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Thread: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – You’re Mine (NC17)

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    I'm with Chloe - I hope she makes him pay before they kiss and make up!! :biggrin:

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    ok, what did Lex do that pissed Chloe off that much? good work. more soon.

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    *cackles* oh this is going to be so much fun!!!! MAKE HIM PAY!!!!

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!&# 33; :yay: okay, more!!!!! UPDATE FAST!!!!!

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    Oh Lex, Lex, Lex. What are you thinking? Don't you realize that Chloe isn't going to go so willingly?


    so sorry about my internet issues getting in the way of beta. The chapter looks great!!!

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    Jinni, I love you! :worship2: :worship2: I worship the computer you post with! This fic is unbelievable! :chlexsign3: My computer access has been difficult recently and I've only been able to partially keep up with some of the fics but now everything's back, I'm in heaven with all the new ones. And this one is unbelievable!

    :biggrin: Lark :biggrin:

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    Update Please!!!

    Please... Please!

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    Originally posted by Pufkinz@Jul 11 2004, 05:06 AM
    Update Please!!!

    Please... Please!
    Yes!! Please!! :yay2: :yay: :yay2:

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    ~*~Part Two~*~

    Lex lifted the glass of scotch to his mouth, the corner of his lips quirking up in a cocky grin as he watched the security monitors. He’d told his doorman to let up the ‘irate blonde’ that would undoubtedly be showing up sometime within the next day or two. True, he hadn’t expected it to be quite this soon. His eyes flickered from one screen to another as the on-screen Chloe paced restlessly in the private elevator that led up to the penthouse. He backed away slowly, waiting until the last second to turn away from the screens and leave the room, already moving toward the front door.

    Any second now –

    The loud bang of her hand on his front door echoed through the spacious penthouse, ringing from one corner to another. With unhurried movements he took another sip of his scotch.

    “Open the goddamn door, Luthor!”

    A low chuckle escaped from Lex’s lips as he moved towards the door. His entire body was electric just thinking of seeing her again after so long.

    He flipped the locks open with his free hand, twisting the knob, a greeting on his lips.

    His head snapped to the side as her resounding slap echoed through the penthouse, the sting of her palm biting into his flesh.

    “Good to see you, too, Chloe.”

    “Don’t fuck with me, Luthor,” she growled, pushing past him and into the apartment. He arched an eyebrow as she tossed an overnight bag down in the middle of foyer, storming into the living room.

    “Is there something I can do for you tonight?”

    He knew he was asking for it, baiting her in that way, but a part of him couldn’t help it. Chloe angry was unlike anything he’d ever had the joy of experiencing in his entire life. Her wrath was like watching nature’s destruction and came with all of the same unpredictability as a tornado.

    And God if it wasn’t one of the most arousing things in the known universe.

    She whirled on him, eyes blazing, as he entered the living room.

    “What kind of game do you think you’re playing?”

    Lex raised an eyebrow. “Care to elaborate?”
    “Aargh!” she screamed, taking a step toward him. Her fists were clenched, held firmly at her sides, though her steps were threatening enough that she didn’t even need to raise them. “You’re ruining my life. –Again-!”

    “That is the last thing that I’m trying to do, Chloe.” He sighed and turned his back on her to walk to the bar in the corner. Another drink was definitely called for if she was going to dredge up the past. Though, what had he truly expected – that she would just come along quietly and do as he asked without ever bringing up what had torn them apart so long ago?


    In fact, on some levels he would have been disappointed if she had just let it slide. He didn’t deserve to get off easy. Not after what he’d done to her.

    “If you don’t want to ruin my life – let me go. Do what I asked you and just leave me alone. Forever.”

    “I can’t,” he shook his head and turned back to her. “Believe me when I say that living without you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

    “You want me to believe you?” Chloe snorted, her eyebrows flying up into her hairline. “No, sorry. Been there. Done that. Didn’t get a fucking t-shirt but, hey, having my heart handed to me on a platter was certainly an –experience-.”

    “Chloe –“

    “Don’t ‘Chloe’ me, Luthor. What was it you said that night when you had your arms around me? You thought that maybe we had ‘something special’? That you could see us together for the long haul? That maybe we should ‘give it a go’? Must’ve been the alcohol talking because we both know what happened next.”

    Lex winced, looking away. The image of her face, flashing with anger and hurt, racing through his mind. He felt guilt for what had happened even though he couldn’t find it within himself to feel that simple emotion for any other deed he’d ever done. “If I could take it back –“

    She laughed sharply, without humor. “I doubt it, Lex. You did what you did to make a point to yourself and to me. Don’t act like you care now.”

    He remembered all too keenly how she’d looked when she’d walked into his office that night. The door had opened and he’d glanced up in time to see the shocked, pained horror that had crossed her face.

    Why had he done it, she’d screamed. Had what he said been a joke? Just a slip of the tongue? A drunken moment between friends, maybe?

    The girl beneath him had been scrambling for anything to cover herself and still Chloe had just stood there…crying…

    Lex sighed, forcing his thoughts out of the past and into the present. He met Chloe’s angry, sparkling green eyes. “I was scared of what I felt for you. I wanted to prove –“

    Chloe’s harsh laughter interrupted him. Fire burned in her eyes, giving the illusion of flames behind the emerald orbs. “Prove what? That you really were the heartless monster everyone else thought you were? Well, good job. You sure succeeded. I was ready to say ‘fuck the world’ and be with you and you wanted to prove that you didn’t need –me-.”

    He sighed and leaned back against the bar, aching for that glass of scotch he’d never quite refilled. With every word she spoke he could hear the pain of what he’d done, the agony of his betrayal. It was a mistake. A stupid mistake that, yes, he’d made to prove that he didn’t care as much as he thought he did. He’d never thought ahead to what it would mean if he didn’t care for her in that way. He’d never once imagined that she might walk in and catch him. He had only wanted to prove that he hadn’t weakened himself by falling in love.

    Unsurprisingly, he supposed, it had backfired. Hurting Chloe had only destroyed him in those first months after she’d told him in no uncertain terms to never get near her again.

    But now he had a second chance. And he’d do anything to make her look at him the way she used to. “I’ll make it up to you.”

    “Ha!” she laughed. “Then start by telling your lawyers to back off. I don’t want to marry you. Not now. Not ever.”

    All right.

    Almost anything.

    “I can’t do that.”

    “You mean you –won’t- do that,” Chloe hissed. “Mark my words, Luthor. You are going to regret this.”

    He smiled self-deprecatingly. “Threats already? Even Helen waited for the honeymoon…”

    The blonde’s eyes widened, her hands once again clenching at her sides. For one moment, Lex was actually worried she might take his joke as an invitation.

    And then she laughed. Not the harsh, cold noises she’d been making before. This was a laugh of pure, unabashed amusement.
    Which was gone just as quickly as it had come, replaced once again by the icy demeanor she seemed to have mastered during their time apart.

    “Death would be –way- too simple.” She smiled and the coldness of the expression sent chills along his skin. “No, Lex – I’m going to do something far, far worse. I’m going to make you live with me. With your mistake. For the rest of your fucking life. Or don’t you remember that part of our little ‘contract’? This is forever. If you break it off you lose ev-ery-thing.”

    And she didn’t have an ‘opt out’. She’d laughed it off at the time, saying she was sure she could put up with being a billionaire’s wife, no matter how miserable he made her when he was in ‘a mood’. The contract from her end was binding until death literally parted them.

    Which meant, of course, that she could take a page from the book of his ex-wife and try to kill him herself…or hire someone to do it for her.

    He’d just have to trust that either she still had enough morals to keep her from doing that or that she really meant it when she said that living with her would be his ‘punishment’.

    For all that he wanted this – to have a way to force Chloe into being with him until such time as he could sufficiently woo her into doing it willingly – he couldn’t help but worry about that gleam in her eye.

    ”I know what I’m getting into,” he smirked with only a touch more confidence than he actually felt. “I still love you and I’m going to make you see that.”

    She drew back as if slapped, her eyes narrowing in renewed anger. “Sleep lightly tonight, Lex, because this game starts now. In fact – get used to sleeping lightly. You never know when I might decide that making you live with me isn’t torture enough. I’m a lot smarter than Helen was.”

    He watched her, stunned, as she grabbed her bag from the foyer and stormed off in the general directions of the bedrooms. Stepping away from the bar, he watched as she chose just the room he knew she would.


    He sighed and finally poured that glass of scotch, knocking it back with one large gulp.

    It looked like he’d be slumming it in the guest room tonight.

    But not for long, he smirked. Her little game may have started tonight – and he had to give it to her for taking the initiative and getting the upper hand on him.

    But his game would start in the morning.

    And he was definitely going to win.

    Luthors never lost.

    Maybe she just needed to be reminded of that fact.

    ~*~End Part~*~

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    *smacks Lex in the head* You don't know what you're getting yourself into, mister.

    Go Chloe!!!

    More Chlex action please!!!!!


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