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Thread: Bespelled, NC-17 *complete*

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    Yep, this is much better than what appeared on screen last night.

    Please continue, please!


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    That was great, thank you for writing this! Chloe coming to Lex's rescue is so much better than Clark finding him because he's going to ask yet another favor *rolls eyes*.

    Originally posted by nonky@Nov 11 2004, 07:44 AM
    So I was kind of delighted that it was Chloe’s 18th birthday, and a little intrigued that Witchy Lana couldn’t use her hair for the spell she was doing. I’m taking that to mean that Chloe is a card-carrying non virgin because she’s been boffing Lex three ways from Sunday for months.
    Yup, I love your idea. Secret Chlex rocks!

    Can't wait to read the second part!

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    the slutty witch from Charmed.
    Heh. I'm glad someone else made a pointed reference to the absolute lack of originality the SV production team is showing this season, pinching plots and characters off every show imaginable.

    Anyway, I'm really liking it so far, I didn't watch the episode, so I'm pretending this is what actually happened.

    Post the next part soon!

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    More, more, more&#33; :yay2: Need my fix, need my fix. <Eye twitches>

    Let it be Lex, let it be Lex, let it be Lex . . .

    She opened her eyes enough to see brown hair and closed them again, shuddering.

    Let it be Lois, let it be Lois, let it be Lois . . .
    Too funny&#33; Awesome fic, nonky&#33;

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    i&#39;m baking you a batch of cookies for a job well done. i think you should just rewrite every episode from now on.

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    SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers abound up to the current episode in U.S./ Canadian release, Spell.

    Disclaimer: Smallville, the characters therein, and all affiliated copyrighted materials are owned by the WB. This is a work of fanfiction not intended for profit or infringement, only for the pleasure of fans of the series.

    A/N: And the end . . . I only just realized, but this is a bit of a threesome in two bodies. Plus handcuffs. Yeah, there’s no way the WB could run the episodes I would write. Hopefully you guys enjoy them.

    As for the rest of the tale, assume Hansel and Gretel grew up to become witch hunters and they saved the day.

    Part 2/2

    Chloe didn’t know how he managed a smirk, but it spread across his face until she was forced to bring his attention back to the matter at hand.

    “Where’s your first aid kit?”

    “There’s one in my bedroom.”

    She led the way up the small staircase that led directly to his bedroom suite, with Lex following quietly behind. She could tell from the plodding footsteps that he was tired and in pain, but she knew better than to ask.

    While he slumped back onto the bed, Chloe went to the cabinet that housed the first aid kit, keeping up a running patter as she pulled out bandages. “I’m pretty sure Lois is a witch too, so that makes three of them - or three of us, I guess. I don’t quite remember what happened at my party, but it most closely resembles the aftermath of an orgy.”

    Lex opened his eyes to glare at her, and Chloe’s pride prickled. “Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t have sex with anyone. If anyone should be suspicious it’s me. You have twenty-seven different varieties of condoms in that cabinet.”

    Closing his eyes again, he shrugged. “My employees think I’m a ho. Not my fault.”

    “Uh-huh.” Chloe took one hand from his chest and cleaned the wounds, first daintily and then as quickly as possible once she realized Lex was all but numb. Once both hands were cleaned and bandaged she offered him a painkiller and a bottle of water. She waited until he was sitting up before she walked into the bathroom to throw out the used gauze.

    I will want payment of course.

    Chloe didn’t know which bothered her more; the voice in her head or that she warily replied to it.

    Like what?

    You have to share him with me. It’s been four hundred years since I’ve had a fine man between my thighs.

    Chloe furrowed her brow. Lex is not a horse, and he’s exhausted. Even if I was going to oblige you he needs sleep.

    I can make him ready.

    So can I, witch, but he’s not a sex toy. He’s my boy-er, something or other.

    Chloe cringed. They hadn’t quite worked out the labels yet.

    Madelyn was angry and Chloe could hear it in her voice. I saved his life. Without me your lovely man would be dying as we speak.

    And I had every intention of saying a hearty thank you, but I’m not going to let you take advantage of him with your slutty witchness.

    I can send him off the roof believing he can fly, I can order him to kill every person he sees for the rest of his days, do not tempt me, girl. I will have him and you will allow it.

    Chloe sighed out loud. The witch was probably telling the truth, she sounded confident enough to do it. Time to negotiate.

    State your terms. Madelyn’s tone was satisfied, and she pushed down agitation.

    I stay in control of my body at all times and neither of us gets hurt. You do not scare him or make him do anything. We do him once and then he gets to sleep, while you help me stop your coven or whatever.


    The witch sounded giddy and Chloe narrowed her eyes. I can’t believe I’m pimping out Lex. This sucks. I’ve only had him to myself for a few months. I hate this town.

    Stop complaining and fix your hair.

    Chloe grudgingly took down her hair and finger combed it, reluctant to go searching through Lex’s bathroom for a brush. When she was satisfied with the riotous curls, she went back to the bedroom.

    Lex was sprawled on the bed with his legs hanging over the side, snoring quietly. She smiled at the boyish pose and wanted desperately to let him sleep.

    Can’t I just leave him for a few minutes?

    And leave your little town to the mercy of that bitch Isabel?

    Chloe sighed and started unbuttoning his shirt. The blood from his hands had ruined it anyway, so she pulled it down his arms with little regard for the fine fabric. She guided the cuffs carefully over his hands and threw the garment to the floor.

    Splendor, Madelyn exclaimed.

    Lex was more heavily muscled than was obvious, and his sculpted chest made Chloe’s mouth water. She unbuckled his belt and pulled it from the slacks, tickling along his waist as she moved her hands over him.

    “Wake up, Lex.” She felt him harden slightly as her voice and her fingers found him. Chloe folded back the slacks around his opened zipper, but refused to go any further until he was awake. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his chin, running them up to his ear. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

    I’ll do it, she heard, before another spell moved her lips and made the air hum.


    Make ready, Chloe’s mind translated, and she growled at Madelyn in her head.

    Lex, her exclusive something or other, was responding to the command and it made her jealous. His eyes were open and glazed with arousal and his penis was straining up to brush her body.

    I can do that just as quickly if you’d given me the chance.

    A low cackle was the witch’s only answer, and Chloe rolled her eyes. She got the distinct feeling Madelyn had never been the brains of any operation.

    “Lex, are you okay?”

    He smiled, his hands rising to touch her hair. It was getting longer, as per his fetish, and he often buried his fingers in the bright strands during sex. Unfortunately his hands needed a rest even more than he did, and Chloe guided them back down to his sides.

    For once he actually stayed where he was, as she walked over to the cabinets lining one wall of his bedroom. She took a condom from one of the numerous boxes and pulled off the tedious boots on her feet. Tucking the condom into the cleft of her breasts, she reached up to remove the stainless steel handcuffs Lex kept for special occasions.

    When Chloe turned back she was greeted by a bare-assed Lex, docilely lying in the middle of the bed with his hands already extended toward the headboard.

    Madelyn let out a moan and it came out of Chloe’s mouth.

    He’s so big and cooperative.

    I’m pretty sure the cooperation is part of the magically delicious Lex. He’s not usually so . . . accommodating.

    “Chloe . . .”

    Her thighs clenched as his voice ran through her, making it seventeen syllables or more, every one dripping with sweaty filthy intentions. She walked to the bed quickly and straddled his legs, surprised to find there was no underwear underneath her skirt. The heat of his skin lit her up like a fire cracker.

    So long, Madelyn whined. So empty.

    Chloe pulled herself together and looked at her lover’s face. He was flushed and dazed, but seemed happy enough. She had to admit there wasn’t much to complain about at the moment. She hooked his hands into the handcuffs and around the headboard, making sure his wrists were supported by pillows.

    “Just relax, baby.” She kissed him hard and let his tongue mingle with her own, before sitting back and pulling the tight dress down to bare her breasts. The condom fell to the bed beside her knee and Chloe leaned over his torso until his mouth could reach her begging nipples.

    Lex smirked blearily and set out to prove he didn’t need his hands. His teeth and tongue alternated sharp tugs and light licks over the sweet peaks of Chloe’s breasts. She held herself above him on her arms, muttering nonsense.

    No wonder you wanted him all to yourself, the witch preened. He’s a marvel.

    Enjoy it while you can. This is a one-time thing.

    Chloe sat up and started pulling on her skirts, only just realizing she had no idea how to get out of the dress. Little help?

    Push them out of the way. I can’t wait.

    She found herself lining up her hips with Lex’s hot erection, and Chloe barely managed to stop the downward lunge of her hips.

    Don’t get me pregnant, witch&#33;

    She found the condom in the rumpled covers and rolled it on quickly, ignoring Lex’s guttural sounds. She arched her back to a near-impossible curve and let him slide inside her body. Her hands rested on his chest as she gasped out the pleasant stretching of that initial penetration.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhh-mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Chloe’s voice echoed the sound Madelyn made in her head.

    Heat was suddenly stifling them, and Lex and Chloe moved to their practiced rhythm. One hard thrust followed by a few shorter ones, stuttering furiously on nerve endings that could no longer tell pleasure from pain. Another hard thrust as she angled her hips to catch the withdrawal along her clitoris. Frantic, thwarted thrusts as he teased her or she teased him, building up the furnace-like heat inside their motions.

    The thoughts of her own were wordless now, and Chloe could feel the same thing from Madelyn. She was undone by it, crushed by pleasure that felt like it would increase forever. It was too much and couldn’t continue, at the same time it would never be enough if they kept moving like this forever.

    The witch’s control broke before her human partners and she borrowed Chloe’s voice again to speed them up.



    Both Lex and Chloe were affected by the spell, hips grinding together at a punishing pace, the pushing inward and for each other an overwhelming pressure on their entire bodies. Scalps to toes tingled with a feeling like the air surrounding a lightening strike, and Chloe let her fingers curl up into the flesh of Lex’s stomach.

    His knees bent up and drew her closer to his face, and she met his open mouth with her own. Lex’s entire body moved to lever her up and down on his cock, and Chloe clamped her muscles down on him mercilessly. She braced her hands on his locked arms and pushed up almost far enough to lose him from her body, then plunged back down and forward with a scream. His answering groan rumbled over them and their hips spasmed in release.

    “Amor, amor, amor, amor . . . “

    The chant of latin wasn’t a spell, it was a prayer to honour what Madelyn had been briefly allowed to experience between the two shaking bodies on the bed. It faded as Chloe’s eyes closed involuntarily and she curled herself into Lex’s chest. They were slumping together into unconsciousness and she left them alone for the moment. There would be plenty of time to stymie Isabel’s plan later.
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    Originally posted by lexchloe@Nov 12 2004, 11:11 AM
    smutalicious. :biggrin:
    What she said.

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    Thanks to that Madelyn, we had that great SMUT&#33;&#33;&#33;

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