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Thread: The Lesser of Two Evils - NC-17, Chapter 56 (May 27, 2016)

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    Ok an interestign start. I can't wait to see where you take this.

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    That's an interesting beginning. I am sorry for both Chloe and Lex. They're so manipulated. :chlexsign3: Well I can't wait to read the next chapter. :biggrin:

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    hmy: :worship2: Really drawn into this so far. I feel really bad for Chloe though, because this is obviously not how she imagined her first time. Really want to know how Lex reacts when he finds out. More very very soon please.
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    I like this new take on the Lionel, Chloe, Lex relationship. Very interested to see where it goes. I hope that you will continue. Dying to know what lex's reaction to chloe is going to be when he learns all the info.


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    Dark, disturbing and yet your story completely indulges my evilness, nonky. I feel bad for Chloe, but I'm hoping the Luthor prowess makes up for the forced nature of the rendezvous.

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    Not my usual cup of tea but as usual you've managed to suck me in. And even if I wanted to get out, I wouldn't be able to. The plot is definitely interesting and you write the characters so well. Chloe just breaks my heart and it's great to see Lex without Smallville's influence. I wonder if without its influence, did he lose his way quicker or can the man still be saved? And will Chloe stand up to Lex? Too many questions. I can hardly wait for your next update!

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    As per usual, another cracking fic. You know, if it weren't for the fact that you're my fic dealer, I'd have you shot for being too damn good.

    Now hook me up with another update of Survival and I won't nag you for at least... oooh, another five minutes.


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    The Lesser of Two Evils
    NC-17/ Angst
    Disclaimer: Smallville, the characters therein, and all affiliated copyrighted materials are owned by the WB. This is a work of fanfiction not intended for profit or infringement, only for the pleasure of fans of the series.

    Spoilers: All up to Season 4, except things will be twisted to the tune of Lex having never moved to Cowtown, U.S.A.

    A/N: What would Chloe Sullivan have had to do to get from under Lionel Luthorís thumb if Lex had never moved to Smallville? What would she have had to sacrifice to earn the sonís help against the father?

    AU for Season 3 and 4, and strongly rated for a good reason:

    Iím posting in very short chapters so readers can choose when enough is enough for them.

    Chapter Four

    Lex let out a long exhale and dropped his hand from Chloeís head. In his newly-relaxed state he smirked and arched his back, feeling the tension of the business day fade into the background. He had long since stopped wondering if empty sex from a woman he paid was an appropriate way of winding down. For him it was his only option unless he wanted to end up with another spoiled society rich bitch for a wife. Hookers were less expensive and they went away with less fuss.

    Chloe pulled her mouth away and was embarrassed to see a long string of white fluid trail from his softening cock to her face. She flicked out her tongue and licked it up, swallowing it. Her hand moved back as well and she sat back on her heels uncertainly.

    He opened his eyes and looked down at her mildly. He didnít seem much of anything but he was definitely more relaxed than he had been. She wondered what was coming next and realized the blow job part hadnít been as bad as she had expected. The thought reminded her of all her numerous worries and she was back to being just as frightened as she had been before the door had opened.

    ďGood, although I prefer a faster stroke from the beginning,Ē Lex said.

    He watched her cheeks redden and internally shrugged off what he figured was her insult. The luxury of fucking a hooker instead of a girlfriend was that he didnít have to care about pissing her off. There was no expensive dinner and tiresome clubbing to be suffered through before he could get laid. His secretaries didnít have to waste precious time at work buying presents and sending flowers.

    ďIíll - Iíll keep that in mind,Ē Chloe said, trying to keep the utter horror off her face. It was if she had just given him a handshake, and there was no more recognition in his look now than there had been when she arrived.

    Lionel had made her accustomed to being ignored and treated like furniture at various points when he had no interest in her. He had set up a number of meetings last winter, telling her to wait on the side of the highway for his limo. More often than not he hadnít shown up and she had been left to sit in the cold car for hours just in case.

    But Lex Luthor was cold as a matter of course. He had no reason to keep her in line, he just didnít want to spare the facial expressions on her. His blue eyes were like ice chips with nothing behind them except a constantly measuring intellect.

    ďGo get undressed in the first bedroom on the left,Ē he said, pointing to a hallway and lifting his chin stiffly. He didnít like eye contact, and the girlís heavy look had been making him uncomfortable. That was unusual, or maybe he was just tired and didnít want to drag out the preliminaries any longer.

    Chloe stood up carefully in the shoes that were no longer very comfortable. Apparently they werenít designed to be worn for more than a few minutes, and she didnít want to take the hand Lex was offering her. She supposed it indicated some human feeling in him, but she didnít want to touch him any more than she had to.

    He probably doesnít want me to end up face down in his lap again, she thought cynically, since it seems he didnít like it much the first time around.

    She stepped carefully around his leg and picked up the overnight bag. The weight of the bizarre items inside made her pause and she wondered if she was expected to offer him options. She had no idea what terminology was used, having only figured out the purpose of the corset after an attempt to try it on had nearly bruised her ribs.

    She walked swiftly into the hallway, deciding he would have to mention it if he wanted something weird. It was only fair since he would likely have to give her instructions as well. He probably thought she was the worst call girl ever.

    Chloe cautiously opened a door and found the bedroom, gingerly closing the door behind her as she stepped inside. She desperately wanted to use the lock, but forced herself to walk slowly to the bed. It was a huge four poster covered in dark linens. Like everything else in the penthouse it was plain but clearly expensive.

    She put the bag down and unzipped the side pocket. She hadnít known what to bring, but packing her hairbrush and makeup like it was a normal trip had been soothing. She took them into the attached bathroom and looked at herself dully.

    At least I donít look as bad as I feel.

    She splashed cold water over her red face and reapplied the mascara and lipstick. Smacking her lips together reminded her of what she had done minutes before and she rinsed out her mouth. It made her feel better but she had to apply lipstick again. The hairbrush flattened her curls, but she thought it was better than having a giant tangle the size of a manís hand.

    Her watch showed it was only 8:20, and she had only been in the apartment for half an hour. It seemed like a lot longer. She flicked off the light and went back into the bedroom.

    Once the hairbrush and makeup were back in her overnight bag she sat down on the edge of the bed and removed her shoes. The lights were out and the vibrant red was dull now. They looked like shadows, and she felt like a shadow.

    Maybe heíll leave the lights off, she hoped. Maybe it will be quick.

    Chloe huffed out an irritated breath and stood up. She was being so melodramatic it was disgusting. Many women before her had gone through this in one way or another, and there was no real danger to her life. It would be terrible, but her daily existence under Lionelís thumb was at least as bad.

    Heís not Clark and he doesnít care about me, but heís just a man. Not a monster, not a serial killer, just a man.

    She heard muffled footsteps from somewhere in the apartment and she jumped, a few tears rolling out of her eyes despite her pep talk. Sheíd never been frightened in quite this way before and it was suddenly evident to her the vulnerabilities of women to men. She was smaller, shorter, weaker and softer. No amount of feminist theory and intellect could deny that.

    In her fantasies Clark was her first lover, and he was gentle and tender with her. She imagined careful foreplay and soft kisses and promises to be together forever before a little bit of pain and a lot of pleasure. She cherished that, treasured it like her love for him, but there was no way it was going to happen now.

    Except there was no way it could happen if Lionel was able to carry out his plans for the Kents and Smallville, either. She was the only one who could begin to stop him, but she needed Lex to help her. Maybe there would still be that night with Clark, maybe it would be enough that it was her first night with him.

    Chloe squared her shoulders and wiped the tears off her cheeks, then pulled down on the shoulders of the dress. It fell to her waist and she reached behind her back to unzip it. The rest of it hit the floor and she stepped out of it. There wasnít much else to take off and she was getting cold as she picked up the dress and shoes.

    It was embarrassing to see her bare breasts sway in front of her as she bent over, and she folded an arm over them. She draped the dress over a chair in the corner of the room and put the shoes on the floor, then turned back and got the overnight bag, putting it next to the shoes.

    The black garter belt was very dark against her skin and she didnít need to turn on the light to unbuckle it. In her dress rehearsal she had practiced with the tiny clasps with more success than the corset. It was hanging from her hand before long, and she threw it toward the chair. She sat down to unroll the stockings, flinching at the feel of the bed underneath her bare ass.

    Just nudity, she thought, just a bit naked. Nothing to worry about. Youíre naked every day in the shower.

    She balled up the stockings in her fist, then smoothed them out over her bare thigh. There was no way to tell how she would react once he was in the room, but she was okay for now. She could breathe and she was holding a picture of Clarkís wonderful smile in her mind.

    Then the doorknob started turning.
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    nonky! What a Fic... What a Fic!!! I'm.... amazed!! Without words... So great...

    Oh my...!

    Maybe I'm twisted and sick, but I love it!!!

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    Then the doorknob started turning.
    Turn, dammit, turn! nonky, I'm catching up with your excellent fics this morning and loving each one. Great writing!

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