the man. Lionel arched an eyebrow and turned back to the people he was talking to.

    “Will you excuse me for just a moment?” He asked. Lionel followed Chance just a few paces away from the small group and he spoke in a hushed voice. “Is there a problem?” Chance’s eyes darted back to the group, who seemed to be trying to listen without looking like they were trying to listen.

    “You could say that,” he admitted, matching Lionel’s almost whispered volume. “The – uh – ‘pheromone’ seems to have had some other side effects.” Lionel looked questioningly at him. “Chloe’s in the hospital.” Lionel’s face flickered with surprise and quickly turned accusatory.

    “What happened?” He still kept his hushed voice, but it had a growl to it that Chance didn’t ignore. Chance ducked his head as he continued.

    “She’s in labor, well, probably out of labor now,” he answered.

    “That’s not possible.”

    “The last couple of times ---” Chance paused when he noticed a few eyes on him and then turned back to Lionel, speaking even lower than he had before. “She was ‘exposed’; it must have accumulated in her system or something, because the pregnancy sped up to an inhuman gestation period.”

    “Oh, God,” Lionel said as the words hit him. “Is she alright? Is my grandchild alright?” Chance shrugged.

    “I don’t know. They left me here to tell you,” he explained. Lionel let out a louder growl and gave him a curt nod. Lionel started to walk toward the podium again and Chance furrowed his brow.

    ‘What the hell is he doing?’ He wondered. ‘Why isn’t he going to see them at the hospital?’

    “Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please,” Lionel said into the microphone. Every head in the place turned toward him and the loud chatter died down to a curious humming and then a silence. “I wanted to let you know of something that has just come to my attention.” He drew a large breath of air and gripped his hands on the sides of the podium. “Apparently my daughter-in-law was exposed to too much of the chemical I told you about earlier. She was a week along in her pregnancy, good news that we just found out yesterday, and the pheromone had the unforeseen side effect to rush the pregnancy along. It is unknown at this time how she or the baby are doing, and I will be leaving early to meet them at the hospital. You are all welcome to stay and enjoy the meal, along with the drinks that are being provided. I ask that you keep my family in your prayers. Thank you.” Chance couldn’t help the grin that crawled across his lips. He had to hand it to Lionel; the man was quite the showman.


    Despite what the nurse had said, Chloe, Lex, and the two girls were transferred to a private room almost immediately. Chloe knew it was because of Lex’s money, but at the moment, she didn’t care. It was nice to be in a quieter part of the building, and she soon followed her daughters’ example and drifted off to sleep.

    Lex looked up from his chair toward the door when he heard the light knock. Gabe peeked his head in and Lex grinned at him, but held a finger up to his mouth to indicate that he should be quiet. Gabe’s eyes grew large at the sight in front of him. Lex was sitting in a chair next to the bed that Chloe had fallen asleep on, and the babies were sleeping in a single bassinette next to Lex. Lex rose from his seat to shake Gabe’s hand in greeting.

    “You weren’t kidding,” was all Gabe could get out. Lex smiled broadly and shook his head.

    “I’d let you hold one, but they just went to sleep,” he said. Gabe’s eyes darted from the girls to Lex and he nodded.

    “Green?” He questioned as he looked at the blankets they were bundled in.

    “Not our choice, but I think it was a good idea. I have a feeling that Chloe would have thrown a fit if her girls were wrapped in pink,” Lex said. Gabe smiled and had to hold back a chuckle.

    “Girls, huh?” He shook his head lightly and then slapped Lex on the shoulder. “Good luck.” Lex smiled as they both kept looking at Chloe and the girls. Gabe’s face turned serious. “So, is everything alright? Are they ---”

    “All of the tests have turned up completely normal,” Lex said. “Other than weighing a little more than most twins do when they’re born, they seem to be fine now that they’re out of Chloe’s womb. It was strange though. She was producing extraordinary levels of electricity and they were somehow feeding off of it. Everything is back to normal in Chloe’s body now, and the doctors have no explanation for why it happened.” Lex and Gabe shared a look and Gabe ran his hand around the back of his neck.

    “I told him to stay at the reception to tell your dad about the situation,” he said guiltily. Lex’s eyes widened and gleamed with mirth.

    “You should have told the camera people to tape it. I would have loved to have seen that,” he said. Chloe started to stir on her bed and Lex walked back over to her. Her eyes slowly opened and she smiled at him. “Hey.”

    “Hey,” Lex replied. “Your dad is here.” Chloe looked passed Lex to her dad.

    “Hey sweetheart,” Gabe said. He walked to the other side of the bed and leaned down to give her a hug. “How are you feeling?”

    “Okay, just tired,” she said. Her gaze went to the sleeping babies and she softly grinned. “Have you seen them?” Gabe smiled and nodded.

    “They’re beautiful,” he replied. “Have you thought about names yet?” Chloe groaned and flopped her head back against the pillow. Lex gave a light chuckle and Gabe looked at him with an arched eyebrow.

    “We’re at a bit of an impasse about that,” Lex said.

    “Most people get nine months to decide on names,” Chloe argued. “We should at least give it a couple of days to come up with names we both like.”

    “I still think one of them should be named Elizabeth,” Lex said. Gabe stared at his daughter.

    “That’s your middle name. What’s wrong with that?”

    “Think about it Dad. Lizzie Luthor? Geez, it sounds like a serial killer.”

    “Well, given her DNA ---” Gabe teased.

    “Funny,” Lex said sarcastically. “And I believe that most serial killers are male, no matter what their names are.”

    “What about Lillian? That was your mom’s name,” Chloe countered. Lex looked touched, but he shook his head.

    “As much as I appreciate the gesture, I want them to have their own names – so they don’t feel like they have to fill anyone’s shoes but their own.”

    “Don’t worry, you’ll think of something,” Gabe said. “And if you don’t, Martha and Lana are down in the gift store buying a baby name book for you right now.” Chloe started laughing and one of the babies started to stir. She held out her arms after Lex picked it up. He carefully handed the little green bundle over to her.

    “Hi sweetie,” Chloe cooed down to the baby. There was another knock on the door, but only Lex and Gabe looked over. The Kents, Pete, and Lana all came into the room. Chloe laughed again and looked at Lex. “I guess you were right about getting the bigger room.” He was about to respond when he was cut off by Martha and Lana, who were making sounds of delight over seeing the babies.

    “Oh, honey, they’re beautiful,” Martha said. She looked at the baby in the bassinette and Chloe smiled.

    “Go ahead,” she said. Martha smiled brightly and leaned down to pick up the baby.

    “Are they alright?” Jonathan asked. Lex nodded.

    “Everything seems to be fine now,” he said. He rolled his eyes when a familiar voice was heard yelling in the hallway. “Looks like Chance told him.” Both babies started to cry at Lionel’s loud voice booming through the door and Clark flashed Lex a meager grin. Pete, on the other hand, smiled broadly.

    “Doesn’t sound like they like him,” he said. Lex smirked at the boy.

    “They have good taste,” he replied. Lionel opened the door without knocking; pushing his way passed the nurse who was trying to keep him from entering the room. “Dad, how nice of you to join us,” he said sarcastically.

    “You should have called me,” Lionel said, pointing his finger at his son.

    “I was occupied,” Lex said dryly. Martha handed the baby in her arms to Lex and Lionel’s demeanor changed. His mouth dropped open and he stood there in stunned silence as he looked at Chloe holding one baby and Lex holding the other.

    “It’s true?” He asked in almost a whisper.

    “No, we came to the hospital for the hell of it,” Jonathan said with heavy sarcasm. Martha elbowed him and shot him a look.

    “Language,” she scolded. Jonathan closed his mouth and ducked his head as an apology.

    “I have grandchildren,” Lionel said in awe.

    “Granddaughters if you want to be precise,” Chloe said. Lana furrowed her brow as she looked at the color of the blankets that the babies were wrapped in.

    “*Pink* is for girls. Why aren’t they in pink blankets?” She asked. Lex and Gabe both tried to hide their chuckles brought on by the earlier comment that Lex had made. Instead, Lex smiled at Chloe.

    “Our girls are obviously originals. They can wear whatever they want.”

    Ch. 33 - Epilogue

    This part takes place six years later.

    The Luthor Estate

    Chloe looked around at the sight in front of her. The manor was overflowing with colorful balloons and streamers. It was the twins sixth birthday and although they had only invited family and close friends, Lionel insisted on making it look like a grand affair. She let out a small sigh. Despite her best efforts, her kids were spoiled rotten by the grandparents on both sides – not to mention the adopted grandparents they had found in Martha and Jonathan Kent. She felt arms wrap around her from behind and a mouth gently kiss her neck.

    “You’re not still bemoaning the fact that our kids don’t have a ‘normal’ childhood, are you?” Lex asked.

    “A little,” Chloe admitted. Lex kissed her cheek and then moved his lips to her ear.

    “So, this is the part where I remind you that they were never normal to begin with, and we should just be thankful that they haven’t revealed their abilities to my dad?” He asked. A smile slowly spread across Chloe’s mouth and Lex darted his tongue out to trace the shell of her ear. She closed her eyes and leaned back into him as his warm breath blew onto the dampened skin.

    “Mmm,” she lightly moaned with approval. “We can’t. The kids ---”

    “Are occupied,” Lex interrupted. “They’re all in the ballroom with plenty of adult supervision.”

    “Define *adult supervision*,” Chloe said skeptically.

    “Pete and Lana, Chance and Stephanie, the Kents, Clark and Lois ---” Lex stopped talking when Chloe turned around in his arms, a panicked look on her face.

    “Does Clark know?”

    “Well ---” Lex said and then trailed off with an impish grin on face. “If he doesn’t, then he will soon.” Chloe giggled.

    “You’re evil.”

    “And you love me,” he said. Chloe’s hands ran up his chest and hooked around the back of his neck as he leaned down to kiss her. Their mouths moved together passionately and they reluctantly pulled away to breathe. “Besides, how can bringing a little happiness into a friend’s life be considered evil?” Chloe tilted her head at him.

    “You know how he reacted that one time that Chance affected him.”

    “I do,” he agreed. “I also know that the girls have much better control than Chance does even now.”

    “Still ---”

    “The worst thing that can happen is that he’ll act doped up for a day or so,” Lex said, a mischievous smile lighting up his face. “And you can’t honestly tell me that in itself wouldn’t be fun to see.” Chloe bit her lip to try and keep from laughing, but it didn’t work. Lex noticed and continued. “Especially in front of Lois?” Chloe burst out laughing and she nodded her head.

    “Just make sure we get it on tape,” she agreed. Lex smiled at his wife.

    “I think that can be arranged.”

    “I still can’t believe that he was another meteor mutant and for all those years he never told us,” she said, more upset with herself for not figuring it out earlier.

    “Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you just referred to him as a *mutant*. Most people don’t take too kindly to that.”

    “I guess,” she said.

    Lex leaned toward her again and nibbled gently on her ear before whispering huskily into it.

    “Now where were we?”


    “C’mon, do it,” the little girl urged, nudging her sister a little toward their intended target.

    “It won’t work, Lauren,” Chance said from beside them. Both of the little red-haired girls turned to look at him.

    “Yes it will,” Lauren argued. Chance crossed his arms and stared down at them.

    “No, it won’t,” he said. “Trust me, whatever reaction you have planned for your Uncle Clark, it won’t turn out that way. I don’t know what it is about him, but I could never get it to work right on him.” The twins looked pensive and then Lizzie was the one to speak.

    “Just because you couldn’t get it right, doesn’t mean that we can’t,” she said in a stubborn voice. Gabe walked up behind them, only catching the tail end of what his granddaughter had said.

    “Wow, you’re sounding more and more like your mom every day,” he said dryly. The girls spun around and flung themselves at Gabe’s legs.


    “Hey,” he greeted, giving them both a small hug. The girls smiled as a woman walked over to them.

    “Hi Lydia,” they both said in chorus. Lizzie frowned when she reached her hand out to touch the woman’s protruding belly.

    “Why hasn’t the baby come out yet?” She asked. Lydia gave her a wince of a smile.

    “Well, sweetie, most women don’t have super short pregnancies like your mom,” she explained. Lydia shot a glare at Chance. “Although we *could* if a certain company would release their synthetic pheromone in full concentration to the public.”

    “I already told you, it’s not safe,” Chance said. Her glare continued and she placed her hands on her hips.

    “Oh, really? Because *all* of Chloe’s kids seem just fine.”

    “Ye-ah,” he strung out, “but we really have no explanation for that.” Lydia grumbled and Gabe placed a comforting hand on her back.

    “There’s nothing wrong with going through it the normal way,” he reminded her.

    “So says the man who doesn’t have to *carry* the child until it’s born,” she quipped. Gabe gave her a tight grin.

    “I should shut up now,” he said observantly. Lydia nodded and Chance tried to cover a chuckle by coughing into his hand. Gabe looked at Lauren and Lizzie. “So, where are your brothers?”

    Lauren pointed toward the far end of the ballroom where Jonathan and Martha were standing with two little identical blonde boys. Chance took the temporary distraction to quietly walk away and go talk to Pete and Lana. He hated having to lie to people, but Lionel pointed out that he would be accosted every second by strangers if they knew the truth.

    From what Gabe could see, it looked like Jonathan was trying to teach them how to play baseball with a plastic baseball set. Gabe shook his head in amusement and Lydia smiled.

    “Clark needs to get busy on making some grandkids for them, otherwise they’re going to commandeer yours,” she said. Gabe slightly leaned his head toward her.

    “I think they already have,” he said. They both chuckled lightly.

    “Grandpa!” The girls shouted and ran past Gabe to Lionel and an unknown woman hanging on his arm as they were walking over to them. The twins hugged him and then Lizzie pulled away.

    “What’d ya’ bring us?” She asked. Gabe groaned and ran a hand over the back of his neck.

    “He has them trained so well,” he quipped to Lydia.

    “Your presents are on the table,” Lionel replied. “You didn’t think I’d forget your birthday, did you?” Both of the girls shook their heads. “Good. Now run along and play with your brothers. Your Grandpa Gabe and I need to talk.” The girls scurried away and Lionel made sure they were out of earshot before speaking again. “I just wanted to assure you that there won’t be any --- disruptions to the festivities today.” Gabe nodded once, knowing exactly what Lionel was talking about.

    Rebecca had caused quite a few scenes over the last six years, and Lionel and Gabe had privately talked about putting her in a mental health care facility where she would be under constant sedation. They hadn’t discussed it with anyone else, because they knew that although Chloe didn’t get along with her mother, she wouldn’t approve of them locking her away under false pretences.

    “I appreciate that,” Gabe said. His head turned at the sound of cheering and saw that Chloe and Lex were coming into the room with the large birthday cake. “If you’ll excuse us?” Lionel nodded and Gabe and Lydia went to join in the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lauren and Lizzie.

    The slender, beautiful woman on Lionel’s arm observed him carefully.

    “When are you going to tell them the truth? That you had the woman disposed of?” She asked. Lionel smirked.

    “I wasn’t planning to,” he admitted. His eyes were fixed on the people surrounding the birthday cake. “They seem happy in their delusions, and I see no reason to give them ammunition to keep me away from my grandchildren.” He noticed Chloe and Lex’s almost haphazard appearance and he smiled; content with the suspicion that he would be having more grandchildren soon.

    The End

    If you made it this far, please review. Thanks.

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    I remember reading this @ your web and as always :worship2: !!! I do not remember if I had left a review since I go to 3 different places to read your stories : . Luv that guy name Chance and the wedding reception, :lol: it was a riot. I wish I was there so I could make out with someone. Of course, not with Lex since he's married to Chloe !

    Keep writing

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    Woah, this ff is so long...but I have read it, I love it

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