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Thread: A Simple Demonstration of 3 Facts, NC-17 (July 24, 2022)

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    A Simple Demonstration of 3 Facts, NC-17 (July 24, 2022)

    Title: A Simple Demonstration of 3 Facts
    Rating: NC-17
    Disclaimer: This story is an original work intended for entertainment purposes only. I do not make any money from this.


    Lex Luthor was not a good man.

    He had once said the road to darkness was a path, not a light switch. Now, the only path concerning him was made by his fingers tracing the patterned stockings adorning her inner thigh.

    She was one of many, far from his usual conquests but still a prize. Having acquired more than his fair share, she wasn't particularly special.

    His fingers continued upward brushing tenderly over the soft, bare skin between the hem of the stocking and the lace of her panties. She tried to smother a sharp breath and he smirked. Perhaps she was more than just a prize.

    He rubbed her harshly with his knuckles, making her seep through the satin covering her pussy. Her body tensed at the rough friction and her hips moved in small, halted circles. He hummed in approval. He needed to feel her wet.

    Hooking his finger under the fabric, he slid her panties to the side. He smiled at another stifled moan and stroked his middle finger over her clit. Today she was no more than a quick fuck on the desk. He planned on leaving her dirty and raw, covered in his sweat with his semen slipping down her thighs and soaking into her stockings.

    He didn't hate her, but he sure as hell wasn't going to waste a chance to punish her for hating him.

    At times like this, He couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt for Gabe's sake. The man believed in him after all: had backed him in the buyout, hadn't blamed him for his daughter's mistakes with his father, had understood why Lex had fired him, had thanked him for keeping them relatively safe. For all of his time spent attempting to impress Jonathan Kent, Gabe was more of a father to him than he wanted to admit. And he repaid him by balling his daughter.

    He was fucking her with his finger, pushing and curling it inside of her. Her hips were working with his rhythm and her moisture was starting to pool in his palm. He let his finger slip from inside of her and moved it to her mouth. Running the tip along the line of her pout, he coated her lips before sliding the digit between them. His eyes never left hers as she tasted, licking the evidence of what he'd done off of his skin. Her tongue surrounded his finger with a slight suction before she pulled back. His hand dropped.

    It was severely fucked up to be thinking of her father when his cock was throbbing. But in brutal honesty, he passed fucked up several years ago. He really didn't bother to filter his thoughts anymore.

    Moving his palm to cup her face, he rubbed a thumb across her mouth, smearing her lipstick like a cheap whore's. Grinning, he locked eyes with her and raised his thumb to his own lips, sharing her taste as he unzipped his pants.

    The only consolation he could offer the man was at one point Gabe's daughter had been God in his universe. The sun and the moon moved at her benevolent command. She gently provided him grace without consequence, then exited as modestly as she entered.

    Of all the women he had placed on the pedestal of savior, she was the most unexpected. He hadn't taken his chance with her. Now he didn't care to.

    It didn't really matter anyway.

    She scorched him as he shoved inside of her. She was dripping and he planned on pounding her fast and balls deep. He wanted her to feel him for days. To have her cunt remember the shape of his cock. He wanted her to come as hard as he would. And he wanted her to love it.

    He wasn't about to feel sorry for her. She was an adult. If she wanted to play with fire, he was more than willing to take advantage of it. Frankly, Lex didn't give a damn as to what reasons Chloe Sullivan had for fucking him.

    He was more concerned with his own.


    "I know."

    The two simple words dropped carelessly from the slight pout of her beautiful lips. She continued, but he no longer heard her. He was already falling deep into her trusting eyes. Her face was framed in a halo of soft hair and warm light. Abruptly, he had the embarrassing conviction if only he touched her, smoothed back the golden tresses, that some sort of powerful redemption for all of his past would miraculously bathe him in a welcoming acceptance.

    With two simple words, Chloe had sacrificed herself completely. For him. Single handedly saving him from prison, from ruin. From his father. Giving her very life for his sins. If he was a wiser man, he would have fallen to his knees worshipping at the altar of her casual deliverance.

    Lex Luthor was not a wise man.

    At one time, he imagined Amanda could save him, then Helen, then Lana. But none were up to the challenge. He first needed to groom them so they could enter into his world. It ultimately ruined the potential.

    Chloe was able to play with the Luthors and leave unscathed by their evil. Somehow wiser, somehow more forgiving. Never tainted, but also never innocent. And this time she'd bestowed salvation.

    Desperately needing to steady himself from these delusions, he gripped her shoulders, clinging to the sanctuary she offered. And just as he was escaping his fantasies of absolution, she laid her unadulterated trust at his feet.

    "I know you won't let anything happen to me."

    Chloe Sullivan may have arrived with salvation, but he knew she'd be the source of his damnation.


    God, there was something so wanton about her movements.

    The accountant had the great mouth, the redhead had a pussy like a vise, but Chloe - she could move her hips. The way she gyrated on his dick could make him see stars. Her breasts were bouncing with the movement, nipples tight with arousal. He let his hands skim across them, feeling the peaks in his palms. She was a great fuck. He thought that about all of them when he was this close to losing it, but right now she was his whole reality.

    She was getting close. He could feel her pussy tensing around his dick. Before he let her come, he needed those simple words again. He'd trained her to respond with them, unknowingly parroting the phrase as answer for numerous demands. Two words uttered unsuspecting from her lips brought him to that moment, forcing her to save him again and again. Defiling reverence for an incredible nut.

    He often debated if using their memory without her awareness bordered on non-consensual. Considering how many of their interactions were without her consent, it didn't matter. When he was about to come, he didn't really care.

    He never lasted long after she said it anyway.

    Before he could prompt her, she reached up and grabbed the back of his neck. Propping herself up with the other hand, she breathed in his ear, "I know." He pulled back, startled and unsettled.

    And she did. Her eyes construed the depravity he'd locked away, the obsession he'd nursed for years.

    Her lips ghosted along his, her bottom lip slipping between his and dragging it upward over his top pulling her mouth into that same small pout. Locking her eyes with his, she said as she had that day "I know."

    He involuntarily huffed against her lips all pretense now ripped bare. He was no longer in control of his body. His cock thrust roughly inside of her, his mind caught in the erotic nature of the mental picture she'd painted. His orgasm was drawn from him, bursting through every nerve ending before he collapsed on top of her, pressing her back into the desk.

    She grasped either side of his face, their eyes meeting just before their mouths did. He kissed her ardently, tasting the murmur of those words on her lips. She clung to him, returning his passion as he softened inside of her. Too soon, she pulled away.

    Her hand moved down to his chest and forcefully pushed him. He fell back into his chair, thoroughly overwhelmed, his slick cock falling limply just inside of his zipper. He watched as her manicured nails swiftly snapped her panties back into place over her swollen, wet sex. Then she pulled down her skirt decisively, smoothing it over her thighs.

    He could feel her staring. His semen was in her pussy, his obsession in her thoughts, his lungs laboring on her breath, his heart melting at her fingertips. But he couldn't look her in the eyes. Didn't want her to see what would be so obvious. His guilty silence simmered between them. If he could say something. Convince her it was somehow for her own good. Explain. Beg. Plead. Manipulate. Lie.

    He heard her heels clacking against the floor before the door slammed with a finesse only Chloe in her most resplendent could generate. The finality was resounding.

    He sat, lobotomized, listening to the clock tick and his heart rate settle. The sun sunk lower in the sky. He shuffled slowly over to the sidebar and with shaking hands poured himself a scotch. And then another. And another.

    He understood irrevocable damage. The trust he wasn't aware she still carried for him had now gone. Redemption was no longer obtainable. It would be irrational to believe he could reclaim it. To have her again.

    Lex Luthor was not a sane man.

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