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  1. Somebody Save Me (1/3-Complete!) PG-13
  2. Shades Of Gray *complete* R
  3. Finding A Way Home (11/15-Complete!) PG-13
  4. Just For The Record (PG-13)
  5. Restless Spirits (Complete) Rated: PG
  6. Promises and Other Such Lies (Completed) PG
  7. The Secret World Of (Completed: Jan 19) PG-13
  8. Numbers Four and Five PG
  9. Crossover with Smallville and Veronica Mars - A Winning Team (PG-13/T)
  10. Smallville/Veronica Mars Crossover Halloween Fic - Happy Halloween (PG-13/T)
  11. Home Wrecker (Smallville/Veronica Mars)(SV:Chlex, Clana; VM:WeeVer, Logan/Mac)(PG-13)
  12. Evergreen - R - SV/Batman
  13. Honeymoon in Gotham City - Pg-14
  14. Fork In The Road (PG-13/T)
  15. A Place In The Sun (PG-13)
  16. Bump in the Night! Smallville/ Supernatural (NC-17) Completed
  17. [Completed] Hidden in the Shadows (R)