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15th September 2009, 04:13

“So, Eric, what do you find most rewarding about your work?”

Chloe tried not to fidget as Lana quizzed Eric Belle while they walked through the halls. So far, they’d seen several labs, a lot of offices but nothing suspicious or illegal looking. Not that she’d expected to but still, there had to be something.

“It’s not so much my work. The real genius behind everything is Doctor Debbie Carlton. She came to us from Parker Enterprises, one of the companies that own Modell. Her vision for Alzheimer’s research is second only to her determination to find a cure for liver cancer. Some of us believe she’s got an personal investment because of the time and effort she puts in though she’s never confirmed it.”

Chloe tried not to look too amazed at Lana’s next question, considering it hadn’t been on the list.

“So, does Doctor Carlton work out of this building? She sounds fascinating and I’d love to meet her.”

Chloe felt Clark tense beside her as Eric smiled.

“She has her primary lab at another building, a remodeled warehouse across town. She does work a lot out of our building though and keeps an office here as well. She was called out of town on sudden business a few days ago—otherwise I’d have been happy to arrange an interview.”

Lana noted the information on her notepad, sliding a glance at Chloe, who looked calm but she knew her friend was raring to go.

“Excuse me, Mr. Belle? Is there a bathroom around?” Chloe tried not to sound too eager as Eric told her the nearest location.

“I’ll go with you. It was a long ride.” Clark looked sheepish as Jason and Eric laughed. Clark caught a look of worry in Lana’s eyes, but she quickly masked it.

Moving swiftly, he followed Chloe into the hallway, looking around for anything suspect.

“Come on, we’ve got to find Carlton’s lab.” Unsure of where to go, she set off in what she hoped was the right direction. Clark remained silent, following her at a sedate pace, trying no to draw attention to them.

A few minutes later the two found themselves striding down a long hallway, offices marked with various names on each door. Stopping in front of one marked “Debbie Carlton,” Chloe frowned.

“I need to pick the lock.”

Clark was about to make a comment when he saw Chloe pull a Swiss army knife from her purse.

“Since when do you carry a knife?”

Chloe hissed at him to be quiet, ignoring his question as she looked carefully around before inserting the blade into the lock. A few seconds later she heard the ‘click’ of the tumblers and with a triumphant smile, pushed open the door, taking a quick glance around to ensure they were alone.

“Come on, quick!”

Clark slipped inside, pushing the door closed behind them, refusing to consider where Chloe had learned that move. Using his x-ray vision, he quickly scanned the room for cameras surprised to find none. It only made him more distrustful.

“Let’s do this quickly. It doesn’t feel right.”

Chloe nodded, moving towards the computer sitting on a large metal desk. She had to agree. Something seemed off about this all, and she knew to trust that instinct.

“Clark, check the files, look for anything suspicious. I’m going for the computer.”

Clark nodded, walking over to the cabinets, neatly labeled “A” to “Z.” Pulling open one, he began to speed read through the files, hoping Chloe wouldn’t notice.

Chloe frowned as she stared at the password screen. She’d expected it, but nothing she’d tried so far had worked. Not wanting to trigger some internal computer alert by entering the wrong code word too many times, she wracked her brain, trying to think what a scientist working on liver research might use as a password. Something Eric had said suddenly struck her. He’d implied Debbie Carlton had a personal interest … and chances were that interest dealt with money – and someone desperate enough to fund everything she might want to try.

Taking a deep breath, she typed in one word.


A moment later, the screen blinked, and she found herself staring at hundreds of folders with strange names. Looking for ones that stood out, she quickly opened a file marked ‘cancer research.’ Her eyes widened as she saw the notes of various failed experiments, complete with graphic, horrifying pictures of some of the test subjects.

Her stomach turned as she skimmed through the pages, closing the folder and opening another one. Finding more references to mind altering drugs, and a strange looking formula that made no sense, she tried another folder labeled “LC-3.”

“Oh my god.”

Clark jumped at her shocked words, moving to her side quickly. “What?”

Chloe clicked quickly through the screens, trying to convey to Clark what she’d found. “Seems Dr. Carlton has been working for Parker on the side—using Modell as a front for a whole slew of illegal experiments. This is a detailed record of what Parker hired her to do, experiments to conduct, etc. and most of them didn’t turn out successfully. In fact,” she paused, clicking on another file, “it seems as though Dr. Carlton might have been working for someone else as well.”

She bit her lip, not wanting to tell Clark about the Lionel connection. As far as she knew, he didn’t know about Lionel’s cancer and she wasn’t going to be the one to enlighten him.

“You think Carlton was working for LuthorCorp on the side.” Clark’s voice was resigned and Chloe once more had to give him credit for being fast on the pick-up when he wanted to be.

“It makes sense. If Parker found out that Carlton was playing both sides, they could use her to push some of their illegal research onto LuthorCorp. Especially if Modell’s legitimate research is about to pay off.” Chloe bit her lip, something else occurring to her. “It would put Lex and LuthorCorp in a very bad position which would give Parker the leverage needed to acquire LuthorCorp’s shares in Modell.’”

“Blackmail. Why am I not surprised?” Clark had a feeling she was right. Too many things seemed to fit together – including Lex’s recent preoccupation.

“We’ve got a problem.”

Chloe’s voice brought him back to the present with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s no disk drive … I can’t download this stuff to my disk,” she pulled one out of her purse, throwing it on the desk in frustration.

“Email it to yourself.” Clark tone and expression clearly said ‘duh’.

“Too risky – I’m sure Modell, or at least Parker, is monitoring Carlton’s computer. I can’t send it to myself…or Lana or…” she trailed off. Grinning, she quickly hit the correct buttons and connected to the Internet.

“Who are you sending it too?” Clark tried to look over her shoulder.

“Lex set up untraceable email addresses over the summer so we could have a way to communicate in case of emergencies. I’ll send him the files, he gets the information to clear LuthorCorp and no one knows it’s from me.”

Clark frowned. “Won’t the email show up from you in Parker’s records?”

Chloe shook her head, clicking a few more buttons to upload files. “It will register from Dr. Carlton’s address and ISP – no one will connect it with me. Plus, I’ll delete the message from the ‘sent’ and ‘deleted mail’ folders, to make it more difficult to trace if someone tries.”

“Send the email and let’s go – we’ve already been here too long.”

Chloe nodded, finishing the emails and sending them off, making certain to CC herself a copy at her untraceable address so she could look at the files later on her own time. She didn’t add a message being so short on time, knowing that by simple deduction of the email address – Lex would figure out who’d sent them.


Quickly closing out the windows, she waited until Clark made sure the coast was clear, following him out of the room and pulling the door closed behind them. They had only made it down one hall and around a corner before she slammed into Clark’s back as he suddenly stopped, a chilling voice filling the air around her.

“There you are. We thought we’d lost you on the way to the bathroom.”

Swallowing, Chloe moved around Clark to find herself face to face with a stately looking older man. His hair was graying and his posture was rigid, but his face held a look that sent a shiver down her spine.

“I’m sorry, I got lost on the way-”

“Perfectly all right Ms. Sullivan.”

She stiffened at the use of her name. Feeling Clark tense beside her, she decided to brazen things out.

“I don’t believe we’ve met.”

The man stepped forward menacingly the sinister smile firmly in place. “I’m Sydney Parker, head of Parker Enterprises.”

Clark cursed under his breath. He knew this had been a bad idea. Instinctively stepping forward to protect Chloe, he frowned as she held her ground, refusing to move.

“Nice to meet you.” It wasn’t quite true, but she’d read enough to know he was not a man to trifle with. “This is my friend, Clark Kent.”

“Mr. Kent, Ms. Sullivan, allow me to escort you back to Mr. Belle’s office. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

Chloe tensed, hearing the threat in the voice. She figured Parker couldn’t know anything specific, or he would have acted. Still, he suspected and that was all the more reason to get out before things got worse.

Quietly following Mr. Parker down the hall, she found Lana and Jason standing outside Eric’s office, talking quietly with their host. The relief in Lana’s eyes was quickly covered. She was thankful to note Eric and Jason did not look suspicious.

“There you are. I warned you it was easy to get lost.” Eric’s voice was jovial, but Chloe heard something strange in the tone. She watched as the younger man looked at Mr. Parker and swallowed hard.

“Next time, I’ll remember that warning.” Chloe smiled as she stepped forward hoping no one noticed it was strained. “So, did you finish the interview Lana?”

Sensing the menace radiating from the older man, and noting the devious way he was watching Chloe and Clark, Lana knew they needed to get out of there.

“Yep, I’m done and if we’re going to grab lunch before we have to leave, we probably should go.”

Chloe tried not to show her relief at Lana’s quick thinking. Walking over, she shook Eric’s hand, thanking him for his time. Turning, she gathered her composure and kept her voice calm as she addressed the older man staring harshly at her.

“Mr. Parker, thank you for your help. It was nice to meet you.”

“Likewise, Ms. Sullivan.”

She quickly followed Jason, Lana and Clark back through the lobby and towards the doors. She felt his eyes following her the entire way.


Lex frowned as his computer gave a strange beep. He hadn’t heard that sound since this summer. Panic set in as he quickly set about accessing the secure email account only known to him and Chloe. The only reason she’d be using it is if she were in trouble.

Clicking on the message, he frowned, noting it was from a “Dr. Carlton.” The name rang a bell, and he suddenly connected it to the name of the Modell scientist credited with the new Alzheimer’s breakthrough. His heart sank as he wondered what Chloe had gotten herself into now.

Greeted with a slew of files, he started opening them, his mouth tightening as the information scrawled across the screen. Blinking, he had to double check to make sure what he was reading was correct. There, right in front of him was all the proof he needed to expose Parker’s dirty laundry, including the elusive ‘formula’ for the mind-altering drug.

He sank back in his chair, processing what he was reading, and trying to deal with the fact that somehow, Chloe Sullivan had managed to once again do what his own investigators had not. The question was how? He didn’t like the disturbing images that came to mind, but since he found no mention of ‘danger’ in the emails, he figured she was all right for the moment.

Deciding to put to use the information she obviously wanted him to use, he picked up the phone, a small smile on his face, and dialed Jarod Weiss.


Chloe breathed a sigh of relief as they reached Jason’s car. She needed to get to Lex to make sure he’d gotten the information. She had a feeling Sydney Parker suspected too much. But how to get rid of Jason without making him suspicious?

Fate was once more on their side for suddenly Jason’s cell phone rang. Flipping it open, the three noticed a frown appear on his features as he lifted it to his ear.


Lana jumped at his tone and watched as he quickly walked away from the car.

Curious, but using the opportunity to her advantage, Chloe quickly pulled Lana and Clark close enough so she could speak in a low voice.

“We’ve got to get to Lex. I think Parker knows and the sooner Lex can take measures to stop him, the better.”

Clark nodded. “I agree. I didn’t like how Parker was looking at you – he’s up to something.” He tensed, his super hearing suddenly kicking in, Parker’s voice clear as a bell.

I’ll take care of it. They know too much.

Damn. Things had just gotten worse.

“Chloe, get Jason to drop you and Lana off at the restaurant, it’s a few blocks away from LuthorCorp-”

“And where are you going?” Chloe’s voice was guarded.

“I’m going to follow Parker.”

“And just how are you going to do that?” Lana sounded just as skeptical as Chloe looked.

“I saw him leave out a side door in quite a hurry … I’m going to grab a cab and follow him. You guys get to Lex, I’ll meet you there when I find out where he’s going.” He knew it sounded like a thin excuse, but as long as he knew where Parker was, he figured Lana and Chloe would be safe – even if that meant it was with Lex.

“Clark, that’s stup--” Chloe stamped her foot as she realized she was talking to thin air.

“How do we explain that to Jason?” Lana’s voice was droll.

“I don’t know, but it’s not going to be easy--”

“Where’d Clark go?”

Both girls jumped at Jason’s confused voice.

“Oh, um, his father called, some kind of errand he needed Clark to run while we were here – he’s going to meet us at the restaurant.” Chloe knew it sounded lame, evidenced by Jason’s strange look.

“Jason, is everything okay?” Lana was curious about the frown on his face.

“Yes, but I’m going to have to skip lunch as well.” He smiled apologetically as Lana began to protest. “That was my father – I’ve got to go take care of some family business that can’t wait.”

Lana bit her lip, wanting to know more, but realizing she wouldn’t get it, at least not now. Trying to hide her unease, she climbed into the car as Chloe settled into the backseat. Something just didn’t feel right, about any of this.
Chloe simply thanked her lucky stars for the distraction and mentally willed Jason to get moving.

Lex, I hope you got my email and that you understand.


“What do you mean they’re not here?”

Clark looked at Lex as if he were crazy; dread filling him as he saw a look of worry cross the older man’s face. He’d arrived at LuthorCorp a few minutes ago, after losing Parker when he’d heard a woman’s cry for help. He’d saved her from the mugger, but lost Parker’s limo in the process.

“I’ve been here for the past two hours and haven’t seen Chloe or Lana.” Lex instinctively knew the girls were in trouble.

“I knew I shouldn’t have left them! But I needed to follow Parker--”

“Sydney Parker? What does he have to do with this, Clark?” Lex tried to keep his voice calm, even though inside he was seething.

Clark frowned. “Did you get the files she sent? They should have explained-”

“I got the files. They were exactly what I needed – but I don’t understand what you were doing around Sydney Parker.”

Clark tried to calm down, quickly outlining what they’d been up to the past few hours. He tried not to flinch as Lex’s expression grew colder.

“You think Parker took them because he knew they’d found the information that could destroy him.”

Clark swallowed at the menace in Lex’s voice. “I don’t have any other explanation as to why they wouldn’t show up here. Chloe was adamant about getting to you to make sure you had the information.”

“Do you have any idea where Parker might have taken them?”

Clark thought for a moment, his eyes brightening as he remembered something Eric had told Lana during the interview.

“Doctor Carlton’s lab! Eric said the doctor had a lab in a remodeled warehouse downtown.”

Lex was already on the phone.


“Damn it! I knew it couldn’t be this easy.”

Lana rolled her eyes, wincing at the loudness of Chloe’s voice, feeling the ropes biting into the soft skin of her wrists. The last thing she remembered was standing in front of the restaurant watching Jason drive off. Chloe had immediately tugged on her arm and they’d started walking the two blocks towards LuthorCorp when something crashed into her and she’d felt a sharp jab in her arm. When she’d woken up, she’d found herself tied to a chair, hands and feet immobile. Managing to twist her aching head, she found Chloe in the same position on the chair backed against hers.

“When is it ever easy when you decide to go investigating?”

Chloe tensed at the annoyance in Lana’s voice, fighting the slight dizziness that remained from whatever drug they’d been injected with, hoping it wasn’t one of the experimental ones she’d caught a glimpse of in those files. “You could have said no.”

Chloe immediately began taking stock of the situation trying not to let the guilt of dragging her erstwhile friend into danger, swamp her. “Okay, enough with the pity, we need to find a way out.”

Lana pushed down her fear, knowing Chloe was right. But she’d wanted to find out about Jason and help Lex, so she could at least try and help figure out a way out of this mess. “You have something sharp to try and cut the ropes?”

Chloe hoped chance was on there side again. “Lana, can you reach into the pocket of my jacket?”

Lana frowned, twisting as best she could to maneuver her hands towards Chloe’s jacket. Her wrist ached but she managed to reach into the pocket as Chloe pressed backwards. Feeling something hard against her fingers, she closed them around the object and carefully pulled it out. Her eyes widened.

“Since when did you start carrying a pocket knife?”

Chloe grimaced as she moved her hands to grab the knife. “Since I realized that there always seemed to be someone chasing after me.”

“Good point.”

Lana remained quiet, listening as Chloe slowly began to work on sawing at the ropes that bound her hands.

Ten minutes later Chloe had almost managed to get one rope loose enough to free her hand, when the sound of footsteps froze them mid motion. Carefully palming the knife out of sight, she waited, feeling Lana tense behind her as the door opened and Sydney Parker strode in wearing a maniacal grin.

“Ms. Sullivan, it seems we underestimated you. Quite clever using your friends to help break into our system, all to help a man who no doubt would do much worse if the shoe were on the other foot.”

Chloe tensed. “You’re mistaken. I’m not helping Lionel Luthor.”

Sydney’s smile was bitter, and a little crazy. “You know full well I’m talking about Lex Luthor – it seems you’re willing to die to protect him.”

Chloe knew they didn’t have much time. She was more than certain Sydney was going to kill them. She clenched her hands around the knife, waiting for her chance.

“Even if you kill us, it’s too late. Lex already has the files.” Lana was proud her voice did not shake as Sydney Parker focused his attention on her. She only hoped Chloe could use the distraction to do something – anything – with the knife.

“Ms. Lang. What a shame, I rather thought you looked good with Jason. A pity he will have to mourn you—but I suspect he will move on rather quickly. He’s used to doing that.”
Lana drew in a breath and Chloe tensed. Obviously Parker was trying to insinuate something and she wasn’t sure she liked what he was saying. Still, now was not the time to dwell on it. She only hoped Lana realized the same.

“You can’t scare me, Mr. Parker.”

Chloe smiled at the strength in Lana’s voice. Wiggling her now free hand, she quickly managed to free the second. Palming the knife in one hand, she squeezed Lana’s with the other as the man drew closer to them.

“I’m not going to scare you, Ms. Lang. I’m going to kill you.” He was nearly in Lana’s face, but Chloe now needed his attention focused on her.

“When Lex is through with you, Lionel and LuthorCorp will look like angels.” She jumped as the man let out something resembling a roar.

“You stupid girl! I’m going to enjoy making you suffer!” He moved until he was staring her directly in the face, his breath close enough for her to feel it on her cheek.

“Not if I make you suffer first!” With those words, she whipped her free arm around knife extended, aiming for his face. She hit his cheek, wincing as she felt the blade cut deep into his skin, his howl of pure rage ringing in her ears as his free hand slapped across her face, his body stumbling backwards.

Using her freed hands to push at the ropes on her feet, she gasped as she saw him move out of the corner of her eye.

“Lana, lean left!” Her cry set Lana in motion, the brunette tipping her chair in the called for direction, gasping as she and Chloe, still tied together, went tumbling off to the side – seconds before the wounded man’s body lurched towards where they’d just been.

While the move had taken them out of the enraged man’s way, it left them vulnerable and lying on their sides. The harsh, hysterical laughter of Sydney Parker echoed through the room as he staggered to his feet and advanced.

Before he could reach them however, Clark burst through the door and launched himself at Parker, pushing him away from them, the man landing in a heap on the floor.

“Chloe, Lana, are you okay?” Clark was moving towards them, unaware that somehow, Parker had regained his footing as was preparing to charge him from behind.

Lex, who had rushed in behind Clark felt rage fill him at seeing blood on Parker’s face and on Chloe’s shirt. Noting the man’s move towards Clark, he intercepted him and punched Parker in the face, sending him crashing back to the floor, out cold.

“Nice punch, Lex. I guess I weakened him for you.” Chloe joked, hoping her attempt at humor might diminish the rage she saw on his face, and help her control the hysterical laughter rising inside her.

“You did well, Chloe.” Lex’s voice was calm and even, as he walked back towards them. For a moment, she could have sworn she saw something resembling pain cross his expression as he looked at her, but it was quickly replaced by his usual cool expression.

“Remind me never to come upon you unexpectedly.” He motioned to the knife still clutched in her hand and Chloe grinned.

“I would have gone with a gun, but the Swiss Army Knife is handier during investigations.”

Lex only nodded, ignoring the strange looks Lana and Clark were giving them. He was still trying to control his heart rate. The knowledge that he could have been responsible for the loss of these young women’s lives shook him.

“What’s going to happen to him?” Lana motioned to Parker’s prone body as Clark finished untying her, helping her to her feet with relieved look. She noted that Lex was doing the same for Chloe.

“It’s all being taken care of – thanks to you all.” Lex tried not to let the relief show in his voice as he did a mental check of Chloe, making sure she wasn’t truly harmed. A quick look at Lana assured him both girls were fine and he allowed himself to breathe for the first time in what felt like years.

“The information was what you needed?”

Lex looked at Chloe sharply. He wondered how much she’d read – deciding he’d better find out.

“You didn’t have time to read it yourself?” He tried to sound amused, hoping she wouldn’t notice the tension in his voice.

Chloe frowned. “No – I just saw enough to connect it to Lionel,” she paused, unwilling to say more with Clark and Lana in the room. Lex nodded as she continued. “I didn’t read the other files, I just sent most of Dr. Carlton’s files to you.” She didn’t mention she’d copied them to her own private email.

Lex breathed a sigh of relief at realizing she hadn’t read the files. But knowing Chloe, she’d most likely sent them to herself at the email address he had set up for her. The one she didn’t know he knew the password for. He’d have to take care of her copies. But that could wait for the moment.

“Let’s get out of here.” Clark moved them all towards the door, choosing to ignore the Luthor security men who were carting away Parker. He didn’t want to know what Lex had planned. He had a feeling he wouldn’t approve.

“You know, I never did get lunch,” Chloe grinned despite the pain the move brought to her bruised face. “Saving the world, or at least LuthorCorp, tends to make a woman hungry, wouldn’t you agree Lana?”

“Yeah, us “super girls” have to eat.” She walked over and linked arms with Chloe. The two exchanged amused looks, silently agreeing to temporarily put aside the issues between them and enjoy their narrow escape.

Lex and Clark stared after them in bemusement as they disappeared without a backward glance.


“So, is Eric going to be able to keep his job?”

Jason looked up at Chloe’s concerned voice. He smiled. “According to Eric, everyone at Modell is going to be fine.”

“Well, I’m glad for him, he was a nice guy. Although,” Lana deliberately kept her voice playful, “I didn’t get to ask him about those deep dark secrets you’re keeping.”

Chloe looked up at Lana’s tone, watching curiously as Jason once more avoided her question, playing it off with a light laugh.

“Maybe next time. Although I’m really not that interesting.” Jason knew Lana wanted something more, but at the moment he couldn’t give it to her.

Lana sighed, ignoring the look Chloe was giving her, knowing the other girl was also thinking about Sydney Parker’s cryptic words.

Chloe sighed, stretching as she stood. “Well, I’m headed home, I’ve got some homework to finish up before school tomorrow.” What she really wanted to do was get a better look at those files, She hadn’t had a chance to do more than copy them to her hard drive. She had a feeling that Lex would probably realize she’d sent herself a copy and attempt to delete it before she could get into it. She figured he probably had her password, seeing as it seemed a very Lex thing to do. She’d also developed the ability to read his expressions sometimes, and she’d seen his plan when she’d told him she hadn’t had time to read the files. So, she’d gotten to an Internet terminal at a Metropolis cafe directly after lunch and transferred the files to her hard drive.

Giving Jason and Lana a friendly smile, she slid out of the booth.

“Chloe, you gonna be all right getting home?”

Chloe smiled at the concern in Jason’s voice. He really was sweet. “I’ll be fine, Dad’s expecting me anyhow.” With a wave to Martha, she disappeared out the door.


Lex looked up from his desk as the doors to his study swished open, not surprised to see Clark entering at a more sedate pace than the last time they’d played out this scenario.

“Clark, what brings you by? Everything all right with Chloe and Lana?” He knew it was, having talked to Gabe that morning, but he wanted to be sure. He still felt something inside him shiver at how close the two young women had come to certain death.

“I need you to promise me something.”

“What would that be?” Lex watched him as he paced, his mind imagining numerous things.

“I need you to promise me that what happened with Modell, the illegal experiments, the torture, all of the stuff I know Parker was not alone in instigating,” he paused, not expecting a reaction and not getting one, “won’t happen again. That it won’t happen under your control of LuthorCorp.”

Lex steepled his hands, his gaze calm as he met Clark’s gaze head on.

“Clark, you can believe me when I say I won’t do the things my father has done.”

Clark looked at him shrewdly. It wasn’t exactly the type of promise he’d wanted, but he knew, looking at Lex, that it would have to do. And for the moment, he could live with that. He was going to take a chance, trust his instincts and heed his mother’s words about keeping Lex from becoming his father.

He hoped he was doing the right thing.

“I can live with that.” Clark nodded offering a tense smile before turning and walking back towards the door.

“Clark,” Lex called after him, waiting until he’d turned back to face him. “Thank you.” He wasn’t sure what he was thanking Clark for, but at the moment, he wasn’t going to analyze. He just felt the need to say it, and he hoped Clark understood, even if he didn’t.

Clark only nodded before leaving, closing the doors silently behind him.

Lex sat at his desk for a few moments, staring into space, before rising and walking over to turn on the TV that sat against the wall. Then, he walked over to pick up a folder lying on the mantle over the fireplace. It was labeled simply “Carlton.” As he opened the file and examined the page of formulas and notes it contained, he vaguely heard the news report airing in the background.

The CEO of Parker Enterprises, Sydney Parker, and the two senior members of the board were all committed to Belle Reve earlier today. The commitment came just days after information surfaced that Parker Enterprises had been conducting illegal research and testing for years. The news sent ripples through Wall Street where Parker Enterprises stocks fell to an all-time low. The company was saved from closure by LuthorCorp's new CEO, Lex Luthor. The buyout gives LuthorCorp full control of Parker and their joint venture, Modell Inc. Thanks to his promise not to cut jobs, the 250,000 workers employed by Parker are crowning their new CEO a hero. In related news, Cadmus labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of the LuthorCorp pharmaceuticals division, today announced a major breakthrough of a drug that could help control schizophrenia. If successful, the drug is expected to generate $6 billion dollars in revenue for LuthorCorp in the first year alone...

Walking slowly to the safe hidden behind the bookshelf, he carefully dialed the combination and pulled the door open. With one final look at the file, he gently placed it on top of the small stack of manila folders already inside. Closing the door, he stared at the safe for a moment, before turning and walking from the room.

End of Episode 4

Kit Merlot
15th September 2009, 23:59
I really love seeing Chloe back in investigative reporter mode :D

And the deepning of the Chlex friendship is lovely to see as well. Chloe is trying to men fences with Clark and Lana but they both seem to want to go back to their old ways and Chloe has moved past that.

16th September 2009, 06:57
The incursion in Modell was really entertaining and suspenseful. Love that Chloe´s trying to help Lex because we all know Lionel´s up to something.And I really like your Martha- this is the Mrs Kent I used to like when she saw the little hurt boy in Lex.

15th June 2013, 17:46
Half of this episode is definitely missing.

15th June 2013, 18:07
Half of this episode is definitely missing.

As I said in reply to the last post in the previous episode, the infection which messed up several threads in the past months has also affected the virtual season. I've been PMing Julie sending her links to all the incomplete or deleted fics that members have chanced upon, but I really don't know when she'll be able to update them.

Drop me a line if you're interested in this series and I'll see that you get the missing chapters/parts.