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Thread: The Lesser of Two Evils - NC-17, Chapter 56 (May 27, 2016)

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    Arrggh, you stopped it at the best bit!!! Loved this update. you're conveying Chloe's emotions so perfectly and making me feel like bawling like a baby for what she's going through. I'm really hoping Lex is gentle with her. Eagerly awaiting the next update.
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    Wow, what a chapter! hmy: I love knowing everything that Chloe is thinking and how horrible the whole situation is for her. I hope that Lex is gentle with her.

    Great chapter! :yay: :yay:

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    that was a fab chapter. I really liked chloes raction to the whole thing. Her feelings are very understandable very realistic.

    Hope you update again soon


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    You make Chloe's feelings so realistic!! She's so used to being used by the people she loves, like Clark!! I can't wait for more!! Please, please update soon!! Please have Lex be gentle with her!! Please!! :yay2: :chlexsign4: :yay2:

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    you just left it there
    while the doorknob was turning....that's like me pausing a movie right before all of the action really happens..cause i have to pee and dont want to have that urge while the rest of the movie was on.

    come back so i can push play, please!!
    i like this take you have on their relationships, the darkness works well.


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    The Lesser of Two Evils
    NC-17/ Angst
    Disclaimer: Smallville, the characters therein, and all affiliated copyrighted materials are owned by the WB. This is a work of fanfiction not intended for profit or infringement, only for the pleasure of fans of the series.

    Spoilers: All up to Season 4, except things will be twisted to the tune of Lex having never moved to Cowtown, U.S.A.

    A/N: What would Chloe Sullivan have had to do to get from under Lionel Luthor’s thumb if Lex had never moved to Smallville? What would she have had to sacrifice to earn the son’s help against the father?

    AU for Season 3 and 4, and strongly rated for a good reason:

    I’m posting in very short chapters so readers can choose when enough is enough for them. This is the worst chapter of the entire story and Lex is NOT gentle with her. I cried and I wrote it. Seriously, I’ll fill in the blanks in chapter six if you want to skip it.

    Chapter Five

    He lingered in the living room for a few minutes, pacing restlessly as he waited for Chloe to get ready. He wasn’t interested in the preparations she made but most women liked a few minutes to primp, even the ones who were getting paid.

    He returned his glass to the bar and checked the clock. Ten minutes had passed and he was getting impatient. The side effect to getting whatever you want when you want is a lack of patience, he thought.

    As a precaution to that he made himself wait another five minutes. Eagerness didn’t serve anyone well, least of all a man in his position. His steps down the hallway were slow and he turned the doorknob leisurely.

    She was standing beside the bed in the dark, and he flicked on the light as he shut the door. Whatever it was about this little blond, she managed to keep an innocence that he’d never seen in another woman in her profession. It was clear from her terribly upright posture that she was uncomfortable, but her head remained high as he approached.

    Chloe tried to keep still, but it felt like her knees were literally knocking. She desperately wanted to cover herself, but knew it would be in vain. He would see her and touch her and there was no avoiding it. If she didn’t go through with this she would have to work for Lionel forever.

    The thought of someone scarier helped her focus and she relaxed her body enough to stand normally. If he wanted a sexy pose he was going to have to direct her in it, because she was having enough trouble not hiding in the bathroom behind a locked door.

    “Very nice,” Lex said, his expression neutral. “Natural body but slender and toned, lovely breasts. They’re real?”

    Startled, Chloe looked down at her chest and nodded. “Of course.”

    He strode across the room and stopped a foot away, and his hand came up to weigh her left breast. She sucked in a shallow breath through her nose and fixed her eyes over his shoulder. His thumb rubbed her nipple and she recognized a tiny amount of arousal. Unfortunately it was a purely physical reaction that did very little to reassure her.

    Lex released her and smiled at her to indicate he was pleased. “They’re quite symmetrical. You’re luckier than most women.”

    I’m meat to him.

    She smiled in return but it was as empty as his was. They were both actors, both playing out this scene of false passion in lieu of looking for the people who could really inspire it in them. The image of Clark’s smile changed to his look of disgust and she abandoned it. This was what it would be, and no sweet thoughts would help her deal with it.

    Instead she thought back to the file Lionel had given her. Lex liked bondage, was always on top and didn’t like his women to talk much. She didn’t know how to use any of those facts, would need specific physical directions to do anything at this point.

    His hand slid down over her side to cup her hip and Lex gave the rounded flesh there a short massage before he stepped back.

    “Lie back on the bed,” he said.

    She realized he was taking off his shirt and looked away, feeling ridiculous. She had seen his penis, held it in her mouth, but she couldn’t look at his chest.

    Lex walked back to the switch and turned the lights out again. Her gaze was still so unsettling and he didn’t want her looking at him as he fucked her. He wasn’t used to dissecting his feelings or even acknowledging them, so he ignored them and moved on. With the lights off her green eyes would be less . . . intrusive.

    Chloe sat back on the edge of the bed and braced her hands as she inched back slowly. It was easier when he was turned away, but once he turned back she could feel him looking even if she didn’t see it. She shuffled to the middle of the bed and lay back with her eyes closed, listening to the quiet slide of clothing. Her hands fisted at her sides and she tried to put herself somewhere else, but couldn’t think of anywhere else that could take her away from the reality.

    I’m sorry Clark, I’m sorry Dad, I’m sorry . . .

    His hands on her knees made her jump and she reluctantly let him push her legs apart. Her knees bent slightly, she felt his weight settle between them and the heat from his body hover over her.

    Lex tossed the condom to the side and looked at her, trying to figure out what she was doing. Usually this would be the time where he would be fighting off stroking hands and complimentary words that did nothing but irritate him. This one, Chloe, was lying still and silent with her eyes closed. Maybe she was very passive, but he wondered how she made her living this way. However, she was following what he had said, and he wasn’t inclined to talk.

    Twin weights were pressing into the mattress on either side of her ribs and Chloe tried not to show how upset she was. She wasn’t even steady enough to push him away and run, so she guessed this was it. The darkness behind her eyelids was nice, infinitely preferable to seeing what was happening.

    Lex leaned over her and eased his weight down on her lower body. She seemed smaller now and he held his upper body on his elbows. Any moment he expected her eyes to open, but they stayed stubbornly closed. It goaded him that she was so inactive. It felt like being ignored.

    His mouth closed over one nipple and he relished her gasp. He angled his body to free one hand, closing it over the other breast and squeezing it a bit harder than he might normally. Her skin was soft and fragrant and he was gratified to see her eyes fly open as her hips moved against his.

    Chloe looked frantically down at his bald head as he sucked on her nipple, and made herself stop moving. She could fight the panic when he was barely touching her, but now it was overtaking any feeling of resolve she felt.

    Please stop, please stop, please . . .

    She ruthlessly bit into her lower lip and stopped the words from spilling out. There were worst things than this, she told herself, far worst things. She felt dizzy even though she was flat on her back, and feverishly sick. Her hands had come up to his shoulders but they were lying open instead of pushing him away like they wanted.

    I’m not fighting, she thought, surprised at her own ability to think through the disjointed layers of feelings. The fear was clouded somewhere amongst regret, anger, relief and awe. She felt absurdly lucky that she wasn’t handcuffed or cinched into that horrible corset, relieved that he wasn’t literally hurting her. She was amazed this was happening, helpless except to watch her life change in stark real time. Underneath it all was the fear, but it was accompanied by anger at Lionel for being such a bastard and regret that she was robbed of what should have been a meaningful experience.

    Lex Luthor was about to become her first lover and there was no other choice.

    He looked down at her and caught a plethora of emotions crossing her face before she went blank. Her eyes stayed open but there was nothing going on behind them. Her hands on his shoulders were just there. He released her breasts and knelt up.

    Chloe was just getting used to his mouth, then his fingers were between her legs. Her hands came down to fold over her chest as she willed her legs to stay open. She thought he was trying to arouse her but it wasn’t going to work. She wondered if telling him that would make him get it over with, and decided it would probably offend him instead.

    He flicked his thumb over her clit several times, then dipped a finger inside her to find she wasn’t wet at all. A glance up to her face told him she was feeling nothing. It galled him, and he tried another circular rub of the small nub then pushed his finger a little deeper. Her hips moved from side to side but she was no wetter.

    Fuck it, he thought, I don’t have time for this. She’s not doing much to help herself out.

    He stood up and pulled open a drawer in the bedside table. Chloe froze as he left the bed, but then he was back and her brief hope was gone. His finger had been different than her forays into masturbation, different in a bad way. No pain, but she suspected there would be a lot when it came.

    Lex rolled the condom on as he knelt between her legs, then reached for the small bottle he had taken from the drawer. He flipped up the cap and squeezed a bit of the lubricant on his fingers, rubbing them on his palm to warm it up. He swiped it along her pussy and wound his fingers inside to spread it around.

    Frigid whores be damned, he had planned on getting off and that was what was going to happen.

    “Bend your knees,” he said, lining up his body on top of hers. She did it without dropping the blank expression and he pushed them up marginally higher and slid his arms underneath her raised thighs.

    Chloe braced herself and closed her eyes again, her arms dropping down to clutch at the bedding like it could save her. Her bitten lip was starting to bleed and she turned her head away as he moved her legs around to suit him. His shoulders hitched her legs up higher and she felt his breath land on her chest as he rose up over her.

    Lex took a last look at her face to find her looking like she just wanted it all over with. He scowled in anger and decided he didn’t care. He would make the effort to make sure she came, but he wasn’t going to work a miracle.

    His first thrust inside was shallow, stopped by the clench of her muscles as she tensed around him. He tried a second time and got halfway in, the lubricant helping and hindering as Chloe seemed to fight him back out again. Her upper body was arched up and pulling away from him, and he pulled her back down by her hips.

    “Christ, you’re strangling me, relax,” he muttered. His mouth went down to her breast but she only made a mewling sound and shook him off.

    She started to shake violently and he held her tighter, levering his hips up to hit her g-spot. Her face was twisted into curled up lips and Lex shoved himself into her roughly, his hands grazing hers on the bed. He could tell she was wet enough because there was warm fluid spreading on his skin where it was rubbing over hers.

    Chloe couldn’t believe how bad the pain was, getting worst with every movement he made. It hurt just to have him inside, but when he moved it exploded into a sharp jerk of his hands on her hips. His weight landing on her added a bruising agony and she put her fists up against his chest to keep some of it off. Her legs over his shoulders folded her at the waist and she could hardly breathe. It was just wrong, all of it was wrong.

    There was a rushing sound of slapping skin that sounded just before the pain hit and it was the only thing she could hear. He was looking down at her and she knew she was nothing more than a warm body to him.

    Lex leaned in until he was holding her off the bed and brought his knees underneath him for leverage. Her legs were almost pointing toward the ceiling and her nails were scraping over his chest as he thrust from the new position. Her lips were forming words and he could watch as he ended each drive inside.

    When he lifted her the pain was blinding all the time, and Chloe stopped being able to control her voice. She was sobbing, whether it was in her head or out loud, and she couldn’t stop.

    He was getting close to coming and she seemed to be as well, her muscles fluttering wildly around his cock. Lex broke the rhythm he had set and pushed back and forth with his whole body, barely withdrawing before he was back inside. Lightheaded pleasure rose from his balls into his torso and roared through his head as he came.

    Chloe brought her hands up to fold over her face as she gave in to the urge to scream. She felt like he was shaking her, the jolt of each time he moved landing like a hit to her smaller frame. When he froze above her she couldn’t stand it, and her tensed muscles finally got to fight like they had been urging her to do.

    Lex felt her fists before he heard the loud cries from Chloe. He pried his eyes open to see her terrified face and the shock made him drop her. She let out another sob and pushed herself away from him with unbelievable strength, his cock sliding abruptly out of her body. She flinched away from him as he reached out to steady her and fell over the side of the bed.

    “Hey, what happened? Calm down,” he said.

    He saw the quick dart of her pale skin as she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. The sobs didn’t stop, and he stood up slowly, leaning on the bed as his knees wobbled.

    “Fucking stoned,” he grumbled.

    Lex unrolled the condom and distastefully rubbed his hand over the sweat on his abdomen. He picked up his white shirt and wiped his hand, since all the towels were in the bathroom. Dropping it, he walked to the door and knocked lightly.


    There was no indication she heard him and the crying was still going, so Lex flicked on the lights. He needed a drink.

    There was an imprint of his knuckles in blood on the white door and he spun around to see a matching stain on the bed and the carpet next to it. Thinking he was imagining it, Lex walked back to the shirt and picked it up, horrified to see more blood.

    It was smeared all over his stomach and thighs and he stalked back to the bathroom and shouldered the door open.
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    Damn, and in case I forget, damn! Visual, chilling and soul-cutting - that chapter completely floored me :read: :clap: :clap:

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    Damn woman, that was just....geez. That was so graphic and painful. :crygreen: :crygreen: We need more of this asap! You can't just leave it there!

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    ..................................That was painful to read but incredibly well written. Need more.
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    I feel like crying. God, that was just...

    God. This story is heart-wrenching. I'm in awe of you right now.

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