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11th July 2005, 02:23
Additional user accounts


In a recent case there was a user who had created several additional usergroup and posted under these. Now, I thought you guys actually understood how dumb that is, but apparently not, so I’m posting where I stand on that subject as well.

It is NOT tolerated on NS, as I do not see a point with making several identities for yourself. Stick to one account, post as yourself! I want people to be able to feel like they can get to know people on this board, and trust that the information a user actually gives is as accurate as possible.

If you currently have multiple user accounts, I want to you PM me RIGHT NOW and give me the usernames of ALL of your accounts. If you come to me NOW, it will not have any consequences for you. Your extra accounts will just be made inactive. Also, if you have registered more than one account, but you’re only using one of them, because you’ve forgotten the password or something, PM me as well, and I’ll delete the extra account. Please make sure to state what kind of accounts it is, is it several accounts you’re using, or are the accounts just mistakes, like forgotten passwords etc. Also be sure to state which account you want to keep!

(This does not apply for authors who are working together, who’ve made an additional account where they both have access to it. An example is BlueSabby)

You may think this is weird coming from me, as I have the accounts Julie, BitchStick, Julie2 and Tom. Well, Julie is my main account, BitchStick is just a fun account to “scare” people when I’m patrolling for rules violations, Julie2 is my testing account and Tom is my father who helps with the admin stuff when I’m not at home, for example when I’m on vacation and have no internet access.

Any user(s) caught having multiple accounts and using these will either get banned for either a certain time or permanently, or be sent to Hell. You may wonder what this Hell is... Well, break my rules and find out... I can promise you it aint pretty...

12th July 2005, 22:59
Jules, dear it doesn't sound weird to me at all... You have to have extra stuff to run the place smoothly...It's part of the whole "The Boss" thing...


14th July 2005, 22:30
*giggles* you have a BitchStick account?! OK, gotta keep an eye out for that one on the online list...

tee hee.

14th July 2005, 23:16
Becky, I sure do ;)

Queen Of Tact
15th July 2005, 09:14
Pets the BitchStick… Nice stick, pretty stick…..

18th July 2005, 00:57
Josi told me about this... Wow, cracking the whip, eh Julie? http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a158/SVLover/Smilies/zzwhip.gif ... I really have to get back here more often... And BitchStick, gotta love that one... Brings up connotations of... things... hehe... *ahem*

19th January 2006, 04:39
Slightly updated Jan 19th...

19th January 2006, 05:47
If you know where Hell is, maybe you can sell it on eBay like the people trying to sell "I know the way to heaven"

19th January 2006, 05:50
Haha... Perhaps I'll make a lot of money on it :P

31st January 2006, 05:14
will they be sent to the 'specail hell'?


ughh, this is the wrong forum for firefly jokes isn't it...

13th November 2007, 01:23

Considering that I'm pretty much new to these forums and haven't exactly seen all the rules. Would that be the reason that I cannot read any fanfics in these forums?

Me. Just one account. Brand new don't plan on any name changes..keepin' up with the one I got is enough. And basically, I'm just a reader...of fanfic...books...the whole whatnot.

I just joined and can't access *any* fanfics. Not basic or Nc17.

Is there a need for verification of age, as well?

Please let me know!


15th November 2007, 00:41
N, please read this topic for more information :)

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