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Thread: Survival, NC-17, - Aug. 2, 2009 - Epilogue added

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    Survival - NC-17
    NC-17 Fanfiction
    Post-Episode for Covenant (Season 3 Finale)
    SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers abound, up to the current episode in U.S./Canadian release. Possible AU, but I won't know how far off-track I'm going until the fall, Season 4 premiere.

    Disclaimer: Smallville, the characters therein, and all affiliated copyrighted materials are owned by the WB. This is a work of fanfiction not intended for profit or infringement, only for the pleasure of fans of the series.

    A/N: Many thanks for all the reviews, but please remember constructive criticism is always welcome and sometimes required. Knock me around a bit, I like it.
    Also, I’m using some information here that I believe is canon regarding the number of marriages Lex Luthor has had. My apologies if it is in error or if it is something I have read about in your story without giving proper credit.

    Chapter 4

    “So what do we do now?”

    The question echoed around the room, shaking the scant space between them and bringing them back to the harsh light of day. They weren’t young lovers sharing a tropical getaway, they were accomplices who had taken on a dangerous, powerful man and were currently losing to him. Imprisoned but no less dangerous, Lionel Luthor had done away with any artifice to disguise his intentions for them. No longer an ambiguous evil in his son’s life, he was emphatically their enemy now.

    Chloe felt a sinking in her stomach as she pictured Lionel’s coy smirk. He never stopped, never admitted defeat, even in the face of terminal illness and the strong prospect that whatever time he had left would be spent in a wire cage. His hate outweighed any obstacles even Lex could set in front of him.

    The only thing he hated more than his son was her, and their relationship could only intensify his loathing. Chloe wondered how she had imagined a mistake like sleeping with Lex would go without a punishment-how she could possibly believe it would lead anywhere?

    Shifting uncomfortably on the luxurious bed, she accepted his comforting hand on her shoulder, stroking as he had done so many times in the past few months. She had surprised herself by wanting him, desiring his closeness when the thought of human company left her cold and jittery.

    “I . . . Could you-” Chloe hesitated awkwardly over the question, clutching the sheet over her chest. At Lex’s patient glance, she started again. “Did we make our situation worst . . . just then?”

    His hand withdrew to lie with the other one across his chest, rising as he took a deep breath and let it dissolve slowly.

    “I don’t . . . Chloe, I know this is a strange time for you. I’ll agree with whatever you decide.”

    Lex was wearing his Luthor mask, an ugly, spare expression that hurt her in a way she couldn’t articulate. She was disappointed, Chloe thought, even though she should have been grateful. That was most likely the nicest ditching Lex had ever extended to one of his women, and she should be relieved. She should feel better now that the complication of a fling with the man who protected her was out of the way. She pushed away the queasy unease she felt and forced a smile, ready to call it a one-time thing.

    “I know th-”

    Lex held up his hand to stop her. “But Chloe,” he looked at her head-on, obliterating the Luthor mask, a rarity for a man raised to conceal everything of himself except his obstinate ambition. “I don’t regret it.”

    The smile she had painted on dropped in surprise, then returned with sincerity. Her eyes glowed with joy as she leaned forward.

    “I don’t either.”

    Lex’s mouth quirked into a real smile as well, and her eyes inadvertently welled with tears. He met her halfway, kissing her gently.

    Pulling back, Chloe brushed at tears, shaking her head in self-mockery. “Sorry, mood swing girl returns.” She blushed but didn’t seem upset. “You have no idea what you’re getting into.”

    Lex pulled her into his chest, loving the feeling of her arms wrapping around his bare back. “I think I can handle it.”

    He had been frightened when she had doubted, genuinely horrified at his vulnerability to her. She had him wound up tighter than he could ever remember being over a woman and she wasn’t even trying to seduce him. Unnerved, he ended the hug and lay on his back, leaving one tingling portion of his right arm and leg touching her body.

    Hell, Lex thought to himself, I can’t miss her when she’s right there. I have too much to deal with already. He sighed.

    Lying quietly, they pondered. She finger combed her hair, he adjusted his watch strap. Fluffing her pillow, Chloe shuffled her body up slightly higher to lean on an elbow and chewed on a fingernail. Lex cleared his throat and rotated his neck around to loosen stiff muscles. They remained silent until Lex frowned and voiced a question that had just occurred to him.

    “We didn’t use anything just then. Is that a problem?” Lex continued to look at the ceiling as he twitched his head around.

    Chloe blinked twice, realizing with mild alarm that she hadn’t even considered protection at the time. “I’m on Depo-the shot, and well, I haven’t . . . I don’t . . .”

    “Okay.” Lex nodded. “All the same, I am sorry didn’t think about it sooner. I should have been more responsible.”

    “My fault too, no worries.” Chloe fussed with the sheet covering their naked bodies, wondering how she was going to get out of bed while she was so nervous about Lex seeing her naked. Early morning sunlight streaming in from the beach front view didn’t help.

    Lex sat up, still chagrined at his distraction. He had never in his life had sex without a condom and usually a second line of defense as well. It had been a priority for him, and his loss of control was troubling at a time when he could afford it the least.

    He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, glancing over his shoulder at Chloe. She was adorably awkward, clutching at the sheet and giving him wary glances. Clearly, she wasn’t tired anymore and wanted to get up, but had no idea how to go about it with him watching. Lex decided to take pity on her.

    “I’m going to take a shower, but I think it might be better for you to take a bath.” He reached down and pulled on his discarded boxer shorts before reaching back to rub a soothing hand over her belly. “Are you sore?”

    Chloe stretched under his hand, happy to see he wasn’t watching her. It made her answer a bit easier to give. “A little bit. I’m fine.”

    “I’ll only be a few minutes.” He stood up and walked into the bathroom, and Chloe listened to the hushed sounds of him taking off his boxers and the rush of the shower. When she was sure he was occupied she scrambled out of bed, located her robe and picked her clothing from the knot of wrinkled fabric next to the bed. By the time the shower had stopped she was making up the bed.

    Lex opened the shower door and toweled off, pulling on the bathrobe hanging in the cupboard. Wiping a towel across his face, he turned the faucets of the large bathtub to a mildly hot temperature and added a pleasant lavender oil he thought would suit Chloe.

    “Chloe?” He walked out into the bedroom to see her doing a sloppy job of smoothing the pillow cases, and noted her nervous jump as he came up behind her. “Sorry. I started a bath. It should be ready soon.”

    “Thanks.” She lowered her gaze and blushed.

    He placed one hand on her lower back and another on her shoulder, pulling her around into his arms. Chloe relaxed and rubbed her knuckles over his cheek, burying her face into his neck.

    “When do you have to go back?” She didn’t want to be alone again. She had just gone through the longest three weeks of her life and she dreaded the return of the cold numbness that had frozen her.

    “Tomorrow. I have to be back by Monday,” Lex replied. He had pushed and pulled dozens of appointments, canceling several outright without an explanation. Chloe had been bad for business even before he had admitted his interest in her, and he supposed now he would only feel worst when she wasn’t nearby.

    She nodded and dropped her arms, trying to push away disappointment. You knew he couldn’t stay for long, she chided herself, don’t fool yourself into thinking this means more than it does. “I’ll go have that bath.”

    Sensing she needed a few minutes alone, Lex waited in the bedroom, calling for his suitcase to be brought in. He wanted to order breakfast, but realized he wasn’t sure what Chloe would like. The feeling of closeness he felt with her was based entirely on short intervals of time together, and he couldn’t recall even sharing a meal with her. He resolved to change that when they could reclaim their lives again.

    Approaching the bathroom door, he knocked softly. “Chloe, can I come in?”

    He heard the lap of water as she moved suddenly, but her voice was steady when she answered. “Yes.”

    He walked in deliberately slowly, trying to put her at ease. He was sensing a growing panic in her actions and in other circumstances he would have allowed her to have some personal time, but that wasn’t possible when he had so much to plan with her. His father had only given them a reprieve and he was likely already aware that Chloe was still alive. They needed to agree on what happened next.

    Chloe tried to give him a smile, but knew it came off as a lame attempt. She didn’t know what to say to him and felt overwhelmed after being so suddenly pulled from her alienated grief.

    “Can I wash your back?” Lex pulled the short chair out from the vanity and placed it next to the large tub as she nodded. Chloe was relieved when the position of the chair made it impossible for him to see her face while he was seated. She leaned forward slightly, hunching her shoulders and waiting, listening as he dipped the sponge into the water just inches from the small of her back.

    Her skin was unmarked by the explosion that had robbed her of her previous life, smooth and glorious Lex thought. He started rubbing the sponge over her left shoulder, ignoring the slight flinch as it first touched her skin.

    “We have to discuss how to continue,” he told her. She nodded vaguely and he felt unbearable remorse that he had no choice to keep pushing her. “We need to do that right now, Chloe. I’m sorry. I gave you all the time we could afford.”

    Her head slumped forward and Lex heard a sigh. “He’s still looking for me?”

    “He is.” Lex didn’t bother with empty consolation, just kept rubbing the sponge up and down her back gently.

    “Isn’t he after you, too?” Her hand caught his as he moved the sponge over her shoulder, keeping it there and pressing her cheek against it.

    Lex thought he couldn’t have been more affected by her, but he was amazed again by her question. She worried about him when her own safety was at stake, even when he expressed his uncertainty in being able to shield her from danger.

    “He is, but he’s too smart to go after me so openly again. I’m too high profile.”

    Chloe smirked and let out a cynical snort, letting his hand go. “Yet another benefit to the Luthor name. Money galore, plenty of hot homicidal wives and an amazing ability to cheat death. Too hot to kill - I think you should make that title of your biography. Maybe you can hire me to write it if I live long enough.”

    Lex tried not to feel stung as she pulled away, but he didn’t feel right giving her a promise of his protection after his failure the last time.

    “I will do everything I can, Chloe. He won’t get to you again unless he goes through me.”

    She stretched out in the bathtub, her feet easily a foot too short to reach the other end. “I didn’t want to believe it would come to this. I wanted to think there would be a happy ending at the end of it.”

    Lex said nothing and tried not to stare too openly at her breasts as they floated in the fragrant water. He didn’t have any comfort to give, so he launched into his plan.

    “I think we should get married.”
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    Oh I like the start of this! I can't wait to see what Chloe says to Lex..... Please update soon...

    "I am scared that I'm always going to be somebody's friend or sister or confidant, but never quite somebody's everything."

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    *big shining eyes* O_O married! :yay2:

    Lovely lovely update...

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    WHAT!!!!!!!!!& #33;???????? MARRIED Wow that will be interesting.

    Hope :chlexsign2:
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    :biggrin: now thats what ya call a plan!!!!

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    Say yes Chloe. It doesn't matter if it's a plan or not, just say yes.

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    Oh yes!! Marriage!!! Couldn't agree more. :biggrin:
    Great Update!!! Can't wait till the next chapter!

    Gabs :biggrin:

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    Originally posted by asharnanae@Jun 13 2004, 03:58 PM
    :biggrin: now thats what ya call a plan!!!!
    I'm so proud of Lex!! What an excellent plan!! Now Chloe doesn't have to be alone anymore!! :yay: Thank you for the update to this wonderful story!! I can't wait to hear Chloe's answer!! :yay2: :chlexsign4: :yay2:

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    Originally posted by asharnanae@Jun 13 2004, 03:58 PM
    :biggrin: now thats what ya call a plan!!!!
    I agree!
    I love it when Lex marries her to protect her. I think it was done in another fic, but I can't seem to remember the title or the author for that matter. Damn!
    Anyway, still great, can't wait to see how Chloe answers to that!

    Moultipass :chlexsign4:

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    Oooohh, I knew that's where you were going when you said the part about the "benefit of the luthor name" I LOVE IT!!!!! Can't wait to see how you work this. I like this Chloe too, her vunerability, sometimes on the show they make her too two dimensional, either she is overzealous or crying to clark to be forgiven for it. You have given us a great character here, can't wait for more. :worship2:

    UPDATE AGAIN SOON!!!! :chlexsign3:

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